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Oops. Archangel Group CEO John “Andy” Anderson may have an integrity problem like his buddy, John Giduck.  Apparently, Anderson was less high speed Department of Energy action dude and more like this guy:


You tell me: would a reasonable person believe that Archangel Group co-founder and CEO John “Andy” Anderson was an employee of the Department of Energy (DOE) by reading the following from Anderson’s biography?

Upon leaving the military [Anderson] spent ten years with the U.S. Department of Energy as a lieutenant, training and supervising the nuclear weapons security teams at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Arsenal, and then serving as the tactical commander of the high security area, responsible for the security of all fissile material.

According to several sources, it is a serious mischaracterization.   Anderson worked as an employee of a contracting company, Wackenhut, and was assigned to Rocky Flats.  “Rent-a-cop” should come to mind. So, read through Andy Anderson’s support of John Giduck in the “See Also” links below in the context of Andy Anderson’s actual position and his commentary becomes comical.

John “Andy” Anderson’s Other Dubious Claims

This all brings two other claims by Andy Anderson into context…

In addition, Sergeant Major Anderson owns and operates Andy’s Custom Guns and Training, Inc., is a former world combat pistol champion and bench press record holder.

I’m sure that the bench press record is for some obscure organization (perhaps even owned by John Giduck for all I know) but world combat pistol champion? John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan, even has these dubious claims memorialized right along with John Giduck’s own lies in the book:


– pg 28, Terror At Beslan

You may be thinking that I am the only one questioning this or that these questions have only arisen recently.  But, like his “Body By Budweiser” best friend, John Giduck, people have been questioning Andy Anderson’s claims for some time as well.

Here are some examples from 2007:

Had a friend take a course by a company called Archangel. One of the instructors said he was (according to my friend) a international USPSA champion shooter. This gentleman was about 55+ years old and supposed to be from the Colorado area. His name is John Anderson, but he goes by Andy.


There’s a John Anderson from Colorado in the USPSA classification data… he’s classified B in Open, unclassified in everything else.  If that’s him… doesn’t sound like “international USPSA champion” fits on the resume.

This is an interesting case in credibility – no matter how strong your credibility in a field is, if you make up one thing such as “World Champion Combat Shooter”, all your other claims have to shine through a fog of suspicion as you have undermined your ability to be taken at your word.


John Andersen was a Sergant Major [sic] stationed at Fort Devens in Ayer, Massachusetts prior to retirement. Champion of any sort he wasn’t.

Lastly, if you are a regular here, you’ll recognize the following narrative – it is exactly what is said about John Giduck:


Haven’t seen his website or heard any claims about wins, but I have met Andy in person. He installed some trijicon night sights for me while I waited. SUPER NICE GUY!! Never claimed anything to me, not a braggart type of person at all. He did have lots of good stories to tell me while his was working on my gun, none of which were about competition or training. He did say he did military training, but did not brag in any way about anything…very low key.

Let’s see….

– “Never heard any claims”

– “super nice guy”

– “never claimed anything to me”

– “not a braggart”

Seems stolen right from the John Giduck “how to exaggerate one’s credentials” playbook!  I guess that is what happens when two liars get together, they can reinforce each others’ stories.

If Andy Anderson is perfectly willing to lie to you about his role at Rocky Flats, should you trust him about anything else?


How Archangel Group Misleads You: John Giduck’s Credentials Part 2

Evidence Shows John Giduck And John “Andy” Anderson Violated International Arms Trafficking Regulations

John “Andy” Anderson Doubles Down On John Giduck

SGM Anderson (ret) chimes in over at SOCNETLies


Poor John Giduck. A reasonable person cannot help but wonder where his true allegiances are.  now, there’s evidence that he would never jeopardize the  status of his friends that serve in some of Russia’s most classified military units.  Of course, in a wildly unpatriotic move, John Giduck seems to be perfectly willing to jeopardize the status of a serving US Army Special Forces Master Sergeant. Well, anyone really that hurts his easily hurt feelings.  John Giduck’s true colors are often shown when things count the most.

This is an easy one.  You likely already know the story of how John Giduck boastfully exposed the personal details of a serving Special Forces soldier. While reading that soldier’s Silver Star narrative below, think to yourself why John Giduck who is supposedly a friend of the military would release such information.

NARRATIVE TO ACCOMPANY AWARD: Sergeant First Class Jonathan Clouse, United States Army, heroically distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous conduct in the face of the enemy of the United States as the Special Forces Liaison, Marine Special Operations Company H, Special Operations Task Force – 73, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM XII. On 26 June 2008, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan directed that Marine Special Operations Teams ONE and TWO respond to a time sensitive target in Heart Province, Afghanistan. Large rocks and boulders lined the path along the entire route into the restrictive and mountainous target area. Sergeant First Class Clouse was with the forward dismounted element when it began receiving accurate machine gun and sniper fire from the mountainside overlooking its position. With members of the team gravely wounded, Sergeant First Class Clouse provided immediate medical aid to the nearest casualty. Another member of the element received a life-threatening wound, and Sergeant First Class Clouse ran through the kill zone to render further medical attention under heavy machine gun fire that struck the back of his body armor. Ignoring the sustained enemy fire, he provided advanced medical aid to his fallen team member until the casualty succumbed to his wounds. Reacting to the calls for assistance from other wounded, Sergeant First Class Clouse again ran through the kill zone to provide medical attention. As he crossed the kill zone, enemy sniper fire struck his weapon, rendering it unserviceable. Reaching his fallen comrade, he provided desperately needed medical attention and stabilized the wounded individual. From his new position he began directing incoming Close Air Support. His actions became critical in adjusting the impact onto the enemy fighting positions, enabling the element to move the wounded out of the kill zone. After stabilizing four patients with gunshot wounds, Sergeant First Class Clouse again showed disregard for his own safety and helped recover a wounded Afghan National Army Soldier from the kill zone to the medical evacuation platform in time for extraction. His actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of military heroism and reflect distinct credit upon himself, the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan, Special Operations Command Central, and the United States Army.

Well, it turns out that john Giduck is a friend of the military. The only problem is that he is a friend of the RUSSIAN military and, according to his own statements, would not jeopardize the status of his Russian military friends that serve in secret Russian military units.

Here are John Giduck’s own words on the matter:

Source: Terror At Beslan, page 34

“I was not about to jeopardize their status” – John Giduck

This isn’t a one time quote or action on the part of John Giduck.  John Giduck has had and likely maintains friendships with GRU members – the GRU is an organization that the Washington Times claims may have bombed a US Embassy. Again, in another example below, John Giduck protects the identity of an apparent Russian intelligence operative ON HIS OWN WEBSITE…again, something that he seemingly was unwilling to do for US soldiers. (click the image below to view in full size)


Ask yourself this question:  why are our tax dollars supporting someone that seems more loyal to his Russian military counterparts than to his own military?

If John Giduck is so easily willing to sell out the personal information of a serving active duty special forces soldier, what will he do with the personal information of law enforcement officers and military that attend his seminars? Is it possible that our tax dollars are funding this charlatan at the expense of the security and safety of our Nation?

Actions speak louder than words. look at what john Giduck has done to those that he supposedly serves – bad mouthed them through his personal mouthpiece site, sued them, and exposed their personal information.  Now the same guy, John Giduck, will be sharing the stage with a DHS secretary charged with protecting US infrastructure.  In my opinion, if our first responders believe that John Giduck is the best and brightest that the US has to offer for keeping the US safe, the terrorists really have won.

Clowns can’t protect anyone.


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John Giduck Clings To Flawed & Improbable 5 September 2004 Beslan Arrival

Poor John Giduck.  He must have missed the day in Secret Squirrel poser school when they discussed one of the cardinal rules of posing:  NEVER brag about foreign intelligence connections…especially when they may be real, ongoing, and/or may have been with organizations believed to have bombed a U.S. Embassy.

Russian spymasters must be ecstatic about John Giduck presenting with the Department of Homeland Security’s Acting Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection.  I am writing this out of concern that perhaps DHS hasn’t gotten the memo about John Giduck and his self-proclaimed close, high level Russian intelligence connections and other activities that might make a reasonable person wonder where John Giduck’s patriotic allegiances lie.

You see, among other presentations, John Giduck is slated to appear on stage with William Flynn, Acting Assistant Secretary, NPPD Office of Infrastructure Protection on 19 Oct 2012.  I’m not posting this as ridicule or counter-speech as specified under the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Alvarez (pg 3)  but as part of the responsibility that every clearance holder (if not every US citizen) has to report possible intelligence activities against officials of the US Government. This includes reporting those that have close relationships with known foreign intelligence officials or organizations.

DHS officials might want to ask precisely why John Giduck was forced to flee to the state of West Virginia in 1993.

Why is this appearance a problem?

In case that you haven’t followed, John Giduck has not only befriended senior Russian KGB, FSB, and GRU intelligence officers but also has had them over to his house on personal visits.  Additionally, evidence shows that John Giduck has been actively involved in ITAR violations and use of Child soldiers in various countries.  Lastly, John Giduck associates himself with a group that the Washington Times says blew up a U.S. Embassy.

Is this someone that a senior DHS official wants to share a stage with?

This may be a huge score for Russian intelligence. John Giduck and his Russian friends may get access to the highest level of U.S. Infrastructure Protection.

What can you do?

Contact The Event:

Toll Free / 800.423.9737
Fax / 417.881.1865

Let them know exactly who they have on the agenda and what his background is. Be polite and professional.

Contact DHS IG

I doubt DHS knows about John Giduck’s Russian intelligence contacts (documented in various posts on this blog that include John Giduck’s tendency to have his circle of friends with clearances meet with Russian spymasters). They likely also do not know about his self-association with a group that bombed a U.S. Embassy or the evidence that links him and his company to alleged ITAR violations.

DHS IG Office:

Again, please be polite and professional.

Contact Your U.S. Congressman or Senator

Seriously consider doing this.

John Giduck, Archangel Group Co-Founder John “Andy” Anderson, and another Archangel Group consultant who apparently moonlights as Police Commissioner of Chester, PA have all bragged about the depth of john Giduck’s Russian intelligence contacts.  There is strong evidence that John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson have broken federal ITAR statutes.  This is information that needs to be taken very seriously….and it is all of our responsibilities to communicate these sorts of concerns.


Evidence Shows John Giduck And John “Andy” Anderson Violated International Arms Trafficking Regulations

Real World Consequences When John Giduck Trains Police

Did The Special Operations Association Oust John Giduck?

This isn’t a snarky post.  It’s a post that questions just on whose side John Giduck might be on.  It also provides evidence of why Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Military organizations might not want to continue placing themselves in a situation where they may have inadvertently become “friends of friends” through John Giduck with an organization that appears to have been involved with a US Embassy bombing.

Would those same organizations train with a person with such ties to a Jihadist organization?  Likely not. So, let’s look at the evidence that links John Giduck and Archangel Group’s claimed ties to a very small and exclusive group that some reputable sources believe bombed a US Embassy.

We’ve talked at length about John Giduck’s relationships with high level Russian intelligence officers backed by his own claims and photos. We’ve also talked about people like SGM John “Andy” Anderson and John Mason who are in John Giduck’s close inner circle who have held high level US Government security clearances.  What I haven’t covered is John Giduck’s close ties to the Russian GRU – a group that the Georgian government and US intelligence believe bombed a US Embassy.

What Is The Russian GRU?

It’s important to understand what the GRU is.  Let’s use John Giduck’s own words. John Giduck explains the GRU on page 89 of his book, Terror At Beslan as follows:

The GRU, or Glavnoye Rasvedivatelnoe Upravleniye, is a military version of the KGB

Wikipedia goes on to add:

Unlike other special forces units, Spetsnaz GRU is known for blending in with regular army units by wearing standard paratrooper uniforms to help disguise their movements and prevent identification even from within the ranks of the Russian military.

In my opinion, this sounds like exactly what John Giduck is doing with law enforcement and Homeland security…blending in.

Now, before linking John Giduck and the GRU, let’s look at the evidence about the US Embassy bombing and the GRU

The Russian GRU and a US Embassy Bombing

In a classified report reported in the Washington Times late last year, US intelligence  believes that Russia’s military intelligence was responsible for a bomb blast that occurred at the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Times reported last week that Shota Utiashvili, director of information and analysis for the Georgian Interior Ministry, said the embassy blast and others in his country were the work of a Russian military intelligence officer named Maj. Yevgeny Borisov.

“It is written without hedges, and it confirms the Georgian account,” said one U.S. official familiar with the U.S. intelligence report.

This official added that it specifically says the Russian military intelligence, or GRU, coordinated the bombings.

  John Giduck’s Ties To The Russian GRU

Why is this all important? John Giduck trains law enforcement officers, homeland security officials, and military units. John Giduck also has deep and extensive ties to the Russian GRU. John Giduck has claimed in podcast interviews to have 18 years of training with Russian Spetsnaz units (“many of which were in Russian uniform”).  As part of that time, John Giduck have trained with members past and present of the GRU, maintains friendships with GRU members, and has visited their facilities.

Here is what John Giduck claims on Page 204 of his book, Terror At Beslan:

John Giduck’s Archangel Group even claims to have a former GRU member on staff.

“Terror at Beslan School:  A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America
Presented by:  John Giduck, MA, JD, former Army Ranger, and president of the Archangel Anti-Terror
Group, is a recognized international terrorism expert and author of Terror at Beslan:  A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America  & Yuri Ferdigalov, a decorated war veteran of the elite Soviet GRU Spetsnaz.

Need more proof?  Here is a photo from John Giduck’s own website and claims of a GRU member on staff at Archangel Group.

Could this link with the GRU be the reason why John Giduck has been changing Yuri Ferdigalov’s name lately in his blog posts?  Another reasonable question would be why would John Giduck as an American citizen need to hang out with foreign officials that require blurring of their faces in photos? If these were jihadists that had bombed a US Embassy with their faces blurred, would you be so forgiving?

Another Archangel Group co-founder, retired Special Forces SGM John “Andy” Anderson, apparently also has developed such relationships through John Giduck.

Anderson readily admits that through John he has also become friends with everyone from Alpha commandos to commanders from other spetsnaz units.

John Giduck goes so far as to describe members of the GRU as “colleagues” on page 195 of his book, Terror At Beslan.

It is interesting that John Giduck would describe a group that US intelligence believes to have been involved in a US Embassy bombing as “colleagues”.  Is belonging to a group that would be involved in such things be what you would expect from someone claiming to be a “loyal and patriotic American”? My opinion is that loyal and patriotic Americans have no such voluntary and enduring connections. You decide.

While no one is claiming that John Giduck’s friends were involved, the group to which they belonged apparently was. It’s like being friends with a former member of Al Queda even if they weren’t involved in certain AQ direct activities.

Ask yourself if John Giduck and Archangel Group are really who you want to have training you.  At what point will you stop believing John Giduck’s talking points and look at the facts of his background. Can you be 100% sure of what side he’s on?


John Giduck Within The Context Of Counter-Intelligence Indicators

John Giduck’s Biggest Problem Seems To Be John Giduck

Questions About John Giduck’s Experience And Activities Date From 2005

All photos are posted under the criticism clause of Fair Use and are the property of their respective owners.

John Giduck thinks that he is a smart guy. To him, you and I are just the “little people” that provide money for his bank account.  But, we may not be the only ones paying John Giduck or for whom he and other Archangel Group consultants provide services.  Let’s work through another possible hypothetical case to consider…together.

John Giduck

POW Network listed military poser John Giduck wants you to think that he’s a lot of things: “good guy”, “disruptive thinker”, “author”,  etc.  Having you connect the dots on certain things is also in John Giduck’s financial interest. For instance, “special forces firearms instructor”, numerous false comments (by others, of course) that John Giduck is Special Forces,  and being author of “The Green Beret In You” might make you believe that John Giduck is somehow secretly a former or retired Special Forces soldier.

Here is one connection that John Giduck likely does NOT want you to make: Archangel Group is in a perfect place to provide Russian intelligence with information about local US police tactics and biographical information about people involved in Homeland Security planning and operations. Are they involved in such activities? I don’t know but the executive level of Archangel employees and consultants such as John Giduck, John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson, and Joseph “Joe” Bail have had enough contact with senior Russian intelligence officials to make such activities possible.

If you are a US law enforcement officer, you may be thinking that the Russians have little interest in your tactics or other information. Oh, but they do. How do I know this? From Archangel Group themselves.

Archangel Group teaches a particularly interesting training course within the context of John Giduck’s foreign training and US law enforcement contacts:

Counters to Traditional Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics 
Based on the training of Russian Spetsnaz units tasked to infiltrate foreign countries. These units study the standard law enforcement defensive tactics and shooting skills of all target countries. Each has studied extensively those systems commonly taught and utilized by U.S. law enforcement. This course provides important information on the vulnerabilities of those tactics used by most American police and military for their own survival.

So, lets look at what we have in Archangel Group

– We now know that Russian Spetsnaz units are interested in US law enforcement tactics

– Archangel Group has former Russian Spetsnaz operators on their staff as well as Americans such as John Giduck, Joe Bail, and Andy Anderson that claim to have trained on multiple occasions with the same units.

– Archangel Group routinely interacts with US law enforcement organizations and personnel as part of their training and seminars as well as with ongoing personal friendships with members of the law enforcement community. Archangel Group consultants such as Joe Bail provide legitimacy to fellow police officers who may not know that they have developed relationships with Russian intelligence officers.

– Archangel Group has access to biographical and professional details of those that attend their training and seminars making it conceivable that they can spot others potentially open to recruitment by professional Russian intelligence officers

This all begins to fit together quite easily as one possible answer to our question. Incidentally, John Giduck also likely has had access to biographical details of former and current Special Operations personnel through his pro bono work with the Special Operations Association (SOA). Sweet!  Think the Russians wouldn’t want that list?

Still think that this is all too far fetched?  Let’s look at the recent 2010 Russian spy case where we had Russian spies in the US who were not passing classified information at all…just information about policies and contacts….

According to the FBI, some of the people the accused spies met with include a former legislative counsel for U.S. Congress, a former high ranking U.S. government national security official, a person working on bunker busting nuclear warheads, and a New York financier who is prominent in politics and a major fundraiser for an un-named political party.

Their long-range assignment from Moscow: burrow deep into U.S. society and cultivate contacts with academics, entrepreneurs and government policymakers on subjects from defense to finance.

Think that similar sets of peoples aren’t in Archangel training?

In one message that was decrypted by the FBI the message allegedly sent to Chapman and Semenko said, “You were sent to USA for long term service trip. Your education, bank accounts, car, house ect… -all these serve one goal: fulfil your main mission, i.e to search and develop ties in policymaking circles in US to send intel [intelligence reports] to C. [center]”

Alexander Vassiliev, a former KGB officer and journalist who has written extensively about Soviet spying in America, said the illegals were supposed to act as talent spotters and scouts, identifying Americans in positions of power who might be recruited to spill secrets for financial reasons or through blackmail. Spies with the protection of diplomatic credentials would handle the more delicate task of recruiting and handling the agents.

and also this very interesting nugget about sleeper agents…

Most will fail to get anywhere significant. That’s the point.

In effect the Rusians are hedging their bets, being busy on short-term tactics but also investing in long-term strategy.

Some of these people might hit the jackpot and get a job in a sensitive facility, or marry someone whose close friend is in a sensitive facility, or be part of a local community where people who work in sensitive facilities hang out.

The sleepers need not get results by acquiring information. They may do very well for the Russians by helping spot weaknesses (“Joe Jones’s cousin Fred works in the Pentagon comms centre and is having a messy divorce and drinking problems. Mary Kennick’s husband knows someone in the White House protocol team who has heavy gambling debts…”).

Lastly, it’s odd how quickly that the SOA, Special Forces Association (SFA), and retired Special Forces senior NCOs such as SGM Anderson and MSG Hetrick would abandon a currently serving Special Forces MSG whi was awarded the Silver Star in Afghanistan simply for questioning how John Giduck became a member of the SOA.  This next quote about the loyalty of those in service of Russian intelligence might fit that narrative

One of the suspects in an alleged Russian spy ring has confessed – and said he would never betray the ‘Service’, not even for his own son.

The man calling himself Juan Lazaro admitted to federal agents that he worked for Russia’s intelligence service, prosecutors said last night.

He said that, although he loved his child, ‘he would not violate his loyalty to the “Service”, even for his son,’ court documents revealed.

Again, only the proper authorities would be able to determine if John Giduck or Archangel group is involved in such activities. My opinion is that there is opportunity and motive to do so given the relationships between Archangel group leadership and consultants.

One can only hope that the truth comes to way or the other.


John Giduck Within The Context Of Counter-Intelligence Indicators

Is The Special Operations Association Cutting Ties With John Giduck?

John “Andy” Anderson: Nuke Clearance Holder & Friends With KGB/FSB Officers Through John Giduck

John Giduck Follows “Not SF” Statement With 18 Years In Russian Uniform Claim

In my last post, I wasn’t quite sure if John Giduck is distancing himself and obfuscating his relationship with Yuri Ferdigalov or if it was the other way around. Whichever it is, it is clear that some distancing is going on. During the course of understanding Yuri, legitimate questions began to surface about what Archangel consultant Yuri Ferdigalov actually brings to the table in terms of experience.

The underlying assumption here is that Yuri is what John Giduck says he is..or he isn’t. We could be being fooled en masse here. Here is what John Giduck says in his book, “Terror At Beslan”:

“Yuri,” was Yuri Ferdigalov, a 36 year old Ukrainian and Soviet GRU Special Forces veteran of the Nagorno-Karabakh War.”

It is a seemingly benign statement but like many issues with John Giduck offers indicators of a problematic timeline when we look at other facts.

Yuri had to have been born in 1968 – this matches his description as a 36 year old commando when he was in Beslan. The  Nagorno-Karabakh conflict took place between 1988 and 2004.

The time frame can be further narrowed down because John Giduck specifically refers to Yuri as a “SOVIET GRU Special Forces veteran”.  This would mean that Yuri would have served in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between 1988 and 1991 which is when the Soviet Union fell.

The key point here is that Yuri would have been between 20 and 23 years old at the time. Given that Soviet GRU forces were generally comprised of deeply experienced soldiers, it is unlikely that they would welcome a 20-23 year old into their ranks.  The problem here is that the older that Yuri may have been upon acceptance into Soviet GRU, the smaller the window of actual combat experience that Yuri could have had in the conflict before being wounded.

Let’s say that John Giduck opens his pie hole and claims that Yuri participated in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict after 1991, there are still significant factual issues with the claim. There don’t seem to be any open source references to GRU special forces participating in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. None. Zero. I’ll ask in the interest of fairness that if readers can find any authoritative references to GRU special forces participation that they post them in the comments.

If GRU special forces aren’t referenced in open source material, it means one of three things:

1) Yuri Ferdigalov wasn’t involved in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and this is a lie intended to fool clients.

2) Yuri Ferdigalov was involved in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict but with a different unit (and either John Giduck or Yuri himself are intentionally making Yuri “more interesting” than he was in an effort to fool clients)

3) Yuri Ferdigalov was there in some sort of a classified status during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict as a member of GRU special forces.  this naturally raises the question of “why is Yuri talking about it?!?” if this was the case.  This once again makes me wonder about the security of personal and tactical information passed to John Giduck and members of the Archangel team. Team Archangel seems to like to talk out of school about sensitive facilities and sensitive operations as if they were actual participants…what might they be saying about you?

I also find it interesting is the choice of photos that John Giduck has posted for Yuri Ferdigalov.  There are photos of Yuri Ferdigalov on John Giduck’s website. That said, I find it interesting that John Giduck has posted no photos in the gallery section of the johngiduck website or elsewhere that show Yuri Ferdigalov with confirmed members of GRU Special Forces or other Spetsnaz units.  None. Zero.  Yuri is also photographed separately. Why would that be?  Of course, John Giduck will likely choose not to “dignify” a very legitimate question by posting some photos of Yuri with some confirmed Spetsnatz guys.  Perhaps John Giduck has some and that wouldn’t mean much since they could be tied to one week adventure camps but I’d be surprised anyway if John Giduck does.

Lastly, a friend who knows about such things asked the following question about the value that Yuri actually brought to the Beslan trip:

Ferdigalov is a Ukrainian and the [John Giduck] quote above implies that he lived in the Ukraine after the fallout in 1991. If he was wounded between 1988 and 1991 and then lived in the Ukraine, what possible connections within Russian Spetsnaz did he have in 2004 that allowed Giduck special access to Beslan?

Good question. I’d add how much operational  experience does he bring if wounded between 20 and 23 years old as well.  Of course, there is always the possibility that Yuri went on to work for the FSB and now routinely comes into contact with Homeland Security professionals through John Giduck’s Archangel.  Perhaps this is why there seems to be a growing distance between John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov.

Given similar overstatements of counterterrorisn experience by John Giduck and other Archangel consultants such as Chester Police Commissioner Joe Bail, are we being fooled by more than John Giduck here or is Yuri what John Giduck says that he is?


John Giduck And Paid Russian Adventure Camps – Part 4

John Giduck’s Improbable Timeline For Travel To Beslan Russia

John Giduck Within The Context Of Counter-Intelligence Indicators

John Giduck And William “Bill” Hillar: Similar Peas In A Posing Pod

What You Should Be Asking Of John Giduck

We’ve had basic questions about John Giduck timeline for his arrival in Beslan. In numerous places, John Giduck refers to his friend, Archangel consultant, and Beslan travel partner as “Yuri Ferdigalov”. Interesting that the John Giduck “SOCNET Boo Hoo” mouthpiece site has taken to referring to Yuri Ferdigalov as “Yuri Federov”. John Giduck is clearly a master of the art of disguise!


It is pretty well established that “Yuri” is Yuri Ferdigalov.

Yuri Ferdigalov was a GRU spetsnaz commando, severely wounded in the Nagorno-Karabakh war. Now a contract consultant and instructor with Archangel he traveled to Beslan with John as the Beslan siege was happening, then spent three months there with him over three trips interviewing the spetsnaz who fought the battle out, FSB officials, other government agents and townspeople. Yuri confirms that they spent a great deal of time with officers and commanders from Alpha, SOBR and Rus in addition to FSB [KGB] agents involved in the government’s operation.


When the Beslan siege first happened I grabbed Archangel consultant Yuri Ferdigalov, a former Soviet Spetsnaz (Special Forces) commando, and we got the first tickets we could and headed straight for it.


The person Giduck suggested we contact when we asked about his Beslan sources was his commercial associate Yuri Ferdigalov;

in John Giduck’s, Terror at Beslan” book on Page 29

and even here on the John Giduck’s mouthpiece site, “SOCNET Boo Hoo”:

And John Giduck has entered a number of these areas either alone, or most typically only with his spetsnaz comrade Yuri Ferdigalov, who himself has also worked in Iraq and Somalia.  

So one has to wonder why then would the same SOCNET Boo Hoo site in a statement that indicates approval by John Giduck refer to Yuri Ferdigalov under clearly another name like “Yuri Federov”?

“when did you arrive at the school”

The following information has been confirmed by Dr John Giduck, Yuri Federov and John Anderson, Sergeant Major Special Forces (ret.), who was the Archangel board chairman.

At 11:20 pm on Sept 3 the last terrorist was killed in the basement of the Belsan School . At 11:45 pm the spetsnaz declared that the building was under control by government forces; however, the fire engulfing the south wing was not extinguished until 3:10 am on Sept 4. Throughout Sept 4 bodies were removed, the school searched and weapons and IEDs removed. This information is confirmed by spetsnaz intereviews, the Russian Parliamentary Commission Report and the North Ossetian Parliamentary Report.

When John Giduck and Yuri Federov arrived in Russia late on Sept 4 they were immediately briefed by a couple of ex-spetsnaz people they knew as to what had happened. Vladikavkaz airport had been closed and John Giduck and Yuri Federov were on one of the first flights into the area once the battle was over and the area secured.

John Giduck and Yuri Federov were in the School at Beslan on Sept 5.

The above is approved by John Giduck, SGM Anderson, and Yuri What-ever-his-name-will-be-today Federov.

One could speculate some reasons for this distancing.

Speculation #1) Perhaps Yuri knows the truth about John Giduck’s improbable and ever changing timeline for his arrival in Beslan and doesn’t want his real name associated with John Giduck (if you recall the arrival at Beslan school went from “before the final assault” to “4 sept which was the morning after the final assault” to the current “in Beslan on 5 September” shown in the quote above….when the reality is that a US Congressional Delegation clearly states in the Congressional Record that they were the first and ONLY Americans authorized to visit the Beslan school after the siege and massacre.

Speculation #2) Perhaps Yuri is distancing himself from John Giduck. Imagine for a second, if, as a former Spetsnaz commando, Yuri continued to work for a Russian intelligence organization such as the FSB.  This isn’t a far-fetched opinion given Yuri’s previous line of work, combat experience, and potential access to the valuable personal information, background, and tactical discussions of seminar attendees through John Giduck and Archangel. It also would fit into John Giduck’s narrative of maintaining ongoing, personal friendships with Russian intelligence officials.  The opinion that my speculation is also based on the reality that most real people working in sensitive roles stay quiet and away from limelight….unlike, say, John Giduck.

Speculation #3) Perhaps Yuri has some other reason for operating under multiple aliases that includes his US and state documents as well as other public records.  Imagine for a moment the implications if a person of Yuri’s training and background were to potentially hold multiple passports, driver’s licenses, or other forms of identification as a result of slight spelling differences.  Yikes!  Good thing that couldn’t be the case, right?

Oh well, back to reality. Enough opinion and speculation protected speech. The reality is that though Yuri has instances of using multiple spellings of his name, none goes so far as to include “Federov”.

I don’t know why John Giduck and John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson are changing Yuri’s name as if no one would notice.  What I do know is that a statement marked as being “approved by John Giduck” and others in Archangel executive circles has a clearly different last name for Yuri that all of the previously published references as shown above.. There must be some reason behind that.

The actual reasons are only known to them.


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John Giduck is an interesting person in that he holds no US government clearance but seems to surround himself with people that have among the highest security clearances.  Sheesh, John Giduck may be in a relationship with someone with a security clearance for all I know. By itself, that means nothing but John Giduck and his circle of friends also boast of introducing these same people holding clearances to other John Giduck friends that just happen to be high level Russian intelligence officers.

Are you starting to see the problem here?

One of those people is public figure and retired US Army Special Forces SGM John “Andy” Anderson who can’t quite decide what his name is co-authored a book with John Giduck. Here is John Anderson’s own bio of his background after he retired from Special Forces:

Upon leaving the military [John “Andy” Anderson] spent ten years with the U.S. Department of Energy as a lieutenant, training and supervising the nuclear weapons security teams at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Arsenal, and then serving as the tactical commander of the high security area, responsible for the security of all fissile material.

Not I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but I do know that to work with nuclear material has its own very special security clearance.  In fact, it is such a special security clearance that it doesn’t even have a regular name like “SECRET” OR “TOP SECRET”. It also is among the most difficult US Government clearances to obtain (for obvious reasons).

So, now let’s fast forward to John Giduck who happens to be BFFs with top Russian intelligence officials to the point of routinely hosting them in his home. Here is what Joseph “At least my nickname matches my name” “Joe” Bail says about SGM John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson….

SGM Anderson was given permission to go on some of his trips [to Russia]

Anderson also confirms that all of the trainings he attended were conducted on a brand new compound of Vityaz on the Balashikha Army Base outside of Moscow.

The article by Joe Bail goes on to show a photo of John Giduck with a senior Russian KGB official official taken at SGM Anderson’s house with this caption:

Giduck flanked by KGB Director Kurkov and his wife Nina, at [John “Andy”] Anderson’s house.

What?!? Trips to what John Giduck describes as “secret Russian military bases outside Moscow” in the early 2000s? Whose permission for such trips (the Russian FSB/KGB)? Photos on the johngiduck website with Russian officals in 2007? Russian special forces servng as consultants on his own Archangel staff?  KGB officials in the house of a guy with among the highest known clearances?

In a word, “Huh?”

If you don’t know who Kurkov is, he was a serious player in the Russian intel world. John Giduck consistently maintains in writings and podcasts that Kurkov was Putin’s boss at one time. Kurkov also happened to be one of the last Soviet era generals.

So, let me get the facts straight here…we have SGM Anderson with an amazingly stringent US Government clearance for access to fissionable materials introduced to high level Russian/Soviet intelligence officials (that included Putin’s old boss) by John Giduck. SGM Anderson sustained such relationships over time and even hosted such officials at his own house where photos were taken and bragged about by Joe Bail.

It’s not clear if these contacts occurred while SGM Anderson still had an active nuke clearance. One can only hope not because if they did occur while SGM Anderson had an actibe clearance and these contacts were not properly reported…that would be rather “problematic” at best. Oddly, neither SGM Anderson nor John Giduck are very specific about their timelines surrounding their friendship…so we can only speculate based on the facts at hand. These facts are as follows:

1) SGM Anderson spent 25 years in Special Forces and 10 years in the Department of Energy for a total of 35 years of service.

2) A timeline that includes 35 years of government service means that SGM Anderson likely held a high level clearance into the early 2000s.

3) SGM Anderson’s relationship with John Giduck began sometime before 2003. We know this because John Anderson was a founding member of Archangel which which was funded by seed capital from money provided via taxpayers of the state of Colorado through the John Giduck owned Community Resource Center half way house in 2003. Archangel  was a going concern in 2003 because John Giduck’s Russian adventure camp trips to Russia in August of 2003 were being sponsored under the Archangel name. It is unlikely that John Giduck funded a company with a guy that he barely knew – there likely had to be an existing friendship.

4) Such relationships between someone with a Department of Energy nuclear clearance and Russian intelligence officials would be viewed by most people as being suspicious at best.

SGM Anderson accompanied John Giduck to a particularly sensitive US Government facility in 2008. Both men brag about having gone to this facility in various promotional materials and podcasts done together. There statements remind me of the following quote:

“If you have to say you is, you ain’t”

– Satchel Paige

In fact, SGM Anderson says that he was never able to go to that particular facility during his time in Special Forces but was able to with John Giduck. Given that John Giduck only served in the US military for 58 days, one has to wonder if SGM Anderson’s prior nuclear clearance played a role in getting their brief visit approved in the first place. While John Giduck has no clearance and therefore may only have limited accountability for his statements, SGM Anderson having previously held a high level clearance clearly knows better than to “talk out of school” or allow others to. By doing so, SGM Anderson violated the spirit if not the letter of the rules around divulging certain information in my opinion. Of course, money generated by Archangel or other sources can be a powerful motivator to compromise integrity…just ask the Russians.

Note that there may be other people in John Giduck’s circle of friends that also may have hosted Russian intelligence officials in their homes or had other contact while demonstrably holding active US Government security clearances as well.One has to wonder if these contacts were properly reported as well.

If the intent is to seek out truth with regards to John Giduck, a reasonable person might believe that the truth includes shedding light on such contacts.


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