From the ThisAintHell military blog, John Giduck won his first round against fellow military faker Tony Tusso .  The voting ended at  61%-38%.

Results are here:

Next round, John Giduck has a tougher challenge against Stolen Valor hero Armine Annunziato.  Here is what one commenter has already posted:

Combat Historian Says:
June 14th, 2013 at 11:18 am

North Regional dark horse action: Gidduck versus Annunziato, both are assholes supreme, with Gidduck bullying real SOF operators and Carmine ripping off real GIs with his surplus fraud. This Round 2 secondary action will be a fun one to watch…

John Giduck can win the 2013 Stolen Valor tournament given his history and claims.  Help make him famous.