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In 2005, John Giduck warned us about something very important to him:

“however, law enforcement professionals must beware of some claiming to be Russian hand-to-hand experts. Few have had any substantial military training – with the exception of actual former Russian Spetsnaz commandos – or spent years living and training in that country. Over the years as the Russian System has become better known, I have come to realize that there are a large number of would-be practitioners who have reduced an excellent combat system to little more than graceful, choreographed movement that looks more like Chinese Wushu forms competitions, than it does the unarmed combat actually  trained and utilized by Russia’s elite warriors.”

Perhaps John Giduck was in actuality referring to this guy


For those that may be new to this site, the contention of this blog is three-fold. The three subjects that this website deals with on almost a daily basis can be summed up as follows:

Serious Integrity Questions Around John Giduck’s Research: Evidence suggests that there is a case for academic dishonesty against John Giduck as he could not possibly have arrived in Beslan when he claimed (currently 5 September 2004 but previously 3 Sept or 4 Sept depending on the source) making the “first hand” observations in his book, Terror At Beslan, while the siege was ongoing and the days afterwards nothing but pure fantasy.  Giduck received public money as compensation for seminars about his book.

– Serious Integrity Questions Around John Giduck’s Credentials: From 2005 until 2011 when he received a Ph.D., John Giduck claimed to be a counter terrorism “expert” without, as of yet as far as this author knows, ever producing a single shred of recognized terrorism academic credentials or counter-terrorism training, background, or experience. Giduck received public money as compensation for hands-on training related to his claimed credentials. Scrutiny in John Giduck’s background has only turned up attendance at some one week commercial style military camps in Russia and some week long  martial arts training trips as a tourist.  Worse yet, John Giduck allowed false statements about himself as being a Ranger and Special Forces to remain uncorrected for years on his own website and speaker bios (to his own benefit).

– Serious Integrity Questions Around John Giduck’s Past Activities And Associations: Strong evidence supports the idea that John Giduck, John “Andy” Anderson, and Chester PA’s Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail who works as an Archangel Group consultant have allegedly committed multiple acts at different points that appear to be against the law: ITAR violations in the Sudan/Russia, violations of the PA state ethics act, working with child soldiers, and violations of US FARA statutes.  John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson also seem to have a circle of friends that include high level Russian foreign intelligence operatives, previously convicted military members, and even John Giduck’s associations with people said to be involved with the bombing of a US Embassy. This isn’t even including John Giduck’s alleged sexual relationship with cop killer Donna Yaklich and John Giduck fleeing to West Virginia in 1993. John Giduck and Archangel Group compete for US Government contracts despite these known activities, friendships, consequences, and associations.

Umm…so how did I miss this gem by a strong supporter of John Giduck? Clearly, the time spent looking into John Giduck has been a complete waste of time!  Who knew? Here’s why:

Chester PA Police SWAT/Dive Team Leader  Ernest “Ernie” Manerchia has gone on the record to say that he can somehow “prove” John Giduck’s Russian and Military credentials. Here is what Ernest says:

I agree totally and I happen to be one of those that have beem [sic] there and can confirm Giducks claims with the Russians and the Military.

I too am prior Infantry and can provide proof of Giduck’s records of being just who he says he is. Care to talk?

Awesome.  So, in the spirit of the New Year, I’m going to give Ernie Manerchia the chance to do just that.  While Manerchia is a long time law enforcement officer that knows the meaning of the word, “proof”, his Amazon posts ramble on with the usual John Giduck non-specifics. In light of that, I will still only hold Ernie to the same standards to which I hold this blog in terms of proof – independently verifiable and recognized documents – and limit him to the following subjects:

1) Proof of John Giduck’s arrival in Beslan on 5 September 2004 or actually any time before 10 September 2004. As of this blog post, there isn’t a single shred of hard evidence anywhere that can demonstrate that John Giduck was in Beslan when he says. In fact, there is far more hard evidence showing that John Giduck could not have possibly been in Beslan before 10 September and a high probability that John Giduck wasn’t in Beslan at all during the first trip in September and stayed in Moscow the entire time.

2) Proof of any official military training by John Giduck with the Russian Army. Remember that John Giduck himself stated that he spent 18 years training with the Russians much of which was spent in Russian military uniforms. For instance, on pg 204 of Terror at Beslan, John Giduck also makes first hand observations about training with GRU commandos “on several occasions”. This shouldn’t be that hard to prove if John Giduck really spent that amount of time on Russian military bases.

3) Proof of any recognized military, law enforcement, or DHS counter terrorism or anti-terrorism credentials by John Giduck prior to 2011.  Ernie already likely knew like we all do now that the “VITYAZ antiterrorism training and operations certificate” that John Giduck used to highlight in his bio is the product of a commercial one week adventure camp (with trips sponsored by John Giduck’s own Archangel Group some years). That’s likely why John Giduck has dropped the VITYAZ nonsense from his speaker bios…and a CHS V certification is a broad certification that (from the website) can be awarded with only 2 years experience in any of the following areas: security, law enforcement, fire service, military, emergency management, cyber security, public health, hazardous materials, medical, or other related areas. In short, I’m wondering what Ernie could possibly show as “proof”.

4) An explanation of how false statements about being qualified as a US Army Ranger were allowed to remain in John Giduck’s speaker bios for years. Speaker bios are ALWAYS provided by the speaker for events and printed verbatim.  There are two speaker bios provided by John Giduck for different events in different years that clearly state that John Giduck is a Ranger. Additionally, there are many other written records of people leaving John Giduck training, conversations, and seminars consistently believing that he is qualified as a member of the US Army Special Forces. If john Giduck always says that he isn’t military, why do people from different events and seminars in different years write the same consistent story about John Giduck (SF, Officer, 10th Group)??  Address the Ranger bios separately from the SF observations as there is no doubt that the Ranger bios were provided by John Giduck.

I’ll post anything that meets the rules set out above posted under Ernie’s Amazon account within the next 7 days from this post. Ernie clearly states that he can prove any of John Giduck’s military or Russia claims so I’ve limited myself to those specific issues. Now, let’s see if Ernie is a man of integrity that honors his word.

Note that I wont post any long winded diatribe that goes on at length about how others on the Archangel payroll can confirm things about John Giduck or how asking for proof of a public figure’s own claims constitutes a “vendetta”.  There is already no shortage of those….or the lame excuses as to why you wont post them.  I also will p;oint out any attempt to post some small point as being proof of everything….you’ll need to post evidence in each area to alleviate those questions.

So this is where we are. Hard evidence…the same as I post here.  It should take Ernie and John about 5 minutes with a camera phone.  Put up or shut up.

Balls in your court, Ernie.

The longer that Dave Grossman remains silent about his curious business relationship with John Giduck, the less it appears that  LTC Dave Grossman has been an unwitting stooge for John Giduck’s apparent con game on taxpayers and law enforcement organizations since 2005. My opinion continues to solidify that Dave Grossman may be part of the false charade involving John Giduck’s circle of friends that is designed to convince law enforcement and military customers that John Giduck has done things that John Giduck hasn’t and been places that he  hasn’t.

“If I could tackle every American and make them read one book to help them understand the terrorist’s plan, it would be Terror at Beslan by John Giduck. Beslan was just a dress rehearsal for what they’re planning to do to the United States,”

LTC Dave Grossman

Since Dave Grossman seems to still believe the above quote, let’s look at the facts and evidence within the context of the events at Beslan. In this case, we’ll examine the factually incorrect foreward that Dave Grossman wrote for John Giduck for the book, Terror At Beslan.  Here is one of the relevant portions:


page 13, Terror At Beslan

The problem with Dave Grossman’s foreward is that so many key portions of it are factually untrue.

Let’s look at each portion in more detail.


This part of the John Giduck false legend makes me laugh the most. Dave Grossman starts off by making this ridiculous claim:

John Giduck was there.

If Dave Grossman means “Colorado” with the use of the word, “there”, then this statement might be true. Any insinuation that John Giduck has any sort of first hand observations about Beslan is intellectually dishonest. The conversations captured in Terror At Beslan that allude to ongoing tactical operations at Beslan while John Giduck was in Russia constitute academic dishonesty in my opinion. Grossman now has the facts – silence constitutes consent to such dishonesty.


LTC Grossman goes on to repeat another very carefully managed yet fabricated detail of the John Giduck false legend:

When he heard what was happening, he [John Giduck] bought a ticket and arrived at Beslan as the last mopping up operations were taking place.

John Giduck’s arrival at Beslan at the “conclusion of the battle” and “as the last mopping up operations were taking place” aren’t just a fantasy, they have been been shown to be outright lies which are unsupportable by John Giduck’s own timeline for the events as they unfolded.

What surprises me most here is that Dave Grossman trains law enforcement officers.  He knows the importance of timelines in establishing facts. Let’s look at some of the key elements of the timeline:

The time zone difference between Moscow and Colorado is 10-11 hours: Day one of the Beslan siege was likely nearing an end at the time that John Giduck may have first heard about what was going on.  John Giduck admits that he was in Colorado when he first heard about Beslan. When it’s 5pm in Moscow, it’s 6am in Colorado.

John Giduck had a visa issue: Russia tourist visas are issued for specific entry dates, specific exit dates, and specific locations. By his own admission made during a 2008 podcast, John Giduck meeded to have a visa issued.  Visas are only issued by the Russian Embassy in Wash. DC or one of the three Russian consulates in the US.  Receiving a visa from any of these locations would have required physical travel or FEDEX of documents between Colorado and the visa issuance location. Calls to the Russian has verified that the MINIMUM time for the issuance of a Russian tourist visa is measured in weeks.

Travel to Moscow from Colorado takes almost a full day:  The reality of logistics is an unforgiving mistress.  There is also only one flight per day from Moscow to the small town of Beslan (around noon daily).

The Belsan siege days of the week were from Wednesday through Friday:  This is important as you’ll see below.

Why John Giduck’s timeline (and Dave Grossman’s support of this false timeline) doesn’t work

if John Giduck heard about the events in Beslan when he first woke up at 6am, it was already 5pm in Moscow of Day One (wednesday). Accordingly to the book, Terror at Beslan, there were a set of conversations that took place around who to take to Moscow, etc. It is unlikely that these conversations took place at 6am so it was easily Thursday morning Russia time by the time that everyone was on-board and a plan was in place.  John Giduck still needed a visa so even if he hopped on a plane to San Francisco, went to the Russian consulate, and the consulate overnighted his visa, it would be Friday Russia time. John Giduck would have still had nearly a day’s flight to Russia.

According to John Giduck’s latest version of his timeline, John Giduck received his visa on 3 September 2004 within 24 hours of his application and arrived in Beslan on 5 Sept 2005.  According to the Russian consulate, this is highly improbable. If John Giduck didn’t receive the visa on that Friday, the earliest that he could have received the visa is Monday, 6 September.

READ MORE: John Giduck Clings To Flawed & Improbable 5 September 2004 Beslan Arrival

My theory based on the available information is that John Giduck didn’t travel to Russia until sometime after 13 September 2004. Amazingly, there is some evidence in the book, Terror at Beslan, that supports this timeframe for travel.  John Giduck establishes that he spent ten days in Russia on his first trip…

By the time that I arrived back in the United States from the siege, some ten days after it ended,…

page 178, Terror At Beslan

and then John Giduck seems to forget this lie later in the book by saying that he actually returned to the US in “late September 2004”

As I was leaving Moscow for home in late September 2004, …

page 232, Terror At Beslan

Fortunately for seekers of the truth, self published books like Terror at Beslan generally don’t have professional editors reviewing the text.  This means that such errors as the above generally aren’t caught.

I also believe that John Giduck only went to Moscow during the initial 10 day trip.  I don’t believe that John Giduck arrived in Beslan itself until his trip on November 2004.  This corresponds to dates of  the first photos of John Giduck i front of the Beslan school.

Dave Grossman goes on to say..

One purpose of this book is to record and remember

I agree.  I just don’t believe that LTC Grossman knew just what this book would ultimately record. Basic facts about the events at Beslan are incorrect. My belief is that this is likely due to John Giduck holding conversations in Moscow with third parties privy only to second hand information about events in Beslan.

Is Dave Grossman part of the circle of charlatans like John “Andy” Anderson, MSG Jim Hetrick, Chester PA Police Commissioner Joe Bail, and others sent to convince you with false facts that John Giduck is who he says that he is because THEY say so?  In the absence of a response by Dave Grossman, read the facts above and make the decision for yourself.


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POW Network listed military faker John Giduck makes claims to be a world class tactical trainer of law enforcement and special operations military units.  However, when we examine John Giduck fight against SOCNET, we can see that John Giduck doesn’t have the understanding or tactical tools to wage a successful campaign in his own interest. A reasonable person might ask, “if John Giduck can’t do be successful in his own interest, why would anyone hire him or his company, Archangel Group to teach his failed idea of tactics to their organization?”


This blog post will examine the failures of John Giduck’s tactical approach. In short, we’ll show why John Giduck couldn’t lead ants to a picnic.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Special Edition

Today, we’ll look specifically at John Giduck’s inability to know himself.  Later this week, we’ll look at John Giduck’s complete lack of understanding of his “enemy”. If you understand Sun Tzu, you’ll know the outcome was in a sense, pre-determined.


For all of his bravado while railing against special forces soldiers (who by the way were his own clients) and all of the bravado that the handful of John Giduck’s supporters showed bravely through their anonymous participation on John Giduck’s mouthpiece website, John Giduck forgot, overlooked, or failed to consider his own weaknesses and areas of exposure.   This is a critical tactical error and one so fundamental that it can’t be chalked up to “being a simple mistake”

The slightest scrutiny of John Giduck reveals huge problems with his background for which John Giduck has never accounted for.  It’s like John Giduck went into battle without ever completing a self examination of his own capabilities and weaknesses and then just threw himself headlong into a frontal assault.  Is this the approach that you want for your org?

Let’s look at just some of the examples which John Giduck failed to consider.

Basic Training:  This weakness was purely John Giduck’s and was only brought to light as a result of John Giduck’s persistence in pursuing SOCNET.  I’d call John Giduck serving only 58 days in the US Army a weakness if someone is claiming to be a tactical trainer.  Clearly, this was a skeleton in John Giduck’s closet that perhaps only the members of his closest circle.  My opinion is that John Giduck never expected this whole hole in his false “spooky Russian trained Special Operation tough guy” legend to come to light and never had a plan to deal with the issue when it did.  We read about chest colds, broken bones, and other excuses from John Giduck, his mouthpiece site, and even John Giduck’s alleged online alter-ego, but none of these account for the reality of Basic Training. John Giduck isn’t the only person to ever get sick or even break a bone in Basic Training.  Almost everyone who has goes on to graduate…perhaps in a different class but it isn’t “normal” to be processed out for such ailments. John Giduck could have simply posted his proof and the issue likely would have died…but he didn’t.  This was a tactical error.

Evidence of Alleged Criminal Activity: John Giduck and his circle of friends like to toot their own horns and brag about their overseas training in places like the Sudan. The problem is that much of John Giduck’s and Andy Anderson’s  training can be shown to violate ITAR statutes and other US Federal laws. Think this doesn’t matter?  It apparently does to the US Government.  Then there are the problems and conflicts of interest in Chester, PA between Police Commissioner Joseph Bail and John Giduck. In what appears to the ordinary person as a more than a bit of “quid pro quo”, we have a serving public official (Joe Bail) accepting $20,000 gifts from a private contractor (John Giduck) for whom he worked as a consultant.  Throwing stones while in a glass house isn’t the best tactical approach in the world.

Multiple Timeline Issues: Timelines tend to be very important to law enforcement officers. Whether it’s John Giduck’s arrival in Beslan, time training with Spetsnaz, or John Giduck’s “years” of claimed terrorist hostage negotiations, John Giduck demonstrated that he has no qualms about lying about his timelines even when faced with evidence to the contrary. John Giduck can be placed in the US during much of this time and there is significant evidence that much of his “training” and “tactical experience” is primarily the result of one week commercial military style adventure camps with a resulting “certificate” in VITYAZ anti-terror training and operations.   Almost none of John Giduck’s training or operational timelines work given John Giduck’s biographical claims from 2001. Clearly when considering his own weaknesses, John Giduck apparently never considered certain things like that someone might question his VITYAZ certification which was really John Giduck’s only terrorism “credential” from 2005 until he received his PhD in 2011.  Other than that, he wrote a book and took some vacations.

Youtube Videos: If John Giduck’s background wasn’t laughable enough, the youtube videos that he posted of his fighting “prowess” and shovel twirling skills only showed that John Giduck has no idea about real world combat – hand to hand or otherwise. I’ve seen more realistic fight scenes while watching the Jets fight the Sharks in West Side Story. Watching an out-of-shape, barrel bellied guy talk out-of-breath while twirling a shovel like high school pom pom majorette did nothing to help John Giduck’s credibility with people involved in real tactical operations.

High Level Foreign Intelligence Contacts: Russian intelligence isn’t a friend to either the US military or US law enforcement.  They want information from both. Yet John Giduck boosts about such officials  coming to his house to party with close friends holding high level US Government security clearances. There are claims and photographic evidence of such activities. Claiming that such activities shouldn’t be reported was a huge tactical error and raises more questions about why John Giduck wouldn’t want such things reported.  Oh, and as pro bono attorney for a Special operations veterans association only helped build the case that John Giduck could have been working for the Russians for years. There is strong evidence that John Giduck may have a stronger allegiance for Russian soldiers than US soldiers.  Is this the type of person that, after leaving false claims uncorrected that John Giduck holds our nation’s highest security clearance,  should be sniffing around your organization?

Evidence That John Giduck Said That He Was SF: There are no shortage of organizations and people with whom John Giduck had professional relationships that later published on the internet that John Giduck was Special Forces. These “misunderstandings” spanned years and all seem very favorable to John Giduck’s legend. All have a common demoninator – John Giduck. Meanwhile, John Giduck could sheepishly claim that he knew nothing of such claims. That said, during the same timeframe, John Giduck through his horse holders appear to have been aggressively attacking anyone on the internet that published what John Giduck believed to be negative information about himself. John Giduck believed that people wouldn’t see this dichotomy once pointed out.  They did.

Donna Yaklich: John Giduck trains cops yet has an intimate history with a cop killer (or more specifically, someone who hired some men to kill her husband who was serving as an undercover police officer).  If that isn’t a weakness in a resume, I don’t know what is. Again, this a weakness of John Giduck’s own choices that was only exposed as John Giduck became more rabid in his attacks. Like his 58 days in the Army, John Giduck appears to have had no plan to deal with the Donna Yaklich issue except to issue some statement on his mouthpiece site that are completely unsupported in evidence (police say that the coroner found no evidence of steroids in Dennis Yaklich’s body, etc.)  It isn’t hard to make the point that John Giduck has made many poor decisions in his life that could easily impact his professional life later on when one accounts for Donna Yaklich and John Giduck subsequently fleeing to West Virginia afterwards.

Part 2 will look at John Giduck’s complete lack of understanding of the Special Forces community.  Sun Tzu was right..and John Giduck continues to prove his point.


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Poor John Giduck.  the internet continues to belch the unhappy truths about his twisted life. This one provides more detail on how John Giduck’s responds to fear, uncomfortable questions, or perhaps even requests to explain his personal and professional conduct as a lawyer.

Some of us were serving our country in 1993 as either military members or as sworn law enforcement officers.

What was John Giduck doing in 1993?  According to one newspaper, John Giduck was fleeing.

Source:  Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph – Wednesday, December 22, 1993, Colorado Springs, Colorado

On a side note, note that Donna Yaklich’s original stories were not that she was abused…as John Giduck likes to claim. John Giduck was Donna Yaklich’s defense attorney that was, as Giduck claims, “helping her” during what the 1993 article describes as a romantic interlude before the trial.  Note from the same article that Yaklich’s  initial excuses has all of the trademarks of John Giduck’s own defense – deny, be presented with new evidence, transition to a new story, and attack.

But I digress….

The article uses the word, “fled”.  Fled is a strong word.  Fleeing can mean either “evading apprehension” or “running away out of fear”.  Should we really be expending tax dollars on an anti-terrorism “expert” that has done so for either reason?  I guess that John Giduck decided to leave that tidbit out of his presentations and speaker bios.

Not sure what excuse John Giduck will have to try to spin this to law enforcement professionals and conference organizers.  Is there an honorable reason why someone would need to flee?


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Below are nine amazing similarities between John Giduck and Obama. They are a lot more similar than many might believe.

1) Both John Giduck and Obama achieved their current positions with an astonishing lack of prior experience and credentials: prior to 2011 when John received a PhD related to terrorism, the only credentials related to counter-terrorism or anti-terrorism that John Giduck had listed in his bio was a claim to be VITYAZ-certified which seems to have originated from a civilian military style adventure camp promoted by John Giduck’s own companies and a level 5 certificate in Homeland security which apparently can be gained by writing a check.

2) Both John Giduck and Obama have staff and influential supporters that positively spin their accomplishments and negatively spin information critical of them: John Giduck like Obama uses the usual suspects (Bail, Anderson, Grossman, Thor, Hetrick, etc.) who, not surprisingly, all seem to have a hand in the Archangel group till or are involved in the book selling business (writing forewards, selling books at shows, etc.).  Many of these supporters know the truth about John Giduck but choose  or prefer to not mention it to you, their potential clients, in order to sell you something.  Rachael Maddow seems more manly than anyone in John Giduck’s circle though.

3) Both John Giduck and Obama have built their power base by aiming at the lowest common denominator: arming school resource officers with body armor and machine guns? Sending fireman into terrorist held buildings armed only with fire hoses? Empire builders and people without tactical backgrounds seem to eat that kind of ego boosting stuff up even when the tactical rationale is just plain stupid.

4) Both John Giduck and Obama seem to believe in “redistribution”: The only difference is that John Giduck wants to redistribute tax money to Archangel Group to be further redistributed to his circle of friends.
5) Both John Giduck and Obama always look for the easy photo-op to influence you: John Giduck must have been spetsnaz because he has the photos to prove it, right? No matter that they were taken at a summer camp or if they were taken in the Sudan doing what women participating in religious based trips do every day.

6) Both John Giduck and Obama want YOU to be dependent on them and the programs that they create:  John Giduck has proposed “solutions” requiring likely billions of dollars of US Government funding. All John Giduck needs now is the “Giduck phone” that dials back to Russian intelligence agencies.

7) Both John Giduck and Obama have uncomfortable questions always swirling around them about their true allegiances: John Giduck’s problem is that is his activities support many of the concerns about his allegiances (ongoing friendships with senior Russian intelligence officials, blurring out photos and using pseudonyms for Russian intel officials while exposing the personal information of multiple U.S. Special Forces soldiers, etc.)

8) Both John Giduck and Obama maintain strong ties in communities known for high levels of corruption:  Chicago is only a bigger version of Chester PA

9) Both John Giduck and Obama use the military in their own self-interest: John Giduck used the military when it suited him….contracts, allowing false claims of service to create a military legend for him, etc….but where are his donations to charitable military organizations that aren’t run by friends of his? He claims 100 events per year and cant find time to write a check to any of the real charities?  nice….tell me again how much he respects and cares about the military that so unceremoniously gave him the boot after 58 days?

“Spineless”, “indecisive”, “empty suit”, and “poor strategist” seem to all fit as well.  However, my lawyer(s) frowned at my examples to support those so I won’t use them.  If you can think of other similarities, post them as a comment.

Edited to add from a comment that the poster asked not to attribute: “From last night’s debate performance, it looks like Giduck shares the habit of having his minions blame others for his own shortcomings.”

Some ways that they aren’t similar?  Obama doesn’t claim any tactical background or have a big gut.


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John Giduck: “Years of Experience In Terrorist Hostage Negotiations”?

The evidence is mounting that POW Network listed military poser John Giduck and Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph Bail engaged in some fairly odd and legally questionable behavior in 2007. Why is this important?  The Chester Pennsylvania City Council might find this very interesting as they struggle with Mayor Linder in court as to who can hire and fire the Chester Police Commissioner position currently occupied by Joe Bail. The City Council needs to know this…and take appropriate action.

Before we start this story, we want to send a shout out the guys that do the real work on the Chester PA police force who we’ve heard all read this blog. You guys ROCK!  Too bad that you lions are being led by a lamb who is more interested in using you than leading you.

we told you before that we have a lot of information about Joe Bail’s odd relationships with john Giduck that raise serious questions.  We have quite a few more articles to publish that are even more scathing than this one. Let’s get started.

Here is what this blog post will demonstrate:

– Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail entered into a 2007 contract with John Giduck’s Archangel Group that resulted in a gift to a team commanded by Joe Bail that exceeded the $500 limit provided by PA State law for public employees working with any outside businesses.

– The timeline for Joseph Bail’s consulting activities in 2007 clearly supports a case for the “gift” provided to Chester PA actually being an honorarium for Joe Bail’s participation in a published work while moonlighting as a consultant for Archangel Group.

Let’s walk together through the evidence….

Joe Bail Consults With Archangel Group While A Serving PA Public Official

Joe Bail worked as a consultant with John Giduck’s Archangel Group in 2007 on a project involving the investigation of the Virginia Tech shooting.  The highlights are noted in Archangel Group’s own documents:  (page 5)

So, in 2007, Joe Bail was a currently serving police official in Chester PA, worked on the dive team among myriad other oversight responsibilities, and made every trip to VA Tech/Blacksburg in 2007. The results of Joe Bail’s consulting efforts are contained in a number of publications and studies, including the book, “Shooter Down!” co-authored by John Giduck and Joe Bail.

John Giduck and Archangel Group spelled out how expenses were handled.  (page 7)

So, we’ll give Archangel Group the benefit of the doubt here and assume that a professional state attorney or federal investigator would find that Joe Bail covered his own expenses and worked without compensation solely out of the goodness of his heart.  Awww…..

Timeline Supports That Joe Bail Entered Into An Illegal $20,000+ Contract

Here is the timeline in question:

– 16 April 2007:  Virginia Tech shootings occur.

– 17/18 April 2007: First Archangel trip occurs.  As noted above in Archangel documents, Joe Bail “made every trip” so it is reasonable to assume that he made this trip.

– 8 May 2007: Archangel Group’s Preliminary report about Virginia Tech shootings are released.  Capt Joe Bail, Chester (PA) Police Department participated in the report.

30 August 2007: initial deadline for completion of the final Archangel Group Virginia Tech report

The above details are confirmed in the following Delco Times article:

Bail and his colleagues, Aston native John Giduck, a senior consultant and instructor with the Archangel Group, and Chris Hayes, a SWAT team leader from Orange County, Calif., were on the Blacksburg, Va., campus for about a week. They talked to students, faculty members, state and local law enforcement officers, members of the emergency responding crews and townspeople in an attempt to get an unbiased account of what happened at Virginia Tech.

The group is putting together a report that will be made available to police organizations across the country, such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Fraternal Order of Police.

Certain details of the report, which should be completed by August, will be made public. But for obvious reasons, the tactical details will not.

– 9 October 2007:  John Giduck’s Archangel Group “gifts” a $20,784 Zodiac dive boat to the City of Chester Police Dive Team.  Police Captain Joseph Bail commands the Chester PA Police Dive team. (see Joe Bail bio screen capture posted above).  The below captured documents the gift by the John Giduck owned non-profit doing business as “Archangel Group” as part of their public domain IRS filings as a non-profit.  (page 17)

note that the “Foreign Threat Assessment Center” does business as Archangel Group and, as proof, the  above document was signed by John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson.  (page 9)

The usual suspects participated in this action  – Giduck, Bail, and Anderson. Here you were thinking that Joe Bail was working out of the goodness of his heart. Right? Perhaps our usual suspects thought that no one would notice the connection.  Someone did.

– 18 November 2007:  Delco Times prints an article that attributes the gift of the zodiac boat to Archangel Group due to Joe Bail’s “efforts”:

Now, thanks to the Archangel Group, a nonprofit organization that provides security and anti-terror training, and a number of other key players, Chester police have a new tool in their arsenal  a brand new Zodiac Pro 9 boat, a version of the assault craft used by the Navy Seals. [sic]

Out of all the agencies there around the area I grew up in, Chester is one that I think is one of the most forward-thinking, certainly with regards to SWAT commanders and dive team leaders, said John Giduck, a Sun Valley High School graduate and founder of the Archangel Group.

Giduck, who has trained Chester officers, saw a need in the city and convinced Archangel’s board to deviate from its policy and pick up the tab for the Zodiac.

Part of our goal is to support the law-enforcement agencies we work with, said Giduck, who provides training across the U.S. and throughout the world. Very few departments in the country have tactical waterborne capability. Many have dive teams that are search-and-recovery teams. But through Capt. Bail, Chester is making an effort to develop true waterborne capability.

Note how John Giduck conveniently omits that Joe Bail had just finished working a consulting contract “with no reimbursement” just two months prior to the gift.

The Immoral Actions And Clear Conflicts of Interest on The Part of Police Commissioner Joseph Bail

Let’s look at how the Pennsylvania State Ethics Act looks at the above consulting and resulting $20,000 “gift”.

 “Honorarium.”  Payment made in recognition of published works, appearances, speeches and presentations and which is not intended as consideration for the value of such services which are nonpublic occupational or professional in nature. The term does not include tokens presented or provided which are of de minimis economic impact.

“Contract.”  An agreement or arrangement for the acquisition, use or disposal by the Commonwealth or a political subdivision of consulting or other services or of supplies, materials, equipment, land or other personal or real property. The term shall not mean an agreement or arrangement between the State or political subdivision as one party and a public official or public employee as the other party, concerning his expense, reimbursement, salary, wage, retirement or other benefit, tenure or other matters in consideration of his current public employment with the Commonwealth or a political subdivision.

§ 1103.  Restricted activities

(d)    Honorarium.–No public official or public employee shall accept an honorarium.

(f)    Contract.–No public official or public employee or his spouse or child or any business in which the person or his spouse or child is associated shall enter into any contract valued at $500 or more with the governmental body with which the public official or public employee is associated or any subcontract valued at $500 or more with any person who has been awarded a contract with the governmental body with which the public official or public employee is associated, unless the contract has been awarded through an open and public process, including prior public notice and subsequent public disclosure of all proposals considered and contracts awarded. In such a case, the public official or public employee shall not have any supervisory or overall responsibility for the implementation or administration of the contract. Any contract or subcontract made in violation of this subsection shall be voidable by a court of competent jurisdiction if the suit is commenced within 90 days of the making of the contract or subcontract.

Key Points

– Then-Capt. Bail’s consulting with Archangel Group resulted in the publication of a published work (see “honorarium” definition and restricted activity clause)

– There was clearly an agreement between Joe Bail and Archangel Group for the acquisition and use of the $20,000 Zodiac boat by the City of Chester Dive Team commanded by then Capt. Joseph Bail. If there wasn’t an agreement, how did the $20,000 zodiac boat from Archangel show up on Joe Bail’s dive team?

– Chester PA Police Capt. Joseph Bail entered into a contract valued at more than $500 (actually in the amount of $20,000) with Archangel Group which is a business that Joe Bail was involved with while a public employee.

– This points to a clear violation of ethics rules in place in the State of Pennsylvania and applies to local municipalities such as Chester.

How Can You Help?

Are you in Chester?  You should be on the phone right now to your city council.  Send them here to examine the evidence on their own.

I also believe that these Joseph Bail’s activities warrant further investigation by the Pennsylvania State Attorney’s Office.

How To Contact The State Attorney General

Mailing Address:
Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General
16th Floor, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120


or we can just let Joe Bail get away with what appears to be a clear violation of PA law. The press should jump all over this one.


Joseph Bail Likely Knew John Giduck Did Not Complete Basic Training

Is John Giduck’s Relationship With Joe Bail Creating Problems In Chester PA?

Have John Giduck And Joseph Bail Violated The PA State Ethics Act?

I’ll admit to knowing a lot about John Giduck. He’s a public figure and I like to follow the things that he’s published and consented to be published about him.  These include his seminar bios. I like John Giduck if only because of the relentless redefinition of words like “truth”, “honor”, “lies” and integrity that he and his horse holders have waged.  While writing another post in which I misspelled one of the words in Russian, it dawned on me that I had not seen any of John Giduck’s biographies online with spelling errors…only factual errors. So, this post digs into some of John Giduck’s bios and demonstrates that all of the factual errors contained therein benefit John Giduck in some way.

John Giduck wants us to believe that he had nothing to do with the publication of seminar bios that clearly state that he was a former Ranger or Special Forces.   Some of these errors date from as early as 2005.  With respect to these errors, John Giduck’s mouthpiece site said the following in a socnetlies post:

Further, at all his speaking engagements, [John Giduck] goes out of his way to clarify that he does not have a military background. This has been verified by numerious [sic] people who have attended his presentations.

– source: SOCNETLies dated 14 Feb 2012

You’ll see how far John Giduck goes to “clarify” at ALL of his events that he has no military background in the examples below.  You decide if he does or not.

Because all events ask speakers for bios and publish the bios without changes, the open questions are as follows:

– Why would an event organizer add false information to a speaker bio?

– Why would John Giduck, a obviously detail oriented lawyer who seems to manage to scan and to remove all negative information, not review and correct those incorrect bios particularly after the first factual errors were published?

My opinion is that John Giduck had both motive and opportunity to use his speaker bios to mislead law enforcement, military members, and the public even at events that were funded by tax dollars. This is confirmed by the common theme of factual errors that only benefit John Giduck’s false legend – there are no negative factual errors.

Let’s look at some examples.

In May 2006, the Hamilton County Association of Chiefs of Police published the following seminar bio that falsely listed John Giduck as a former “Army Ranger”:

“Presented by: John Giduck, MA, JD, former Army Ranger, and president of the Archangel Anti-Terror Group, is a recognized international terrorism expert and author of Terror at Beslan: A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America & Yuri Ferdigalov, a decorated war veteran of the elite Soviet GRU Spetsnaz.”

and six months later in November 2006, the following bio was published;

“John Giduck MBA, JD, former Army Ranger and Yuri Ferdigalov, former Russian Special Forces veteran were called to Beslan, as consultants, days after the terrorists occupied the school and before the counter assault began. They have a compelling story for American schools and safety forces.

cached version:,138b7b5e&icp=1&.intl=us&sig=pV8pAqywVkDmGABbCUrKkw–

Now, let’s look at the commonalities

– Both clearly and falsely state that John Giduck is a former Army Ranger. This false information clearly benefits John Giduck in selling services to local, state, and federal government organizations using a background story and credentials that he never earned.

– Both bios spell “Ferdigalov” correctly.  I still can’t spell Yuri’s last name correctly without referencing it.  What materials did these two conferences reference to ensure that the spelling was correct and who provided those materials?

– MBA vs. MA: both bios oddly include the educational degrees in the same format right after John Giduck’s name. Note that this error is the only non-beneficial common factual error in ANY of his seminar bios online (some bios also say “MS”).  In my opinion, this is likely a simple transcription error from another written source.

Let look at another example.

“The Colorado Springs Police Department, the Canon City Police Department and the Central Mountain Foundation invite the public to attend a one-day seminar presentation on the terrorist seizure of Russia’s Beslan Middle School. Mr. John Giduck, a former 10th Special Forces Group member and an international Anti-Terror School instructor will discuss the terrorist-hostage siege at Beslan Middle School, where more than 300 people were murdered.

This bio was published in November 2005 and remains uncorrected as of this blog post in 2012.  Again, John Giduck wants us to believe that he did not provide the incorrect information or consent to the information that was published. This example is notable for the level of detail that is not only included but matches other biographical information that John Giduck had either provided or consented to.

– In 2005, the details of Beslan were essentially unknown in the U.S.  If John giduck didn’t provide this speaker bio, a reasonable person might simply include “Russia’s Beslan school”. But that’s not what is here: “Beslan Middle School” is included here.  If John Giduck did not write this bio, who would know to include this detail?

– John Giduck isn’t just described as being a civilian contractor to Special Forces or member of Special Forces. Oddly, John Giduck is very specifically mentioned as being a member of 10th Special Forces Group. If that detail was not included in a bio provided by John Giduck, who (other than John Giduck himself) would have motive to include that odd and incorrect detail?

John Giduck supporter and disgraced founding member of SEAL Team 6 puts things in perspective about the level of control around dissemination of information within Archangel Group: (bold emphasis is mine)

John Giduck and the Archangel “team” does not publish anything nor teach anything without first consulting close “advisors” who were experts in their fields and combat veterans.

The positive here is that, like Frank Borelli’s original post claiming that John Giduck was special forces qualified, the participants who were involved in the development of the speaker bios shown here as examples as well as the countless others can be summoned to court and deposed as part of John Giduck’s own lawsuit.  All that deposition will be in the public record for you to see.

This has been a long post but I’ll leave you with the very fitting words of Archangel Group consultant Joseph Bail who seems to also be moonlighting as Chester Pennsylvania’s Police Commissioner and recipient of John Giduck’s non-profit largesse:

The amazing thing about America is that Freedom of the Press also means the freedom to bullshit and the ability to misinform the public.

My opinion is that Joe Bail has never said more true words when used in the context of John Giduck and Archangel Group’s approach to doing business.


John Giduck Was (Not) Special Forces To The Eugene Oregon Police

John Giduck Did (Not) Tell FEMA That He Was Former Special Forces

John Giduck And Paid Russian Adventure Camps – Part 4

Have John Giduck And Joseph Bail Violated The PA State Ethics Act?

Poor John Giduck.  More information keeps coming to light that raises questions about if he and his fellow Archangel Group consultants misled and continue to mislead law enforcement, military, and homeland security professionals about John Giduck’s actual background and lack of operational credentials. Given the money that Giduck, Bail, Anderson, and company were collectively earning (or receiving as “like kind gifts” such as new $20,000 Zodiac boats), they have had more than enough motive and opportunity to mislead everyone about John Giduck’s credentials and…err..shortcomings.

Let’s look how Joe Bail misled all of us.  What follows is an excerpt from an article written by Chester Pennsylvania Police Commissioner Joseph Bail and posted on the Archangel Group’s own website: (bold text is mine)

For all of these reasons, virtually everything in the Washington Monthly article fails. Its targets are experienced, credentialed, honest, committed Americans providing much needed training to American law enforcement. The authors failed to destroy the reputations of the people they targeted. And the facts, as they state them, are false, or skewed to create false impressions.

In the same article, Joe Bail neither makes mentions of nor adds commentary to a direct quote by John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson (co-founder of Archangel Group) discussing John Giduck’s military background:

This is probably due to the fact that he [John Giduck] does not come from a military background.

Anderson either lied in that quote or performed no due dilence on his business partner’s claims. John Giduck’s easily obtained official military records can be found here. My opinion is that Anderson lied and we’ll cover the details of this seemingly persistent lie in a future blog post. But Joe Bail admits elsewhere in July 2011 that he [Joe Bail] knew that John Giduck spent time in the military:

Nevertheless, he is an expert, and a world class one at that. He [John Giduck] may not have spent any lengthy time in the U.S. military, but I know first hand of his exposure to the special forces of numerous other countries and what he has learned from them.

This raises the question of the value of being “cool by association”.  We know that John Giduck for whatever reason could not gut out US Army basic training.  Does teaching a singularly focused topic such as hand-to-hand or the details of an incident in Russia raise one’s credentials to being an “operator”, “credentialed”, or “experienced”?  Likely not.  And, sadly, Joseph Bail as a 40 year law enforcement professional would have known that he’s being “less than honest” with his use of words here. 

So, Joe Bail clearly knew that John Giduck spent time in the military and clearly knew it wasn’t “lengthy”.  John Giduck and Joe Bail had been friends for at least 10 years at that point so they must have shared the basic training failure story over a beer.

Remember that Joe Bail was working for Archangel Group as a consultant, and had even received a new $20,000 Zodiac as a “charitable donation” (my opinion: payment for services that needed to be obfuscated for some reason).  Joe Bail has motive and opportunity to mislead you for his own personal gain or that of his department.

Below is the John Giduck signed IRS Form 990 entry for that transaction:

from Archangel’s 2007 IRS Form 990 found at

One has to wonder just how honest and committed Joseph Bail is given the above.


Have John Giduck And Joseph Bail Violated The PA State Ethics Act?

How John Giduck And Chester PA’s Joseph Bail Mislead You: Counter terrorism Credentials

Commissioner Joseph Bail’s Own “Terror At Beslan” Fact Finding Timeline Issues

Joseph Bail’s Inaccurate Work While Consulting For Archangel Group In Mumbai

Many organizations have been asking questions about John Giduck and Archangel Group for many years….

This post from November 2005 asks a very intriguing question given that John Giduck had claimed non-profit status for Archangel Group beginning in 2003. You can click on the image above to see a full sized version.  Note that the post is from 21 Nov 2005.

Note that the claimed non profit status of Archangel Group is as fuzzy as the biographical details of John Giduck. John Giduck appears to have changed the status to “for profit” as their required non-profit IRS form 990s end in 2008. but as an example of the problem, Archangel Group consultant Joseph Bail who apparently moonlights as the Police Commissioner for Chester, PA still has Archangel Group listed as a non-profit in his revised official bio that was re-written and reposted online in 2012.

As a consultant to the Archangel Group, a non-profit organization specializing in police and military unit training in anti-terror operations,

Accuracy of information has apparently never been a strong suit of Archangel Group or their consultants.  That said, apparently in return for serving as a consultant for Archangel Group, Chester PA did receive a new zodiac boat courtesy of the same John Giduck owned non-profit valued at $20,000 (click the image to see a very clear copy)

from Archangel’s 2007 IRS Form 990 found at

Was this an attempt to get around the Pennsylvania State Ethics act, another case of political quid pro quo for archangel contracts with the city of Chester, or a legitimate use of a non-profit’s funds?  In my opinion, it sure smells funny.