Here are two more examples of the effects of John Giduck’s seemingly consistent false narrative about his background and experience.  Outside observers consistently hold the false beliefs that not only is John Giduck a qualified commissioned officer of the US Army Special Forces but also is specifically a member of the 10th Special Forces Group.

John Giduck As 10th Special Forces Group Member Present At Beslan

The first example is from 2008:


“Christophe” falsely believed three things that are consistently communicated:

– John Giduck was a qualified member of the US Army Special Forces.  He was not. He was in the Army for 58 days before washing out.

– John Giduck was in the 10th Special Forces Group. He was not.

– John Giduck was present during the siege of the Beslan school.  John Giduck’s own story has changed several times as to his arrival date in Beslan. Initial versions of John Giduck’s story had him there just after the final assault on 3 Sept 2004. Subsequent stories changed the date to 4 Sept and the current story is that John Giduck was not present for at least several days afterwards.  Strong evidence disputes each of these stories.

John Giduck As Former Special Forces Officer

In 2009, another forum reader posted the following:


“Lires1987” (ironic name, huh?) falsely propagates another common yet erroneous theme about John Giduck in his post.  John Giduck was never a Special Forces officer.

Why would these two distinct posters over different years share very common “misconceptions” about John Giduck if someone wasn’t telling them the details?


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