John Giduck has been voted into the finals of the 2013 Stolen Valor tourney

The tourney started with 64.  Here is the bracket of the top 16 competitors…


This year’s 64 military fakers has been recognized as having some of the toughest competition in years.

Trapper Frank Says:
August 2nd, 2013 at 10:56 am
This years field was an especially strong one. In any other year, Ken Crotchrot would have won in a walk. At this point, it is still anybodies ballgame.

Hondo Says:
August 2nd, 2013 at 5:09 pm
Hell, 6 of the 8 quarterfinalists (Tesla, Giduck, Lewis, Ladner, Crocheron, Monkress) would IMO have likely taken last year’s tourney – and a 7th (Hamilton) might have made a deep run but come up short. This was truly a “turd-studded” tourney.

For anyone who may be thinking that this blog is alone in its feelings about John Giduck, let’s look at some of the turds that Giduck has advanced beyond..

Tina Kerstan:  None of the below happened

“Tina was just returning from the front lines of the “Desert Storm” assault on Kuwait when the Iraqi missile struck. She and her commanding officer, Captain Richard Walker, had just parked about 60 feet from the front door of the ill-fated building and exited the vehicle when they heard a whistling sound. The missile crashed into the roof and exploded, demolishing the building and knocking them both to the ground. To Tina’s horror, she saw that Captain Walker had been cut in two by flying shrapnel; he died in her arms. Tina herself had been wounded, but she rushed into the ruined building three times to help wounded survivors escape before she lost consciousness and was Medevaced away from the carnage.”

Albert Bustamonte:

Video of albert bustamonte –

Romeo Martinez

It’s entirely possible that Romeo Martinez was a Marine at one time, but I doubt very much that he was ever a lieutenant of Marines. Another possibility is that he may have swallowed whole a lieutenant, or there’s a lieutenant buried in one of his chin folds.

There’s not much I can say about this guy. He kind of looks like the mentally challenged love child of Oliver Willis and a koala bear. But there’s nothing funny about that.

– TAH Blog

Shane Ladner: He was in high school when his secret mission in Panama below could have happened

I was involved in a firefight in Panama City. My squad was on patrol and we were ambushed by Panamanian Defense Forces. We were under heavy fire and pinned down. I was engaging the enemy when I heard an explosion behind me. I felt an intense burning sensation on my back as well as excruciating pain in my abdomen…When I recovered from my wounds I served throughout Central and South America, Cuba and Africa.

That lie there would eventually result in his wife losing her leg when a train hit his float at a parade. Since his fake missions in Panama he’s also been to OIF and OEF, became a cop, got fired as a cop, got his lawyer to submit a faked DD214, and been featured on the news. This young lad has a hell of a fake career ahead of him. He could be one of the greats. He might be the stolen valor equivalent of Jim Plunkett.

– TAH Blog

Todd Michael Hamilton:

Todd was the President of the Shadow 6 Foundation. Some would assume that “Shadow” had some sort of special ops type feel to it, while the “6” would indicate that he was the commander. All that is true, if by “Shadow” you mean a network systems operator, and Specialists are now “6’s” in military parlance. Anyway, douchetool here hiked across Washington state with the tower of power on his shoulder (SF, Ranger and Airborne tabs) and then resorted to the lame “I did it to honor soldiers” excuse.

– TAH Blog

Danny Russell Crane: At least this guy had 4 more days of active duty time than the 58 days that John Giduck had

Say what you will about Danny Crane and his 62 days of Active Duty time, but the dude really knows how to doctor up a DD214. He’s the Forrest Gump of Shreveport, Louisiana. However, he’s also been sentenced to 7 1/2 years in jail since 2000 for things such as harassment, fraud, ID theft and more.

His most heinous crime might be the fact that he “stole” the story of the Marine who stood guard outside the hospital room of the dying young cancer patient, Cody Green. Of course, he inserted himself into the story, though he pretends to be a soldier.

– TAH Blog

Ken Crocheron:  Ken had a far bigger fan base than John Giduck…john Giduck is still in the tourney…

Colonel, Uncle Kenneth Crocheron is a FAKE. This week it was finally confirmed and proven that our former beloved family friend, Ken, has been deceiving us for the 10 yrs we’ve known him…..deceived many many more innocent family members and friends and co-workers over the last 40+ yrs. He IS NOT a Green Beret, IS NOT a COLONEL, or any other army officer. IS NOT honorable in any way, regardless of the GOOD DEEDS he may have done for our family, it was all under the guise of rescuing us and trying to impress us with his clout.

– TAH blog

Chelle Lynne Anderson-Tesla: 

Chelle Lynne Anderson-Tesla is currently a major in the Civil Air Patrol in Virginia and assigned to HQ, VA Wing as Director of Aerospace Education. She got that job because she represented herself as combat-wounded Army Aviation Captain, and a UH-60 Blackhawk pilot. At one point she was claiming to be the CNO (Chief of Naval Operations). Well, either that or she couldn’t even spell NCO right. She claims that she earned a Purple Heart when her Blackhawk was shot down in Iraq and, of course, because of that incident she claims she suffers from TBI and PTS. Of course, she’s here on TAH, so you already know that none of that is true; as her records show, she’s never been to Iraq. She was a PFC Air Traffic Controller for about 13 months.

– TAH Blog

John Boudreau:  A story almost as incredible to believe as John Giduck arriving in Beslan within two weeks of the Beslan school siege

2200 confirmed kills and sniper missions with Tomahawk missiles.  Read more at

Punk Lewis:  Sounds like some John Giduck’s tall tales…

Punk’s story:

While conducting combat operations, insurgents launched a complex attack against the squad Lewis was in. During the ambush multiple rocket-propelled grenades (RPG’s) struck the patrol, causing Lewis several injuries. The wounds included Traumatic Brain Injury, dislocated jaw, nerve damage in his right arm, lower and upper spine damage, and short term memory loss.

– TAH blog

These are just some examples of the competition against which John Giduck has competed against.  NOne of the above are in the tournament anymore and John Giduck is in the finals.  This speaks to the level of Stolen Valor that John Giduck brings to the table.

Voting in the Finals will start next week.