The few people left to defend John Giduck (or actually, the one person left, LTC Dave Grossman) point to the evidence of other people’s statements as proof that John Giduck never HIMSELF lied about his military background or facts about Beslan.  In this post, we’ll look at John Giduck’s own statements to demonstrate that John Giduck routinely has changed his stories to suit his false legend.



John Giduck’s current story on his mouthpiece site, Socnetlies (this is the third revision of dates)

The following information has been confirmed by Dr John Giduck, Yuri Ferdigalov and John Anderson, Sergeant Major Special Forces (ret.), who was the Archangel board chairman.

When John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov arrived in Russia late on Sept 4 they were immediately briefed by a couple of ex-spetsnaz people they knew as to what had happened. Vladikavkaz airport had been closed and John Giduck and Yuri Federov were on one of the first flights into the area once the battle was over and the area secured.

John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov were in the School at Beslan on Sept 5.

Lies In John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan Book

On Page 211 of John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan, John Giduck provides the following first person narrative about what appears to be an ongoing siege at Beslan.

john giduck beslan lies

This reads as if upon John Giduck’s arrival, the Beslan school assault hadn’t yet occurred. The problem is that now John Giduck himself confirmed that he arrived in Moscow late on Sept 4th… a full day after the siege was over. How could john Giduck be on his way to the siege? Why would Spetsnaz insiders be talking about an assault occurring within a week when it had already occurred?  The only reason is that John Giduck wants you to believe that he was there as the assault was concluding.  He wasn’t.

John Giduck Lies In Print Interviews

In an interview with POLICE magazine, John Giduck continued to build his false legend of having witnessed parts of this great tradegy.  John Giduck stated this gem of a lie in his own words:

Police: Were you in Russia when the siege at Beslan occurred?

John Giduck: We got into Moscow as the siege was ending. We got down to Beslan the morning after. It was a bad scene. They were scraping bodies out of that gym for quite a long while, and I mean scraping.

John Giduck can’t seem to remember what day he arrived to Beslan or what he actually saw. We know that he now claims to be in Moscow late on 4 September and not Beslan as claimed in this interview. This is important because all of the bodies were removed on 4 Sept so there were no bodies to see on 5 September 2004 when John Giduck claims to finally have arrived in Beslan.  Photographs taken by others on 5 September confirm that all bodies had been removed by the time of John Giduck’s arrival in Beslan.

The problem with lying is that the little details will never support the lie. This blog is highly skeptical that John Giduck arrived in Beslan at all within two weeks of the tragic Beslan siege.  For instance, there was only one flight per day from Moscow to Beslan. John Giduck is very clear that he flew to Beslan. Evidence shows that there was no flight from Moscow to Beslan on 5 September. Additionally, John Giduck claims that he spent 10 days onsite during the first visit and yet neither John Giduck nor the US Congressional delegation that went to Beslan the week after the siege ended knew about each other,


John Giducks Own Words Supporting The Russian Military False Legend

The vast majority of time I ever spent in a military uniform in my life, I spent in Russia in Russian uniforms with Russian Special Forces and I did ultimately end up spending about 18 years there…good periods of time every single year up to 6 month a year going to school there, living there, doing a lot of training with their units.

This interview is from 2008. So, in the quote above John Giduck is claiming in his own words that he traveled to Russia “every single year” from 1990 through 2008.

John Giduck’s Russian Travel Contradictions In Press Interviews

When we wanted to know more about Giduck’s time with the Russian special forces, Giduck wrote back to say that he had done a “series of trainings with Vityaz [a unit of Spetsnaz, the Russian special forces] at their special forces compound and training school on the Balashikha Army Base about 30 miles east of Moscow from 1999 to 2004” and had had close access to a series of elite Russian units, including Rus, another Spetsnaz division. When we made inquiries at the Russian Interior Ministry, we were informed that Giduck had not trained with Vityaz. Instead, he took a commercial course in extreme survival skills, with no counterterrorism component. Representatives from Rus said they had never heard of Giduck.

In this interview, John Giduck has significantly trimmed the number of years that he claims to have traveled to Russia to train with the Spetsnaz from 18 years down to five years. Here, John Giduck clearly states that he traveled to Russia from 1999 to 2004.  These dates coincidentally span the same years that this blog has independently been able to document John Giduck’s trips to Russia.    Why wouldn’t John Giduck tell the interviewer that he’d been to Russia for 18 years?  because by 2011, John Giduck had forgotten the lie that he told in 2008.

Contradictions in John Giduck’s Own Marketing Materials

John Giduck has contradictions in his own marketing materials as well.  Look at this quote which supports the statement that spetsnaz training began in 1999 as part of a commercial military style adventure camp.

In 1999 John had been authorized to bring the first small group of Americans over to train, who underwent an arduous program, which included 18 hour days, much of it in hand-to-hand combat.  Several other programs expanded the skills being taught and required the groups to live on spetsnaz compounds. Through these programs Americans from both law enforcement and the military were provided great exposure to the assets, weapons, techniques and skills of their former Cold War adversary.  

John Giduck also posts several photos of himself in uniform ostensibly to convince readers of the authenticity of his Russian military training claims. The most ridiculous photo is this one (posted under the criticism clause of fair use)


The reality of this photo and likely every single other in which John Giduck is that the Russian military uniforms are actually souvenirs provided by the company that offered the training.  In at least three of the years between 1999 and 2004, these companies were owned and operated by John Giduck. Here is an example found in the deep archives of the internet:


25 MAY TO 2 JUNE 2001   

Program:    For the second year in a row, Russian Spetsnaz commander Mikhail Ryabko has secured the authorization of the army and Interior Ministry for a group of approved individuals to train with elite Spetsnaz units, including the Counter Terror and Rapid Reaction Forces, sponsored by the World Federation of Russian Martial Arts, Ltd.    Two days of training will be undergone at a secure special forces base outside of Moscow. This is authentic military training, with either open barracks or tents for accommodations. Toilet facilities will be outdoor, with no showers available. The group will have the opportunity to develop skills on the obstacle course; armored personnel carrier operation; tactical field combat techniques, including attacking and defending superior numbers; topographical orientation and combat engineering; firearms; knife and shovel fighting, weapons disarming, psychic energy in combat; and hand-to-hand combat in Russian Systema.

Each group member will receive a complete Spetsnaz uniform required for all persons on the base.

At the seminar, numerous items will be available for purchase, such as Russian Martial Arts T-shirts, Spetsnaz sweatshirts, authentic Russian Special Forces telnyahski (striped shirts), tank tops, baseball caps, various Spetsnaz patches, berets, beret pins, canteens, fighting shovels and training videos. In addition, time will be reserved for Ilya Shapiro’s Russian military camouflage uniforms, helmets, boots, flasks, and the like.

If you live in the USA, send this form to:

John Giduck
221 Corporate Circle, Suite E
Golden, Colorado 80401
United States 303-215-0779  (it takes few seconds for the page to load)

So, take a look at the above photo of John Giduck again.  He is basically boasting about having played “dress up” for a few days on a Russian military base and using the photo to convince people that he is some well qualified tactical trainer a result.

In short, I present you the real John Giduck in his own words….author, speaker, trainer, liar.


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