John Giduck has been voted into the top 4 of over 60 entrants in the TAH 2013 Stolen Valor tourney.

People are paying attention.  This monday, you’ll have the chance to vote John Giduck into the “Turd Two” finals.  Right now John Giduck is two votes from being named “Chump-ion” for 2013.  The outcome could be anyone’s to win.  As noted in the comments at the link, any of this year’s excrement 8 could have won in previous years and previous year winners might not have even advanced to this year’s fecal four. Monday’s voting is going to be exceptionally tight. We’ll need every vote to get John Giduck to his deserved spot in the tournament finals.

For me, this comment from the TAH blog sums up the reasons why John Giduck should be bestowed this honor and actually deserves.

dennis yaklich Says:
July 25th, 2013 at 2:26 pm

Giduck is so much more than just suing SOF.

– Giduck trolled a dead cop’s wife at his funeral, acted as her defense attorney when she was accused, and then was screwing her in Jamaica on what her kids say was their father’s death benefits. Giduck had to flee to West Virginia as a result of this.

– Giduck’s wife/girlfriend/hosebag/whatever holds a pretty serious security clearance and Giduck has bragged about bringing high level foreign intelligence officers over to his house. Worse yet, Giduck proudly associates with a Russian group that the Washington Times says bombed a US Embassy

– Giduck funneled money from a community corrections non-profit in Colorado (halfway house) to rebels in the Sudan and then had a “smoking gun” conversation captured by a fairly well known journalist in which Giduck provided defense advice to the rebel group…both in clear violation of international laws and US ITAR.

ITAR Violation here:

Financial trail from CO community corrections state grant to Sudan here:

– Giduck lied in his book, Terror At Beslan, about being in Russia during the siege. He was actually in Colorado the entire time

– John Giduck appears to have violated the Pennsylvania State Ethics Act by paying what can only be described as a $20,000 honorarium to then Chester PA Dive Team Leader Joseph Bail in the form of a dive boat just weeks after Joe Bail finished a consulting gig for Archangel Group, a company owned by John Giduck. Joe Bail is now the Police Commissioner of Chester, PA and, per John Giduck’s website, contracts John Giduck as training manager for the police department.

– John Giduck appears to have created an online alter ego that he used to astroturf his books…for years.

If shit bird activities are the measure, it’s hard to top Giduck.

There you have it. They even used evidence from this blog as a reference.   Please help vote for John Giduck starting this Monday, 29 July 2013.

John Giduck wants to be famous; let’s help him achieve this dubious honor.