Oops. Archangel Group CEO John “Andy” Anderson may have an integrity problem like his buddy, John Giduck.  Apparently, Anderson was less high speed Department of Energy action dude and more like this guy:


You tell me: would a reasonable person believe that Archangel Group co-founder and CEO John “Andy” Anderson was an employee of the Department of Energy (DOE) by reading the following from Anderson’s biography?

Upon leaving the military [Anderson] spent ten years with the U.S. Department of Energy as a lieutenant, training and supervising the nuclear weapons security teams at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Arsenal, and then serving as the tactical commander of the high security area, responsible for the security of all fissile material.


According to several sources, it is a serious mischaracterization.   Anderson worked as an employee of a contracting company, Wackenhut, and was assigned to Rocky Flats.  “Rent-a-cop” should come to mind. So, read through Andy Anderson’s support of John Giduck in the “See Also” links below in the context of Andy Anderson’s actual position and his commentary becomes comical.

John “Andy” Anderson’s Other Dubious Claims

This all brings two other claims by Andy Anderson into context…

In addition, Sergeant Major Anderson owns and operates Andy’s Custom Guns and Training, Inc., is a former world combat pistol champion and bench press record holder.


I’m sure that the bench press record is for some obscure organization (perhaps even owned by John Giduck for all I know) but world combat pistol champion? John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan, even has these dubious claims memorialized right along with John Giduck’s own lies in the book:


– pg 28, Terror At Beslan


You may be thinking that I am the only one questioning this or that these questions have only arisen recently.  But, like his “Body By Budweiser” best friend, John Giduck, people have been questioning Andy Anderson’s claims for some time as well.

Here are some examples from 2007:

Had a friend take a course by a company called Archangel. One of the instructors said he was (according to my friend) a international USPSA champion shooter. This gentleman was about 55+ years old and supposed to be from the Colorado area. His name is John Anderson, but he goes by Andy.



There’s a John Anderson from Colorado in the USPSA classification data… he’s classified B in Open, unclassified in everything else.  If that’s him… doesn’t sound like “international USPSA champion” fits on the resume.


This is an interesting case in credibility – no matter how strong your credibility in a field is, if you make up one thing such as “World Champion Combat Shooter”, all your other claims have to shine through a fog of suspicion as you have undermined your ability to be taken at your word.



John Andersen was a Sergant Major [sic] stationed at Fort Devens in Ayer, Massachusetts prior to retirement. Champion of any sort he wasn’t.


Lastly, if you are a regular here, you’ll recognize the following narrative – it is exactly what is said about John Giduck:


Haven’t seen his website or heard any claims about wins, but I have met Andy in person. He installed some trijicon night sights for me while I waited. SUPER NICE GUY!! Never claimed anything to me, not a braggart type of person at all. He did have lots of good stories to tell me while his was working on my gun, none of which were about competition or training. He did say he did military training, but did not brag in any way about anything…very low key.


Let’s see….

– “Never heard any claims”

– “super nice guy”

– “never claimed anything to me”

– “not a braggart”

Seems stolen right from the John Giduck “how to exaggerate one’s credentials” playbook!  I guess that is what happens when two liars get together, they can reinforce each others’ stories.

If Andy Anderson is perfectly willing to lie to you about his role at Rocky Flats, should you trust him about anything else?


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