John Giduck is at it again.  This time, John Giduck has presented a false biography to the Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. Why an academic institution would be open to a speaker with such a demonstrable history of falsehoods and lies is inexplicable.


Sent by email through some mutual friends

John Giduck is now scheduled to appear at the Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS. on August 16, 2013:    

Here is a description of the course that he is offering:     

Here is the biography that the community college posted for him. It flat-out lies and claims that he is a “lifetime member of the Special Operations Association:

My, my…..let’s take a look at that bio in detail in a second. First, let’s remind readers that the factual details and academic integrity of both John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan, and Archangel group’s research in the Mumbai Massacres have been thoroughly refuted. Even the Russians have disputed Giduck’s basic facts of the siege.

Russian Experts Claim Terror At Beslan Inaccuracies – Part 1

For Mumbai, this blog has found glaring errors in Giduck’s Mumbai research.  interestingly, these glaring errors are shared by a single report published in India which any reasonable person would agree was likely the single sole source of information for Archangel Group’s writings (see Did Joseph Bail Cherrypick Flawed Mumbai Details From A Single Source?) . Joe Bail is an Archangel Group consultant that traveled with John Giduck to Mumbai, wrote the summaries of the Archangel Group research,  and also appears to moonlight as the Police Commissioner of Chester, PA when not focused on Archangel.

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Cama Hospital

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: CST Railway Station

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Leopold Cafe

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Nariman House

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Trident Oberoi

This is level of research provided by John Giduck and Archangel Group. Hooray for a local community college teaching college kids that copying from a single flawed source has its rewards.

Now, let’s return to that deceptive and in many cases false biography provided to Johnson County Community College….



So many things in this biography that Giduck posted at the community college has been soundly debunked and discredited.

Among the claims:

1. Giduck “trained with Russia’s elite forces for more than ten years.”

False. The reality is that John Giduck’s claimed experience stems from a series of one week commercial miliitary style adventure camps in Russia.  Here is proof:

2. “He [Giduck] is certified through the VITYAZ Special Forces Anti-Terror School to conduct anti-terror training and operations…”

False, and based upon faked documentation:


3. Here are links to the Special Operations Association revocation of Giduck’s “honorary” membership:

and the Special Forces Association joins in:

4. He [Giduck] claims membership in the “Russian Special Forces Brotherhood of the Red Beret Association.”

Here is the truth:

5. Among other claims, Giduck is claiming expertise in “terrorist-hostage negotiations.”

Here is the truth:

6. Here is an exposé about Giduck courtesy of another website:

Giduck lost his lawsuit against SOCNET who was one of many parties that have been raising questions about John Giducks qualifications and claims since 2005.  Members of SOCNET exposed John Giduck for what he is, a fraud. Though the judge sided with SOCNET, Giduck has refused to pay the legal fees of the folks that he accused of conspiring against him. Legal liens have accordingly been filed against Giduck’s real estate holdings.

7.  What You Can Do

The president of the college can be contacted at 913.469.8500, ext. 3847. The president’s name is Dr. Terry A. Calaway. His email is . His executive assistant is Terri Schlicht, 913.469.8500, ext. 7663. Here is a web page with contact info for the president’s office:

While John Giduck apparently has every right to peddle a false biography to seek work, those that paid the price in blood of really having done such things deserve that organizations considering hiring John Giduck be aware of the falsehoods that he brings. Mr. Calaway should be asked whether his institution wishes to bring a fraud and a fake like Giduck to lecture.

The Board of Trustees of Johnson county Community College can be contacted at 913.469.7660, or by email at .

They should be asked who researched John Giduck’s suitability to lecture at the community college. Anyone who simply googled Giduck’s name would see that his credibility is nonexistent.