It’s always sad when one realizes that there is a huge PR machine that is focused on misleading you.  John Giduck has failed miserably in his attempt to build such a PR machine  through willing participants such as Archangel Group, Dave Grossman, John “Andy”  Anderson, Brad Thor, and the like to build and maintain John Giduck’s false legend.  The second order effects of this attempt resulted in a group of stooges that also signed on to assist in these efforts through social media.

Unfortunately, Walter Chi isn’t one of the stooges. He appears to be one of the perpetrators of the lies.  Let’s look to see how Walter Chi obviously attempted to mislead SOCNET about John Giduck, his experiences, and contributions. All quotes below are from and attributable to Walter Chi at

No, John has never served in SF, nor any other U.S. Spec Ops unit, nor has he ever claimed that he did.

Actually, John Giduck’s speaker bios falsely indicate that he served in various US Special Operations units.  Only recently has John Giduck admitted to the evidence that he only served a total of 58 days in the US Army.

Much of what John has done for mankind on a global basis, and much of what he has risked and sacrificed personally for our nation and its warriors must remain untold for security reasons.

Funny how Mr Chi pulls the secrecy card.  sadly, it doesn’t work in the case of John Giduck.  Though John Giduck has falsely claimed at times to have held “our nation’s highest security clearance”, it is easily confirmed that John Giduck has never held a US Government security clearance and therefore never could been legitimately read into any classified US Government operations. This is a lie by Walter Chi to convince you that John Giduck is some sort of secret operator – the reality is that John Giduck sat on his ass in Colorado from 1990-2005 with a few vacations outside of the US of his own volition.

What this blog has discovered, however, are a series of activities that John Giduck likely isn’t very proud of.

John has worked, trained and studied in Russia – and the Soviet Union before that – for close to 20 years. He has spent many years developing relationships and working with Russia’s most elite Spetsnaz units, had spent time with each of those units that responded to the Beslan school siege,

John indeed attended several conferences in Russia and even studied there. To be clear, the university and program in Russia at which he clams to have studied also had a self study non-credit voluntary program  which students could attend for one day if they wanted.  It would fit John Giduck’s methodology and history of claims to have attended this voluntary program.  Perhaps this explains why  John Giduck has never presented his diploma from this school.

What Walter Chi fails to mention is that John Giduck’s “Spetsnaz contacts” were actually the result of attendance at a series of commercial military style adventure camps in Russia….operated by John Giduck’s own companies.

and [John Giduck] was, in fact, the only American outside of newsmedia to go immediately to the siege as it was taking place.

Ahhh, Walter Chi authoritatively tells “the first big lie”.  The big lie is that John Giduck immediately went to the Beslan School siege “as it was taking place”.  By his own revised account, John Giduck wasn’t anywhere near the Russia during the Beslan siege. John Giduck has yet to produce a shred of evidence that he was anywhere near the school even two weeks after the siege despite quotes in his book, Terror At Beslan, that claim that they spent days taking photos in the days after the siege.

The federal government has acknowledged that not a single U.S. representative was dispatched to that site from the embassy in Moscow, and even two weeks after the siege, Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge admitted publicly that all of their information was from newsmedia sources.

Here Walter Chi authoritatively tells the “second big lie”.  That John Giduck was somehow the only American onsite at Beslan or who cared enough (“about the children”, of course) to have visited the school in the days and weeks afterwards.   to me, the “second big lie” validates that John Giduck wasn’t anywhere near the school is the days after the attack.  Had John Giduck actually been taking photos and measurements as claimed, he certainly would have noticed the US Congressional Delegation that spent significant time there.  John Giduck has never addressed this discrepancy in why he (and his group of sychophants) continued to claim that the US Government never had information about Beslan or visited the school.

If, in fact, Tracy has some knowledge beyond that which is contained in John’s book, “Terror at Beslan” XXXXXXXXXXXXXX he should consider ceasing to indulge in spurious character assassination, and disclose this information so that it can be added to the cumulative knowledge base and imparted to the LE and government personnel we train on a daily basis. Should anyone want to know what your colleagues around the country have thought of this book, look at the reviews on

I guess that the sad task of exposing liars such as John Giduck and Walter Chi is character assassination in their books.  As for the the reviews on Amazon, most of the comments from 2005-2007 appear to be astroturfed (or posted by the author or the author’s supporters).

If this information is not enough, none other than the famous Lt. Col. Dave Grossman has not only spent substantial time with John going over the Beslan events, but authored the Foreword to John’s book, writing, that” John Giduck is one of a few men in the Western world who had the knowledge, connections and ability to find out what really happened”. Had the author of the 18 March 2007 post done his research he would understand the credibility of this statement by a gentleman of irreproachable qualifications.

Are you refering to the Dave Grossman that teaches others about killing and developed a “killology” but has never killed anyone or been in harm’s way?  The same guy that uses “hooah” and “airborne ranger” in seemingly every other sentence yet never actually served in a Ranger battalion?  Oh yeah, those irreproachable qualifications.  Thank you, Walter Chi, for confirming that Dave Grossman worked with John Giduck on the details of John Giduck’s book.  You’ve confirmed for us that Dave Grossman is likely part of the lie and, even though a former West Point instructor, has no trouble spending time in the company of dishonorable men such as John Giduck.

Upon request from a verified member of the U.S. military, law enforcement or government communities, Archangel will provide any references in question when inquiries are submitted professionally.

All of the questions about John Giduck remain unanswered….on purpose. Facts and other documentation simply are not on John Giduck’s side. If John Giduck is what he’s claimed, this could have been easily resolved in  That’s why I believe that John Giduck really should appeal the court’s ruling and try to take this to court.  Let’s get idiots like Walter Chi on the stand under oath and see how quickly they either perjure themselves or the whole farce of the legend of John Giduck falls apart.  Let’s get Shari on the box (she knows what I mean) and see what foreign intelligence officials have really visited her home or what foreign connections the person she lives with has.

To Walter Chi, I say:  you wrote it, you own it.


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