John Giduck once again is making the TV rounds this time posing as an expert on Chechnya. As Twitter poster @FakeJohnGiduck notes, “how lazy do journalists have to be to interview John Giduck….”


In the image above, John Giduck is being interviewed by RT about the Chechnya connection to the Boston bombing suspects.  Given the wealth of information about John Giduck’s fake background and credentials available on the internet, a reasonable person may think that RT doesn’t do any sort of background checks or vetting of their guests presented as “experts”. Questions about John Giduck’s background and experience have circulated since 2005. Only recently, has the depth of John Giduck’s deceit become clear.

Note that all of the below links contain supporting facts…John Giduck has never presented any supporting facts beyond some supporting statements from friends that everything that John Giduck says is true and some certificates/photos that have been easily dismissed as fakes. oh..and a book that we will get to in a moment.

Before we begin, I read in a recent  facebook comment that if anyone has knowledge of bombings and dead cops it’s John Giduck. John Giduck seems to revel in his long term associations with a group that the Washington Times says bombed a US Embassy. John Giduck also has a history with a cop killer – picking Donna Yaklich up at her dead police officer’s husband’s funeral, serving as her defense counsel, and then taking her to Jamaica for a romantic vacation on what her family says was her husband’s death benefits. Donna was subsequently convicted in US courts after her return from Jamaica.   John Giduck recently claims that he was doing these things to “help her”. Why don’t journalists ask John Giduck about those things during TV interviews?

One of the most delicious moments came when a former lawyer with Lowery’s firm, John Giduck, accused one of the plaintiffs of “unprofessional” behavior. Veteran court-watchers may recall that Giduck himself exercised some questionable legal judgment when he jetted off to the Caribbean with then-client Donna Yaklich, the grieving widow who was later convicted of killing her husband, undercover cop Dennis. Donna’s currently doing time.

Any reasonable person would also agree that John Giduck has integrity problems in more than a few facets of his life. His stories change and he denies in the face of hard facts.  One must remember that john Giduck is a defense lawyer – he is trained to do such things.  In a nutshell, John Giduck’s modus operandi is to let others make claims that benefit him and, if questions are raised, deny them as his own. This pattern has been repeated over and over for years.

Of course, there always is John Gidduck’s fake online persona that bears a remarkable similarity to John Giduck himself and routinely astroturfs for his books. Sigh.

John Giduck’s Academic Dishonesty As An Author: John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan, for which he is being sought for interviews about Chechnya is rife with both factual errors and flat out lies about John Giduck being onsite or even in Russia as the Beslan school siege was ongoing. For years, John Giduck claimed to have arrived in Beslan at the conclusion of the final assault on the school.  Unfortunately, this blog pointed out that the timeline for John Giduck to have arrived in Beslan was impossible given the time zone differences between Moscow/Colorado and the fact that John Giduck acknowledged having a “visa issue” in a forgotten podcast interview.  John Giduck subsequently changed the story of his arrival twice…and has since stick to a story of flying into Beslan from Moscow on 5 September 2004 (a day when other evidence demonstrates that the once daily flights between Moscow and Beslan did not even occur on that specific date).

The problem with the recent change in the arrival dates is that Giduck’s book, Terror at Beslan, contains conversations about the supposedly ongoing siege while supposedly in Moscow as well as John Giduck’s first hand accounts of the sights and sounds of the site just after the assault.  Neither of these would have been possible with a 5 September arrival date.  Both are lies.

John Giduck apparently had some issues with copyright for use of photos associated with Terror at Beslan. Of ocurse, John Giduck’s attacks thereafter focused on “some guy telling him that he could use said photos” and saying that after so many years the complaint shouldn’t stand. This line of argument wouldn’t stand to defend a junior high essay never mind when coming from someone that is a lawyer and holds a Ph.D.

John Giduck’s Military Service Dishonesty: John Giduck’s military service credentials have varied over as uncomfortable questions began to arise about his claims.  John Giduck has allowed claims of being a qualified member of US Army Special Forces and a qualified US Army Ranger to remain uncorrected over the course of years. This include such claims on John Giduck’s own website and speaker bios that normally would be self provided. John Giduck has also apparently told others that he was never in the military.  Here is one example from his mouthpiece blog…

John has written in his books and has said openly numerous times he was never in the military. John Giduck has nothing to answer for.

Why so many stories? The real story is that John Giduck could only gut out 58 days of US Army basic training. I guess that doesn’t sound quite as good as being a special operator. Of course, all of the “errors” noted above were favorable to John Giduck.

John Giduck’s Professional Dishonesty: John Giduck lies about overstates his personal history with Spetsnaz.  John Giduck has gone so far to state that he spent most of 18 years in Russian uniforms and has “years of experience in terrorist hostage negotiations” despite being in demonstrably in Colorado for most of that time.  If his claims to have trained for years in sabotage and intelligence topics were actually true, John Giduck would have broken federal laws about such foreign training provided to non-military or non-sworn law enforcement personnel. The truth is that John Giduck attended a series of one to two week commercial military style adventure camps in Russia which included some contacts with real Spetsnaz operators and provided Spetsnaz uniforms as souvenirs.  This training was sold through John Giduck’s own companies yet the photos from those adventure camps as presented as evidence of john Giduck having completed actual spetsnaz training.  John Giduck also has presented himself as a “Russian Special forces Consultant” on TV despite not being able to complete US Army basic training. You see, it’s all designed to make you believe that John Giduck is something that he is not.  For years, John Giduck claimed to have been certified in VITYAZ antiterror training and operations…in reality, this “certificate” stemmed from John Giduck’s week long adventure camps. John Giduck has been changing his recent bios and removing items that have been exposed for what they are.

John Giduck also conveniently never mentions as part of his bio having to flee to West Virginia in 1993 or the real world consequences when john Giduck is actually involved in training of law enforcement.

John Giduck’s Financial Dishonesty: John Giduck ran a rather mundane community corrections non-profit in the early 2000s (when he was supposedly training to be a high speed Spetsnaz dude).  That’s a halfway house for those that don’t know. There is strong, detailed evidence that John Giduck redirected grant funds destined for community corrections inmates to rebels in the Sudan.  John Giduck and his Archangel Group business partner, Andy Anderson, then passed these funds in violation of international and US Federal ITAR statutes. There is smoking gun evidence of defense consulting in return for these funds by both John Giduck and Andy Anderson. Here is the U.S., there is equally strong evidence that John Giduck paid an honorarium to a serving public official through his company, Archangel Group,  consisting of a $20k+ zodiac dive boat to the Chester Pennsylvania Police dive team in return for consulting services provided by the dive team leader and part time Archangel Group consultant, Joseph Bail.  Joseph Bail continued as an Archangel consultant and later became the Police Commissioner of Chester PA and, according to john Giduck, Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail contracted John Giduck as training coordinator for the Chester PA police.  If so, such honorariums and quid pro quo consulting arrangements between John Giduck and joseph Bail would likely be in violation of the PA State ethics statutes.

The question is that if John Giduck is so willing to be dishonest about his experiences in Beslan, his own military service, his professional experiences, and his finances, why wouldn’t he be prone to lie about his experiences.  Someone explain to me again why John Giduck is presented as an expert on anything other than lying for personal gain?

I guess news organizations prefer to be lazy….