The Facts

John Giduck has a Certificate of Appreciation from a US Army Special Forces unit.


What John Giduck Wants You To Believe

John Giduck proudly flaunts his certificate of appreciation from the US Army Special Forces. It’s on his website and referenced in his speaker bios. John Giduck wants you to believe that receiving such a certificate is some special kind of award for his tactical prowess or some such.

The Reality

Such certificates aren’t anything special. In fact, such certificates are routinely given to hotels and rental car agencies and apparently even wedding dress shops.  This lady below has one for her shop from the same battalion and SF group as John Giduck.  Obviously, they really must be given only to the most bleary eyed and barrel bellied steely eyed and barrel chested individuals around.

At her store’s other location on High Street Tuesday morning, Stanbro proudly showed her certificate of appreciation from the 2nd Battalion 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), framed in gold.

Apparently, you can also help with a Jingle-Bell Jog and get a Certificate of Appreciation from a Special Forces unit

A certificate of appreciation was received from 7th Special Forces Group for the C4 support of the Jingle-Bell Jog in December.

This hotel has apparently has a genuine certificate of appreciation from a real Special Forces unit as well:  as does this one…from the 10th Special Forces  Group (Airborne) unit as John Giduck has

[H]e also had a chain of hotels rented out to US special forces teams, who until last year, were training troops in Gao as part of a counter-terrorism strategy.

“All of my properties were burned down and I lost about £500,000,” said Mr Diallo, whose office wall in Bamako bears a “certificate of appreciation” from 1st Bn, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne).

here’s another hotel that apparently has at least one

At our hotel in Duhok, the Jiyan, a framed certificate of appreciation displayed in the lobby was given to the hotel for cooperation with various US armed forces groups

Apparently, selling lake resort properties is also enough to warrant such a certificate

A Certificate of Appreciation for Unwavering Support to the Soldiers of the Department of the Army, Task Force 31, Desert Eagles, 1st battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) was presented to The Lake Resort Properties, LLC.

So the next time that John Giduck boasts about his 10th SFG certificate, know that he stands in good company with his peers…a dress shop, resort sales company, and a dude who had his properties burned down.

John Giduck loves to try to convince you that his tangential contact with members of US Special Forces and Russian Spetsnaz are really something more than they are.  In this case, John Giduck achieved what a lady with a dress shop.  Big whoop.

Anyone who served in the US military for more than 58 days (that’d be almost everyone that has ever enlisted but you, John Giduck)  knows that such certificates have a value but only as a thank you for a wide range of routine services. Given his positioning of this certifcate as something noteworthy, John Giduck is always good for a laugh.

Unfortunately the laughs are directed at John Giduck and not with him.


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