John Giduck BFF, Archangel Group consultant, and sometime moonlighting Commissioner of the Chester PA police Joseph “Joe” Bail is being sued for defamation by a former Chester Police Chief. How ironic given that John Giduck has just lost his lawsuit to squash free speech. What goes around, comes around.   We’ll get to why this is interesting below.

Joe Bail Sued For Defamation For Remarks About A Federal Investigation

Here is the announcement:

Former Chester Police Chief Darren Alston filed a defamation lawsuit against Mayor John Linder, Police Commissioner Joseph Bail and the city of Chester in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas on Tuesday.

The suit alleges Linder and Bail made slanderous, defamatory and libelous remarks against Alston by claiming the former top cop was being investigated by federal authorities for selling drugs and/or illegal firearms.

Someone From The Chester Police Allegedly Has Done This Before

Here is why this is interesting.  Waaaay back at the beginning of the John Giduck saga, I heard about an alleged similar case occuring to someone identified by John Giduck on his mouthpiece website.  This person received a phone call from an alleged Chester PA Police.  The call was made on 16 Jan 2012 and notes were taken by the person who received the call.  One can only assume that these notes were passed to this person’s lawyer at the time.   The officer that called identified himself as “Officer Light” from the Chester Police and claimed that the Chester police, the Denver PD, and the Denver office of the FBI were investigating him. The alleged call was clearly a ham-fisted attempt at intimidation as Chester PA had no jurisdiction in the non-incident that John Giduck claimed in Colorado (non-incident according to the police report)

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We know from the link that there was no such Federal investigation by the FBI.

What’s good for the goose, I guess…Bail has to defend himself in court these days.  I’d humbly suggest to Darren Alston’s legal counsel that they look into other cases of the Joe Bail-led Chester Police making such threats to other citizens.  My opinion is that the evidence demonstrates that Alston’s case may not be the only one.

Perhaps Alston should look into Joe Bail consulting activities and receipt of “gifts” from his employer seeking contracts as well.


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