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John Giduck’s integrity issues continue to plague him. There is evidence that John Giduck had previously claimed to have been at Beslan as part of first hand commentary in an opinion article:

I was at Beslan, and know the horror of 334 dead innocent people, 186 of them children. I was called in to begin an assessment of the Bailey shooting after it was over.

Note the difference between the two statements.  He was at Beslan but called into to Bailey “after it was over”.  The problem is that we now know that John Giduck wasn’t anywhere near Beslan even in it’s aftermath.  John Giduck latest story (still without any supporting evidence) is that he arrived sometime on 5 September 2004.

Keep in mind that there is evidence that demonstrates that the one flight per day between Moscow and Beslan wasn’t available on 5 September 2004.  This evidence makes John Giduck of having arrived on 5 September 2004 even less likely.

On a side note, this blog has also demonstrated that the Afghanistan school attack data provided by John Giduck (a self proclaimed expert of school attacks) is completely false as well.

John Giduck tries to give readers the same impression that he was actually at Beslan while events were actually unfolding in another article which also contains a first hand interview by John Giduck. A reasonable person might assume that the information was provided by John Giduck as part of that interview,

John Giduck, a 1977 Sun Valley High School graduate, who now lives in Colorado, was at Beslan as the last mopping up operations were taking place.

Unfortunately for John Giduck, this also is a lie. Even if John Giduck did arrive as he now claims on 5 September 2004 after magically fixing a Russian visa issue within  24 hours in the US, this blog has demonstrated that the bodies and rubble were removed from the Beslan school on 4 September 2004.  There was no “mopping up” or horror of 334 dead innocent people. Again, John Giduck’s previously published statements don’t match the evidence.  He is lying.

Lastly, I’ve had to reconstruct an entire quote here using Google since the published work costs more than $200 to get a reprint.  I’ll write out the quote in full and then show the reconstruction – you can do the same in google by searching “JPCN” and the key words.

…teacher, historian, and author John Giduck. Explains the author, “I was there; I arrived when mopping up operations were taking place and then again three more times over the next months to gather more information.“

The above is a direct quote from John Giduck.

In short, the story is a lie to sell you John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan.  Apparently, such statements are key and critical enough to building John Giduck’s false legend that John Giduck also appears to have been making such false statements under a pen name. There is more support documentation in the links below.


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It’s always sad when one realizes that there is a huge PR machine that is focused on misleading you.  John Giduck has failed miserably in his attempt to build such a PR machine  through willing participants such as Archangel Group, Dave Grossman, John “Andy”  Anderson, Brad Thor, and the like to build and maintain John Giduck’s false legend.  The second order effects of this attempt resulted in a group of stooges that also signed on to assist in these efforts through social media.

Unfortunately, Walter Chi isn’t one of the stooges. He appears to be one of the perpetrators of the lies.  Let’s look to see how Walter Chi obviously attempted to mislead SOCNET about John Giduck, his experiences, and contributions. All quotes below are from and attributable to Walter Chi at

No, John has never served in SF, nor any other U.S. Spec Ops unit, nor has he ever claimed that he did.

Actually, John Giduck’s speaker bios falsely indicate that he served in various US Special Operations units.  Only recently has John Giduck admitted to the evidence that he only served a total of 58 days in the US Army.

Much of what John has done for mankind on a global basis, and much of what he has risked and sacrificed personally for our nation and its warriors must remain untold for security reasons.

Funny how Mr Chi pulls the secrecy card.  sadly, it doesn’t work in the case of John Giduck.  Though John Giduck has falsely claimed at times to have held “our nation’s highest security clearance”, it is easily confirmed that John Giduck has never held a US Government security clearance and therefore never could been legitimately read into any classified US Government operations. This is a lie by Walter Chi to convince you that John Giduck is some sort of secret operator – the reality is that John Giduck sat on his ass in Colorado from 1990-2005 with a few vacations outside of the US of his own volition.

What this blog has discovered, however, are a series of activities that John Giduck likely isn’t very proud of.

John has worked, trained and studied in Russia – and the Soviet Union before that – for close to 20 years. He has spent many years developing relationships and working with Russia’s most elite Spetsnaz units, had spent time with each of those units that responded to the Beslan school siege,

John indeed attended several conferences in Russia and even studied there. To be clear, the university and program in Russia at which he clams to have studied also had a self study non-credit voluntary program  which students could attend for one day if they wanted.  It would fit John Giduck’s methodology and history of claims to have attended this voluntary program.  Perhaps this explains why  John Giduck has never presented his diploma from this school.

What Walter Chi fails to mention is that John Giduck’s “Spetsnaz contacts” were actually the result of attendance at a series of commercial military style adventure camps in Russia….operated by John Giduck’s own companies.

and [John Giduck] was, in fact, the only American outside of newsmedia to go immediately to the siege as it was taking place.

Ahhh, Walter Chi authoritatively tells “the first big lie”.  The big lie is that John Giduck immediately went to the Beslan School siege “as it was taking place”.  By his own revised account, John Giduck wasn’t anywhere near the Russia during the Beslan siege. John Giduck has yet to produce a shred of evidence that he was anywhere near the school even two weeks after the siege despite quotes in his book, Terror At Beslan, that claim that they spent days taking photos in the days after the siege.

The federal government has acknowledged that not a single U.S. representative was dispatched to that site from the embassy in Moscow, and even two weeks after the siege, Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge admitted publicly that all of their information was from newsmedia sources.

Here Walter Chi authoritatively tells the “second big lie”.  That John Giduck was somehow the only American onsite at Beslan or who cared enough (“about the children”, of course) to have visited the school in the days and weeks afterwards.   to me, the “second big lie” validates that John Giduck wasn’t anywhere near the school is the days after the attack.  Had John Giduck actually been taking photos and measurements as claimed, he certainly would have noticed the US Congressional Delegation that spent significant time there.  John Giduck has never addressed this discrepancy in why he (and his group of sychophants) continued to claim that the US Government never had information about Beslan or visited the school.

If, in fact, Tracy has some knowledge beyond that which is contained in John’s book, “Terror at Beslan” XXXXXXXXXXXXXX he should consider ceasing to indulge in spurious character assassination, and disclose this information so that it can be added to the cumulative knowledge base and imparted to the LE and government personnel we train on a daily basis. Should anyone want to know what your colleagues around the country have thought of this book, look at the reviews on

I guess that the sad task of exposing liars such as John Giduck and Walter Chi is character assassination in their books.  As for the the reviews on Amazon, most of the comments from 2005-2007 appear to be astroturfed (or posted by the author or the author’s supporters).

If this information is not enough, none other than the famous Lt. Col. Dave Grossman has not only spent substantial time with John going over the Beslan events, but authored the Foreword to John’s book, writing, that” John Giduck is one of a few men in the Western world who had the knowledge, connections and ability to find out what really happened”. Had the author of the 18 March 2007 post done his research he would understand the credibility of this statement by a gentleman of irreproachable qualifications.

Are you refering to the Dave Grossman that teaches others about killing and developed a “killology” but has never killed anyone or been in harm’s way?  The same guy that uses “hooah” and “airborne ranger” in seemingly every other sentence yet never actually served in a Ranger battalion?  Oh yeah, those irreproachable qualifications.  Thank you, Walter Chi, for confirming that Dave Grossman worked with John Giduck on the details of John Giduck’s book.  You’ve confirmed for us that Dave Grossman is likely part of the lie and, even though a former West Point instructor, has no trouble spending time in the company of dishonorable men such as John Giduck.

Upon request from a verified member of the U.S. military, law enforcement or government communities, Archangel will provide any references in question when inquiries are submitted professionally.

All of the questions about John Giduck remain unanswered….on purpose. Facts and other documentation simply are not on John Giduck’s side. If John Giduck is what he’s claimed, this could have been easily resolved in  That’s why I believe that John Giduck really should appeal the court’s ruling and try to take this to court.  Let’s get idiots like Walter Chi on the stand under oath and see how quickly they either perjure themselves or the whole farce of the legend of John Giduck falls apart.  Let’s get Shari on the box (she knows what I mean) and see what foreign intelligence officials have really visited her home or what foreign connections the person she lives with has.

To Walter Chi, I say:  you wrote it, you own it.


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People and organizations pay John Giduck (often with tax dollars) to talk about the Beslan school siege.  It turns out that John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan book, already shown to be rife with errors, apparently has erred in a key fact about a key player in the Beslan siege.  The person is one of the masterminds of the Beslan operation itself and the fact is that this person was not killed at Beslan as John Giduck claims.  That’s indicative of pretty poor research!


Marketing for John Giduck’s book, Terror at Beslan, generally focuses on the words, “complete” and “accurate”. Here is an example:

The complete and accurate story of the Beslan School Siege that occurred in Russia on September 1, 2004.

The book is anything but complete and accurate. My opinion is that it borders on fiction.  Even Russian Beslan experts have ripped the book’s factual detail (Russian Experts Claim Terror At Beslan Inaccuracies – Part 1). Now, we have evidence that the book is wrong about the death of one of the key planners of the Beslan siege itself.

Ali Musaevich Taziev

Let’s look at what John Giduck says happened to a one of the masterminds of the Beslan school siege. According to Wikipedia, and other sources,  Ali Musaevich Taziev goes by several AKAs (or “also known as”) Akhmed Yevloev, Magomet Yevloyev, and Emir Magas.  John Giduck references his under the name, Magomet Yevloyev, in Terror At Beslan.  Here is what John Giduck authoritatively states on page 197 of Terror At Beslan:


For clarity, the text says the following:

As it would turn out, the bodies of the three actual terrorist leaders would be identified in the aftermath.  Vladimir Hodov and Magomet Yevloyev were clearly recognized.

John Giduck also claims to have in Beslan on 5 September 2004 so he speaks with authority correct?

The problem is that Ali Musaevich Taziev AKA Magomet Yevloyev is still very much alive.  In fact, the same man is on trial in Russia as of the writing of this blog post in May 2013.

A former police officer who allegedly switched sides and joined North Caucasus militants to become one of their leaders went on trial in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don on Monday.

Ali Taziyev, also known by his alias Magas, is charged with setting up an armed militant group, illegal arms trafficking, terrorism, inciting a rebellion and attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. Charges against him also include 24 counts of terrorism. (dated 13 May 2013)

John Giduck who boasts about having a Ph.D. which gives one the impression that he is well versed in academic research. john Giduck also claims that months of research went into Terror At Beslan.  How could John Giduck miss this important detail?  It isn’t as if the detail hadn’t been covered by news outlets. Terror At Beslan didn’t even go to press until March 2005.  Here is a story from 12 September 2004 in the Telegraph for instance which was published a full week after the Beslan siege

His family believes that [Taziev] is dead, but the interior ministry claims that he joined the Chechen rebel movement and has taken part in several operations against Russian forces, under the codename Magas.

Officials now suspect that he was one of four commanders who masterminded the attack on School Number One in Beslan in which more than 330 people died, more than half of them children.

Musa Apiyev, Ingushetia’s deputy interior minister, told the Telegraph: “The fighter known as Magas, who is the former police officer Taziyev, is connected to a series of terrorist attacks and there is evidence that he participated in the Beslan incident.”

I’d bet that there are plenty of other articles in Russian between September 2004 and March 2005 surmising this guy was still alive but our “Chechyan Expert” and Kings College Ph.D. John Giduck didn’t seem to pursue any more leads or even provide a footnote as to his authoritative declaration of death.  That approach would not have met the bar for research at my local community college

The FSB arrested Taziev in 2010.  A 2010 article lists the following:

Ali Taziyev, known by his nom de guerre “Magas”, has been detained by special operations forces from the FSB, Russia’s security service. The FSB released video footage showing masked troops loading a bearded and dazed Taziyev into a helicopter. A website that acts as a mouthpiece for the rebels claimed he had been drugged. It said the arrest was a “serious loss to the mujahideen, but it would not alter the situation and stop the jihad”.

The list of errors in Terror At Beslan continues to grow. The FSB knew that this man wasn’t killed in Beslan and never shared that information with John Giduck no matter his boasts of being close with various FSB and Spetsnaz leaders.  These “contacts” were at the level of a military adventure camp attendee and not as a colleague as the FSB apparently provided no additional value to John Giduck’s research.  As far as I can tell, John Giduck never modified the false details in his book.  To me, this supports even more that this book has serious academic integrity issues that should be investigated.

Why do organizations pay John Giduck to speak about Beslan again?  Still think that this book is an accurate story of what occurred at Beslan? How could it be? John Giduck wasn’t there and his published facts were wrong even after months of so-called research on site.


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The few people left to defend John Giduck (or actually, the one person left, LTC Dave Grossman) point to the evidence of other people’s statements as proof that John Giduck never HIMSELF lied about his military background or facts about Beslan.  In this post, we’ll look at John Giduck’s own statements to demonstrate that John Giduck routinely has changed his stories to suit his false legend.



John Giduck’s current story on his mouthpiece site, Socnetlies (this is the third revision of dates)

The following information has been confirmed by Dr John Giduck, Yuri Ferdigalov and John Anderson, Sergeant Major Special Forces (ret.), who was the Archangel board chairman.

When John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov arrived in Russia late on Sept 4 they were immediately briefed by a couple of ex-spetsnaz people they knew as to what had happened. Vladikavkaz airport had been closed and John Giduck and Yuri Federov were on one of the first flights into the area once the battle was over and the area secured.

John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov were in the School at Beslan on Sept 5.

Lies In John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan Book

On Page 211 of John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan, John Giduck provides the following first person narrative about what appears to be an ongoing siege at Beslan.

john giduck beslan lies

This reads as if upon John Giduck’s arrival, the Beslan school assault hadn’t yet occurred. The problem is that now John Giduck himself confirmed that he arrived in Moscow late on Sept 4th… a full day after the siege was over. How could john Giduck be on his way to the siege? Why would Spetsnaz insiders be talking about an assault occurring within a week when it had already occurred?  The only reason is that John Giduck wants you to believe that he was there as the assault was concluding.  He wasn’t.

John Giduck Lies In Print Interviews

In an interview with POLICE magazine, John Giduck continued to build his false legend of having witnessed parts of this great tradegy.  John Giduck stated this gem of a lie in his own words:

Police: Were you in Russia when the siege at Beslan occurred?

John Giduck: We got into Moscow as the siege was ending. We got down to Beslan the morning after. It was a bad scene. They were scraping bodies out of that gym for quite a long while, and I mean scraping.

John Giduck can’t seem to remember what day he arrived to Beslan or what he actually saw. We know that he now claims to be in Moscow late on 4 September and not Beslan as claimed in this interview. This is important because all of the bodies were removed on 4 Sept so there were no bodies to see on 5 September 2004 when John Giduck claims to finally have arrived in Beslan.  Photographs taken by others on 5 September confirm that all bodies had been removed by the time of John Giduck’s arrival in Beslan.

The problem with lying is that the little details will never support the lie. This blog is highly skeptical that John Giduck arrived in Beslan at all within two weeks of the tragic Beslan siege.  For instance, there was only one flight per day from Moscow to Beslan. John Giduck is very clear that he flew to Beslan. Evidence shows that there was no flight from Moscow to Beslan on 5 September. Additionally, John Giduck claims that he spent 10 days onsite during the first visit and yet neither John Giduck nor the US Congressional delegation that went to Beslan the week after the siege ended knew about each other,


John Giducks Own Words Supporting The Russian Military False Legend

The vast majority of time I ever spent in a military uniform in my life, I spent in Russia in Russian uniforms with Russian Special Forces and I did ultimately end up spending about 18 years there…good periods of time every single year up to 6 month a year going to school there, living there, doing a lot of training with their units.

This interview is from 2008. So, in the quote above John Giduck is claiming in his own words that he traveled to Russia “every single year” from 1990 through 2008.

John Giduck’s Russian Travel Contradictions In Press Interviews

When we wanted to know more about Giduck’s time with the Russian special forces, Giduck wrote back to say that he had done a “series of trainings with Vityaz [a unit of Spetsnaz, the Russian special forces] at their special forces compound and training school on the Balashikha Army Base about 30 miles east of Moscow from 1999 to 2004” and had had close access to a series of elite Russian units, including Rus, another Spetsnaz division. When we made inquiries at the Russian Interior Ministry, we were informed that Giduck had not trained with Vityaz. Instead, he took a commercial course in extreme survival skills, with no counterterrorism component. Representatives from Rus said they had never heard of Giduck.

In this interview, John Giduck has significantly trimmed the number of years that he claims to have traveled to Russia to train with the Spetsnaz from 18 years down to five years. Here, John Giduck clearly states that he traveled to Russia from 1999 to 2004.  These dates coincidentally span the same years that this blog has independently been able to document John Giduck’s trips to Russia.    Why wouldn’t John Giduck tell the interviewer that he’d been to Russia for 18 years?  because by 2011, John Giduck had forgotten the lie that he told in 2008.

Contradictions in John Giduck’s Own Marketing Materials

John Giduck has contradictions in his own marketing materials as well.  Look at this quote which supports the statement that spetsnaz training began in 1999 as part of a commercial military style adventure camp.

In 1999 John had been authorized to bring the first small group of Americans over to train, who underwent an arduous program, which included 18 hour days, much of it in hand-to-hand combat.  Several other programs expanded the skills being taught and required the groups to live on spetsnaz compounds. Through these programs Americans from both law enforcement and the military were provided great exposure to the assets, weapons, techniques and skills of their former Cold War adversary.  

John Giduck also posts several photos of himself in uniform ostensibly to convince readers of the authenticity of his Russian military training claims. The most ridiculous photo is this one (posted under the criticism clause of fair use)


The reality of this photo and likely every single other in which John Giduck is that the Russian military uniforms are actually souvenirs provided by the company that offered the training.  In at least three of the years between 1999 and 2004, these companies were owned and operated by John Giduck. Here is an example found in the deep archives of the internet:


25 MAY TO 2 JUNE 2001   

Program:    For the second year in a row, Russian Spetsnaz commander Mikhail Ryabko has secured the authorization of the army and Interior Ministry for a group of approved individuals to train with elite Spetsnaz units, including the Counter Terror and Rapid Reaction Forces, sponsored by the World Federation of Russian Martial Arts, Ltd.    Two days of training will be undergone at a secure special forces base outside of Moscow. This is authentic military training, with either open barracks or tents for accommodations. Toilet facilities will be outdoor, with no showers available. The group will have the opportunity to develop skills on the obstacle course; armored personnel carrier operation; tactical field combat techniques, including attacking and defending superior numbers; topographical orientation and combat engineering; firearms; knife and shovel fighting, weapons disarming, psychic energy in combat; and hand-to-hand combat in Russian Systema.

Each group member will receive a complete Spetsnaz uniform required for all persons on the base.

At the seminar, numerous items will be available for purchase, such as Russian Martial Arts T-shirts, Spetsnaz sweatshirts, authentic Russian Special Forces telnyahski (striped shirts), tank tops, baseball caps, various Spetsnaz patches, berets, beret pins, canteens, fighting shovels and training videos. In addition, time will be reserved for Ilya Shapiro’s Russian military camouflage uniforms, helmets, boots, flasks, and the like.

If you live in the USA, send this form to:

John Giduck
221 Corporate Circle, Suite E
Golden, Colorado 80401
United States 303-215-0779  (it takes few seconds for the page to load)

So, take a look at the above photo of John Giduck again.  He is basically boasting about having played “dress up” for a few days on a Russian military base and using the photo to convince people that he is some well qualified tactical trainer a result.

In short, I present you the real John Giduck in his own words….author, speaker, trainer, liar.


John Giduck And Paid Russian Adventure Camps – Part 4

John Giduck: The Only Russian Special Forces Consultant That Couldn’t Complete Basic Training

New Evidence Disputes John Giduck’s Beslan School Observations As Lies

Multiple authors over multiple years have perpetuated the exact same falsehoods about John Giduck. John Giduck false legend is nothing but consistent.  These consistent lies have to come from a common source and, as we’ve previously written, all of the discrepancies and lies supposedly written by mistake by others favor John Giduck.  One might conclude that any false information unfavorable to John Giduck gets corrected immediately through John Giduck’s propaganda group known as Archangel Group.

photo credited below

Let’s look at a concrete example of how John Giduck’s falsehoods published by others remain uncorrected for years from a 2006 book review of John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan.  Unless otherwise noted, all quotes with a page number come from this link: where you can read the entire review yourself (in the event that it suddenly disappears as such articles seem to after we highlight them, we’ll post a downloadable version)

The book review starts with what can only be called a sales pitch:

If you are in law enforcement or the military, this book is required reading, and the follow-on counter-terrorism training should be made mandatory. If you are in law, politics or the media, this book is a must-read, and a follow-up educational seminar should be required since you’ll likely not get it the first time around. (page 1)

Clearly, we mere mortals are too dumb to fully absorb a book written at an 8th grade reading level so the author is not only selling the book but also Archangel Group’s training.

There is only one man who was ever accorded the respect and access to survivors of the siege, central players in the stand-off, and decision-makers in the government, and it is this author, John Giduck. (page 1)

This makes me laugh because a Nov 2004 seminar presentation clearly states that John Giduck was “given a tour of the school”.

He was not a Johnny-come-lately to the scene – he’d already spent a decade and a half working and training with Russian Special Forces. (page 2)

Sounds super high speed, right? The truth is that John Giduck attended a series of one to two week military style adventure camps and martial arts camps primarily sponsored by his own companies. You’d never know the truth when no shortage of John Giduck’s friends such as Joseph Bail intentionally attempt to mislead you about John Giduck credentials. Why do these friends do this?  Money, of course. Despite John Giduck’s direct claims in 2008 of having spent “18 years in Russian uniform”, most of the 15 years prior to the 2006 publication of this article, John Giduck spent in CO doing rather mundane activities such as being a lawyer and running a community corrections nonprofit.  As a result of this, various organizations and bloggers have been raising questions about John Giduck’s credibility since 2005. Probably the most exciting thing that John Giduck did during this 15 year period was have to flee to West Virginia in 1993.  I’m fairly sure that didn’t make it into the book though.

the Russian people know him, and trust him. (page 2)

By his own admission in a 2008 podcast, John Giduck does not speak Russian with any degree of fluency.  How can the Russian people know him and trust him? Despite having limited Russian language skills, John Giduck claims to have spe  Additionally, Russian experts on the Beslan siege have been highly critical of the basic facts presented in Terror At Beslan.

Giduck is the only American to have conducted any on-site analysis of the siege, or given access to any of the players. He made several trips and spent months in Russia for the express purpose of studying Beslan. No one else has ever bothered. (page 2)

Actually, the Congressional Record published three weeks after the siege that a Congressional delegation consisted of the only U.S. citizens allowed access to the Beslan School in the ensuing weeks.

john giduck arrival beslan School siege

I’d guess that a US Congressional delegation would also be given access to many of the players.  Giduck doesn’t even acknowledge this delegation in his book, although if he had been onsite as he claimed, he would have certainly bumped into them or known of them.

Additionally, despite publishing in Terror At Beslan that he and his ex-Spetsnaz counterpart, Yuri,  now working for Archangel Group spent days on site during their first “taking photos and measurements” (Terror At Beslan, pg 34), John Giduck has never produced any proof of these activities. The only photograph of him on site in Beslan is clearly demonstrable to have been photographed in Nov 2004 during his supposed second trip.

There are also significant questions about John Giduck’s arrival date in Beslan. We’ll get to that in a moment.

As American civilians, we would be foolish to rely upon the notoriously inaccurate media reports of the events at Beslan or white-washed political analysis of the aftermath. (page 2)

Agreed. The problem is that Giduck’s book is notoriously inaccurate as to basic facts. If the basic facts are wrong, how can any analysis be correct?

Lieutenant Colonel John D. Grossman, who wrote the forward for this book and is himself an expert on terrorism, has an axiom that states that the best predictor of future conduct is past behavior. (page 2)

With all due respect to the LTC, Grossman also writes about the psychology of killing people in combat yet, even as a Ranger school graduate, has never seen combat. That seems to be conveniently left out of his presentations and therefore not thought about by his students. I read a description on twitter about him that compares Grossman’s teaching about killing to getting dating advice from a hermit.  Fitting for someone that has never “been there done that” with regards to what he teaches.

Much of the insights presented in the training have been learned directly from Giduck’s involvement at Beslan on the last day of the siege and the resultant aftermath. (page 3)

This is one of those common falsehoods that in my opinion has been perpetrated directly by John Giduck. The consistent myth that John Giduck was at the school or even in Russia at any point during the siege or the days thereafter. Only after uncomfortable questions were raised by this blog and others, John Giduck has finally admitted that he was in Colorado during the entire siege and likely wasn’t even in Russia for at least two weeks thereafter. He had no visa and the siege started on a Wednesday 10 hours or so ahead of Colorado time. there simply wasn’t time.  John Giduck has changed his story twice under uncomfortable questions were raised about his arrival timeline to Beslan.  John Giduck now clings to the story that he flew two days after the siege ended on 3 November (flight on Sunday, 5 Sept 2004) from Moscow to Beslan yet evidence from the only airline that flies that route shows that there were no such  flights on that day.  Not being there also means that John Giduck has problems with consistency in the details of the Beslan School siege (that darn internet gives John Giduck away on facts again).

Even CAIR couldn’t make these lies up….only John Giduck can (and does).

In Part Three, Dissecting a Terrorist Siege, Giduck draws upon his years in Special Operations and counter-terrorism to analyze the siege,(page 3)

John Giduck’s supposed service as a member of Special Operations is another common and consistent falsehood spread across multiple sources and multiple years.  The reality of John Gidick’s real life experience can be found in John Giduck’s 2001 biography which is notoriously devoid of any Special Operation or counter terrorism claims. The internet’s ability to retain old copies of information has not been friendly to John Giduck. The lie (often spread by others but sometimes easily linked to John Giduck’s organizations) is that John Giduck served in the US military as a qualified member of US Army Special Forces or as a US Army Ranger. More recently, the story circulated that John Giduck has no military background. That fact is that John Giduck could only complete the first 58 days of US Army Basic Training. I guess “draws upon his years in Special Operations” sounds a lot better than “draws upon his days as Army basic trainee”.

We Americans are woefully under-informed and ill-prepared for a ruthless attack against our children, (page 3)

Let me correct this. “We as Americans are woefully under-informed and ill-prepared for shysters like John Giduck that peddle terrorism experience that they don’t have in exchange for tax dollars”. Until 2011, when John Giduck received his Ph.D., he did not hold any university academic credentials or operational experience in terrorism.  John Giduck sued members of a website for exposing the truth about his background and lost. The judge awarded legal fees to the defendants and John Giduck has had liens attached to real property that he owns.

Giduck, in the tone of a dispassionate counter-terror instructor, leaves you absolutely no room for doubt as to what we are up against. (page 4)

Giduck makes these statements despite a noticeable lack of expertise or real world experience in such things. One critic noted that Giduck’s resume is untainted by actual experience. Hold on a sec, I’m neglecting to mention his “years of terrorist hostage negotiations experience“….another lie.

Sadly, Giduck’s summary is still only scratching the surface.  (page 5)

Unknown to the author, this is likely the most accurate portion of the review of the Terror At Beslan book.

Quite surprisingly, Giduck, an experienced commando and combat expert, acknowledges an unimpeachable resource to draw upon in this war the terrorists will visit upon our children. (page 7)

Who told the author that John Giduck is an “experienced commando and combat expert” other than John Giduck? It’s  consistent theme with most people that have written about John Giduck.


Unmasked: Source Of John Giduck’s Beslan “Walking Among Bodies” Claim

John Giduck: The Only Russian Special Forces Consultant That Couldn’t Complete Basic Training

Russian Experts Claim Terror At Beslan Inaccuracies – Part 1

(fair use of photo ‘criticism ‘with comedic additions from the funniest John Giduck criticism site)

John Giduck once again is making the TV rounds this time posing as an expert on Chechnya. As Twitter poster @FakeJohnGiduck notes, “how lazy do journalists have to be to interview John Giduck….”


In the image above, John Giduck is being interviewed by RT about the Chechnya connection to the Boston bombing suspects.  Given the wealth of information about John Giduck’s fake background and credentials available on the internet, a reasonable person may think that RT doesn’t do any sort of background checks or vetting of their guests presented as “experts”. Questions about John Giduck’s background and experience have circulated since 2005. Only recently, has the depth of John Giduck’s deceit become clear.

Note that all of the below links contain supporting facts…John Giduck has never presented any supporting facts beyond some supporting statements from friends that everything that John Giduck says is true and some certificates/photos that have been easily dismissed as fakes. oh..and a book that we will get to in a moment.

Before we begin, I read in a recent  facebook comment that if anyone has knowledge of bombings and dead cops it’s John Giduck. John Giduck seems to revel in his long term associations with a group that the Washington Times says bombed a US Embassy. John Giduck also has a history with a cop killer – picking Donna Yaklich up at her dead police officer’s husband’s funeral, serving as her defense counsel, and then taking her to Jamaica for a romantic vacation on what her family says was her husband’s death benefits. Donna was subsequently convicted in US courts after her return from Jamaica.   John Giduck recently claims that he was doing these things to “help her”. Why don’t journalists ask John Giduck about those things during TV interviews?

One of the most delicious moments came when a former lawyer with Lowery’s firm, John Giduck, accused one of the plaintiffs of “unprofessional” behavior. Veteran court-watchers may recall that Giduck himself exercised some questionable legal judgment when he jetted off to the Caribbean with then-client Donna Yaklich, the grieving widow who was later convicted of killing her husband, undercover cop Dennis. Donna’s currently doing time.

Any reasonable person would also agree that John Giduck has integrity problems in more than a few facets of his life. His stories change and he denies in the face of hard facts.  One must remember that john Giduck is a defense lawyer – he is trained to do such things.  In a nutshell, John Giduck’s modus operandi is to let others make claims that benefit him and, if questions are raised, deny them as his own. This pattern has been repeated over and over for years.

Of course, there always is John Gidduck’s fake online persona that bears a remarkable similarity to John Giduck himself and routinely astroturfs for his books. Sigh.

John Giduck’s Academic Dishonesty As An Author: John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan, for which he is being sought for interviews about Chechnya is rife with both factual errors and flat out lies about John Giduck being onsite or even in Russia as the Beslan school siege was ongoing. For years, John Giduck claimed to have arrived in Beslan at the conclusion of the final assault on the school.  Unfortunately, this blog pointed out that the timeline for John Giduck to have arrived in Beslan was impossible given the time zone differences between Moscow/Colorado and the fact that John Giduck acknowledged having a “visa issue” in a forgotten podcast interview.  John Giduck subsequently changed the story of his arrival twice…and has since stick to a story of flying into Beslan from Moscow on 5 September 2004 (a day when other evidence demonstrates that the once daily flights between Moscow and Beslan did not even occur on that specific date).

The problem with the recent change in the arrival dates is that Giduck’s book, Terror at Beslan, contains conversations about the supposedly ongoing siege while supposedly in Moscow as well as John Giduck’s first hand accounts of the sights and sounds of the site just after the assault.  Neither of these would have been possible with a 5 September arrival date.  Both are lies.

John Giduck apparently had some issues with copyright for use of photos associated with Terror at Beslan. Of ocurse, John Giduck’s attacks thereafter focused on “some guy telling him that he could use said photos” and saying that after so many years the complaint shouldn’t stand. This line of argument wouldn’t stand to defend a junior high essay never mind when coming from someone that is a lawyer and holds a Ph.D.

John Giduck’s Military Service Dishonesty: John Giduck’s military service credentials have varied over as uncomfortable questions began to arise about his claims.  John Giduck has allowed claims of being a qualified member of US Army Special Forces and a qualified US Army Ranger to remain uncorrected over the course of years. This include such claims on John Giduck’s own website and speaker bios that normally would be self provided. John Giduck has also apparently told others that he was never in the military.  Here is one example from his mouthpiece blog…

John has written in his books and has said openly numerous times he was never in the military. John Giduck has nothing to answer for.

Why so many stories? The real story is that John Giduck could only gut out 58 days of US Army basic training. I guess that doesn’t sound quite as good as being a special operator. Of course, all of the “errors” noted above were favorable to John Giduck.

John Giduck’s Professional Dishonesty: John Giduck lies about overstates his personal history with Spetsnaz.  John Giduck has gone so far to state that he spent most of 18 years in Russian uniforms and has “years of experience in terrorist hostage negotiations” despite being in demonstrably in Colorado for most of that time.  If his claims to have trained for years in sabotage and intelligence topics were actually true, John Giduck would have broken federal laws about such foreign training provided to non-military or non-sworn law enforcement personnel. The truth is that John Giduck attended a series of one to two week commercial military style adventure camps in Russia which included some contacts with real Spetsnaz operators and provided Spetsnaz uniforms as souvenirs.  This training was sold through John Giduck’s own companies yet the photos from those adventure camps as presented as evidence of john Giduck having completed actual spetsnaz training.  John Giduck also has presented himself as a “Russian Special forces Consultant” on TV despite not being able to complete US Army basic training. You see, it’s all designed to make you believe that John Giduck is something that he is not.  For years, John Giduck claimed to have been certified in VITYAZ antiterror training and operations…in reality, this “certificate” stemmed from John Giduck’s week long adventure camps. John Giduck has been changing his recent bios and removing items that have been exposed for what they are.

John Giduck also conveniently never mentions as part of his bio having to flee to West Virginia in 1993 or the real world consequences when john Giduck is actually involved in training of law enforcement.

John Giduck’s Financial Dishonesty: John Giduck ran a rather mundane community corrections non-profit in the early 2000s (when he was supposedly training to be a high speed Spetsnaz dude).  That’s a halfway house for those that don’t know. There is strong, detailed evidence that John Giduck redirected grant funds destined for community corrections inmates to rebels in the Sudan.  John Giduck and his Archangel Group business partner, Andy Anderson, then passed these funds in violation of international and US Federal ITAR statutes. There is smoking gun evidence of defense consulting in return for these funds by both John Giduck and Andy Anderson. Here is the U.S., there is equally strong evidence that John Giduck paid an honorarium to a serving public official through his company, Archangel Group,  consisting of a $20k+ zodiac dive boat to the Chester Pennsylvania Police dive team in return for consulting services provided by the dive team leader and part time Archangel Group consultant, Joseph Bail.  Joseph Bail continued as an Archangel consultant and later became the Police Commissioner of Chester PA and, according to john Giduck, Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail contracted John Giduck as training coordinator for the Chester PA police.  If so, such honorariums and quid pro quo consulting arrangements between John Giduck and joseph Bail would likely be in violation of the PA State ethics statutes.

The question is that if John Giduck is so willing to be dishonest about his experiences in Beslan, his own military service, his professional experiences, and his finances, why wouldn’t he be prone to lie about his experiences.  Someone explain to me again why John Giduck is presented as an expert on anything other than lying for personal gain?

I guess news organizations prefer to be lazy….

For those that may be new to this site, the contention of this blog is three-fold. The three subjects that this website deals with on almost a daily basis can be summed up as follows:

Serious Integrity Questions Around John Giduck’s Research: Evidence suggests that there is a case for academic dishonesty against John Giduck as he could not possibly have arrived in Beslan when he claimed (currently 5 September 2004 but previously 3 Sept or 4 Sept depending on the source) making the “first hand” observations in his book, Terror At Beslan, while the siege was ongoing and the days afterwards nothing but pure fantasy.  Giduck received public money as compensation for seminars about his book.

– Serious Integrity Questions Around John Giduck’s Credentials: From 2005 until 2011 when he received a Ph.D., John Giduck claimed to be a counter terrorism “expert” without, as of yet as far as this author knows, ever producing a single shred of recognized terrorism academic credentials or counter-terrorism training, background, or experience. Giduck received public money as compensation for hands-on training related to his claimed credentials. Scrutiny in John Giduck’s background has only turned up attendance at some one week commercial style military camps in Russia and some week long  martial arts training trips as a tourist.  Worse yet, John Giduck allowed false statements about himself as being a Ranger and Special Forces to remain uncorrected for years on his own website and speaker bios (to his own benefit).

– Serious Integrity Questions Around John Giduck’s Past Activities And Associations: Strong evidence supports the idea that John Giduck, John “Andy” Anderson, and Chester PA’s Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail who works as an Archangel Group consultant have allegedly committed multiple acts at different points that appear to be against the law: ITAR violations in the Sudan/Russia, violations of the PA state ethics act, working with child soldiers, and violations of US FARA statutes.  John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson also seem to have a circle of friends that include high level Russian foreign intelligence operatives, previously convicted military members, and even John Giduck’s associations with people said to be involved with the bombing of a US Embassy. This isn’t even including John Giduck’s alleged sexual relationship with cop killer Donna Yaklich and John Giduck fleeing to West Virginia in 1993. John Giduck and Archangel Group compete for US Government contracts despite these known activities, friendships, consequences, and associations.

Umm…so how did I miss this gem by a strong supporter of John Giduck? Clearly, the time spent looking into John Giduck has been a complete waste of time!  Who knew? Here’s why:

Chester PA Police SWAT/Dive Team Leader  Ernest “Ernie” Manerchia has gone on the record to say that he can somehow “prove” John Giduck’s Russian and Military credentials. Here is what Ernest says:

I agree totally and I happen to be one of those that have beem [sic] there and can confirm Giducks claims with the Russians and the Military.

I too am prior Infantry and can provide proof of Giduck’s records of being just who he says he is. Care to talk?

Awesome.  So, in the spirit of the New Year, I’m going to give Ernie Manerchia the chance to do just that.  While Manerchia is a long time law enforcement officer that knows the meaning of the word, “proof”, his Amazon posts ramble on with the usual John Giduck non-specifics. In light of that, I will still only hold Ernie to the same standards to which I hold this blog in terms of proof – independently verifiable and recognized documents – and limit him to the following subjects:

1) Proof of John Giduck’s arrival in Beslan on 5 September 2004 or actually any time before 10 September 2004. As of this blog post, there isn’t a single shred of hard evidence anywhere that can demonstrate that John Giduck was in Beslan when he says. In fact, there is far more hard evidence showing that John Giduck could not have possibly been in Beslan before 10 September and a high probability that John Giduck wasn’t in Beslan at all during the first trip in September and stayed in Moscow the entire time.

2) Proof of any official military training by John Giduck with the Russian Army. Remember that John Giduck himself stated that he spent 18 years training with the Russians much of which was spent in Russian military uniforms. For instance, on pg 204 of Terror at Beslan, John Giduck also makes first hand observations about training with GRU commandos “on several occasions”. This shouldn’t be that hard to prove if John Giduck really spent that amount of time on Russian military bases.

3) Proof of any recognized military, law enforcement, or DHS counter terrorism or anti-terrorism credentials by John Giduck prior to 2011.  Ernie already likely knew like we all do now that the “VITYAZ antiterrorism training and operations certificate” that John Giduck used to highlight in his bio is the product of a commercial one week adventure camp (with trips sponsored by John Giduck’s own Archangel Group some years). That’s likely why John Giduck has dropped the VITYAZ nonsense from his speaker bios…and a CHS V certification is a broad certification that (from the website) can be awarded with only 2 years experience in any of the following areas: security, law enforcement, fire service, military, emergency management, cyber security, public health, hazardous materials, medical, or other related areas. In short, I’m wondering what Ernie could possibly show as “proof”.

4) An explanation of how false statements about being qualified as a US Army Ranger were allowed to remain in John Giduck’s speaker bios for years. Speaker bios are ALWAYS provided by the speaker for events and printed verbatim.  There are two speaker bios provided by John Giduck for different events in different years that clearly state that John Giduck is a Ranger. Additionally, there are many other written records of people leaving John Giduck training, conversations, and seminars consistently believing that he is qualified as a member of the US Army Special Forces. If john Giduck always says that he isn’t military, why do people from different events and seminars in different years write the same consistent story about John Giduck (SF, Officer, 10th Group)??  Address the Ranger bios separately from the SF observations as there is no doubt that the Ranger bios were provided by John Giduck.

I’ll post anything that meets the rules set out above posted under Ernie’s Amazon account within the next 7 days from this post. Ernie clearly states that he can prove any of John Giduck’s military or Russia claims so I’ve limited myself to those specific issues. Now, let’s see if Ernie is a man of integrity that honors his word.

Note that I wont post any long winded diatribe that goes on at length about how others on the Archangel payroll can confirm things about John Giduck or how asking for proof of a public figure’s own claims constitutes a “vendetta”.  There is already no shortage of those….or the lame excuses as to why you wont post them.  I also will p;oint out any attempt to post some small point as being proof of everything….you’ll need to post evidence in each area to alleviate those questions.

So this is where we are. Hard evidence…the same as I post here.  It should take Ernie and John about 5 minutes with a camera phone.  Put up or shut up.

Balls in your court, Ernie.

We’ll make this post very simple. What we have here is a growing case for academic and journalistic dishonesty on the part of Dr. John Giduck. He’s the same guy that wants to consult for schools on school shootings like Sandy Hook.  Good luck to anyone that hires a guy like John Giduck.

The lesson here is that, like any lie, many other details stop falling into place when the lie changes. Conversations that supposedly where captured as the siege was ongoing no longer look real. Moreover, details about the school itself don’t take into account the changes in the story.

Let’s look at an example of how John Giduck’s story about Beslan no longer fits the facts.


John Giduck has changed his story several times as to his arrival date. John Giduck’s previous claims ranged from arrival “during the final assault” on 3 Sept to “the morning after the final assault” or 4 Sept 2004.  His original story had him arriving just as the siege was ending.  Here is an example from 2006. No correction was ever issued despite the story being part of a first person interview which John Giduck must have read.

“When Russian Special Forces units stormed the terrorist held school in Beslan on Sept. 3, 2004, John Giduck was landing in Moscow with his Archangel team of tactical consultants, including former Soviet Spetsnaz commandos. Giduck reached Beslan while the school was still smoking from the fires ignited by the Chechen terrorists; bombs and bodies of the more than 344 victims of the siege were still being removed. The experience changed Giduck’s life and led him to become one of the busiest law enforcement speakers and trainers in America.

From an intro for a 2006 interview with John Giduck  (

John Giduck now says that he arrived in Beslan on 5 Sept 2004. Why would John Giduck change his story? This was a change driven by uncomfortable questions about his arrival date after careful scrutiny of what can only be described as an impossible timeline to have arrived by the end of the Beslan siege on 3 September 2004.

Going to Beslan

In his own words, here is a quote given to us by Dr John Giduck about what prompted the trip:

When John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov arrived in Russia late on Sept 4 they were immediately briefed by a couple of ex-spetsnaz people they knew as to what had happened. Vladikavkaz airport had been closed and John Giduck and Yuri Federov were on one of the first flights into the area once the battle was over and the area secured.

John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov were in the School at Beslan on Sept 5.

– Taken from a SOCNETLies blog post dated 26 March 2012 with information provided by John Giduck

We don’t believe that the evidence supports that he ever was in Beslan in early September 2004.  John Giduck has never produced a shred of hard evidence demonstrating that he was in Beslan when he claims.

Read more: John Giduck’s Improbable Timeline For Travel To Beslan Russia


John Giduck has a number of “first hand” observations from the school that he published in an error filled book entitled, Terror At Beslan.  Here is an example of some of the first hand that John Giduck wrote about:


– Page 312, Terror At Beslan

So, John Giduck had the following observations

-He saw twisted metal and building material

– He could barely walk through many areas if the school

– There were possibly still booby traps in the rubble

But the first hand observations aren’t limited to just Terror At Beslan.  Here is what John Giduck “recalled” during a 2008 telephone interview captured for a magazine article:

“There’s no way you can walk into a situation like that and not be affected by it,” Giduck said recently in a phone interview from his home in Golden, Colorado…. “And to walk into a school, and you’ve got 384 dead people, mostly women and children, 186 kids, and many of those kids burned to death in that gym, when the ceiling collapsed in on them, and that gym was collapsed in flames. The smell of that alone, all those kids burned to death, is something that you are never going to get out of your head.”

Taken from Beslan’s Lessons For America, Inside Homeland Security Magazine – Fall 2008 (


Evidence has just been found that claims that bulldozers cleared all of the rubble from the Beslan school on 4 Sept 2004. This coincides with other evidence showing that all of the bodies had been removed by 4 Sept as well.   Each of these events would have occurred a full day before John Giduck arrived in Beslan.

Here is the new evidence:

The questions are hard to answer, in part because most hard evidence disappeared when bulldozers hauled away the rubble  and scraped the gymnasium floor clean the day after the siege ended.

BESLAN, Russia, Sept. 4 — The broken bodies of hundreds of children were pulled from the rubble of this bereaved town’s School No. 1 on Saturday…Workers cleared the rubble, using a bulldozer to scoop up the debris. Refrigerated trucks took the bodies away.

BESLAN, Russia, Sept. 5 — Amid all the charred rubble, it was the shoes that somehow stood out…The shoes were practically all that was left in the gymnasium of School No. 1. Shoes and a lone belt, a deflated purple balloon, a bottle of wine, a puffy elastic band for a little girl’s ponytail.

The article from 5 Sept 2004 also has a corroborating photograph from the AP (photo credit is in the image).  I’ve added the red arrow to show that no rubble, rebar, bodies, or twisted metal at the school as John Giduck claims.  They had all been taken away.


So, take a moment to read the “first hand observations” from John Giduck again in the context of the above photo. John Giduck is clearly lying. There was no rubble and no bodies in the Beslan school on 5 September 2004 about which John Giduck could have possibly made such first hand observations such as the ones that he published in his book, Terror At Beslan.  John Giduck also later recalls other first hand observations years later that appear to be equally fabricated.

So, the question remains, how could have John Giduck observed what he claims in his book and also not known that bulldozers had cleared up the wreckage the day before his arrival?  I suspect it is because John Giduck was not present at Beslan when he claims.  If there was no twisted wreckage (and there isn’t as evidenced above), then John Giduck is lying about his arrival date at the school.

The evidence supporting this continues to grow.


Are John Giduck And Archangel’s Yuri Ferdigalov Fooling Everyone Again?

More Evidence Supporting John Giduck Wasn’t In Beslan When He Claims

New Evidence Disproves John Giduck’s Claimed 5 September 2004 Arrival in Beslan

Terror At Beslan’s John Giduck Varies On First Day School Siege Details

Here are two more examples of the effects of John Giduck’s seemingly consistent false narrative about his background and experience.  Outside observers consistently hold the false beliefs that not only is John Giduck a qualified commissioned officer of the US Army Special Forces but also is specifically a member of the 10th Special Forces Group.

John Giduck As 10th Special Forces Group Member Present At Beslan

The first example is from 2008:


“Christophe” falsely believed three things that are consistently communicated:

– John Giduck was a qualified member of the US Army Special Forces.  He was not. He was in the Army for 58 days before washing out.

– John Giduck was in the 10th Special Forces Group. He was not.

– John Giduck was present during the siege of the Beslan school.  John Giduck’s own story has changed several times as to his arrival date in Beslan. Initial versions of John Giduck’s story had him there just after the final assault on 3 Sept 2004. Subsequent stories changed the date to 4 Sept and the current story is that John Giduck was not present for at least several days afterwards.  Strong evidence disputes each of these stories.

John Giduck As Former Special Forces Officer

In 2009, another forum reader posted the following:


“Lires1987” (ironic name, huh?) falsely propagates another common yet erroneous theme about John Giduck in his post.  John Giduck was never a Special Forces officer.

Why would these two distinct posters over different years share very common “misconceptions” about John Giduck if someone wasn’t telling them the details?


John Giduck’s Common Bio Errors All Benefit John Giduck

A Review of John Giduck’s False Special Forces Legend

John Giduck’s Early 2001 Bio: Low Speed, Uninspiring, and Pedestrian

John Giduck Lies About Being Present At Beslan Tragedy

Poor John Giduck. The internet is revealing serious dishonesty on his part as the result of his own words. Because he chooses to hide behind the words of others like a scared child behind a mother’s skirt rather than be a man, those few words that can be attributed to him become even more important in determining if he has been deceiving us, the tax paying public.  As always, we’ll stick to the facts and let John Giduck stick to his denials through his mouthpiece website and circle of buddies.

Before we start, this is an entirely new series of blog posts that will demonstrate evidence that John Giduck and his company, Archangel Group, often appear to be the source of many of the lies and misleading statements about John Giduck’s false “legend” that he’s spent years building about his background and experiences. This series will primarily focus on John Giduck’s own words as well as changes to other people’s statements that be reasonably attributed to John Giduck or Archangel Group.

John Giduck Knows That The Mopping Up Story Is False

Many people have been fooled into believing that John Giduck arrived in Belsan. While john Giduck sure seems to constantly scour the net looking to clean up negative information about himself, he doesn’t seem to apply the same rigorous approach to cleaning up untrue information if it benefits him. I’m referring to completely false yet routinely printed information such as what was printed in a 2006 issue of Police magazine as an example…there are many more.

Author John Giduck, through his extensive personal contacts with Russian special forces, was able to actually go to Beslan while the school was still smoking and bodies were being removed.

As an example, John Giduck made few (if any) attempts to clear up his Beslan arrival date controversy.  He had to when it became apparent that there was no timeline that fit John Giduck’s claims to have arrived in Beslan prior to the end of combat operations on 3 Sept 2004. In the “see also” links below, you’ll find that John Giduck has changed his arrival date twice after very uncomfortable questions were raised.

The first change was a 4 September 2004 arrival which still could not have fit any timeline and finally, John Giduck settled on his current story of having arrived 2 full days later on 5 September 2005 long after all of the charred bodies that he initially claimed to have seen had been in the morgue for a long time.  This author’s opinion is that the facts don’t support John Giduck’s claims to have arrived on 5 September either.

Regardless, what is important to note is that even John Giduck’s current story in no way supports his legend of being in Beslan during mopping up operations.

The False Legend Of John Giduck Arriving During Mopping Up Operations In Beslan Through The Words Of Others

Let’s look how it was out there and how other reasonable people believed it though.  They believed it and retold it to others. In short, they unknowingly provided credibility to a false story.

Here are three such examples from 2005 and 2006

The last one listed above is from a speaker biography from an organization in the public interest. Speaker bios are normally provided by the speaker themselves and published as-is.  This one says that he arrived during mopping up operations. Ok, we all understand that John Giduck can (and likely will) claim that these were written by others…even the speaker bio.

The Same False Legend Appears In John Giduck’s Book

Hmm, oddly, the same false legend appears in John Giduck’s own book, Terror At Beslan.

You can find the full quote from the book here.

But there is still some plausible deniability. John Giduck can say that, though this appears in his book, it is actually a quote from someone else.  I’m sure that he will throw in “editorial oversight” or something along those lines as well.

The Same False Legend Found In John Giduck’s Own Words

I’ve had to reconstruct the entire quote here using Google since the published work costs more than $200 to get a reprint.  I’ll write out the quote in full and then show the reconstruction – you can do the same in google by searching “JPCN” and the key words.

…teacher, historian, and author John Giduck. Explains the author, “I was there; I arrived when mopping up operations were taking place and then again three more times over the next months to gather more information.

The above is a direct quote from John Giduck.  There isn’t any way to explain the quote away or spin it positively.  The source of this information published by others is a lie by John Giduck to mislead people into believing that he was there in Beslan when he wasn’t. John Giducl’s ikely been telling this false story for a while before it was directly quoted and attributed to him. How else would people know to use the same words to retell it?

John Giduck’s propensity to lie spans more than his arrival in Beslan. We’ll soon be demonstrating the same type of strong evidence with John Giduck’s special forces claims.

For the record, here is the reconstruction for the quote above:

If any readers have access to the 2006 Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations volume 1 at work (or want to buy it), please post a scan of the quote from the article someplace under Fair Use or post a comment as to where it can be found.

Anyway, your tax dollars seem to be funding someone that evidence shows likes to make up stories to support his claims. John Giduck’s friends want you to believe that you should just take John Giduck at his word. This blog is full of hard evidence of false claims by John Giduck.

How much more evidence will it take to convince you?


John Giduck Lies About Being Present At Beslan Tragedy

John Giduck Clings To Flawed & Improbable 5 September 2004 Beslan Arrival

John Giduck’s Common Bio Errors All Benefit John Giduck

Frank Borelli Describes John Giduck as “Special Forces Soldier”