The longer that Dave Grossman remains silent about his curious business relationship with John Giduck, the less it appears that  LTC Dave Grossman has been an unwitting stooge for John Giduck’s apparent con game on taxpayers and law enforcement organizations since 2005. My opinion continues to solidify that Dave Grossman may be part of the false charade involving John Giduck’s circle of friends that is designed to convince law enforcement and military customers that John Giduck has done things that John Giduck hasn’t and been places that he  hasn’t.

“If I could tackle every American and make them read one book to help them understand the terrorist’s plan, it would be Terror at Beslan by John Giduck. Beslan was just a dress rehearsal for what they’re planning to do to the United States,”

LTC Dave Grossman

Since Dave Grossman seems to still believe the above quote, let’s look at the facts and evidence within the context of the events at Beslan. In this case, we’ll examine the factually incorrect foreward that Dave Grossman wrote for John Giduck for the book, Terror At Beslan.  Here is one of the relevant portions:


page 13, Terror At Beslan

The problem with Dave Grossman’s foreward is that so many key portions of it are factually untrue.

Let’s look at each portion in more detail.


This part of the John Giduck false legend makes me laugh the most. Dave Grossman starts off by making this ridiculous claim:

John Giduck was there.

If Dave Grossman means “Colorado” with the use of the word, “there”, then this statement might be true. Any insinuation that John Giduck has any sort of first hand observations about Beslan is intellectually dishonest. The conversations captured in Terror At Beslan that allude to ongoing tactical operations at Beslan while John Giduck was in Russia constitute academic dishonesty in my opinion. Grossman now has the facts – silence constitutes consent to such dishonesty.


LTC Grossman goes on to repeat another very carefully managed yet fabricated detail of the John Giduck false legend:

When he heard what was happening, he [John Giduck] bought a ticket and arrived at Beslan as the last mopping up operations were taking place.

John Giduck’s arrival at Beslan at the “conclusion of the battle” and “as the last mopping up operations were taking place” aren’t just a fantasy, they have been been shown to be outright lies which are unsupportable by John Giduck’s own timeline for the events as they unfolded.

What surprises me most here is that Dave Grossman trains law enforcement officers.  He knows the importance of timelines in establishing facts. Let’s look at some of the key elements of the timeline:

The time zone difference between Moscow and Colorado is 10-11 hours: Day one of the Beslan siege was likely nearing an end at the time that John Giduck may have first heard about what was going on.  John Giduck admits that he was in Colorado when he first heard about Beslan. When it’s 5pm in Moscow, it’s 6am in Colorado.

John Giduck had a visa issue: Russia tourist visas are issued for specific entry dates, specific exit dates, and specific locations. By his own admission made during a 2008 podcast, John Giduck meeded to have a visa issued.  Visas are only issued by the Russian Embassy in Wash. DC or one of the three Russian consulates in the US.  Receiving a visa from any of these locations would have required physical travel or FEDEX of documents between Colorado and the visa issuance location. Calls to the Russian has verified that the MINIMUM time for the issuance of a Russian tourist visa is measured in weeks.

Travel to Moscow from Colorado takes almost a full day:  The reality of logistics is an unforgiving mistress.  There is also only one flight per day from Moscow to the small town of Beslan (around noon daily).

The Belsan siege days of the week were from Wednesday through Friday:  This is important as you’ll see below.

Why John Giduck’s timeline (and Dave Grossman’s support of this false timeline) doesn’t work

if John Giduck heard about the events in Beslan when he first woke up at 6am, it was already 5pm in Moscow of Day One (wednesday). Accordingly to the book, Terror at Beslan, there were a set of conversations that took place around who to take to Moscow, etc. It is unlikely that these conversations took place at 6am so it was easily Thursday morning Russia time by the time that everyone was on-board and a plan was in place.  John Giduck still needed a visa so even if he hopped on a plane to San Francisco, went to the Russian consulate, and the consulate overnighted his visa, it would be Friday Russia time. John Giduck would have still had nearly a day’s flight to Russia.

According to John Giduck’s latest version of his timeline, John Giduck received his visa on 3 September 2004 within 24 hours of his application and arrived in Beslan on 5 Sept 2005.  According to the Russian consulate, this is highly improbable. If John Giduck didn’t receive the visa on that Friday, the earliest that he could have received the visa is Monday, 6 September.

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My theory based on the available information is that John Giduck didn’t travel to Russia until sometime after 13 September 2004. Amazingly, there is some evidence in the book, Terror at Beslan, that supports this timeframe for travel.  John Giduck establishes that he spent ten days in Russia on his first trip…

By the time that I arrived back in the United States from the siege, some ten days after it ended,…

page 178, Terror At Beslan

and then John Giduck seems to forget this lie later in the book by saying that he actually returned to the US in “late September 2004”

As I was leaving Moscow for home in late September 2004, …

page 232, Terror At Beslan

Fortunately for seekers of the truth, self published books like Terror at Beslan generally don’t have professional editors reviewing the text.  This means that such errors as the above generally aren’t caught.

I also believe that John Giduck only went to Moscow during the initial 10 day trip.  I don’t believe that John Giduck arrived in Beslan itself until his trip on November 2004.  This corresponds to dates of  the first photos of John Giduck i front of the Beslan school.

Dave Grossman goes on to say..

One purpose of this book is to record and remember

I agree.  I just don’t believe that LTC Grossman knew just what this book would ultimately record. Basic facts about the events at Beslan are incorrect. My belief is that this is likely due to John Giduck holding conversations in Moscow with third parties privy only to second hand information about events in Beslan.

Is Dave Grossman part of the circle of charlatans like John “Andy” Anderson, MSG Jim Hetrick, Chester PA Police Commissioner Joe Bail, and others sent to convince you with false facts that John Giduck is who he says that he is because THEY say so?  In the absence of a response by Dave Grossman, read the facts above and make the decision for yourself.


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