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Let’s take a look at LTC Dave Grossman’s claims of being a “Pulitzer Prize” nominee It would appear that there is the usual factual disconnect between what John Giduck’s most ardent supporters claim and what the facts appear to be.  There also seems to be the usual profit motive involved in the form of fooling police and military into buying books.


First, I’ll start by saying that as a retired military field grade officer and former West Point professor, LTC Grossman knows the difference between truth, lying, and “quibbling” which is the use of evasive statements or technicalities….

Honor, as it is understood by the Corps of Cadets, is a fundamental attribute of character. Honor is a virtue which implies loyalty and courage, truthfulness and self respect, justice and generosity. Its underlying principle is truth. It is not a complicated system of ethics, but merely “honest dealing and clean thinking.” If a cadet is true in thought, word, and deed, there is no question about his meeting the standards of the Corps. On the other hand, quibbling, evasive statements, or the use of technicalities to conceal guilt are not tolerated at West Point.

– MG Maxwell Taylor, West Point Superintendent (

LTC Grossman’s Claims of Being  A Pulitzer Prize Nominee

Dave Grossman’s official widely communicated narrative is that his book, “On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society” has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. This blog post will demonstrate that it is not.

You can find Grossman’s claims of being a Pulitzer Prize nominee all over the internet.  A quick google search of “grossman pulitzer prize” (without quotes) will generate more than 3 million search results including Amazon and many well known police/military web sites.  For simplicity, we’ll just stick with LTC Grossman’s false claims on his own website and other verifiable first person sources.

Here is a capture current as of this blog post from LTC Grossman’s bio page on his website,


Since that page can be easily changed, let’s look at several statements that LTC Grossman made to the New York State Legislature in 1999:

Statement of Lt Col Gave[sic] Grossman

Before the New York State Legislature
October 1999

I am Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, U.S. Army, (Retired). My expertise in the area of human aggression and violence includes service as a West Point psychology professor, a professor of military science, the author of a Pulitzer nominated book and numerous peer reviewed encyclopedia entries on this topic.


The application of this to the military is outlined in my book, On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society. This book was nominated for the Pulitzer prize for nonfiction in 1995, has been translated into Japanese and Italian, and is currently being used as a standard text in numerous universities and academies, to include West Point, and the California Highway Patrol Academy.

So we have at least two clear statements that not only “On Killing” was nominated for a Pulitzer but also that it was nominated in 1995.


The Pulitzer website is very clear as to what a “nominee” is.  A “nominee” is defined as the following:

A Pulitzer Prize Winner may be an individual, a group of individuals, or a news organization’s staff.

Nominated Finalists are selected by the Nominating Juries for each category as finalists in the competition. The Pulitzer Prize Board generally selects the Pulitzer Prize Winners from the three nominated finalists in each category. The names of nominated finalists have been announced only since 1980. Work that has been submitted for Prize consideration but not chosen as either a nominated finalist or a winner is termed an entry or submission. No information on entrants is provided.

Since 1980, when we began to announce nominated finalists, we have used the term “nominee” for entrants who became finalists. We discourage someone saying he or she was “nominated” for a Pulitzer simply because an entry was sent to us.

By using the term “nominee” since at least 1999, LTC Grossman has been claiming to be one of the two non-fiction finalists for the award in 1995 as he claims. He isn’t.


His name can’t be found in the entire list of 1995 winners or finalists which is here:

Nor can LTC Dave Grossman’s name or published title be found at all in the entire Pulitzer online database covering back to the 1940s

try the search yourself….


Let’s look at another case to see how anyone can become an “entrant” which is what LTC Grossman claims is a “nominee”

An entry form and $50
It’s not uncommon for Pulitzer entrants to claim to be nominees. Here’s how it works: Though there are only three nominees, known as nominated finalists, in each Pulitzer category each year, there are more than 2,000 entrants. One could say that all of them were “nominated” by someone. If all Pulitzer entrants could be called nominees, any publisher could give all its authors that honorific by submitting an entry form and a check for $50.

The Pulitzer rules make clear that the only people to be known as nominees are those finalists chosen by the Pulitzer juries.

Besides violating the official rules, such claims mislead the public. Tell readers that you’re an Academy Awards nominee, and they’ll understand that you’re one of the few finalists, not one of the many entrants submitted by movie studios. It’s exactly the same with the Pulitzers.

And in addition to misleading the public, such false claims rob honor from the actual nominees.


LTC Grossman is a well known trainer of police on a number of topics.  One would expect that police would expect the highest level of integrity from those that train peace officers.

– This claim of being a Pulitzer Proze nominee calls Mr. Grossman’s personal integrity into question. All someone did was pay $50 and fill out a form.  He’ll likely claim that he “didn’t know” as did Johah Greenburg in the MSNBC link above, but Mr Grossman is an academic and a former West Point professor.  As noted in the Pulitzer webpage FAQ, Pulitzer entrants have been told the difference between “entrants” and “nominees” since 1980.

– This is not the first time that Mr Grossman has “quibbled” about his credentials.  LTC Grossman claims to be an “airborne Ranger” (also clearly claimed in the statement to the NY Legistlature link), however, there is no evidence even from the LTC himself that he ever served in any of the three Ranger Battalions. He may be the only graduate of the 8 week Ranger course that doesn’t know the difference between an “Airborne Ranger” and a “Ranger School graduate”.  LTC Grossman also teaches about his self described science of “killology” yet has never served in combat or killed anyone.

– Mr Grossman apparently has had business associations with a similar group of people selling services to police and the government that seem to have similar integrity or actions that a layman can easily see as against the law.  John Giduck published a book in which he has first hand conversations about being in  Russia with the Beslan siege supposedly ongoing but actually was in Colorado at the time those conversations would have taken place.  John “Andy” Anderson, co founder of Archangel Group with John Giduck and who had made false claims to have been a high speed Department of Energy employee, also had conversations recorded by a journalist in which Mr. Andy Anderson appears to have provided defense advice in the Sudan in violation of ITAR statutes.  Joseph “Joe” Bail who serves as the Police Commissioner for Chester, PA and apparently received a $20,000 honorarium from Archangel Group that appears to be a violation of the PA State Ethics Act.  All three of these people are involved with Archangel Group which publishes Terror At Beslan which Mr. Grossman has sold and marketed at his seminars for years.

I’ll leave it to the reader to determine the whys of someone that sells books and training for a living to likely fudge the difference between paying $50 and filling out a form to being an actual Pulitzer Prize nominee. My opinion is if, like John Giduck, Mr. Grossman is knowing lying about his background to sell you books and seminars, what else is he lying about?  See the links below to learn more about the circle around that mutually promote and defend each other.

I still laugh about how cops pay a guy that never killed anyone for advice about killing.  How dumb is that? You may as well be sitting in a Grossman lecture about menstrual cramps.

We’ll have more on LTC Grossman coming soon.


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John Giduck & Joe Bail: Timeline Supports $20k+ Honorarium For Consulting Services



Trust Degrata Tactical that John Giduck is the “real deal”.


As with most john Giduck supporters, note that they want to sell you something associated with john Giduck.  I wonder if Degrata Tactical is as willing to support John Giduck in 2013 after he won the recent Stolen Valor championship against a field of over 60 phony military fakers.

My opinion is that you should seriously reconsider giving any money to idiots that can’t or don’t want to believe the mountain of evidence that clearly shows that John Giduck is anything but the real deal.  I’d worry more that these guys don’t seem to have the expertise to quickly discern real from fake but want to train you.


John Giduck Lies: “I Was At Beslan”

More Voices: David Cariens Slams John Giduck’s VA Tech Analysis

John Giduck: Beslan Author, Speaker, Trainer, Liar

John Giduck And His Legendary Special Forces Certificate of Appreciation

This blog has long maintained that there have been questions about John Giduck’s experience and background since the same yeart hat he published his book in 2005. Those few supporters around John Giduck such as LTC Dave Grossman have started to publicize that those critics are actually forces counter to the interest of the United States…I presume that he means to include this blog in that group.  The problem with Dave Grossman’s cover story is several fold. Pushing aside for a moment that these words come from a man that teaches killing despite only serving hard combat tours at spectacularly death free locations such at West Point, Grossman ignores the fact that John Giduck’s activities/problems predate September 11th, involve integrity issues such as publishing first hand observations in Russia as the 2004 Beslan siege was ongoing while his own statements now show that he was in Colorado, and a myriad of false statements over the years that come from John Giduck himself.


Another voice has risen to join the chorus of John Giduck critics. Annette Fuentes published a new book in February 2013 called Lockdown High: When The Schoolhouse Becomes A Jailhouse. In this book, the author rightfully mocks John Giduck and points out how he is actually turning sheepdogs into sheep.

Here is some of what she says specifically about John Giduck while John Giduck continues to cower in silence….


– Lockdown High,

I love this view into John Giduck’s presentations.  The 19 years in Russia was demonstrably spent in Colorado with some vacation trips to Russia (Read more: John Giduck: The Only Russian Special Forces Consultant That Couldn’t Complete Basic Training).  Assertions that the majority of Giduck’s claimed operational credentials are false or overstated can be found throughout this site’s sitemap. Let’s continue…


The sheepdogs don’t realize that the facts don’t support his case.  John Giduck’s assertions that beslan will happen in the United States has not been borne out and John Giduck’s solutions don’t fit the level or types of crimes that we are seeing.  You see, john Giduck has no experience as law enforcement and his military experience spanned a grand total of 58 days in US Army basic training.   I wonder if John Giduck’s alter ego, Sgathek, appears during his presentations.  Apparently, I am not the only person to note John Giduck rotund girth but still remain the only one to point out his Jiffy Pop quaff…but I digress….

Ms. Fuentes continues…


So, the truth about John Giduck is readily available on the internet. One simply has to just google his name. From his perspective, it’s John Giduck Vs. Everyone.

– John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan book has been discredited (even by the Russians) as well as Archangel Group’s Virginia Tech and Mumbai research

“I was deeply disappointed when I read the Archangel Group’s report on the Virginia Tech shooting. The report is clearly fashioned in the form of a legal argument designed to make a point or win a case—not designed to get at the objective truth. The most positive thing I can say is that the approach taken by the report is intellectually shaky.”

I was so thunder-struck by the poor quality of the report that I went back and took a closer look at the credentials and membership of the Archangel Group.

I have reluctantly concluded that this report is not an objective analysis of the Virginia Tech shootings; it is a 144-page advertisement for the Archangel Group.”


– John Giduck’s claimed arrival in Beslan timeline has been proven false to the point that even John Giduck himself had to acknowledge  the facts and change his story several times (read more: John Giduck: Beslan Author, Speaker, Trainer, Liar)

– John Giduck has been involved in activities that have run counter to the interests of law enforcement (dating a cop killer, funneling money from a community corrections non-profit, honorariums likely in violation of the Pennsylvania state ethics act with the Chester PA police department, smoking gun evidence of  documented ITAR violations, etc.)

That said, John Giduck does however have his highly cherished special forces certificate to impress you with.

The key question is: “What happens when the sheepdogs actually find out that they’ve been the sheep all along?”


John Giduck’s Biggest Problem Seems To Be John Giduck

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I’d normally say, “let’s push John Giduck over the top” for this, but given John Giduck’s ample girth, I’m not sure that we could even collectively do so.

Anyway, John Giduck is an entry in a military blog’s 2013 Stolen Valor tournament.  I think that we should reward John Giduck for his background and experience by helping him win this “honor”.  John is probably hoping that it includes an all you can eat buffet.

The competition looks tough.  They could have a show, “Professional Victims Unit”, with the entries.  Here is what one observer has already remarked in the comments section

LebbenB Says:
June 3rd, 2013 at 3:27 pm

There’s some real heavy hitters in this bracket. Tina “Butt Kernel” Kerstain versus John “Giggity-Giggity” Gidduck? A fight for the ages!

I completely agree.  John Giduck needs our help. John Giduck was only voted “Most Tempramental” in high school.  he’s got a great shot at being REALLY famous as a result of this contest.

Smitty Says:
June 3rd, 2013 at 1:58 pm

the weeble has her match, hands down! but she is in for a fight when she matches up against Gidduck, i think he will take this bracket

Too bad Stolen Valor is the only category. John Giduck is not only a good bet for the Stolen Valor category but also likely the runaway winner in “Most Likely To Date a Cop Killer” and Most Likely To Commit An ITAR Violation”.

Edited to Add:  Bios of the contestants are posted here –

Voting starts on 9 June for John Giduck.  “Giduck, Giduck, he’s our man, if he can’t snow you, no one can!”


How John Giduck Misleads You: Spreading Lies Through Others

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A Review of John Giduck’s False Special Forces Legend

Oops. Archangel Group CEO John “Andy” Anderson may have an integrity problem like his buddy, John Giduck.  Apparently, Anderson was less high speed Department of Energy action dude and more like this guy:


You tell me: would a reasonable person believe that Archangel Group co-founder and CEO John “Andy” Anderson was an employee of the Department of Energy (DOE) by reading the following from Anderson’s biography?

Upon leaving the military [Anderson] spent ten years with the U.S. Department of Energy as a lieutenant, training and supervising the nuclear weapons security teams at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Arsenal, and then serving as the tactical commander of the high security area, responsible for the security of all fissile material.

According to several sources, it is a serious mischaracterization.   Anderson worked as an employee of a contracting company, Wackenhut, and was assigned to Rocky Flats.  “Rent-a-cop” should come to mind. So, read through Andy Anderson’s support of John Giduck in the “See Also” links below in the context of Andy Anderson’s actual position and his commentary becomes comical.

John “Andy” Anderson’s Other Dubious Claims

This all brings two other claims by Andy Anderson into context…

In addition, Sergeant Major Anderson owns and operates Andy’s Custom Guns and Training, Inc., is a former world combat pistol champion and bench press record holder.

I’m sure that the bench press record is for some obscure organization (perhaps even owned by John Giduck for all I know) but world combat pistol champion? John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan, even has these dubious claims memorialized right along with John Giduck’s own lies in the book:


– pg 28, Terror At Beslan

You may be thinking that I am the only one questioning this or that these questions have only arisen recently.  But, like his “Body By Budweiser” best friend, John Giduck, people have been questioning Andy Anderson’s claims for some time as well.

Here are some examples from 2007:

Had a friend take a course by a company called Archangel. One of the instructors said he was (according to my friend) a international USPSA champion shooter. This gentleman was about 55+ years old and supposed to be from the Colorado area. His name is John Anderson, but he goes by Andy.


There’s a John Anderson from Colorado in the USPSA classification data… he’s classified B in Open, unclassified in everything else.  If that’s him… doesn’t sound like “international USPSA champion” fits on the resume.

This is an interesting case in credibility – no matter how strong your credibility in a field is, if you make up one thing such as “World Champion Combat Shooter”, all your other claims have to shine through a fog of suspicion as you have undermined your ability to be taken at your word.


John Andersen was a Sergant Major [sic] stationed at Fort Devens in Ayer, Massachusetts prior to retirement. Champion of any sort he wasn’t.

Lastly, if you are a regular here, you’ll recognize the following narrative – it is exactly what is said about John Giduck:


Haven’t seen his website or heard any claims about wins, but I have met Andy in person. He installed some trijicon night sights for me while I waited. SUPER NICE GUY!! Never claimed anything to me, not a braggart type of person at all. He did have lots of good stories to tell me while his was working on my gun, none of which were about competition or training. He did say he did military training, but did not brag in any way about anything…very low key.

Let’s see….

– “Never heard any claims”

– “super nice guy”

– “never claimed anything to me”

– “not a braggart”

Seems stolen right from the John Giduck “how to exaggerate one’s credentials” playbook!  I guess that is what happens when two liars get together, they can reinforce each others’ stories.

If Andy Anderson is perfectly willing to lie to you about his role at Rocky Flats, should you trust him about anything else?


How Archangel Group Misleads You: John Giduck’s Credentials Part 2

Evidence Shows John Giduck And John “Andy” Anderson Violated International Arms Trafficking Regulations

John “Andy” Anderson Doubles Down On John Giduck

SGM Anderson (ret) chimes in over at SOCNETLies

People and organizations pay John Giduck (often with tax dollars) to talk about the Beslan school siege.  It turns out that John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan book, already shown to be rife with errors, apparently has erred in a key fact about a key player in the Beslan siege.  The person is one of the masterminds of the Beslan operation itself and the fact is that this person was not killed at Beslan as John Giduck claims.  That’s indicative of pretty poor research!


Marketing for John Giduck’s book, Terror at Beslan, generally focuses on the words, “complete” and “accurate”. Here is an example:

The complete and accurate story of the Beslan School Siege that occurred in Russia on September 1, 2004.

The book is anything but complete and accurate. My opinion is that it borders on fiction.  Even Russian Beslan experts have ripped the book’s factual detail (Russian Experts Claim Terror At Beslan Inaccuracies – Part 1). Now, we have evidence that the book is wrong about the death of one of the key planners of the Beslan siege itself.

Ali Musaevich Taziev

Let’s look at what John Giduck says happened to a one of the masterminds of the Beslan school siege. According to Wikipedia, and other sources,  Ali Musaevich Taziev goes by several AKAs (or “also known as”) Akhmed Yevloev, Magomet Yevloyev, and Emir Magas.  John Giduck references his under the name, Magomet Yevloyev, in Terror At Beslan.  Here is what John Giduck authoritatively states on page 197 of Terror At Beslan:


For clarity, the text says the following:

As it would turn out, the bodies of the three actual terrorist leaders would be identified in the aftermath.  Vladimir Hodov and Magomet Yevloyev were clearly recognized.

John Giduck also claims to have in Beslan on 5 September 2004 so he speaks with authority correct?

The problem is that Ali Musaevich Taziev AKA Magomet Yevloyev is still very much alive.  In fact, the same man is on trial in Russia as of the writing of this blog post in May 2013.

A former police officer who allegedly switched sides and joined North Caucasus militants to become one of their leaders went on trial in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don on Monday.

Ali Taziyev, also known by his alias Magas, is charged with setting up an armed militant group, illegal arms trafficking, terrorism, inciting a rebellion and attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. Charges against him also include 24 counts of terrorism. (dated 13 May 2013)

John Giduck who boasts about having a Ph.D. which gives one the impression that he is well versed in academic research. john Giduck also claims that months of research went into Terror At Beslan.  How could John Giduck miss this important detail?  It isn’t as if the detail hadn’t been covered by news outlets. Terror At Beslan didn’t even go to press until March 2005.  Here is a story from 12 September 2004 in the Telegraph for instance which was published a full week after the Beslan siege

His family believes that [Taziev] is dead, but the interior ministry claims that he joined the Chechen rebel movement and has taken part in several operations against Russian forces, under the codename Magas.

Officials now suspect that he was one of four commanders who masterminded the attack on School Number One in Beslan in which more than 330 people died, more than half of them children.

Musa Apiyev, Ingushetia’s deputy interior minister, told the Telegraph: “The fighter known as Magas, who is the former police officer Taziyev, is connected to a series of terrorist attacks and there is evidence that he participated in the Beslan incident.”

I’d bet that there are plenty of other articles in Russian between September 2004 and March 2005 surmising this guy was still alive but our “Chechyan Expert” and Kings College Ph.D. John Giduck didn’t seem to pursue any more leads or even provide a footnote as to his authoritative declaration of death.  That approach would not have met the bar for research at my local community college

The FSB arrested Taziev in 2010.  A 2010 article lists the following:

Ali Taziyev, known by his nom de guerre “Magas”, has been detained by special operations forces from the FSB, Russia’s security service. The FSB released video footage showing masked troops loading a bearded and dazed Taziyev into a helicopter. A website that acts as a mouthpiece for the rebels claimed he had been drugged. It said the arrest was a “serious loss to the mujahideen, but it would not alter the situation and stop the jihad”.

The list of errors in Terror At Beslan continues to grow. The FSB knew that this man wasn’t killed in Beslan and never shared that information with John Giduck no matter his boasts of being close with various FSB and Spetsnaz leaders.  These “contacts” were at the level of a military adventure camp attendee and not as a colleague as the FSB apparently provided no additional value to John Giduck’s research.  As far as I can tell, John Giduck never modified the false details in his book.  To me, this supports even more that this book has serious academic integrity issues that should be investigated.

Why do organizations pay John Giduck to speak about Beslan again?  Still think that this book is an accurate story of what occurred at Beslan? How could it be? John Giduck wasn’t there and his published facts were wrong even after months of so-called research on site.


John Giduck: Beslan Author, Speaker, Trainer, Liar

How John Giduck Misleads You: Spreading Lies Through Others

New Evidence Disputes John Giduck’s Beslan School Observations As Lies

Unmasked: Source Of John Giduck’s Beslan “Walking Among Bodies” Claim

The few people left to defend John Giduck (or actually, the one person left, LTC Dave Grossman) point to the evidence of other people’s statements as proof that John Giduck never HIMSELF lied about his military background or facts about Beslan.  In this post, we’ll look at John Giduck’s own statements to demonstrate that John Giduck routinely has changed his stories to suit his false legend.



John Giduck’s current story on his mouthpiece site, Socnetlies (this is the third revision of dates)

The following information has been confirmed by Dr John Giduck, Yuri Ferdigalov and John Anderson, Sergeant Major Special Forces (ret.), who was the Archangel board chairman.

When John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov arrived in Russia late on Sept 4 they were immediately briefed by a couple of ex-spetsnaz people they knew as to what had happened. Vladikavkaz airport had been closed and John Giduck and Yuri Federov were on one of the first flights into the area once the battle was over and the area secured.

John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov were in the School at Beslan on Sept 5.

Lies In John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan Book

On Page 211 of John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan, John Giduck provides the following first person narrative about what appears to be an ongoing siege at Beslan.

john giduck beslan lies

This reads as if upon John Giduck’s arrival, the Beslan school assault hadn’t yet occurred. The problem is that now John Giduck himself confirmed that he arrived in Moscow late on Sept 4th… a full day after the siege was over. How could john Giduck be on his way to the siege? Why would Spetsnaz insiders be talking about an assault occurring within a week when it had already occurred?  The only reason is that John Giduck wants you to believe that he was there as the assault was concluding.  He wasn’t.

John Giduck Lies In Print Interviews

In an interview with POLICE magazine, John Giduck continued to build his false legend of having witnessed parts of this great tradegy.  John Giduck stated this gem of a lie in his own words:

Police: Were you in Russia when the siege at Beslan occurred?

John Giduck: We got into Moscow as the siege was ending. We got down to Beslan the morning after. It was a bad scene. They were scraping bodies out of that gym for quite a long while, and I mean scraping.

John Giduck can’t seem to remember what day he arrived to Beslan or what he actually saw. We know that he now claims to be in Moscow late on 4 September and not Beslan as claimed in this interview. This is important because all of the bodies were removed on 4 Sept so there were no bodies to see on 5 September 2004 when John Giduck claims to finally have arrived in Beslan.  Photographs taken by others on 5 September confirm that all bodies had been removed by the time of John Giduck’s arrival in Beslan.

The problem with lying is that the little details will never support the lie. This blog is highly skeptical that John Giduck arrived in Beslan at all within two weeks of the tragic Beslan siege.  For instance, there was only one flight per day from Moscow to Beslan. John Giduck is very clear that he flew to Beslan. Evidence shows that there was no flight from Moscow to Beslan on 5 September. Additionally, John Giduck claims that he spent 10 days onsite during the first visit and yet neither John Giduck nor the US Congressional delegation that went to Beslan the week after the siege ended knew about each other,


John Giducks Own Words Supporting The Russian Military False Legend

The vast majority of time I ever spent in a military uniform in my life, I spent in Russia in Russian uniforms with Russian Special Forces and I did ultimately end up spending about 18 years there…good periods of time every single year up to 6 month a year going to school there, living there, doing a lot of training with their units.

This interview is from 2008. So, in the quote above John Giduck is claiming in his own words that he traveled to Russia “every single year” from 1990 through 2008.

John Giduck’s Russian Travel Contradictions In Press Interviews

When we wanted to know more about Giduck’s time with the Russian special forces, Giduck wrote back to say that he had done a “series of trainings with Vityaz [a unit of Spetsnaz, the Russian special forces] at their special forces compound and training school on the Balashikha Army Base about 30 miles east of Moscow from 1999 to 2004” and had had close access to a series of elite Russian units, including Rus, another Spetsnaz division. When we made inquiries at the Russian Interior Ministry, we were informed that Giduck had not trained with Vityaz. Instead, he took a commercial course in extreme survival skills, with no counterterrorism component. Representatives from Rus said they had never heard of Giduck.

In this interview, John Giduck has significantly trimmed the number of years that he claims to have traveled to Russia to train with the Spetsnaz from 18 years down to five years. Here, John Giduck clearly states that he traveled to Russia from 1999 to 2004.  These dates coincidentally span the same years that this blog has independently been able to document John Giduck’s trips to Russia.    Why wouldn’t John Giduck tell the interviewer that he’d been to Russia for 18 years?  because by 2011, John Giduck had forgotten the lie that he told in 2008.

Contradictions in John Giduck’s Own Marketing Materials

John Giduck has contradictions in his own marketing materials as well.  Look at this quote which supports the statement that spetsnaz training began in 1999 as part of a commercial military style adventure camp.

In 1999 John had been authorized to bring the first small group of Americans over to train, who underwent an arduous program, which included 18 hour days, much of it in hand-to-hand combat.  Several other programs expanded the skills being taught and required the groups to live on spetsnaz compounds. Through these programs Americans from both law enforcement and the military were provided great exposure to the assets, weapons, techniques and skills of their former Cold War adversary.  

John Giduck also posts several photos of himself in uniform ostensibly to convince readers of the authenticity of his Russian military training claims. The most ridiculous photo is this one (posted under the criticism clause of fair use)


The reality of this photo and likely every single other in which John Giduck is that the Russian military uniforms are actually souvenirs provided by the company that offered the training.  In at least three of the years between 1999 and 2004, these companies were owned and operated by John Giduck. Here is an example found in the deep archives of the internet:


25 MAY TO 2 JUNE 2001   

Program:    For the second year in a row, Russian Spetsnaz commander Mikhail Ryabko has secured the authorization of the army and Interior Ministry for a group of approved individuals to train with elite Spetsnaz units, including the Counter Terror and Rapid Reaction Forces, sponsored by the World Federation of Russian Martial Arts, Ltd.    Two days of training will be undergone at a secure special forces base outside of Moscow. This is authentic military training, with either open barracks or tents for accommodations. Toilet facilities will be outdoor, with no showers available. The group will have the opportunity to develop skills on the obstacle course; armored personnel carrier operation; tactical field combat techniques, including attacking and defending superior numbers; topographical orientation and combat engineering; firearms; knife and shovel fighting, weapons disarming, psychic energy in combat; and hand-to-hand combat in Russian Systema.

Each group member will receive a complete Spetsnaz uniform required for all persons on the base.

At the seminar, numerous items will be available for purchase, such as Russian Martial Arts T-shirts, Spetsnaz sweatshirts, authentic Russian Special Forces telnyahski (striped shirts), tank tops, baseball caps, various Spetsnaz patches, berets, beret pins, canteens, fighting shovels and training videos. In addition, time will be reserved for Ilya Shapiro’s Russian military camouflage uniforms, helmets, boots, flasks, and the like.

If you live in the USA, send this form to:

John Giduck
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So, take a look at the above photo of John Giduck again.  He is basically boasting about having played “dress up” for a few days on a Russian military base and using the photo to convince people that he is some well qualified tactical trainer a result.

In short, I present you the real John Giduck in his own words….author, speaker, trainer, liar.


John Giduck And Paid Russian Adventure Camps – Part 4

John Giduck: The Only Russian Special Forces Consultant That Couldn’t Complete Basic Training

New Evidence Disputes John Giduck’s Beslan School Observations As Lies

The Facts

John Giduck has a Certificate of Appreciation from a US Army Special Forces unit.


What John Giduck Wants You To Believe

John Giduck proudly flaunts his certificate of appreciation from the US Army Special Forces. It’s on his website and referenced in his speaker bios. John Giduck wants you to believe that receiving such a certificate is some special kind of award for his tactical prowess or some such.

The Reality

Such certificates aren’t anything special. In fact, such certificates are routinely given to hotels and rental car agencies and apparently even wedding dress shops.  This lady below has one for her shop from the same battalion and SF group as John Giduck.  Obviously, they really must be given only to the most bleary eyed and barrel bellied steely eyed and barrel chested individuals around.

At her store’s other location on High Street Tuesday morning, Stanbro proudly showed her certificate of appreciation from the 2nd Battalion 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), framed in gold.

Apparently, you can also help with a Jingle-Bell Jog and get a Certificate of Appreciation from a Special Forces unit

A certificate of appreciation was received from 7th Special Forces Group for the C4 support of the Jingle-Bell Jog in December.

This hotel has apparently has a genuine certificate of appreciation from a real Special Forces unit as well:  as does this one…from the 10th Special Forces  Group (Airborne) unit as John Giduck has

[H]e also had a chain of hotels rented out to US special forces teams, who until last year, were training troops in Gao as part of a counter-terrorism strategy.

“All of my properties were burned down and I lost about £500,000,” said Mr Diallo, whose office wall in Bamako bears a “certificate of appreciation” from 1st Bn, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne).

here’s another hotel that apparently has at least one

At our hotel in Duhok, the Jiyan, a framed certificate of appreciation displayed in the lobby was given to the hotel for cooperation with various US armed forces groups

Apparently, selling lake resort properties is also enough to warrant such a certificate

A Certificate of Appreciation for Unwavering Support to the Soldiers of the Department of the Army, Task Force 31, Desert Eagles, 1st battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) was presented to The Lake Resort Properties, LLC.

So the next time that John Giduck boasts about his 10th SFG certificate, know that he stands in good company with his peers…a dress shop, resort sales company, and a dude who had his properties burned down.

John Giduck loves to try to convince you that his tangential contact with members of US Special Forces and Russian Spetsnaz are really something more than they are.  In this case, John Giduck achieved what a lady with a dress shop.  Big whoop.

Anyone who served in the US military for more than 58 days (that’d be almost everyone that has ever enlisted but you, John Giduck)  knows that such certificates have a value but only as a thank you for a wide range of routine services. Given his positioning of this certifcate as something noteworthy, John Giduck is always good for a laugh.

Unfortunately the laughs are directed at John Giduck and not with him.


How John Giduck Misleads You: Spreading Lies Through Others

John Giduck, Chechnya, Bombings, Dead Cops, And Boston

New Evidence Disputes John Giduck’s Beslan School Observations As Lies

John Giduck’s Ties To A Group That May Have Bombed A US Embassy

John Giduck is at it again.  This time, John Giduck has presented a false biography to the Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. Why an academic institution would be open to a speaker with such a demonstrable history of falsehoods and lies is inexplicable.


Sent by email through some mutual friends

John Giduck is now scheduled to appear at the Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS. on August 16, 2013:    

Here is a description of the course that he is offering:     

Here is the biography that the community college posted for him. It flat-out lies and claims that he is a “lifetime member of the Special Operations Association:

My, my…..let’s take a look at that bio in detail in a second. First, let’s remind readers that the factual details and academic integrity of both John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan, and Archangel group’s research in the Mumbai Massacres have been thoroughly refuted. Even the Russians have disputed Giduck’s basic facts of the siege.

Russian Experts Claim Terror At Beslan Inaccuracies – Part 1

For Mumbai, this blog has found glaring errors in Giduck’s Mumbai research.  interestingly, these glaring errors are shared by a single report published in India which any reasonable person would agree was likely the single sole source of information for Archangel Group’s writings (see Did Joseph Bail Cherrypick Flawed Mumbai Details From A Single Source?) . Joe Bail is an Archangel Group consultant that traveled with John Giduck to Mumbai, wrote the summaries of the Archangel Group research,  and also appears to moonlight as the Police Commissioner of Chester, PA when not focused on Archangel.

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Cama Hospital

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: CST Railway Station

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Leopold Cafe

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Nariman House

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Trident Oberoi

This is level of research provided by John Giduck and Archangel Group. Hooray for a local community college teaching college kids that copying from a single flawed source has its rewards.

Now, let’s return to that deceptive and in many cases false biography provided to Johnson County Community College….



So many things in this biography that Giduck posted at the community college has been soundly debunked and discredited.

Among the claims:

1. Giduck “trained with Russia’s elite forces for more than ten years.”

False. The reality is that John Giduck’s claimed experience stems from a series of one week commercial miliitary style adventure camps in Russia.  Here is proof:

2. “He [Giduck] is certified through the VITYAZ Special Forces Anti-Terror School to conduct anti-terror training and operations…”

False, and based upon faked documentation:


3. Here are links to the Special Operations Association revocation of Giduck’s “honorary” membership:

and the Special Forces Association joins in:

4. He [Giduck] claims membership in the “Russian Special Forces Brotherhood of the Red Beret Association.”

Here is the truth:

5. Among other claims, Giduck is claiming expertise in “terrorist-hostage negotiations.”

Here is the truth:

6. Here is an exposé about Giduck courtesy of another website:

Giduck lost his lawsuit against SOCNET who was one of many parties that have been raising questions about John Giducks qualifications and claims since 2005.  Members of SOCNET exposed John Giduck for what he is, a fraud. Though the judge sided with SOCNET, Giduck has refused to pay the legal fees of the folks that he accused of conspiring against him. Legal liens have accordingly been filed against Giduck’s real estate holdings.

7.  What You Can Do

The president of the college can be contacted at 913.469.8500, ext. 3847. The president’s name is Dr. Terry A. Calaway. His email is . His executive assistant is Terri Schlicht, 913.469.8500, ext. 7663. Here is a web page with contact info for the president’s office:

While John Giduck apparently has every right to peddle a false biography to seek work, those that paid the price in blood of really having done such things deserve that organizations considering hiring John Giduck be aware of the falsehoods that he brings. Mr. Calaway should be asked whether his institution wishes to bring a fraud and a fake like Giduck to lecture.

The Board of Trustees of Johnson county Community College can be contacted at 913.469.7660, or by email at .

They should be asked who researched John Giduck’s suitability to lecture at the community college. Anyone who simply googled Giduck’s name would see that his credibility is nonexistent.


Multiple authors over multiple years have perpetuated the exact same falsehoods about John Giduck. John Giduck false legend is nothing but consistent.  These consistent lies have to come from a common source and, as we’ve previously written, all of the discrepancies and lies supposedly written by mistake by others favor John Giduck.  One might conclude that any false information unfavorable to John Giduck gets corrected immediately through John Giduck’s propaganda group known as Archangel Group.

photo credited below

Let’s look at a concrete example of how John Giduck’s falsehoods published by others remain uncorrected for years from a 2006 book review of John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan.  Unless otherwise noted, all quotes with a page number come from this link: where you can read the entire review yourself (in the event that it suddenly disappears as such articles seem to after we highlight them, we’ll post a downloadable version)

The book review starts with what can only be called a sales pitch:

If you are in law enforcement or the military, this book is required reading, and the follow-on counter-terrorism training should be made mandatory. If you are in law, politics or the media, this book is a must-read, and a follow-up educational seminar should be required since you’ll likely not get it the first time around. (page 1)

Clearly, we mere mortals are too dumb to fully absorb a book written at an 8th grade reading level so the author is not only selling the book but also Archangel Group’s training.

There is only one man who was ever accorded the respect and access to survivors of the siege, central players in the stand-off, and decision-makers in the government, and it is this author, John Giduck. (page 1)

This makes me laugh because a Nov 2004 seminar presentation clearly states that John Giduck was “given a tour of the school”.

He was not a Johnny-come-lately to the scene – he’d already spent a decade and a half working and training with Russian Special Forces. (page 2)

Sounds super high speed, right? The truth is that John Giduck attended a series of one to two week military style adventure camps and martial arts camps primarily sponsored by his own companies. You’d never know the truth when no shortage of John Giduck’s friends such as Joseph Bail intentionally attempt to mislead you about John Giduck credentials. Why do these friends do this?  Money, of course. Despite John Giduck’s direct claims in 2008 of having spent “18 years in Russian uniform”, most of the 15 years prior to the 2006 publication of this article, John Giduck spent in CO doing rather mundane activities such as being a lawyer and running a community corrections nonprofit.  As a result of this, various organizations and bloggers have been raising questions about John Giduck’s credibility since 2005. Probably the most exciting thing that John Giduck did during this 15 year period was have to flee to West Virginia in 1993.  I’m fairly sure that didn’t make it into the book though.

the Russian people know him, and trust him. (page 2)

By his own admission in a 2008 podcast, John Giduck does not speak Russian with any degree of fluency.  How can the Russian people know him and trust him? Despite having limited Russian language skills, John Giduck claims to have spe  Additionally, Russian experts on the Beslan siege have been highly critical of the basic facts presented in Terror At Beslan.

Giduck is the only American to have conducted any on-site analysis of the siege, or given access to any of the players. He made several trips and spent months in Russia for the express purpose of studying Beslan. No one else has ever bothered. (page 2)

Actually, the Congressional Record published three weeks after the siege that a Congressional delegation consisted of the only U.S. citizens allowed access to the Beslan School in the ensuing weeks.

john giduck arrival beslan School siege

I’d guess that a US Congressional delegation would also be given access to many of the players.  Giduck doesn’t even acknowledge this delegation in his book, although if he had been onsite as he claimed, he would have certainly bumped into them or known of them.

Additionally, despite publishing in Terror At Beslan that he and his ex-Spetsnaz counterpart, Yuri,  now working for Archangel Group spent days on site during their first “taking photos and measurements” (Terror At Beslan, pg 34), John Giduck has never produced any proof of these activities. The only photograph of him on site in Beslan is clearly demonstrable to have been photographed in Nov 2004 during his supposed second trip.

There are also significant questions about John Giduck’s arrival date in Beslan. We’ll get to that in a moment.

As American civilians, we would be foolish to rely upon the notoriously inaccurate media reports of the events at Beslan or white-washed political analysis of the aftermath. (page 2)

Agreed. The problem is that Giduck’s book is notoriously inaccurate as to basic facts. If the basic facts are wrong, how can any analysis be correct?

Lieutenant Colonel John D. Grossman, who wrote the forward for this book and is himself an expert on terrorism, has an axiom that states that the best predictor of future conduct is past behavior. (page 2)

With all due respect to the LTC, Grossman also writes about the psychology of killing people in combat yet, even as a Ranger school graduate, has never seen combat. That seems to be conveniently left out of his presentations and therefore not thought about by his students. I read a description on twitter about him that compares Grossman’s teaching about killing to getting dating advice from a hermit.  Fitting for someone that has never “been there done that” with regards to what he teaches.

Much of the insights presented in the training have been learned directly from Giduck’s involvement at Beslan on the last day of the siege and the resultant aftermath. (page 3)

This is one of those common falsehoods that in my opinion has been perpetrated directly by John Giduck. The consistent myth that John Giduck was at the school or even in Russia at any point during the siege or the days thereafter. Only after uncomfortable questions were raised by this blog and others, John Giduck has finally admitted that he was in Colorado during the entire siege and likely wasn’t even in Russia for at least two weeks thereafter. He had no visa and the siege started on a Wednesday 10 hours or so ahead of Colorado time. there simply wasn’t time.  John Giduck has changed his story twice under uncomfortable questions were raised about his arrival timeline to Beslan.  John Giduck now clings to the story that he flew two days after the siege ended on 3 November (flight on Sunday, 5 Sept 2004) from Moscow to Beslan yet evidence from the only airline that flies that route shows that there were no such  flights on that day.  Not being there also means that John Giduck has problems with consistency in the details of the Beslan School siege (that darn internet gives John Giduck away on facts again).

Even CAIR couldn’t make these lies up….only John Giduck can (and does).

In Part Three, Dissecting a Terrorist Siege, Giduck draws upon his years in Special Operations and counter-terrorism to analyze the siege,(page 3)

John Giduck’s supposed service as a member of Special Operations is another common and consistent falsehood spread across multiple sources and multiple years.  The reality of John Gidick’s real life experience can be found in John Giduck’s 2001 biography which is notoriously devoid of any Special Operation or counter terrorism claims. The internet’s ability to retain old copies of information has not been friendly to John Giduck. The lie (often spread by others but sometimes easily linked to John Giduck’s organizations) is that John Giduck served in the US military as a qualified member of US Army Special Forces or as a US Army Ranger. More recently, the story circulated that John Giduck has no military background. That fact is that John Giduck could only complete the first 58 days of US Army Basic Training. I guess “draws upon his years in Special Operations” sounds a lot better than “draws upon his days as Army basic trainee”.

We Americans are woefully under-informed and ill-prepared for a ruthless attack against our children, (page 3)

Let me correct this. “We as Americans are woefully under-informed and ill-prepared for shysters like John Giduck that peddle terrorism experience that they don’t have in exchange for tax dollars”. Until 2011, when John Giduck received his Ph.D., he did not hold any university academic credentials or operational experience in terrorism.  John Giduck sued members of a website for exposing the truth about his background and lost. The judge awarded legal fees to the defendants and John Giduck has had liens attached to real property that he owns.

Giduck, in the tone of a dispassionate counter-terror instructor, leaves you absolutely no room for doubt as to what we are up against. (page 4)

Giduck makes these statements despite a noticeable lack of expertise or real world experience in such things. One critic noted that Giduck’s resume is untainted by actual experience. Hold on a sec, I’m neglecting to mention his “years of terrorist hostage negotiations experience“….another lie.

Sadly, Giduck’s summary is still only scratching the surface.  (page 5)

Unknown to the author, this is likely the most accurate portion of the review of the Terror At Beslan book.

Quite surprisingly, Giduck, an experienced commando and combat expert, acknowledges an unimpeachable resource to draw upon in this war the terrorists will visit upon our children. (page 7)

Who told the author that John Giduck is an “experienced commando and combat expert” other than John Giduck? It’s  consistent theme with most people that have written about John Giduck.


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(fair use of photo ‘criticism ‘with comedic additions from the funniest John Giduck criticism site)