This blog has long maintained that there have been questions about John Giduck’s experience and background since the same yeart hat he published his book in 2005. Those few supporters around John Giduck such as LTC Dave Grossman have started to publicize that those critics are actually forces counter to the interest of the United States…I presume that he means to include this blog in that group.  The problem with Dave Grossman’s cover story is several fold. Pushing aside for a moment that these words come from a man that teaches killing despite only serving hard combat tours at spectacularly death free locations such at West Point, Grossman ignores the fact that John Giduck’s activities/problems predate September 11th, involve integrity issues such as publishing first hand observations in Russia as the 2004 Beslan siege was ongoing while his own statements now show that he was in Colorado, and a myriad of false statements over the years that come from John Giduck himself.


Another voice has risen to join the chorus of John Giduck critics. Annette Fuentes published a new book in February 2013 called Lockdown High: When The Schoolhouse Becomes A Jailhouse. In this book, the author rightfully mocks John Giduck and points out how he is actually turning sheepdogs into sheep.

Here is some of what she says specifically about John Giduck while John Giduck continues to cower in silence….


– Lockdown High,

I love this view into John Giduck’s presentations.  The 19 years in Russia was demonstrably spent in Colorado with some vacation trips to Russia (Read more: John Giduck: The Only Russian Special Forces Consultant That Couldn’t Complete Basic Training).  Assertions that the majority of Giduck’s claimed operational credentials are false or overstated can be found throughout this site’s sitemap. Let’s continue…


The sheepdogs don’t realize that the facts don’t support his case.  John Giduck’s assertions that beslan will happen in the United States has not been borne out and John Giduck’s solutions don’t fit the level or types of crimes that we are seeing.  You see, john Giduck has no experience as law enforcement and his military experience spanned a grand total of 58 days in US Army basic training.   I wonder if John Giduck’s alter ego, Sgathek, appears during his presentations.  Apparently, I am not the only person to note John Giduck rotund girth but still remain the only one to point out his Jiffy Pop quaff…but I digress….

Ms. Fuentes continues…


So, the truth about John Giduck is readily available on the internet. One simply has to just google his name. From his perspective, it’s John Giduck Vs. Everyone.

– John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan book has been discredited (even by the Russians) as well as Archangel Group’s Virginia Tech and Mumbai research

“I was deeply disappointed when I read the Archangel Group’s report on the Virginia Tech shooting. The report is clearly fashioned in the form of a legal argument designed to make a point or win a case—not designed to get at the objective truth. The most positive thing I can say is that the approach taken by the report is intellectually shaky.”

I was so thunder-struck by the poor quality of the report that I went back and took a closer look at the credentials and membership of the Archangel Group.

I have reluctantly concluded that this report is not an objective analysis of the Virginia Tech shootings; it is a 144-page advertisement for the Archangel Group.”


– John Giduck’s claimed arrival in Beslan timeline has been proven false to the point that even John Giduck himself had to acknowledge  the facts and change his story several times (read more: John Giduck: Beslan Author, Speaker, Trainer, Liar)

– John Giduck has been involved in activities that have run counter to the interests of law enforcement (dating a cop killer, funneling money from a community corrections non-profit, honorariums likely in violation of the Pennsylvania state ethics act with the Chester PA police department, smoking gun evidence of  documented ITAR violations, etc.)

That said, John Giduck does however have his highly cherished special forces certificate to impress you with.

The key question is: “What happens when the sheepdogs actually find out that they’ve been the sheep all along?”


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