For those that may be new to this site, the contention of this blog is three-fold. The three subjects that this website deals with on almost a daily basis can be summed up as follows:

Serious Integrity Questions Around John Giduck’s Research: Evidence suggests that there is a case for academic dishonesty against John Giduck as he could not possibly have arrived in Beslan when he claimed (currently 5 September 2004 but previously 3 Sept or 4 Sept depending on the source) making the “first hand” observations in his book, Terror At Beslan, while the siege was ongoing and the days afterwards nothing but pure fantasy.  Giduck received public money as compensation for seminars about his book.

– Serious Integrity Questions Around John Giduck’s Credentials: From 2005 until 2011 when he received a Ph.D., John Giduck claimed to be a counter terrorism “expert” without, as of yet as far as this author knows, ever producing a single shred of recognized terrorism academic credentials or counter-terrorism training, background, or experience. Giduck received public money as compensation for hands-on training related to his claimed credentials. Scrutiny in John Giduck’s background has only turned up attendance at some one week commercial style military camps in Russia and some week long  martial arts training trips as a tourist.  Worse yet, John Giduck allowed false statements about himself as being a Ranger and Special Forces to remain uncorrected for years on his own website and speaker bios (to his own benefit).

– Serious Integrity Questions Around John Giduck’s Past Activities And Associations: Strong evidence supports the idea that John Giduck, John “Andy” Anderson, and Chester PA’s Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail who works as an Archangel Group consultant have allegedly committed multiple acts at different points that appear to be against the law: ITAR violations in the Sudan/Russia, violations of the PA state ethics act, working with child soldiers, and violations of US FARA statutes.  John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson also seem to have a circle of friends that include high level Russian foreign intelligence operatives, previously convicted military members, and even John Giduck’s associations with people said to be involved with the bombing of a US Embassy. This isn’t even including John Giduck’s alleged sexual relationship with cop killer Donna Yaklich and John Giduck fleeing to West Virginia in 1993. John Giduck and Archangel Group compete for US Government contracts despite these known activities, friendships, consequences, and associations.

Umm…so how did I miss this gem by a strong supporter of John Giduck? Clearly, the time spent looking into John Giduck has been a complete waste of time!  Who knew? Here’s why:

Chester PA Police SWAT/Dive Team Leader  Ernest “Ernie” Manerchia has gone on the record to say that he can somehow “prove” John Giduck’s Russian and Military credentials. Here is what Ernest says:

I agree totally and I happen to be one of those that have beem [sic] there and can confirm Giducks claims with the Russians and the Military.

I too am prior Infantry and can provide proof of Giduck’s records of being just who he says he is. Care to talk?

Awesome.  So, in the spirit of the New Year, I’m going to give Ernie Manerchia the chance to do just that.  While Manerchia is a long time law enforcement officer that knows the meaning of the word, “proof”, his Amazon posts ramble on with the usual John Giduck non-specifics. In light of that, I will still only hold Ernie to the same standards to which I hold this blog in terms of proof – independently verifiable and recognized documents – and limit him to the following subjects:

1) Proof of John Giduck’s arrival in Beslan on 5 September 2004 or actually any time before 10 September 2004. As of this blog post, there isn’t a single shred of hard evidence anywhere that can demonstrate that John Giduck was in Beslan when he says. In fact, there is far more hard evidence showing that John Giduck could not have possibly been in Beslan before 10 September and a high probability that John Giduck wasn’t in Beslan at all during the first trip in September and stayed in Moscow the entire time.

2) Proof of any official military training by John Giduck with the Russian Army. Remember that John Giduck himself stated that he spent 18 years training with the Russians much of which was spent in Russian military uniforms. For instance, on pg 204 of Terror at Beslan, John Giduck also makes first hand observations about training with GRU commandos “on several occasions”. This shouldn’t be that hard to prove if John Giduck really spent that amount of time on Russian military bases.

3) Proof of any recognized military, law enforcement, or DHS counter terrorism or anti-terrorism credentials by John Giduck prior to 2011.  Ernie already likely knew like we all do now that the “VITYAZ antiterrorism training and operations certificate” that John Giduck used to highlight in his bio is the product of a commercial one week adventure camp (with trips sponsored by John Giduck’s own Archangel Group some years). That’s likely why John Giduck has dropped the VITYAZ nonsense from his speaker bios…and a CHS V certification is a broad certification that (from the website) can be awarded with only 2 years experience in any of the following areas: security, law enforcement, fire service, military, emergency management, cyber security, public health, hazardous materials, medical, or other related areas. In short, I’m wondering what Ernie could possibly show as “proof”.

4) An explanation of how false statements about being qualified as a US Army Ranger were allowed to remain in John Giduck’s speaker bios for years. Speaker bios are ALWAYS provided by the speaker for events and printed verbatim.  There are two speaker bios provided by John Giduck for different events in different years that clearly state that John Giduck is a Ranger. Additionally, there are many other written records of people leaving John Giduck training, conversations, and seminars consistently believing that he is qualified as a member of the US Army Special Forces. If john Giduck always says that he isn’t military, why do people from different events and seminars in different years write the same consistent story about John Giduck (SF, Officer, 10th Group)??  Address the Ranger bios separately from the SF observations as there is no doubt that the Ranger bios were provided by John Giduck.

I’ll post anything that meets the rules set out above posted under Ernie’s Amazon account within the next 7 days from this post. Ernie clearly states that he can prove any of John Giduck’s military or Russia claims so I’ve limited myself to those specific issues. Now, let’s see if Ernie is a man of integrity that honors his word.

Note that I wont post any long winded diatribe that goes on at length about how others on the Archangel payroll can confirm things about John Giduck or how asking for proof of a public figure’s own claims constitutes a “vendetta”.  There is already no shortage of those….or the lame excuses as to why you wont post them.  I also will p;oint out any attempt to post some small point as being proof of everything….you’ll need to post evidence in each area to alleviate those questions.

So this is where we are. Hard evidence…the same as I post here.  It should take Ernie and John about 5 minutes with a camera phone.  Put up or shut up.

Balls in your court, Ernie.