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Let’s take a look at LTC Dave Grossman’s claims of being a “Pulitzer Prize” nominee It would appear that there is the usual factual disconnect between what John Giduck’s most ardent supporters claim and what the facts appear to be.  There also seems to be the usual profit motive involved in the form of fooling police and military into buying books.


First, I’ll start by saying that as a retired military field grade officer and former West Point professor, LTC Grossman knows the difference between truth, lying, and “quibbling” which is the use of evasive statements or technicalities….

Honor, as it is understood by the Corps of Cadets, is a fundamental attribute of character. Honor is a virtue which implies loyalty and courage, truthfulness and self respect, justice and generosity. Its underlying principle is truth. It is not a complicated system of ethics, but merely “honest dealing and clean thinking.” If a cadet is true in thought, word, and deed, there is no question about his meeting the standards of the Corps. On the other hand, quibbling, evasive statements, or the use of technicalities to conceal guilt are not tolerated at West Point.

– MG Maxwell Taylor, West Point Superintendent (

LTC Grossman’s Claims of Being  A Pulitzer Prize Nominee

Dave Grossman’s official widely communicated narrative is that his book, “On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society” has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. This blog post will demonstrate that it is not.

You can find Grossman’s claims of being a Pulitzer Prize nominee all over the internet.  A quick google search of “grossman pulitzer prize” (without quotes) will generate more than 3 million search results including Amazon and many well known police/military web sites.  For simplicity, we’ll just stick with LTC Grossman’s false claims on his own website and other verifiable first person sources.

Here is a capture current as of this blog post from LTC Grossman’s bio page on his website,


Since that page can be easily changed, let’s look at several statements that LTC Grossman made to the New York State Legislature in 1999:

Statement of Lt Col Gave[sic] Grossman

Before the New York State Legislature
October 1999

I am Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, U.S. Army, (Retired). My expertise in the area of human aggression and violence includes service as a West Point psychology professor, a professor of military science, the author of a Pulitzer nominated book and numerous peer reviewed encyclopedia entries on this topic.


The application of this to the military is outlined in my book, On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society. This book was nominated for the Pulitzer prize for nonfiction in 1995, has been translated into Japanese and Italian, and is currently being used as a standard text in numerous universities and academies, to include West Point, and the California Highway Patrol Academy.

So we have at least two clear statements that not only “On Killing” was nominated for a Pulitzer but also that it was nominated in 1995.


The Pulitzer website is very clear as to what a “nominee” is.  A “nominee” is defined as the following:

A Pulitzer Prize Winner may be an individual, a group of individuals, or a news organization’s staff.

Nominated Finalists are selected by the Nominating Juries for each category as finalists in the competition. The Pulitzer Prize Board generally selects the Pulitzer Prize Winners from the three nominated finalists in each category. The names of nominated finalists have been announced only since 1980. Work that has been submitted for Prize consideration but not chosen as either a nominated finalist or a winner is termed an entry or submission. No information on entrants is provided.

Since 1980, when we began to announce nominated finalists, we have used the term “nominee” for entrants who became finalists. We discourage someone saying he or she was “nominated” for a Pulitzer simply because an entry was sent to us.

By using the term “nominee” since at least 1999, LTC Grossman has been claiming to be one of the two non-fiction finalists for the award in 1995 as he claims. He isn’t.


His name can’t be found in the entire list of 1995 winners or finalists which is here:

Nor can LTC Dave Grossman’s name or published title be found at all in the entire Pulitzer online database covering back to the 1940s

try the search yourself….


Let’s look at another case to see how anyone can become an “entrant” which is what LTC Grossman claims is a “nominee”

An entry form and $50
It’s not uncommon for Pulitzer entrants to claim to be nominees. Here’s how it works: Though there are only three nominees, known as nominated finalists, in each Pulitzer category each year, there are more than 2,000 entrants. One could say that all of them were “nominated” by someone. If all Pulitzer entrants could be called nominees, any publisher could give all its authors that honorific by submitting an entry form and a check for $50.

The Pulitzer rules make clear that the only people to be known as nominees are those finalists chosen by the Pulitzer juries.

Besides violating the official rules, such claims mislead the public. Tell readers that you’re an Academy Awards nominee, and they’ll understand that you’re one of the few finalists, not one of the many entrants submitted by movie studios. It’s exactly the same with the Pulitzers.

And in addition to misleading the public, such false claims rob honor from the actual nominees.


LTC Grossman is a well known trainer of police on a number of topics.  One would expect that police would expect the highest level of integrity from those that train peace officers.

– This claim of being a Pulitzer Proze nominee calls Mr. Grossman’s personal integrity into question. All someone did was pay $50 and fill out a form.  He’ll likely claim that he “didn’t know” as did Johah Greenburg in the MSNBC link above, but Mr Grossman is an academic and a former West Point professor.  As noted in the Pulitzer webpage FAQ, Pulitzer entrants have been told the difference between “entrants” and “nominees” since 1980.

– This is not the first time that Mr Grossman has “quibbled” about his credentials.  LTC Grossman claims to be an “airborne Ranger” (also clearly claimed in the statement to the NY Legistlature link), however, there is no evidence even from the LTC himself that he ever served in any of the three Ranger Battalions. He may be the only graduate of the 8 week Ranger course that doesn’t know the difference between an “Airborne Ranger” and a “Ranger School graduate”.  LTC Grossman also teaches about his self described science of “killology” yet has never served in combat or killed anyone.

– Mr Grossman apparently has had business associations with a similar group of people selling services to police and the government that seem to have similar integrity or actions that a layman can easily see as against the law.  John Giduck published a book in which he has first hand conversations about being in  Russia with the Beslan siege supposedly ongoing but actually was in Colorado at the time those conversations would have taken place.  John “Andy” Anderson, co founder of Archangel Group with John Giduck and who had made false claims to have been a high speed Department of Energy employee, also had conversations recorded by a journalist in which Mr. Andy Anderson appears to have provided defense advice in the Sudan in violation of ITAR statutes.  Joseph “Joe” Bail who serves as the Police Commissioner for Chester, PA and apparently received a $20,000 honorarium from Archangel Group that appears to be a violation of the PA State Ethics Act.  All three of these people are involved with Archangel Group which publishes Terror At Beslan which Mr. Grossman has sold and marketed at his seminars for years.

I’ll leave it to the reader to determine the whys of someone that sells books and training for a living to likely fudge the difference between paying $50 and filling out a form to being an actual Pulitzer Prize nominee. My opinion is if, like John Giduck, Mr. Grossman is knowing lying about his background to sell you books and seminars, what else is he lying about?  See the links below to learn more about the circle around that mutually promote and defend each other.

I still laugh about how cops pay a guy that never killed anyone for advice about killing.  How dumb is that? You may as well be sitting in a Grossman lecture about menstrual cramps.

We’ll have more on LTC Grossman coming soon.


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Trust Degrata Tactical that John Giduck is the “real deal”.


As with most john Giduck supporters, note that they want to sell you something associated with john Giduck.  I wonder if Degrata Tactical is as willing to support John Giduck in 2013 after he won the recent Stolen Valor championship against a field of over 60 phony military fakers.

My opinion is that you should seriously reconsider giving any money to idiots that can’t or don’t want to believe the mountain of evidence that clearly shows that John Giduck is anything but the real deal.  I’d worry more that these guys don’t seem to have the expertise to quickly discern real from fake but want to train you.


John Giduck Lies: “I Was At Beslan”

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John Giduck: Beslan Author, Speaker, Trainer, Liar

John Giduck And His Legendary Special Forces Certificate of Appreciation

This blog has been consistently saying that John Giduck’s M.O. is to have others lie to build up a false legend. These lies by multiple people to essentially sell you products and services based on lies isn’t based on a single event….it appears to be part of a strategy by John Giduck and Archangel Group.

Given the fictional nature of much of John Giduck’s operational background and credentials, it’s fitting then that John Giduck has a fiction writer lying for him as well.  Let’s start out with what fiction writer, Brad Thor, opines on how he should be judged:

As an author, I’m judged by the body of my work. As a man, I hope to be judged by the content of my character. I hope that judgment will include not only how I comport myself and how I treat others, but whom I choose to surround myself with.

Brad Thor in

Let’s judge Brad Thor using his own criteria then.

Here is what Brad Thor stated about John Giduck:

THOR: I know a little bit about it. John Giduck again is the expert.He’s former military, he’s a law enforcement trainer. John actually speaks Russian and he was there very early on with the siege at Beslan. He has trained some of the Russian special forces members. So he’s very intimate with this, and I think this is something again that’s part of this whole package of the things that Americans need to see and know. I’ve seen some, but I don’t know exactly what it is that John’s going to be sharing.

Very beautiful accolades except for the fact that most of Brad thor’s drivel is demonstrably untrue or overstatement.

John Giduck as former military: Overstated. What Brad Thor fails to mention is that John Giduck’s military service consisted of making it only 58 days in the U.S. Army.  Only Brad Thor can answer what John Giduck actually told him about his service.

John Giduck as law enforcement trainer: Overstated. In 2007, when this report aired, most of John Giduck’s training of law enforcement had been in martial arts.  One only needs to read John Giduck’s rather pedestrian 2001 biography to know this. The direct reference can be found here. Note that John Giduck’s bio doesn’t have the law enforcement training reference in the law enforcement section of the biography; he has it in the defensive skills section.

John Giduck as Russian speaker: Overstated. John Giduck claimed in a 2008 podcast that he doesn’t speak Russian very well.  One would think that after a University resident program in Russia that he would speak rather fluently.  That said, in true John Giduck fashion, the program that John Giduck claims to have completed also offers a completely voluntary, self paced Russian language program of whatever length the attendee chooses to attend.  This could be one day ( .  John Giduck has never produced evidence of attending the resident semester based language program.

John Giduck being in Beslan during the siege: Lie.  In 2007, John Giduck wanted people to think that he was actually in Beslan and had text in his book, Terror at Beslan, indicating that the siege was ongoing as he arrived in Russia (Original Story).  This is what this blog refers to as the “big lie”. Brad Thor appears to be a willing participant in building this lie and false legend.  Unfortunately, John Giduck mentioned in a 2008 podcast interview (11:32 into the interview) that he had a visa problem and after this new story (Change #1) started the normal chain of factual and continuity problems that most lies cause when changed.

Host: you’ve written about the incident at Beslan. Were you actually there?

John Giduck: we got…we attempted to get there while the siege was still going on. Due to some problems that we had getting my visa delivered in the time that I was promised. We ended up making it to Moscow on the last day, getting to Beslan the morning after the battle ended with the battle having ending at 11:20 the night before.

After further uncomfortable questions were raised about John Giduck’s timeline, John Giduck further clarified his story (Change #2).  The new story is as follows:

When John Giduck and Yuri Federov [sic] arrived in Russia late on Sept 4 they were immediately briefed by a couple of ex-spetsnaz people they knew as to what had happened. Vladikavkaz airport had been closed and John Giduck and Yuri Federov [sic] were on one of the first flights into the area once the battle was over and the area secured.

John Giduck and Yuri Federov [sic] were in the School at Beslan on Sept 5.

unfortunately this latest change invalidated the stories and first hand observations about the Beslan siege that John Giduck told in his original story and contradicts the 2008 change #1 to his story.  Further evidence shows that there wasn’t even a flight into Beslan on 5 Sept 2004 as John Giduck claims.  John Giduck has yet to produce any evidence that he was at the school within even two weeks of the Beslan siege.

John Giduck as trainer of Russian Special Forces: Other than the obvious question of “what could John Giduck possibly teach tier one units about tactics?”, there is also the not so small issue of the US Government requiring a license to train foreign military forces. There is already evidence that John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson violated federal international arms control laws and ITAR statutes in the Sudan.  Apparently, Brad Thor has further information that John Giduck has done so on other occasions in Russia as well.  Why else would Brad Thor say this?

Another important factor in Brad Thor’s support of John Giduck is that he isn’t an impartial judge of John Giduck.

One of the greatest pleasures of my adulthood has been the friendships I have forged with some of this nation’s greatest patriots and bravest warriors. John Giduck is one of those outstanding men and it is an honor to call him my friend.

Of course, from everything that I have read, Brad Thor fails to mention this friendship during the Glenn Beck interview.  Interestingly, Brad Thor is also mutual friend with Chester PA’s Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail.

In short, Brad Thor asks us to judge him by the people that surround him.  In Brad Thor’s own words, John Giduck is proudly one of those people. John Giduck also happens to have lied about his arrival in Beslan, dated a cop killer while representing her as a defense attorney, had to flee to West Virginia at one point in his life, violated Federal ITAR statutes, sued veterans for telling the truth about him, lied about being a qualified member of the US Army Special Forces and Rangers, and engaged in highly questionable quid pro quo consulting arrangements and honorariums with mutual friend Joe Bail.

My opinion is that there is strong enough evidence to show that Brad Thor is either knowingly lying about his good friend, John Giduck, or has been duped. If duped, Brad Thor should say so. Otherwise, any lawsuit appeal that actually sees the inside of a court room brought should get Brad Thor on the stand and under oath so that he can explain his statements. I don’t believe that Brad Thor’s comments support John Giduck’s false narrative and legend so neatly by sheer coincidence.

In the meantime, you be the judge.


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John Giduck: Beslan Author, Speaker, Trainer, Liar

How John Giduck Misleads You: Spreading Lies Through Others

It’s always sad when one realizes that there is a huge PR machine that is focused on misleading you.  John Giduck has failed miserably in his attempt to build such a PR machine  through willing participants such as Archangel Group, Dave Grossman, John “Andy”  Anderson, Brad Thor, and the like to build and maintain John Giduck’s false legend.  The second order effects of this attempt resulted in a group of stooges that also signed on to assist in these efforts through social media.

Unfortunately, Walter Chi isn’t one of the stooges. He appears to be one of the perpetrators of the lies.  Let’s look to see how Walter Chi obviously attempted to mislead SOCNET about John Giduck, his experiences, and contributions. All quotes below are from and attributable to Walter Chi at

No, John has never served in SF, nor any other U.S. Spec Ops unit, nor has he ever claimed that he did.

Actually, John Giduck’s speaker bios falsely indicate that he served in various US Special Operations units.  Only recently has John Giduck admitted to the evidence that he only served a total of 58 days in the US Army.

Much of what John has done for mankind on a global basis, and much of what he has risked and sacrificed personally for our nation and its warriors must remain untold for security reasons.

Funny how Mr Chi pulls the secrecy card.  sadly, it doesn’t work in the case of John Giduck.  Though John Giduck has falsely claimed at times to have held “our nation’s highest security clearance”, it is easily confirmed that John Giduck has never held a US Government security clearance and therefore never could been legitimately read into any classified US Government operations. This is a lie by Walter Chi to convince you that John Giduck is some sort of secret operator – the reality is that John Giduck sat on his ass in Colorado from 1990-2005 with a few vacations outside of the US of his own volition.

What this blog has discovered, however, are a series of activities that John Giduck likely isn’t very proud of.

John has worked, trained and studied in Russia – and the Soviet Union before that – for close to 20 years. He has spent many years developing relationships and working with Russia’s most elite Spetsnaz units, had spent time with each of those units that responded to the Beslan school siege,

John indeed attended several conferences in Russia and even studied there. To be clear, the university and program in Russia at which he clams to have studied also had a self study non-credit voluntary program  which students could attend for one day if they wanted.  It would fit John Giduck’s methodology and history of claims to have attended this voluntary program.  Perhaps this explains why  John Giduck has never presented his diploma from this school.

What Walter Chi fails to mention is that John Giduck’s “Spetsnaz contacts” were actually the result of attendance at a series of commercial military style adventure camps in Russia….operated by John Giduck’s own companies.

and [John Giduck] was, in fact, the only American outside of newsmedia to go immediately to the siege as it was taking place.

Ahhh, Walter Chi authoritatively tells “the first big lie”.  The big lie is that John Giduck immediately went to the Beslan School siege “as it was taking place”.  By his own revised account, John Giduck wasn’t anywhere near the Russia during the Beslan siege. John Giduck has yet to produce a shred of evidence that he was anywhere near the school even two weeks after the siege despite quotes in his book, Terror At Beslan, that claim that they spent days taking photos in the days after the siege.

The federal government has acknowledged that not a single U.S. representative was dispatched to that site from the embassy in Moscow, and even two weeks after the siege, Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge admitted publicly that all of their information was from newsmedia sources.

Here Walter Chi authoritatively tells the “second big lie”.  That John Giduck was somehow the only American onsite at Beslan or who cared enough (“about the children”, of course) to have visited the school in the days and weeks afterwards.   to me, the “second big lie” validates that John Giduck wasn’t anywhere near the school is the days after the attack.  Had John Giduck actually been taking photos and measurements as claimed, he certainly would have noticed the US Congressional Delegation that spent significant time there.  John Giduck has never addressed this discrepancy in why he (and his group of sychophants) continued to claim that the US Government never had information about Beslan or visited the school.

If, in fact, Tracy has some knowledge beyond that which is contained in John’s book, “Terror at Beslan” XXXXXXXXXXXXXX he should consider ceasing to indulge in spurious character assassination, and disclose this information so that it can be added to the cumulative knowledge base and imparted to the LE and government personnel we train on a daily basis. Should anyone want to know what your colleagues around the country have thought of this book, look at the reviews on

I guess that the sad task of exposing liars such as John Giduck and Walter Chi is character assassination in their books.  As for the the reviews on Amazon, most of the comments from 2005-2007 appear to be astroturfed (or posted by the author or the author’s supporters).

If this information is not enough, none other than the famous Lt. Col. Dave Grossman has not only spent substantial time with John going over the Beslan events, but authored the Foreword to John’s book, writing, that” John Giduck is one of a few men in the Western world who had the knowledge, connections and ability to find out what really happened”. Had the author of the 18 March 2007 post done his research he would understand the credibility of this statement by a gentleman of irreproachable qualifications.

Are you refering to the Dave Grossman that teaches others about killing and developed a “killology” but has never killed anyone or been in harm’s way?  The same guy that uses “hooah” and “airborne ranger” in seemingly every other sentence yet never actually served in a Ranger battalion?  Oh yeah, those irreproachable qualifications.  Thank you, Walter Chi, for confirming that Dave Grossman worked with John Giduck on the details of John Giduck’s book.  You’ve confirmed for us that Dave Grossman is likely part of the lie and, even though a former West Point instructor, has no trouble spending time in the company of dishonorable men such as John Giduck.

Upon request from a verified member of the U.S. military, law enforcement or government communities, Archangel will provide any references in question when inquiries are submitted professionally.

All of the questions about John Giduck remain unanswered….on purpose. Facts and other documentation simply are not on John Giduck’s side. If John Giduck is what he’s claimed, this could have been easily resolved in  That’s why I believe that John Giduck really should appeal the court’s ruling and try to take this to court.  Let’s get idiots like Walter Chi on the stand under oath and see how quickly they either perjure themselves or the whole farce of the legend of John Giduck falls apart.  Let’s get Shari on the box (she knows what I mean) and see what foreign intelligence officials have really visited her home or what foreign connections the person she lives with has.

To Walter Chi, I say:  you wrote it, you own it.


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Why Did John Giduck Flee to West Virginia In 1993?

Oops. Archangel Group CEO John “Andy” Anderson may have an integrity problem like his buddy, John Giduck.  Apparently, Anderson was less high speed Department of Energy action dude and more like this guy:


You tell me: would a reasonable person believe that Archangel Group co-founder and CEO John “Andy” Anderson was an employee of the Department of Energy (DOE) by reading the following from Anderson’s biography?

Upon leaving the military [Anderson] spent ten years with the U.S. Department of Energy as a lieutenant, training and supervising the nuclear weapons security teams at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Arsenal, and then serving as the tactical commander of the high security area, responsible for the security of all fissile material.

According to several sources, it is a serious mischaracterization.   Anderson worked as an employee of a contracting company, Wackenhut, and was assigned to Rocky Flats.  “Rent-a-cop” should come to mind. So, read through Andy Anderson’s support of John Giduck in the “See Also” links below in the context of Andy Anderson’s actual position and his commentary becomes comical.

John “Andy” Anderson’s Other Dubious Claims

This all brings two other claims by Andy Anderson into context…

In addition, Sergeant Major Anderson owns and operates Andy’s Custom Guns and Training, Inc., is a former world combat pistol champion and bench press record holder.

I’m sure that the bench press record is for some obscure organization (perhaps even owned by John Giduck for all I know) but world combat pistol champion? John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan, even has these dubious claims memorialized right along with John Giduck’s own lies in the book:


– pg 28, Terror At Beslan

You may be thinking that I am the only one questioning this or that these questions have only arisen recently.  But, like his “Body By Budweiser” best friend, John Giduck, people have been questioning Andy Anderson’s claims for some time as well.

Here are some examples from 2007:

Had a friend take a course by a company called Archangel. One of the instructors said he was (according to my friend) a international USPSA champion shooter. This gentleman was about 55+ years old and supposed to be from the Colorado area. His name is John Anderson, but he goes by Andy.


There’s a John Anderson from Colorado in the USPSA classification data… he’s classified B in Open, unclassified in everything else.  If that’s him… doesn’t sound like “international USPSA champion” fits on the resume.

This is an interesting case in credibility – no matter how strong your credibility in a field is, if you make up one thing such as “World Champion Combat Shooter”, all your other claims have to shine through a fog of suspicion as you have undermined your ability to be taken at your word.


John Andersen was a Sergant Major [sic] stationed at Fort Devens in Ayer, Massachusetts prior to retirement. Champion of any sort he wasn’t.

Lastly, if you are a regular here, you’ll recognize the following narrative – it is exactly what is said about John Giduck:


Haven’t seen his website or heard any claims about wins, but I have met Andy in person. He installed some trijicon night sights for me while I waited. SUPER NICE GUY!! Never claimed anything to me, not a braggart type of person at all. He did have lots of good stories to tell me while his was working on my gun, none of which were about competition or training. He did say he did military training, but did not brag in any way about anything…very low key.

Let’s see….

– “Never heard any claims”

– “super nice guy”

– “never claimed anything to me”

– “not a braggart”

Seems stolen right from the John Giduck “how to exaggerate one’s credentials” playbook!  I guess that is what happens when two liars get together, they can reinforce each others’ stories.

If Andy Anderson is perfectly willing to lie to you about his role at Rocky Flats, should you trust him about anything else?


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John “Andy” Anderson Doubles Down On John Giduck

SGM Anderson (ret) chimes in over at SOCNETLies

If there has been any question about the quality and character of John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson’s Archangel Group, The arrest of Archangel Group consultant Ernie Manerchia likely answers any questions.  Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy…

Ernest Manerchia, a police officer and SWAT team member in Chester, Delaware County, has been charged with aggravated assault and related offenses for allegedly slapping and strangling his wife, authorities announced today.

Manerchia, 56, who lives in Pocopson Township, Chester County, was initially released on $7,500 bail and ordered to surrender all his firearms and stay away from his wife. He turned over 45 guns, but state police later learned that he’d secretly kept other guns and had returned to his house to confront his wife. His bail was then revoked and set at $350,000.

“A marriage license is not permission to abuse your wife,” said Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan. “Regardless of where you are from or what you do for a living, the criminal laws against domestic violence apply to you. Nobody is above the law.”

Ernie finally shows his true colors. Perhaps Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan does not know this but Ernie Manerchia allegedly has threatened people before:

You got no idea what a good cop is you rookie! You stick with the group you’re with and you’ll find out the hard way!

– Ernie Manerchia,

Now that John Giduck buddy, Archangel Group consultant, and Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph Bail seems to have lost control of his closest friends , authorities need to investigate violations of the PA State Ethics Act as well.

Contacted Monday evening regarding Manerchia’s official employment status following his arrest, Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail Jr. said, “It’s a personnel matter. I’m not permitted to discuss it.”

Funny.  Joe Bail seems to discuss EVERY other crime in his area.  Like they say, no one is above the law.  Remember that Joe Bail is also being sued for defamation. I’d go so far as to say that given the details of Joe Bail’s defamation case (linked to in the “see also” section below), that a reasonable person might say that there could be a history of intimidation attempts with the the upper levels of the Chester PA police department.

Strangely, these are the people that surround John Giduck who others like Dave Grossman continue to strongly support.

I’ll assume that Ernie is no longer available to vouch for John Giduck’s false credentials.


Giduck on A Shingle: Chester PA’s Ernie Manerchia Says He Can Prove John Giduck’s Claims

Giduck Happens: Chester PA’s Joseph Bail Sued For Defamation

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Commissioner Joseph Bail’s Own “Terror At Beslan” Fact Finding Timeline Issues

What Did Joe Bail Contribute During His “Terror At Beslan” Fact Finding Trip?

Hat tip to WCPD.

For those that may be new to this site, the contention of this blog is three-fold. The three subjects that this website deals with on almost a daily basis can be summed up as follows:

Serious Integrity Questions Around John Giduck’s Research: Evidence suggests that there is a case for academic dishonesty against John Giduck as he could not possibly have arrived in Beslan when he claimed (currently 5 September 2004 but previously 3 Sept or 4 Sept depending on the source) making the “first hand” observations in his book, Terror At Beslan, while the siege was ongoing and the days afterwards nothing but pure fantasy.  Giduck received public money as compensation for seminars about his book.

– Serious Integrity Questions Around John Giduck’s Credentials: From 2005 until 2011 when he received a Ph.D., John Giduck claimed to be a counter terrorism “expert” without, as of yet as far as this author knows, ever producing a single shred of recognized terrorism academic credentials or counter-terrorism training, background, or experience. Giduck received public money as compensation for hands-on training related to his claimed credentials. Scrutiny in John Giduck’s background has only turned up attendance at some one week commercial style military camps in Russia and some week long  martial arts training trips as a tourist.  Worse yet, John Giduck allowed false statements about himself as being a Ranger and Special Forces to remain uncorrected for years on his own website and speaker bios (to his own benefit).

– Serious Integrity Questions Around John Giduck’s Past Activities And Associations: Strong evidence supports the idea that John Giduck, John “Andy” Anderson, and Chester PA’s Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail who works as an Archangel Group consultant have allegedly committed multiple acts at different points that appear to be against the law: ITAR violations in the Sudan/Russia, violations of the PA state ethics act, working with child soldiers, and violations of US FARA statutes.  John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson also seem to have a circle of friends that include high level Russian foreign intelligence operatives, previously convicted military members, and even John Giduck’s associations with people said to be involved with the bombing of a US Embassy. This isn’t even including John Giduck’s alleged sexual relationship with cop killer Donna Yaklich and John Giduck fleeing to West Virginia in 1993. John Giduck and Archangel Group compete for US Government contracts despite these known activities, friendships, consequences, and associations.

Umm…so how did I miss this gem by a strong supporter of John Giduck? Clearly, the time spent looking into John Giduck has been a complete waste of time!  Who knew? Here’s why:

Chester PA Police SWAT/Dive Team Leader  Ernest “Ernie” Manerchia has gone on the record to say that he can somehow “prove” John Giduck’s Russian and Military credentials. Here is what Ernest says:

I agree totally and I happen to be one of those that have beem [sic] there and can confirm Giducks claims with the Russians and the Military.

I too am prior Infantry and can provide proof of Giduck’s records of being just who he says he is. Care to talk?

Awesome.  So, in the spirit of the New Year, I’m going to give Ernie Manerchia the chance to do just that.  While Manerchia is a long time law enforcement officer that knows the meaning of the word, “proof”, his Amazon posts ramble on with the usual John Giduck non-specifics. In light of that, I will still only hold Ernie to the same standards to which I hold this blog in terms of proof – independently verifiable and recognized documents – and limit him to the following subjects:

1) Proof of John Giduck’s arrival in Beslan on 5 September 2004 or actually any time before 10 September 2004. As of this blog post, there isn’t a single shred of hard evidence anywhere that can demonstrate that John Giduck was in Beslan when he says. In fact, there is far more hard evidence showing that John Giduck could not have possibly been in Beslan before 10 September and a high probability that John Giduck wasn’t in Beslan at all during the first trip in September and stayed in Moscow the entire time.

2) Proof of any official military training by John Giduck with the Russian Army. Remember that John Giduck himself stated that he spent 18 years training with the Russians much of which was spent in Russian military uniforms. For instance, on pg 204 of Terror at Beslan, John Giduck also makes first hand observations about training with GRU commandos “on several occasions”. This shouldn’t be that hard to prove if John Giduck really spent that amount of time on Russian military bases.

3) Proof of any recognized military, law enforcement, or DHS counter terrorism or anti-terrorism credentials by John Giduck prior to 2011.  Ernie already likely knew like we all do now that the “VITYAZ antiterrorism training and operations certificate” that John Giduck used to highlight in his bio is the product of a commercial one week adventure camp (with trips sponsored by John Giduck’s own Archangel Group some years). That’s likely why John Giduck has dropped the VITYAZ nonsense from his speaker bios…and a CHS V certification is a broad certification that (from the website) can be awarded with only 2 years experience in any of the following areas: security, law enforcement, fire service, military, emergency management, cyber security, public health, hazardous materials, medical, or other related areas. In short, I’m wondering what Ernie could possibly show as “proof”.

4) An explanation of how false statements about being qualified as a US Army Ranger were allowed to remain in John Giduck’s speaker bios for years. Speaker bios are ALWAYS provided by the speaker for events and printed verbatim.  There are two speaker bios provided by John Giduck for different events in different years that clearly state that John Giduck is a Ranger. Additionally, there are many other written records of people leaving John Giduck training, conversations, and seminars consistently believing that he is qualified as a member of the US Army Special Forces. If john Giduck always says that he isn’t military, why do people from different events and seminars in different years write the same consistent story about John Giduck (SF, Officer, 10th Group)??  Address the Ranger bios separately from the SF observations as there is no doubt that the Ranger bios were provided by John Giduck.

I’ll post anything that meets the rules set out above posted under Ernie’s Amazon account within the next 7 days from this post. Ernie clearly states that he can prove any of John Giduck’s military or Russia claims so I’ve limited myself to those specific issues. Now, let’s see if Ernie is a man of integrity that honors his word.

Note that I wont post any long winded diatribe that goes on at length about how others on the Archangel payroll can confirm things about John Giduck or how asking for proof of a public figure’s own claims constitutes a “vendetta”.  There is already no shortage of those….or the lame excuses as to why you wont post them.  I also will p;oint out any attempt to post some small point as being proof of everything….you’ll need to post evidence in each area to alleviate those questions.

So this is where we are. Hard evidence…the same as I post here.  It should take Ernie and John about 5 minutes with a camera phone.  Put up or shut up.

Balls in your court, Ernie.

John Giduck BFF, Archangel Group consultant, and sometime moonlighting Commissioner of the Chester PA police Joseph “Joe” Bail is being sued for defamation by a former Chester Police Chief. How ironic given that John Giduck has just lost his lawsuit to squash free speech. What goes around, comes around.   We’ll get to why this is interesting below.

Joe Bail Sued For Defamation For Remarks About A Federal Investigation

Here is the announcement:

Former Chester Police Chief Darren Alston filed a defamation lawsuit against Mayor John Linder, Police Commissioner Joseph Bail and the city of Chester in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas on Tuesday.

The suit alleges Linder and Bail made slanderous, defamatory and libelous remarks against Alston by claiming the former top cop was being investigated by federal authorities for selling drugs and/or illegal firearms.

Someone From The Chester Police Allegedly Has Done This Before

Here is why this is interesting.  Waaaay back at the beginning of the John Giduck saga, I heard about an alleged similar case occuring to someone identified by John Giduck on his mouthpiece website.  This person received a phone call from an alleged Chester PA Police.  The call was made on 16 Jan 2012 and notes were taken by the person who received the call.  One can only assume that these notes were passed to this person’s lawyer at the time.   The officer that called identified himself as “Officer Light” from the Chester Police and claimed that the Chester police, the Denver PD, and the Denver office of the FBI were investigating him. The alleged call was clearly a ham-fisted attempt at intimidation as Chester PA had no jurisdiction in the non-incident that John Giduck claimed in Colorado (non-incident according to the police report)

Read more:  How John Giduck Misleads You: Police Find No Actual Evidence Of Property Mischief

We know from the link that there was no such Federal investigation by the FBI.

What’s good for the goose, I guess…Bail has to defend himself in court these days.  I’d humbly suggest to Darren Alston’s legal counsel that they look into other cases of the Joe Bail-led Chester Police making such threats to other citizens.  My opinion is that the evidence demonstrates that Alston’s case may not be the only one.

Perhaps Alston should look into Joe Bail consulting activities and receipt of “gifts” from his employer seeking contracts as well.


John Giduck & Joe Bail: Timeline Supports $20k+ Honorarium For Consulting Services

Joseph Bail Likely Knew John Giduck Did Not Complete Basic Training

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Joseph “Joe” Bail Published Inaccuracies

John Giduck wants you to believe he is a master of battle tactics with experience in multiple combat zones. He brought his best game to his battle with the Special Forces community and could only win second place (which still is a loser). Yesterday, we took a long, hard look at John Giduck’s tactics in the case. More specifically, Part 1 of this blog post examined how John Giduck failed to properly self-assess his own weaknesses.


As a reminder for the context of this post, Sun Tzu talked about knowing yourself and knowing your enemy.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Special Edition

There is no other conclusion from Part 1 of this article that John Giduck didn’t know himself or the myriad weaknesses that he failed to acknowledge.  Now, let’s examine the “knowing the enemy” portion of Sun Tzu’s quote.


Today’s post will take a look at John Giduck’s tactical errors in understanding his “enemy” that he fought in court. John Giduck is the author of the book, The Green Beret in You: Living with Total Commitment to Family, Career, Sports and Life. One might think that, having written such a book, John Giduck might actually have some understanding of the community that he faced when filing a lawsuit against various members of that community. It is becoming clear that John Giduck has little, if any, real understanding of the community about which he wrote.

John Giduck Applied What He Thinks He Knows About The SOF Community: John Giduck isn’t the insider that he believes that he is to the SOF community. Let me begin with an example: visiting a firehouse once a month may give you some insight into firefighters but doesn’t make you one or make firefighters include you as a qualified member of their community. John Giduck seems to have started believing his own marketing materials and began to believe that his training and honorary memberships made him an insider to the SOF community. John Giduck thought himself as a cool guy but he was only “cool by association”. While John Giduck was able to milk these associations for personal profit to those that didn’t know any better, he really only had superficial insights into the community that he claimed to understand.

John Giduck Has Been Blinded By The Axe He Is Grinding:  I think that it fairly easy to say that John Giduck believes himself to be the “smartest guy in the room”.  Just ask him.  Within that context, one can only imagine how John Giduck felt when he could only endure 58 of US Army basic training and joined that elite group of basic training failures. Everything since that fateful day in the late 80s has been a huge overcompensation.  John Giduck couldn’t be US SOF so he  latched onto the legend of Russian Spetsnaz.  If John Giduck couldn’t be US SOF, he could demonstrate his self-perceived superiority by training them.  But in his “heart of hearts”, John Giduck has to be thinking, “how dare they throw ME out!”. John Giduck’s axe blade has been throwing sparks on the grinder of Special Forces for some time now effectively skewing his view of the SF community. Unfortunately, John Giduck brought this misguided air of superiority to the battle he fought. He assumed that he was superior and would “win”.  All that he did was add another failure to what appears to be a lifetime of failed efforts.  I guess John Giduck being voted “Most Temperamental” in his high school class was fairly prophetic.

John Giduck Has No Accurate Yardstick To Measure SF Guys:  John Giduck seems to believe that all SF guys are similar to the SF retiree obedient lapdogs and “yes men” that surround him. I’m referring to the usual suspects like John “Andy” Anderson, Beaver McCan, and MSG Hetrick.  These men seemed to have had no problem selling out the community from whence they came by participating in the “Big Lie” that is John Giduck (John “Andy” Anderson wrote that John Giduck is a military parachutist for instance likely knowing full well that John Giduck wasn’t) .  These guys have known the truth about John Giduck for a long time…and they chose to value the money that John Giduck brings them over brotherhood.  They also serve as active willing participants in providing legitimate credentials to support John Giduck’s attempts to fool the public about his background.

Well, as John Giduck discovered, the majority of SF guys aren’t that way.  They stood up, sent their own money rather taking money, and took risks to stand shoulder to shoulder with brothers that many didn’t even know personally. The Special Operation Association and Special Forces Association eventually took steps to flush John Giduck like the turd that he is out of their organizations.  People took stands online even at the risk of lawsuit threats.

Character shouldn’t be measured when things are easy; it can only be measured when there is something difficult at stake.  One can only hope that there will be an accounting at some point in the future for the actions of those that sold out their brothers and those that ran away and hid when the going got hard.

John Giduck Expected An Engagement On His Own Terms:  There is an expression in boxing, “Never hook with a hooker”. John Giduck not only tried matching wits with a community of career tacticians but also demostrated that he has no understanding or ability to deal with the asymmetric aspects of the battle that he fought…you know…the same ones that John Giduck claims expertise in.  The more that John Giduck fought the nameless, faceless, constantly shifting enemy, the more frustrated that he became and it showed.

I believe that John Giduck only understands two types of of tactics:  the frontal assault and attrition. These seem to be common themes in his academic and “tactical” writings.  They also showed in many facets including his approach in this situation. Both seemed to have worked before – John Giduck would make a legal threat or have one of his ball dusters such as Chester PA’s Police Commissioner write an article dismissing any criticism and the “enemy” would just fade away. If there is any single best indicator that John Giduck was completely out of his element, it was watching John Giduck flail wildly, whine, and cry over the past year while continuing to press forward in a completely self-destructive frontal assault against the entire SOF community.

John Giduck Could Have Easily Avoided All Of This Self Inflicted Damage To His Reputation: John Giduck has a knack for maintaining the low ground. The longer that John Giduck maintained that low ground, the more damaging information came to light about John Giduck’s background.  There were numerous opportunities for John Giduck to have simply acknowledged that he said certain things that weren’t true and apologized or, if he had done what he claimed, he could have taken 5 minutes with a camera phone, posted verifiable evidence on his mouthpiece blog, and allowed people to examine the evidence.  The SF community would have accepted real evidence from verifiable sources in the place of photoshopped “proof” and equally unverifiable endorsements from supporters. That said, John Giduck’s hubris won’t allow him to do either. For instance I believe that John Giduck has a visa stamp in his passport for his trip to Russia in 2004.  The available evidence and John Giduck’s own version of events don’t support a timeline with an arrival in Russia during early September 2004 like he claims. If John Giduck has such a visa approval, was all of this worth it?  Likely not.

Perhaps this two part blog post sheds more light on John Giduck’s lack of tactical capabilities. John Giduck may know the theory and mechanics of tactics but he doesn’t have the operational experience to have applied them successfully.  Yet, organizations continue to pay John Giduck (often with tax dollars) to sell his snake oil.

Perhaps it’s time to make a different set of decisions.  If not you, who?


John Giduck: A Case Study In Tactical Ineptitude – Part 1

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The evidence is mounting that POW Network listed military poser John Giduck and Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph Bail engaged in some fairly odd and legally questionable behavior in 2007. Why is this important?  The Chester Pennsylvania City Council might find this very interesting as they struggle with Mayor Linder in court as to who can hire and fire the Chester Police Commissioner position currently occupied by Joe Bail. The City Council needs to know this…and take appropriate action.

Before we start this story, we want to send a shout out the guys that do the real work on the Chester PA police force who we’ve heard all read this blog. You guys ROCK!  Too bad that you lions are being led by a lamb who is more interested in using you than leading you.

we told you before that we have a lot of information about Joe Bail’s odd relationships with john Giduck that raise serious questions.  We have quite a few more articles to publish that are even more scathing than this one. Let’s get started.

Here is what this blog post will demonstrate:

– Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail entered into a 2007 contract with John Giduck’s Archangel Group that resulted in a gift to a team commanded by Joe Bail that exceeded the $500 limit provided by PA State law for public employees working with any outside businesses.

– The timeline for Joseph Bail’s consulting activities in 2007 clearly supports a case for the “gift” provided to Chester PA actually being an honorarium for Joe Bail’s participation in a published work while moonlighting as a consultant for Archangel Group.

Let’s walk together through the evidence….

Joe Bail Consults With Archangel Group While A Serving PA Public Official

Joe Bail worked as a consultant with John Giduck’s Archangel Group in 2007 on a project involving the investigation of the Virginia Tech shooting.  The highlights are noted in Archangel Group’s own documents:  (page 5)

So, in 2007, Joe Bail was a currently serving police official in Chester PA, worked on the dive team among myriad other oversight responsibilities, and made every trip to VA Tech/Blacksburg in 2007. The results of Joe Bail’s consulting efforts are contained in a number of publications and studies, including the book, “Shooter Down!” co-authored by John Giduck and Joe Bail.

John Giduck and Archangel Group spelled out how expenses were handled.  (page 7)

So, we’ll give Archangel Group the benefit of the doubt here and assume that a professional state attorney or federal investigator would find that Joe Bail covered his own expenses and worked without compensation solely out of the goodness of his heart.  Awww…..

Timeline Supports That Joe Bail Entered Into An Illegal $20,000+ Contract

Here is the timeline in question:

– 16 April 2007:  Virginia Tech shootings occur.

– 17/18 April 2007: First Archangel trip occurs.  As noted above in Archangel documents, Joe Bail “made every trip” so it is reasonable to assume that he made this trip.

– 8 May 2007: Archangel Group’s Preliminary report about Virginia Tech shootings are released.  Capt Joe Bail, Chester (PA) Police Department participated in the report.

30 August 2007: initial deadline for completion of the final Archangel Group Virginia Tech report

The above details are confirmed in the following Delco Times article:

Bail and his colleagues, Aston native John Giduck, a senior consultant and instructor with the Archangel Group, and Chris Hayes, a SWAT team leader from Orange County, Calif., were on the Blacksburg, Va., campus for about a week. They talked to students, faculty members, state and local law enforcement officers, members of the emergency responding crews and townspeople in an attempt to get an unbiased account of what happened at Virginia Tech.

The group is putting together a report that will be made available to police organizations across the country, such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Fraternal Order of Police.

Certain details of the report, which should be completed by August, will be made public. But for obvious reasons, the tactical details will not.

– 9 October 2007:  John Giduck’s Archangel Group “gifts” a $20,784 Zodiac dive boat to the City of Chester Police Dive Team.  Police Captain Joseph Bail commands the Chester PA Police Dive team. (see Joe Bail bio screen capture posted above).  The below captured documents the gift by the John Giduck owned non-profit doing business as “Archangel Group” as part of their public domain IRS filings as a non-profit.  (page 17)

note that the “Foreign Threat Assessment Center” does business as Archangel Group and, as proof, the  above document was signed by John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson.  (page 9)

The usual suspects participated in this action  – Giduck, Bail, and Anderson. Here you were thinking that Joe Bail was working out of the goodness of his heart. Right? Perhaps our usual suspects thought that no one would notice the connection.  Someone did.

– 18 November 2007:  Delco Times prints an article that attributes the gift of the zodiac boat to Archangel Group due to Joe Bail’s “efforts”:

Now, thanks to the Archangel Group, a nonprofit organization that provides security and anti-terror training, and a number of other key players, Chester police have a new tool in their arsenal  a brand new Zodiac Pro 9 boat, a version of the assault craft used by the Navy Seals. [sic]

Out of all the agencies there around the area I grew up in, Chester is one that I think is one of the most forward-thinking, certainly with regards to SWAT commanders and dive team leaders, said John Giduck, a Sun Valley High School graduate and founder of the Archangel Group.

Giduck, who has trained Chester officers, saw a need in the city and convinced Archangel’s board to deviate from its policy and pick up the tab for the Zodiac.

Part of our goal is to support the law-enforcement agencies we work with, said Giduck, who provides training across the U.S. and throughout the world. Very few departments in the country have tactical waterborne capability. Many have dive teams that are search-and-recovery teams. But through Capt. Bail, Chester is making an effort to develop true waterborne capability.

Note how John Giduck conveniently omits that Joe Bail had just finished working a consulting contract “with no reimbursement” just two months prior to the gift.

The Immoral Actions And Clear Conflicts of Interest on The Part of Police Commissioner Joseph Bail

Let’s look at how the Pennsylvania State Ethics Act looks at the above consulting and resulting $20,000 “gift”.

 “Honorarium.”  Payment made in recognition of published works, appearances, speeches and presentations and which is not intended as consideration for the value of such services which are nonpublic occupational or professional in nature. The term does not include tokens presented or provided which are of de minimis economic impact.

“Contract.”  An agreement or arrangement for the acquisition, use or disposal by the Commonwealth or a political subdivision of consulting or other services or of supplies, materials, equipment, land or other personal or real property. The term shall not mean an agreement or arrangement between the State or political subdivision as one party and a public official or public employee as the other party, concerning his expense, reimbursement, salary, wage, retirement or other benefit, tenure or other matters in consideration of his current public employment with the Commonwealth or a political subdivision.

§ 1103.  Restricted activities

(d)    Honorarium.–No public official or public employee shall accept an honorarium.

(f)    Contract.–No public official or public employee or his spouse or child or any business in which the person or his spouse or child is associated shall enter into any contract valued at $500 or more with the governmental body with which the public official or public employee is associated or any subcontract valued at $500 or more with any person who has been awarded a contract with the governmental body with which the public official or public employee is associated, unless the contract has been awarded through an open and public process, including prior public notice and subsequent public disclosure of all proposals considered and contracts awarded. In such a case, the public official or public employee shall not have any supervisory or overall responsibility for the implementation or administration of the contract. Any contract or subcontract made in violation of this subsection shall be voidable by a court of competent jurisdiction if the suit is commenced within 90 days of the making of the contract or subcontract.

Key Points

– Then-Capt. Bail’s consulting with Archangel Group resulted in the publication of a published work (see “honorarium” definition and restricted activity clause)

– There was clearly an agreement between Joe Bail and Archangel Group for the acquisition and use of the $20,000 Zodiac boat by the City of Chester Dive Team commanded by then Capt. Joseph Bail. If there wasn’t an agreement, how did the $20,000 zodiac boat from Archangel show up on Joe Bail’s dive team?

– Chester PA Police Capt. Joseph Bail entered into a contract valued at more than $500 (actually in the amount of $20,000) with Archangel Group which is a business that Joe Bail was involved with while a public employee.

– This points to a clear violation of ethics rules in place in the State of Pennsylvania and applies to local municipalities such as Chester.

How Can You Help?

Are you in Chester?  You should be on the phone right now to your city council.  Send them here to examine the evidence on their own.

I also believe that these Joseph Bail’s activities warrant further investigation by the Pennsylvania State Attorney’s Office.

How To Contact The State Attorney General

Mailing Address:
Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General
16th Floor, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120


or we can just let Joe Bail get away with what appears to be a clear violation of PA law. The press should jump all over this one.


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