The Texas School-Based Law Enforcement (SBLE) Conference that advertised an appearance by Stolen Valor fake John Giduck apparently ditched him as a speaker. An email sent by conference organizer Lisa Doherty states, “We have decided to go a different direction with the Texas SBLE Conference this year, he will not be a speaker.”

The SBLE Conference organizers did some basic research and educated themselves about who John Giduck actually is, as opposed to whom he pretends to be. This is something that other law enforcement conference organizers should do.



The 2013 Texas State University School Based Law Enforcement Conference was originally touting that John Giduck was their “featured speaker” with presentations slated for the entire first morning of their 24 June 2013 conference.


In case you have not been following along at home,

– U.S. Embassy Bombing Connections: This is the same John Giduck that proudly touts his relationships with an organization that the Washington Times claims played a significant role in the bombing of a U.S. Embassy.

– ITAR Violations: This is the same John Giduck that significant evidence shows violated international and US ITAR statutes in the Sudan along with his Archangel Group co-founder, John “Andy” Anderson.

– Cop Killer Connections: This is the same John Giduck that knowingly dated a cop killer. Giduck trolled for the wife of a dead cop named Donna Yaklich at the undercover police officer’s funeral, defended her when it was revealed that she had hired people to kill her husband, and now claims was “helping her” when he went on vacation to Jamaica with her using what her children claim was his police death benefit. Giduck’s claims that Officer Dennis Yaklich’s killing by Giduck’s later squeeze was self defense have been thoroughly refuted and the cop killer was sentenced to prison.

– PA State Ethics Violations: This is the same John Giduck who evidence shows paid Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph Bail an honorarium consisting of a zodiac boat valued at over $20,000 to Joe Bail’s team in return for Joe Bail’s consulting trips to Russia. If true, this would put both John Giduck and Joe Bail in violation of Pennsylvania States Ethics laws which limit such honorariums to $500.  John Giduck also claims as recently as 2012 on his personal website to be working as a consultant for the Chester PA Police Department despite the Police Commissioner having been a consultant for John Goduck’s company. John Giduck’s results as a trainers are also highly questionable.

– Lies About Military Service: This is the same John Giduck that allowed lies and exaggerations about his military service to be published without correction over the course of years including speaker bios normally provided by the speaker himself.  All of these lies personally benefited John Giduck and served to obscure the fact that John Giduck could only gut out a total of 58 days of US Army basic training.  John Giduck  also may be the only Russian Special Forces Consultant that couldn’t complete basic trainingJohn Giduck has since made changes to his biography.

– Lies About Arrival In Beslan: This is the same John Giduck that claimed to have arrived in Beslan Russia just before the final assault on the Beslan school on 3 September 2004 and used first hand accounts of the ongoing siege. Later, under uncomfortable questions arose about his claimed arrrival date, John Giduck later changed the story of his arrival….twice. The first change was to 4 Sept and then later changed it again to 5 Sept which was long after the bodies and carnage that John Giduck originally claimed to have seen first hand had long been cleared away. The preponderance of evidence points to the John Giduck’s arrival at Beslan to have occurred in Nov 2004. Despite John Giduck’s claims in his book to have taken numerous photographs upon arrival in Beslan just after the siege, John Giduck has never published a single shred of evidence that clears demonstrates that he was on site in Beslan anytime during September 2004.  These lies bring the entire integrity of John Gduck’s book, Terror At Beslan, into question.

Meanwhile, John Giduck chooses to maintain that those that tell the truth about his history and background have committed crimes against him and his family. Even the official police investigation reports dispute any such criminal activity against john Giduck. Remember that this is also the John Giduck that doesn’t appear to have any qualms to channel a fake online persona to market his books and seminars.

While John Giduck has every right to continue to seek employment as a seminar speaker, we doubt that the Texas State University School Based Law Enforcement Conference (TX SBLE) organizers, executives, and Board of Directors are aware of what has been outlined above to make an informed decision as to if John Giduck is really the right speaker for Law Enforcement professionals. We know that the conference has already been notified to some degree about John Giduck. Recent changes to the information that TxSBLE had previously posted include the following:

June 24
7:00 AM
RegistrationContinental Breakfast
Exhibits Open
Third Floor Omni Bayfront
Welcome, Presentation of Colors, National Anthem, and Opening Remarks
Corpus Christi ABC
Opening Session – TBA
Corpus Christi ABC
Opening Session – TBA
Corpus Christi ABC

If John Giduck is no longer the featured speaker, we commend the conference organizers for making the right decision. That said, TxSBLE may have only changed the speaker to avoid controversy and camouflage the fact that John Giduck may still be speaking.  Here is what you can do to help.

The conference organizer’s name is Cynthia Arredondo. Krista Salas is also one of the organizers at the Texas School Safety Center.

Phone: 877.304.2727

Email: cj19@txstate.edu, or ks14@tstate.edu or TxSSC@txstate.edu
Web: TxSBLEConference.com

The board of director information is here: http://www.txssc.txstate.edu/about/board

Hopefully, with your help, we can ensure that the conference reconsiders their decision to have John Giduck present at this conference.  If he does speak, participants should reconsider their decisions to give the conference their business.

John Giduck is not the type of role model that LEOs or school safety officers need.  There are far better choices out there.