This is day 2 of the Stolen Valor semi-finals voting

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Day 3 voting link will be posted here tomorrow.

31 July Voting Link:  *link removed*

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John Giduck has earned this award.  In addition to allowing others to lie about his false military legend, Giduck has profited for years off the deaths of hundreds of school children with a book based on his own personal lies about the event.

Voting will be close.  Please add your vote to the total and let’s get John Giduck the internet fame that he so desperately appears to want at any cost.


How John Giduck Misleads You: Spreading Lies Through Others

John Giduck, Chechnya, Bombings, Dead Cops, And Boston

A Review of John Giduck’s False Special Forces Legend

John Giduck: The Only Russian Special Forces Consultant That Couldn’t Complete Basic Training