It’s funny how John Giduck has turned into the antithesis of everything that he wrote about in his book, The Green Beret in You: Living with Total Commitment to Family, Career, Sports and Life .

Here is the summary of the book from Amazon

The Green Beret in You is look at the way Green Berets live there lives through honor, integrity, and discipline. Our organization feels that American men, and men all over the world, could benefit from reading this book. The majority of American men have lost their warriorship and it is time they are reminded of the duties and responsibilities that come with being a man. The modern man has become characterized by doing the easy thing and not the right thing. This problem has become a plague on American society and our enemies all over the world know this. This book examines the mentality of men in our special operations units and the benefits of living your life as they do. This same mind set is not totally absent in our society but it is becoming more and more rare. Warriors are still among us and these are the people that the average citizen runs to in a time of crisis.

– John Giduck has taken the approach of being the victim rather than being a man.  We know this from his blog and from statements that his few remaining supporters

– John Giduck neglected to realize that the “yes men” lapdog members of SOF and law enforcement that surround him are not representative of those communities.  For a guy that supposedly examined the “mentality of men in our special operations units”, john Giduck didn’t take much away from the time spent.

You see, it’s clear that John Giduck thought that we tire by now, forget, or defocus.  But we haven’t…

– This blog has published 156 posts about John Giduck and the usual suspects that surround him including Archangel Group co-founder John Andy Anderson, fellow co-conspirator Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph Bail, Dave “I teach about killing but never killed nobody” Grossman, and others. Hundreds of thousands of readers have learned about John Giduck’s lies and misdeeds through this blog.

– John Giduck has acquired whole new audiences and the worst kind of fame as a finalist in the TAH 2013 Stolen Valor Tournament.  Regardless of John Giduck wins or not, his misdeeds have been validated by countless others that have voted for him or been surprised by his advance to the finals of the tournament.  The 2013 tournament has been recognized as having the toughest field in years.

– John Giduck has turned himself into a laughingstock with his changes in stories.  You see, like most lies, changing one’s stories highlights the lies that can’t be changed. For instance, John Giduck’s initial position of arriving in Russia while the Beslan siege was ongoing made him look absolutely ridiculous…so John Giduck changed his story.  The problem is that his book still had the original lies and he couldn’t change those.

– This blog has a lot of information that still hasn’t been published about John Giduck, Andy Anderson, and Joe Bail.  Some are waiting for tangible documentation, others have been passed to investigators, and others we are holding back…just in case.

Bottom line: We aren’t done here and won’t be until John Giduck does all the following personally (not through a third party)

– Acknowledges that he wasn’t in Beslan during the siege or on 5 September 2004,

– Provides proof of his actual arrival date in Beslan

– Takes ownership for and issues an apology for his Special forces legend and Ranger claims

– Issues an apology to those that have been impacted by his frivolous lawsuit

– That the original police report is true and there never have been threats against him or his family

– Ackowledges that all of his non-martial arts operational “training” that John Giduck claims was the result of short duration commercial military adventure style camps in Russia

If John Giduck wants this to end, he has the roadmap to doing so above (for this blog at least). He could always post a youtube video that covers the above points.  No matter what, John Giduck will need to do the right thing for once for this to end. I’m not holding my breath and will continue the mission.

Thanks for your readership and support.


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