The internet continues to spew proof that John Giduck clearly lied about his arrival in Beslan.

Sometime prior to September 2006, John Giduck  began telling people that he arrived in Beslan school while the siege was ongoing. There is no shortage of evidence that John Giduck originally claimed to have arrived “immediately after the final assault” on the school which occurred on 3 Sept 2004.

Of course, John Giduck now denies EVER having made such a statement.  He did so in a 7 May 2012 post on his mouthpiece blog.  Here is what he says:

As I had not been at Beslan during the siege and battle (claims I have never made)

– John Giduck, blog post dated 7 May 2012

Unfortunately, the internet has at least one very clear statement by John Giduck himself in which he claimed to be present during “mopping up” combat operations.

by teacher, historian, and author John Giduck. Explains the author, “I was there; I arrived when mopping up operations were taking place…”

– John Giduck, Google links to a paysite document but the Google captured quote is clear for the viewing at

After uncomfortable questions were raised about john Giduck’s travel timeline which included a need for a visa and an extremely unfavorable time difference to make the final assault,  John Giduck changed his arrival in Beslan to Sunday, 5 September 2004.

John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov were in the School at Beslan on Sept 5.

– 5 May 2012 post on John Giduck’s mouthpiece on a blog post prefaced that it was authorized by John Giduck himself.

So, clearly, John Giduck was falsely telling people that he was at Beslan when he wasn’t. Him…in his own words.

Now, if for whatever reason you still believe that John Giduck could be telling the truth, here is how John Giduck describes the state of the school upon his arrival in a September 2006 interview:

At Beslan, when I first entered the school, I could barely negotiate it. The school was a warren of twisted wreckage, boulders of building material, and blown out floors. Moving through it was like leaping from one unsteady, slippery rock in the middle of a rushing stream to the next.

In Beslan, you could not have moved 15 feet in any direction without snagging exposed laces on something and falling flat on your face, maybe onto a booby trap.

– John Giduck,

remember that this description was published before John Giduck had revised his arrival date to Sunday, 5 September. This description contrasts markedly with photos of the school from Sunday, 5 September 2004 as demonstrated below:


The article from which this photo was taken is dated 6 September 2004 meaning that the only “sunday” as mentioned in the caption is 5 September 2004.  We know from newspaper articles from the time that the bodies had been removed and the rubble was bull dozed on 4 september 2004….one day before John Giduck’s arrival.   Note that there is no rubble, “twisted wreckage” or any of the other things that John Giduck falsely claimed….

Booby traps?  Every article that we have found from the time period says that residents were allowed in the school on 4 September.

Saturday September 4

1800 [6pm]: Authorities allow Beslan residents into the husk that was once Middle School No 1 to let people see for themselves what remained.

So, if John “danger mouse” Giduck did arrive on 5 Sept 2004 (against all logic and probability), he was about in as much danger as the old lady, the lady in heels, and the other bystanders in the photo.  To use another word, “none”….

These false and misleading claims by John Giduck cast serious doubt on the academic integrity of his book, Terror At Beslan. The book is bad enough with the large number of factual inaccuracies. In short, John Giduck wasn’t there in early september and hasn’t even provided proof that he was actually at the school within the first two weeks of September 2004 at all.  What is also odd is that despite claims in the book to have spent days in that tiny school “taking photos and measurements” as John Giduck claims on pg 34 of his book, there isn’t a single photo of John Giduck or his sidekick in any of gazillion photos of the aftermath of Beslan.

The evidence supports this blog.  John Giduck appears to have been lying all along….


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