Multiple authors over multiple years have perpetuated the exact same falsehoods about John Giduck. John Giduck false legend is nothing but consistent.  These consistent lies have to come from a common source and, as we’ve previously written, all of the discrepancies and lies supposedly written by mistake by others favor John Giduck.  One might conclude that any false information unfavorable to John Giduck gets corrected immediately through John Giduck’s propaganda group known as Archangel Group.

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Let’s look at a concrete example of how John Giduck’s falsehoods published by others remain uncorrected for years from a 2006 book review of John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan.  Unless otherwise noted, all quotes with a page number come from this link: where you can read the entire review yourself (in the event that it suddenly disappears as such articles seem to after we highlight them, we’ll post a downloadable version)

The book review starts with what can only be called a sales pitch:

If you are in law enforcement or the military, this book is required reading, and the follow-on counter-terrorism training should be made mandatory. If you are in law, politics or the media, this book is a must-read, and a follow-up educational seminar should be required since you’ll likely not get it the first time around. (page 1)

Clearly, we mere mortals are too dumb to fully absorb a book written at an 8th grade reading level so the author is not only selling the book but also Archangel Group’s training.

There is only one man who was ever accorded the respect and access to survivors of the siege, central players in the stand-off, and decision-makers in the government, and it is this author, John Giduck. (page 1)

This makes me laugh because a Nov 2004 seminar presentation clearly states that John Giduck was “given a tour of the school”.

He was not a Johnny-come-lately to the scene – he’d already spent a decade and a half working and training with Russian Special Forces. (page 2)

Sounds super high speed, right? The truth is that John Giduck attended a series of one to two week military style adventure camps and martial arts camps primarily sponsored by his own companies. You’d never know the truth when no shortage of John Giduck’s friends such as Joseph Bail intentionally attempt to mislead you about John Giduck credentials. Why do these friends do this?  Money, of course. Despite John Giduck’s direct claims in 2008 of having spent “18 years in Russian uniform”, most of the 15 years prior to the 2006 publication of this article, John Giduck spent in CO doing rather mundane activities such as being a lawyer and running a community corrections nonprofit.  As a result of this, various organizations and bloggers have been raising questions about John Giduck’s credibility since 2005. Probably the most exciting thing that John Giduck did during this 15 year period was have to flee to West Virginia in 1993.  I’m fairly sure that didn’t make it into the book though.

the Russian people know him, and trust him. (page 2)

By his own admission in a 2008 podcast, John Giduck does not speak Russian with any degree of fluency.  How can the Russian people know him and trust him? Despite having limited Russian language skills, John Giduck claims to have spe  Additionally, Russian experts on the Beslan siege have been highly critical of the basic facts presented in Terror At Beslan.

Giduck is the only American to have conducted any on-site analysis of the siege, or given access to any of the players. He made several trips and spent months in Russia for the express purpose of studying Beslan. No one else has ever bothered. (page 2)

Actually, the Congressional Record published three weeks after the siege that a Congressional delegation consisted of the only U.S. citizens allowed access to the Beslan School in the ensuing weeks.

john giduck arrival beslan School siege

I’d guess that a US Congressional delegation would also be given access to many of the players.  Giduck doesn’t even acknowledge this delegation in his book, although if he had been onsite as he claimed, he would have certainly bumped into them or known of them.

Additionally, despite publishing in Terror At Beslan that he and his ex-Spetsnaz counterpart, Yuri,  now working for Archangel Group spent days on site during their first “taking photos and measurements” (Terror At Beslan, pg 34), John Giduck has never produced any proof of these activities. The only photograph of him on site in Beslan is clearly demonstrable to have been photographed in Nov 2004 during his supposed second trip.

There are also significant questions about John Giduck’s arrival date in Beslan. We’ll get to that in a moment.

As American civilians, we would be foolish to rely upon the notoriously inaccurate media reports of the events at Beslan or white-washed political analysis of the aftermath. (page 2)

Agreed. The problem is that Giduck’s book is notoriously inaccurate as to basic facts. If the basic facts are wrong, how can any analysis be correct?

Lieutenant Colonel John D. Grossman, who wrote the forward for this book and is himself an expert on terrorism, has an axiom that states that the best predictor of future conduct is past behavior. (page 2)

With all due respect to the LTC, Grossman also writes about the psychology of killing people in combat yet, even as a Ranger school graduate, has never seen combat. That seems to be conveniently left out of his presentations and therefore not thought about by his students. I read a description on twitter about him that compares Grossman’s teaching about killing to getting dating advice from a hermit.  Fitting for someone that has never “been there done that” with regards to what he teaches.

Much of the insights presented in the training have been learned directly from Giduck’s involvement at Beslan on the last day of the siege and the resultant aftermath. (page 3)

This is one of those common falsehoods that in my opinion has been perpetrated directly by John Giduck. The consistent myth that John Giduck was at the school or even in Russia at any point during the siege or the days thereafter. Only after uncomfortable questions were raised by this blog and others, John Giduck has finally admitted that he was in Colorado during the entire siege and likely wasn’t even in Russia for at least two weeks thereafter. He had no visa and the siege started on a Wednesday 10 hours or so ahead of Colorado time. there simply wasn’t time.  John Giduck has changed his story twice under uncomfortable questions were raised about his arrival timeline to Beslan.  John Giduck now clings to the story that he flew two days after the siege ended on 3 November (flight on Sunday, 5 Sept 2004) from Moscow to Beslan yet evidence from the only airline that flies that route shows that there were no such  flights on that day.  Not being there also means that John Giduck has problems with consistency in the details of the Beslan School siege (that darn internet gives John Giduck away on facts again).

Even CAIR couldn’t make these lies up….only John Giduck can (and does).

In Part Three, Dissecting a Terrorist Siege, Giduck draws upon his years in Special Operations and counter-terrorism to analyze the siege,(page 3)

John Giduck’s supposed service as a member of Special Operations is another common and consistent falsehood spread across multiple sources and multiple years.  The reality of John Gidick’s real life experience can be found in John Giduck’s 2001 biography which is notoriously devoid of any Special Operation or counter terrorism claims. The internet’s ability to retain old copies of information has not been friendly to John Giduck. The lie (often spread by others but sometimes easily linked to John Giduck’s organizations) is that John Giduck served in the US military as a qualified member of US Army Special Forces or as a US Army Ranger. More recently, the story circulated that John Giduck has no military background. That fact is that John Giduck could only complete the first 58 days of US Army Basic Training. I guess “draws upon his years in Special Operations” sounds a lot better than “draws upon his days as Army basic trainee”.

We Americans are woefully under-informed and ill-prepared for a ruthless attack against our children, (page 3)

Let me correct this. “We as Americans are woefully under-informed and ill-prepared for shysters like John Giduck that peddle terrorism experience that they don’t have in exchange for tax dollars”. Until 2011, when John Giduck received his Ph.D., he did not hold any university academic credentials or operational experience in terrorism.  John Giduck sued members of a website for exposing the truth about his background and lost. The judge awarded legal fees to the defendants and John Giduck has had liens attached to real property that he owns.

Giduck, in the tone of a dispassionate counter-terror instructor, leaves you absolutely no room for doubt as to what we are up against. (page 4)

Giduck makes these statements despite a noticeable lack of expertise or real world experience in such things. One critic noted that Giduck’s resume is untainted by actual experience. Hold on a sec, I’m neglecting to mention his “years of terrorist hostage negotiations experience“….another lie.

Sadly, Giduck’s summary is still only scratching the surface.  (page 5)

Unknown to the author, this is likely the most accurate portion of the review of the Terror At Beslan book.

Quite surprisingly, Giduck, an experienced commando and combat expert, acknowledges an unimpeachable resource to draw upon in this war the terrorists will visit upon our children. (page 7)

Who told the author that John Giduck is an “experienced commando and combat expert” other than John Giduck? It’s  consistent theme with most people that have written about John Giduck.


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