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Trust Degrata Tactical that John Giduck is the “real deal”.


As with most john Giduck supporters, note that they want to sell you something associated with john Giduck.  I wonder if Degrata Tactical is as willing to support John Giduck in 2013 after he won the recent Stolen Valor championship against a field of over 60 phony military fakers.

My opinion is that you should seriously reconsider giving any money to idiots that can’t or don’t want to believe the mountain of evidence that clearly shows that John Giduck is anything but the real deal.  I’d worry more that these guys don’t seem to have the expertise to quickly discern real from fake but want to train you.


John Giduck Lies: “I Was At Beslan”

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John Giduck And His Legendary Special Forces Certificate of Appreciation


From the ThisAintHell military blog, John Giduck won his first round against fellow military faker Tony Tusso .  The voting ended at  61%-38%.

Results are here:

Next round, John Giduck has a tougher challenge against Stolen Valor hero Armine Annunziato.  Here is what one commenter has already posted:

Combat Historian Says:
June 14th, 2013 at 11:18 am

North Regional dark horse action: Gidduck versus Annunziato, both are assholes supreme, with Gidduck bullying real SOF operators and Carmine ripping off real GIs with his surplus fraud. This Round 2 secondary action will be a fun one to watch…

John Giduck can win the 2013 Stolen Valor tournament given his history and claims.  Help make him famous.

The Facts

John Giduck has a Certificate of Appreciation from a US Army Special Forces unit.


What John Giduck Wants You To Believe

John Giduck proudly flaunts his certificate of appreciation from the US Army Special Forces. It’s on his website and referenced in his speaker bios. John Giduck wants you to believe that receiving such a certificate is some special kind of award for his tactical prowess or some such.

The Reality

Such certificates aren’t anything special. In fact, such certificates are routinely given to hotels and rental car agencies and apparently even wedding dress shops.  This lady below has one for her shop from the same battalion and SF group as John Giduck.  Obviously, they really must be given only to the most bleary eyed and barrel bellied steely eyed and barrel chested individuals around.

At her store’s other location on High Street Tuesday morning, Stanbro proudly showed her certificate of appreciation from the 2nd Battalion 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), framed in gold.

Apparently, you can also help with a Jingle-Bell Jog and get a Certificate of Appreciation from a Special Forces unit

A certificate of appreciation was received from 7th Special Forces Group for the C4 support of the Jingle-Bell Jog in December.

This hotel has apparently has a genuine certificate of appreciation from a real Special Forces unit as well:  as does this one…from the 10th Special Forces  Group (Airborne) unit as John Giduck has

[H]e also had a chain of hotels rented out to US special forces teams, who until last year, were training troops in Gao as part of a counter-terrorism strategy.

“All of my properties were burned down and I lost about £500,000,” said Mr Diallo, whose office wall in Bamako bears a “certificate of appreciation” from 1st Bn, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne).

here’s another hotel that apparently has at least one

At our hotel in Duhok, the Jiyan, a framed certificate of appreciation displayed in the lobby was given to the hotel for cooperation with various US armed forces groups

Apparently, selling lake resort properties is also enough to warrant such a certificate

A Certificate of Appreciation for Unwavering Support to the Soldiers of the Department of the Army, Task Force 31, Desert Eagles, 1st battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) was presented to The Lake Resort Properties, LLC.

So the next time that John Giduck boasts about his 10th SFG certificate, know that he stands in good company with his peers…a dress shop, resort sales company, and a dude who had his properties burned down.

John Giduck loves to try to convince you that his tangential contact with members of US Special Forces and Russian Spetsnaz are really something more than they are.  In this case, John Giduck achieved what a lady with a dress shop.  Big whoop.

Anyone who served in the US military for more than 58 days (that’d be almost everyone that has ever enlisted but you, John Giduck)  knows that such certificates have a value but only as a thank you for a wide range of routine services. Given his positioning of this certifcate as something noteworthy, John Giduck is always good for a laugh.

Unfortunately the laughs are directed at John Giduck and not with him.


How John Giduck Misleads You: Spreading Lies Through Others

John Giduck, Chechnya, Bombings, Dead Cops, And Boston

New Evidence Disputes John Giduck’s Beslan School Observations As Lies

John Giduck’s Ties To A Group That May Have Bombed A US Embassy

John Giduck is at it again.  This time, John Giduck has presented a false biography to the Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas. Why an academic institution would be open to a speaker with such a demonstrable history of falsehoods and lies is inexplicable.


Sent by email through some mutual friends

John Giduck is now scheduled to appear at the Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS. on August 16, 2013:    

Here is a description of the course that he is offering:     

Here is the biography that the community college posted for him. It flat-out lies and claims that he is a “lifetime member of the Special Operations Association:

My, my…..let’s take a look at that bio in detail in a second. First, let’s remind readers that the factual details and academic integrity of both John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan, and Archangel group’s research in the Mumbai Massacres have been thoroughly refuted. Even the Russians have disputed Giduck’s basic facts of the siege.

Russian Experts Claim Terror At Beslan Inaccuracies – Part 1

For Mumbai, this blog has found glaring errors in Giduck’s Mumbai research.  interestingly, these glaring errors are shared by a single report published in India which any reasonable person would agree was likely the single sole source of information for Archangel Group’s writings (see Did Joseph Bail Cherrypick Flawed Mumbai Details From A Single Source?) . Joe Bail is an Archangel Group consultant that traveled with John Giduck to Mumbai, wrote the summaries of the Archangel Group research,  and also appears to moonlight as the Police Commissioner of Chester, PA when not focused on Archangel.

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Cama Hospital

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: CST Railway Station

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Leopold Cafe

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Nariman House

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Trident Oberoi

This is level of research provided by John Giduck and Archangel Group. Hooray for a local community college teaching college kids that copying from a single flawed source has its rewards.

Now, let’s return to that deceptive and in many cases false biography provided to Johnson County Community College….



So many things in this biography that Giduck posted at the community college has been soundly debunked and discredited.

Among the claims:

1. Giduck “trained with Russia’s elite forces for more than ten years.”

False. The reality is that John Giduck’s claimed experience stems from a series of one week commercial miliitary style adventure camps in Russia.  Here is proof:

2. “He [Giduck] is certified through the VITYAZ Special Forces Anti-Terror School to conduct anti-terror training and operations…”

False, and based upon faked documentation:


3. Here are links to the Special Operations Association revocation of Giduck’s “honorary” membership:

and the Special Forces Association joins in:

4. He [Giduck] claims membership in the “Russian Special Forces Brotherhood of the Red Beret Association.”

Here is the truth:

5. Among other claims, Giduck is claiming expertise in “terrorist-hostage negotiations.”

Here is the truth:

6. Here is an exposé about Giduck courtesy of another website:

Giduck lost his lawsuit against SOCNET who was one of many parties that have been raising questions about John Giducks qualifications and claims since 2005.  Members of SOCNET exposed John Giduck for what he is, a fraud. Though the judge sided with SOCNET, Giduck has refused to pay the legal fees of the folks that he accused of conspiring against him. Legal liens have accordingly been filed against Giduck’s real estate holdings.

7.  What You Can Do

The president of the college can be contacted at 913.469.8500, ext. 3847. The president’s name is Dr. Terry A. Calaway. His email is . His executive assistant is Terri Schlicht, 913.469.8500, ext. 7663. Here is a web page with contact info for the president’s office:

While John Giduck apparently has every right to peddle a false biography to seek work, those that paid the price in blood of really having done such things deserve that organizations considering hiring John Giduck be aware of the falsehoods that he brings. Mr. Calaway should be asked whether his institution wishes to bring a fraud and a fake like Giduck to lecture.

The Board of Trustees of Johnson county Community College can be contacted at 913.469.7660, or by email at .

They should be asked who researched John Giduck’s suitability to lecture at the community college. Anyone who simply googled Giduck’s name would see that his credibility is nonexistent.


Multiple authors over multiple years have perpetuated the exact same falsehoods about John Giduck. John Giduck false legend is nothing but consistent.  These consistent lies have to come from a common source and, as we’ve previously written, all of the discrepancies and lies supposedly written by mistake by others favor John Giduck.  One might conclude that any false information unfavorable to John Giduck gets corrected immediately through John Giduck’s propaganda group known as Archangel Group.

photo credited below

Let’s look at a concrete example of how John Giduck’s falsehoods published by others remain uncorrected for years from a 2006 book review of John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan.  Unless otherwise noted, all quotes with a page number come from this link: where you can read the entire review yourself (in the event that it suddenly disappears as such articles seem to after we highlight them, we’ll post a downloadable version)

The book review starts with what can only be called a sales pitch:

If you are in law enforcement or the military, this book is required reading, and the follow-on counter-terrorism training should be made mandatory. If you are in law, politics or the media, this book is a must-read, and a follow-up educational seminar should be required since you’ll likely not get it the first time around. (page 1)

Clearly, we mere mortals are too dumb to fully absorb a book written at an 8th grade reading level so the author is not only selling the book but also Archangel Group’s training.

There is only one man who was ever accorded the respect and access to survivors of the siege, central players in the stand-off, and decision-makers in the government, and it is this author, John Giduck. (page 1)

This makes me laugh because a Nov 2004 seminar presentation clearly states that John Giduck was “given a tour of the school”.

He was not a Johnny-come-lately to the scene – he’d already spent a decade and a half working and training with Russian Special Forces. (page 2)

Sounds super high speed, right? The truth is that John Giduck attended a series of one to two week military style adventure camps and martial arts camps primarily sponsored by his own companies. You’d never know the truth when no shortage of John Giduck’s friends such as Joseph Bail intentionally attempt to mislead you about John Giduck credentials. Why do these friends do this?  Money, of course. Despite John Giduck’s direct claims in 2008 of having spent “18 years in Russian uniform”, most of the 15 years prior to the 2006 publication of this article, John Giduck spent in CO doing rather mundane activities such as being a lawyer and running a community corrections nonprofit.  As a result of this, various organizations and bloggers have been raising questions about John Giduck’s credibility since 2005. Probably the most exciting thing that John Giduck did during this 15 year period was have to flee to West Virginia in 1993.  I’m fairly sure that didn’t make it into the book though.

the Russian people know him, and trust him. (page 2)

By his own admission in a 2008 podcast, John Giduck does not speak Russian with any degree of fluency.  How can the Russian people know him and trust him? Despite having limited Russian language skills, John Giduck claims to have spe  Additionally, Russian experts on the Beslan siege have been highly critical of the basic facts presented in Terror At Beslan.

Giduck is the only American to have conducted any on-site analysis of the siege, or given access to any of the players. He made several trips and spent months in Russia for the express purpose of studying Beslan. No one else has ever bothered. (page 2)

Actually, the Congressional Record published three weeks after the siege that a Congressional delegation consisted of the only U.S. citizens allowed access to the Beslan School in the ensuing weeks.

john giduck arrival beslan School siege

I’d guess that a US Congressional delegation would also be given access to many of the players.  Giduck doesn’t even acknowledge this delegation in his book, although if he had been onsite as he claimed, he would have certainly bumped into them or known of them.

Additionally, despite publishing in Terror At Beslan that he and his ex-Spetsnaz counterpart, Yuri,  now working for Archangel Group spent days on site during their first “taking photos and measurements” (Terror At Beslan, pg 34), John Giduck has never produced any proof of these activities. The only photograph of him on site in Beslan is clearly demonstrable to have been photographed in Nov 2004 during his supposed second trip.

There are also significant questions about John Giduck’s arrival date in Beslan. We’ll get to that in a moment.

As American civilians, we would be foolish to rely upon the notoriously inaccurate media reports of the events at Beslan or white-washed political analysis of the aftermath. (page 2)

Agreed. The problem is that Giduck’s book is notoriously inaccurate as to basic facts. If the basic facts are wrong, how can any analysis be correct?

Lieutenant Colonel John D. Grossman, who wrote the forward for this book and is himself an expert on terrorism, has an axiom that states that the best predictor of future conduct is past behavior. (page 2)

With all due respect to the LTC, Grossman also writes about the psychology of killing people in combat yet, even as a Ranger school graduate, has never seen combat. That seems to be conveniently left out of his presentations and therefore not thought about by his students. I read a description on twitter about him that compares Grossman’s teaching about killing to getting dating advice from a hermit.  Fitting for someone that has never “been there done that” with regards to what he teaches.

Much of the insights presented in the training have been learned directly from Giduck’s involvement at Beslan on the last day of the siege and the resultant aftermath. (page 3)

This is one of those common falsehoods that in my opinion has been perpetrated directly by John Giduck. The consistent myth that John Giduck was at the school or even in Russia at any point during the siege or the days thereafter. Only after uncomfortable questions were raised by this blog and others, John Giduck has finally admitted that he was in Colorado during the entire siege and likely wasn’t even in Russia for at least two weeks thereafter. He had no visa and the siege started on a Wednesday 10 hours or so ahead of Colorado time. there simply wasn’t time.  John Giduck has changed his story twice under uncomfortable questions were raised about his arrival timeline to Beslan.  John Giduck now clings to the story that he flew two days after the siege ended on 3 November (flight on Sunday, 5 Sept 2004) from Moscow to Beslan yet evidence from the only airline that flies that route shows that there were no such  flights on that day.  Not being there also means that John Giduck has problems with consistency in the details of the Beslan School siege (that darn internet gives John Giduck away on facts again).

Even CAIR couldn’t make these lies up….only John Giduck can (and does).

In Part Three, Dissecting a Terrorist Siege, Giduck draws upon his years in Special Operations and counter-terrorism to analyze the siege,(page 3)

John Giduck’s supposed service as a member of Special Operations is another common and consistent falsehood spread across multiple sources and multiple years.  The reality of John Gidick’s real life experience can be found in John Giduck’s 2001 biography which is notoriously devoid of any Special Operation or counter terrorism claims. The internet’s ability to retain old copies of information has not been friendly to John Giduck. The lie (often spread by others but sometimes easily linked to John Giduck’s organizations) is that John Giduck served in the US military as a qualified member of US Army Special Forces or as a US Army Ranger. More recently, the story circulated that John Giduck has no military background. That fact is that John Giduck could only complete the first 58 days of US Army Basic Training. I guess “draws upon his years in Special Operations” sounds a lot better than “draws upon his days as Army basic trainee”.

We Americans are woefully under-informed and ill-prepared for a ruthless attack against our children, (page 3)

Let me correct this. “We as Americans are woefully under-informed and ill-prepared for shysters like John Giduck that peddle terrorism experience that they don’t have in exchange for tax dollars”. Until 2011, when John Giduck received his Ph.D., he did not hold any university academic credentials or operational experience in terrorism.  John Giduck sued members of a website for exposing the truth about his background and lost. The judge awarded legal fees to the defendants and John Giduck has had liens attached to real property that he owns.

Giduck, in the tone of a dispassionate counter-terror instructor, leaves you absolutely no room for doubt as to what we are up against. (page 4)

Giduck makes these statements despite a noticeable lack of expertise or real world experience in such things. One critic noted that Giduck’s resume is untainted by actual experience. Hold on a sec, I’m neglecting to mention his “years of terrorist hostage negotiations experience“….another lie.

Sadly, Giduck’s summary is still only scratching the surface.  (page 5)

Unknown to the author, this is likely the most accurate portion of the review of the Terror At Beslan book.

Quite surprisingly, Giduck, an experienced commando and combat expert, acknowledges an unimpeachable resource to draw upon in this war the terrorists will visit upon our children. (page 7)

Who told the author that John Giduck is an “experienced commando and combat expert” other than John Giduck? It’s  consistent theme with most people that have written about John Giduck.


Unmasked: Source Of John Giduck’s Beslan “Walking Among Bodies” Claim

John Giduck: The Only Russian Special Forces Consultant That Couldn’t Complete Basic Training

Russian Experts Claim Terror At Beslan Inaccuracies – Part 1

(fair use of photo ‘criticism ‘with comedic additions from the funniest John Giduck criticism site)

John Giduck once again is making the TV rounds this time posing as an expert on Chechnya. As Twitter poster @FakeJohnGiduck notes, “how lazy do journalists have to be to interview John Giduck….”


In the image above, John Giduck is being interviewed by RT about the Chechnya connection to the Boston bombing suspects.  Given the wealth of information about John Giduck’s fake background and credentials available on the internet, a reasonable person may think that RT doesn’t do any sort of background checks or vetting of their guests presented as “experts”. Questions about John Giduck’s background and experience have circulated since 2005. Only recently, has the depth of John Giduck’s deceit become clear.

Note that all of the below links contain supporting facts…John Giduck has never presented any supporting facts beyond some supporting statements from friends that everything that John Giduck says is true and some certificates/photos that have been easily dismissed as fakes. oh..and a book that we will get to in a moment.

Before we begin, I read in a recent  facebook comment that if anyone has knowledge of bombings and dead cops it’s John Giduck. John Giduck seems to revel in his long term associations with a group that the Washington Times says bombed a US Embassy. John Giduck also has a history with a cop killer – picking Donna Yaklich up at her dead police officer’s husband’s funeral, serving as her defense counsel, and then taking her to Jamaica for a romantic vacation on what her family says was her husband’s death benefits. Donna was subsequently convicted in US courts after her return from Jamaica.   John Giduck recently claims that he was doing these things to “help her”. Why don’t journalists ask John Giduck about those things during TV interviews?

One of the most delicious moments came when a former lawyer with Lowery’s firm, John Giduck, accused one of the plaintiffs of “unprofessional” behavior. Veteran court-watchers may recall that Giduck himself exercised some questionable legal judgment when he jetted off to the Caribbean with then-client Donna Yaklich, the grieving widow who was later convicted of killing her husband, undercover cop Dennis. Donna’s currently doing time.

Any reasonable person would also agree that John Giduck has integrity problems in more than a few facets of his life. His stories change and he denies in the face of hard facts.  One must remember that john Giduck is a defense lawyer – he is trained to do such things.  In a nutshell, John Giduck’s modus operandi is to let others make claims that benefit him and, if questions are raised, deny them as his own. This pattern has been repeated over and over for years.

Of course, there always is John Gidduck’s fake online persona that bears a remarkable similarity to John Giduck himself and routinely astroturfs for his books. Sigh.

John Giduck’s Academic Dishonesty As An Author: John Giduck’s book, Terror At Beslan, for which he is being sought for interviews about Chechnya is rife with both factual errors and flat out lies about John Giduck being onsite or even in Russia as the Beslan school siege was ongoing. For years, John Giduck claimed to have arrived in Beslan at the conclusion of the final assault on the school.  Unfortunately, this blog pointed out that the timeline for John Giduck to have arrived in Beslan was impossible given the time zone differences between Moscow/Colorado and the fact that John Giduck acknowledged having a “visa issue” in a forgotten podcast interview.  John Giduck subsequently changed the story of his arrival twice…and has since stick to a story of flying into Beslan from Moscow on 5 September 2004 (a day when other evidence demonstrates that the once daily flights between Moscow and Beslan did not even occur on that specific date).

The problem with the recent change in the arrival dates is that Giduck’s book, Terror at Beslan, contains conversations about the supposedly ongoing siege while supposedly in Moscow as well as John Giduck’s first hand accounts of the sights and sounds of the site just after the assault.  Neither of these would have been possible with a 5 September arrival date.  Both are lies.

John Giduck apparently had some issues with copyright for use of photos associated with Terror at Beslan. Of ocurse, John Giduck’s attacks thereafter focused on “some guy telling him that he could use said photos” and saying that after so many years the complaint shouldn’t stand. This line of argument wouldn’t stand to defend a junior high essay never mind when coming from someone that is a lawyer and holds a Ph.D.

John Giduck’s Military Service Dishonesty: John Giduck’s military service credentials have varied over as uncomfortable questions began to arise about his claims.  John Giduck has allowed claims of being a qualified member of US Army Special Forces and a qualified US Army Ranger to remain uncorrected over the course of years. This include such claims on John Giduck’s own website and speaker bios that normally would be self provided. John Giduck has also apparently told others that he was never in the military.  Here is one example from his mouthpiece blog…

John has written in his books and has said openly numerous times he was never in the military. John Giduck has nothing to answer for.

Why so many stories? The real story is that John Giduck could only gut out 58 days of US Army basic training. I guess that doesn’t sound quite as good as being a special operator. Of course, all of the “errors” noted above were favorable to John Giduck.

John Giduck’s Professional Dishonesty: John Giduck lies about overstates his personal history with Spetsnaz.  John Giduck has gone so far to state that he spent most of 18 years in Russian uniforms and has “years of experience in terrorist hostage negotiations” despite being in demonstrably in Colorado for most of that time.  If his claims to have trained for years in sabotage and intelligence topics were actually true, John Giduck would have broken federal laws about such foreign training provided to non-military or non-sworn law enforcement personnel. The truth is that John Giduck attended a series of one to two week commercial military style adventure camps in Russia which included some contacts with real Spetsnaz operators and provided Spetsnaz uniforms as souvenirs.  This training was sold through John Giduck’s own companies yet the photos from those adventure camps as presented as evidence of john Giduck having completed actual spetsnaz training.  John Giduck also has presented himself as a “Russian Special forces Consultant” on TV despite not being able to complete US Army basic training. You see, it’s all designed to make you believe that John Giduck is something that he is not.  For years, John Giduck claimed to have been certified in VITYAZ antiterror training and operations…in reality, this “certificate” stemmed from John Giduck’s week long adventure camps. John Giduck has been changing his recent bios and removing items that have been exposed for what they are.

John Giduck also conveniently never mentions as part of his bio having to flee to West Virginia in 1993 or the real world consequences when john Giduck is actually involved in training of law enforcement.

John Giduck’s Financial Dishonesty: John Giduck ran a rather mundane community corrections non-profit in the early 2000s (when he was supposedly training to be a high speed Spetsnaz dude).  That’s a halfway house for those that don’t know. There is strong, detailed evidence that John Giduck redirected grant funds destined for community corrections inmates to rebels in the Sudan.  John Giduck and his Archangel Group business partner, Andy Anderson, then passed these funds in violation of international and US Federal ITAR statutes. There is smoking gun evidence of defense consulting in return for these funds by both John Giduck and Andy Anderson. Here is the U.S., there is equally strong evidence that John Giduck paid an honorarium to a serving public official through his company, Archangel Group,  consisting of a $20k+ zodiac dive boat to the Chester Pennsylvania Police dive team in return for consulting services provided by the dive team leader and part time Archangel Group consultant, Joseph Bail.  Joseph Bail continued as an Archangel consultant and later became the Police Commissioner of Chester PA and, according to john Giduck, Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail contracted John Giduck as training coordinator for the Chester PA police.  If so, such honorariums and quid pro quo consulting arrangements between John Giduck and joseph Bail would likely be in violation of the PA State ethics statutes.

The question is that if John Giduck is so willing to be dishonest about his experiences in Beslan, his own military service, his professional experiences, and his finances, why wouldn’t he be prone to lie about his experiences.  Someone explain to me again why John Giduck is presented as an expert on anything other than lying for personal gain?

I guess news organizations prefer to be lazy….


The Texas School-Based Law Enforcement (SBLE) Conference that advertised an appearance by Stolen Valor fake John Giduck apparently ditched him as a speaker. An email sent by conference organizer Lisa Doherty states, “We have decided to go a different direction with the Texas SBLE Conference this year, he will not be a speaker.”

The SBLE Conference organizers did some basic research and educated themselves about who John Giduck actually is, as opposed to whom he pretends to be. This is something that other law enforcement conference organizers should do.


The 2013 Texas State University School Based Law Enforcement Conference was originally touting that John Giduck was their “featured speaker” with presentations slated for the entire first morning of their 24 June 2013 conference.


In case you have not been following along at home,

– U.S. Embassy Bombing Connections: This is the same John Giduck that proudly touts his relationships with an organization that the Washington Times claims played a significant role in the bombing of a U.S. Embassy.

– ITAR Violations: This is the same John Giduck that significant evidence shows violated international and US ITAR statutes in the Sudan along with his Archangel Group co-founder, John “Andy” Anderson.

– Cop Killer Connections: This is the same John Giduck that knowingly dated a cop killer. Giduck trolled for the wife of a dead cop named Donna Yaklich at the undercover police officer’s funeral, defended her when it was revealed that she had hired people to kill her husband, and now claims was “helping her” when he went on vacation to Jamaica with her using what her children claim was his police death benefit. Giduck’s claims that Officer Dennis Yaklich’s killing by Giduck’s later squeeze was self defense have been thoroughly refuted and the cop killer was sentenced to prison.

– PA State Ethics Violations: This is the same John Giduck who evidence shows paid Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph Bail an honorarium consisting of a zodiac boat valued at over $20,000 to Joe Bail’s team in return for Joe Bail’s consulting trips to Russia. If true, this would put both John Giduck and Joe Bail in violation of Pennsylvania States Ethics laws which limit such honorariums to $500.  John Giduck also claims as recently as 2012 on his personal website to be working as a consultant for the Chester PA Police Department despite the Police Commissioner having been a consultant for John Goduck’s company. John Giduck’s results as a trainers are also highly questionable.

– Lies About Military Service: This is the same John Giduck that allowed lies and exaggerations about his military service to be published without correction over the course of years including speaker bios normally provided by the speaker himself.  All of these lies personally benefited John Giduck and served to obscure the fact that John Giduck could only gut out a total of 58 days of US Army basic training.  John Giduck  also may be the only Russian Special Forces Consultant that couldn’t complete basic trainingJohn Giduck has since made changes to his biography.

– Lies About Arrival In Beslan: This is the same John Giduck that claimed to have arrived in Beslan Russia just before the final assault on the Beslan school on 3 September 2004 and used first hand accounts of the ongoing siege. Later, under uncomfortable questions arose about his claimed arrrival date, John Giduck later changed the story of his arrival….twice. The first change was to 4 Sept and then later changed it again to 5 Sept which was long after the bodies and carnage that John Giduck originally claimed to have seen first hand had long been cleared away. The preponderance of evidence points to the John Giduck’s arrival at Beslan to have occurred in Nov 2004. Despite John Giduck’s claims in his book to have taken numerous photographs upon arrival in Beslan just after the siege, John Giduck has never published a single shred of evidence that clears demonstrates that he was on site in Beslan anytime during September 2004.  These lies bring the entire integrity of John Gduck’s book, Terror At Beslan, into question.

Meanwhile, John Giduck chooses to maintain that those that tell the truth about his history and background have committed crimes against him and his family. Even the official police investigation reports dispute any such criminal activity against john Giduck. Remember that this is also the John Giduck that doesn’t appear to have any qualms to channel a fake online persona to market his books and seminars.

While John Giduck has every right to continue to seek employment as a seminar speaker, we doubt that the Texas State University School Based Law Enforcement Conference (TX SBLE) organizers, executives, and Board of Directors are aware of what has been outlined above to make an informed decision as to if John Giduck is really the right speaker for Law Enforcement professionals. We know that the conference has already been notified to some degree about John Giduck. Recent changes to the information that TxSBLE had previously posted include the following:

June 24
7:00 AM
RegistrationContinental Breakfast
Exhibits Open
Third Floor Omni Bayfront
Welcome, Presentation of Colors, National Anthem, and Opening Remarks
Corpus Christi ABC
Opening Session – TBA
Corpus Christi ABC
Opening Session – TBA
Corpus Christi ABC

If John Giduck is no longer the featured speaker, we commend the conference organizers for making the right decision. That said, TxSBLE may have only changed the speaker to avoid controversy and camouflage the fact that John Giduck may still be speaking.  Here is what you can do to help.

The conference organizer’s name is Cynthia Arredondo. Krista Salas is also one of the organizers at the Texas School Safety Center.

Phone: 877.304.2727

Email:, or or

The board of director information is here:

Hopefully, with your help, we can ensure that the conference reconsiders their decision to have John Giduck present at this conference.  If he does speak, participants should reconsider their decisions to give the conference their business.

John Giduck is not the type of role model that LEOs or school safety officers need.  There are far better choices out there.

The longer that Dave Grossman remains silent about his curious business relationship with John Giduck, the less it appears that  LTC Dave Grossman has been an unwitting stooge for John Giduck’s apparent con game on taxpayers and law enforcement organizations since 2005. My opinion continues to solidify that Dave Grossman may be part of the false charade involving John Giduck’s circle of friends that is designed to convince law enforcement and military customers that John Giduck has done things that John Giduck hasn’t and been places that he  hasn’t.

“If I could tackle every American and make them read one book to help them understand the terrorist’s plan, it would be Terror at Beslan by John Giduck. Beslan was just a dress rehearsal for what they’re planning to do to the United States,”

LTC Dave Grossman

Since Dave Grossman seems to still believe the above quote, let’s look at the facts and evidence within the context of the events at Beslan. In this case, we’ll examine the factually incorrect foreward that Dave Grossman wrote for John Giduck for the book, Terror At Beslan.  Here is one of the relevant portions:


page 13, Terror At Beslan

The problem with Dave Grossman’s foreward is that so many key portions of it are factually untrue.

Let’s look at each portion in more detail.


This part of the John Giduck false legend makes me laugh the most. Dave Grossman starts off by making this ridiculous claim:

John Giduck was there.

If Dave Grossman means “Colorado” with the use of the word, “there”, then this statement might be true. Any insinuation that John Giduck has any sort of first hand observations about Beslan is intellectually dishonest. The conversations captured in Terror At Beslan that allude to ongoing tactical operations at Beslan while John Giduck was in Russia constitute academic dishonesty in my opinion. Grossman now has the facts – silence constitutes consent to such dishonesty.


LTC Grossman goes on to repeat another very carefully managed yet fabricated detail of the John Giduck false legend:

When he heard what was happening, he [John Giduck] bought a ticket and arrived at Beslan as the last mopping up operations were taking place.

John Giduck’s arrival at Beslan at the “conclusion of the battle” and “as the last mopping up operations were taking place” aren’t just a fantasy, they have been been shown to be outright lies which are unsupportable by John Giduck’s own timeline for the events as they unfolded.

What surprises me most here is that Dave Grossman trains law enforcement officers.  He knows the importance of timelines in establishing facts. Let’s look at some of the key elements of the timeline:

The time zone difference between Moscow and Colorado is 10-11 hours: Day one of the Beslan siege was likely nearing an end at the time that John Giduck may have first heard about what was going on.  John Giduck admits that he was in Colorado when he first heard about Beslan. When it’s 5pm in Moscow, it’s 6am in Colorado.

John Giduck had a visa issue: Russia tourist visas are issued for specific entry dates, specific exit dates, and specific locations. By his own admission made during a 2008 podcast, John Giduck meeded to have a visa issued.  Visas are only issued by the Russian Embassy in Wash. DC or one of the three Russian consulates in the US.  Receiving a visa from any of these locations would have required physical travel or FEDEX of documents between Colorado and the visa issuance location. Calls to the Russian has verified that the MINIMUM time for the issuance of a Russian tourist visa is measured in weeks.

Travel to Moscow from Colorado takes almost a full day:  The reality of logistics is an unforgiving mistress.  There is also only one flight per day from Moscow to the small town of Beslan (around noon daily).

The Belsan siege days of the week were from Wednesday through Friday:  This is important as you’ll see below.

Why John Giduck’s timeline (and Dave Grossman’s support of this false timeline) doesn’t work

if John Giduck heard about the events in Beslan when he first woke up at 6am, it was already 5pm in Moscow of Day One (wednesday). Accordingly to the book, Terror at Beslan, there were a set of conversations that took place around who to take to Moscow, etc. It is unlikely that these conversations took place at 6am so it was easily Thursday morning Russia time by the time that everyone was on-board and a plan was in place.  John Giduck still needed a visa so even if he hopped on a plane to San Francisco, went to the Russian consulate, and the consulate overnighted his visa, it would be Friday Russia time. John Giduck would have still had nearly a day’s flight to Russia.

According to John Giduck’s latest version of his timeline, John Giduck received his visa on 3 September 2004 within 24 hours of his application and arrived in Beslan on 5 Sept 2005.  According to the Russian consulate, this is highly improbable. If John Giduck didn’t receive the visa on that Friday, the earliest that he could have received the visa is Monday, 6 September.

READ MORE: John Giduck Clings To Flawed & Improbable 5 September 2004 Beslan Arrival

My theory based on the available information is that John Giduck didn’t travel to Russia until sometime after 13 September 2004. Amazingly, there is some evidence in the book, Terror at Beslan, that supports this timeframe for travel.  John Giduck establishes that he spent ten days in Russia on his first trip…

By the time that I arrived back in the United States from the siege, some ten days after it ended,…

page 178, Terror At Beslan

and then John Giduck seems to forget this lie later in the book by saying that he actually returned to the US in “late September 2004”

As I was leaving Moscow for home in late September 2004, …

page 232, Terror At Beslan

Fortunately for seekers of the truth, self published books like Terror at Beslan generally don’t have professional editors reviewing the text.  This means that such errors as the above generally aren’t caught.

I also believe that John Giduck only went to Moscow during the initial 10 day trip.  I don’t believe that John Giduck arrived in Beslan itself until his trip on November 2004.  This corresponds to dates of  the first photos of John Giduck i front of the Beslan school.

Dave Grossman goes on to say..

One purpose of this book is to record and remember

I agree.  I just don’t believe that LTC Grossman knew just what this book would ultimately record. Basic facts about the events at Beslan are incorrect. My belief is that this is likely due to John Giduck holding conversations in Moscow with third parties privy only to second hand information about events in Beslan.

Is Dave Grossman part of the circle of charlatans like John “Andy” Anderson, MSG Jim Hetrick, Chester PA Police Commissioner Joe Bail, and others sent to convince you with false facts that John Giduck is who he says that he is because THEY say so?  In the absence of a response by Dave Grossman, read the facts above and make the decision for yourself.


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Here are two more examples of the effects of John Giduck’s seemingly consistent false narrative about his background and experience.  Outside observers consistently hold the false beliefs that not only is John Giduck a qualified commissioned officer of the US Army Special Forces but also is specifically a member of the 10th Special Forces Group.

John Giduck As 10th Special Forces Group Member Present At Beslan

The first example is from 2008:


“Christophe” falsely believed three things that are consistently communicated:

– John Giduck was a qualified member of the US Army Special Forces.  He was not. He was in the Army for 58 days before washing out.

– John Giduck was in the 10th Special Forces Group. He was not.

– John Giduck was present during the siege of the Beslan school.  John Giduck’s own story has changed several times as to his arrival date in Beslan. Initial versions of John Giduck’s story had him there just after the final assault on 3 Sept 2004. Subsequent stories changed the date to 4 Sept and the current story is that John Giduck was not present for at least several days afterwards.  Strong evidence disputes each of these stories.

John Giduck As Former Special Forces Officer

In 2009, another forum reader posted the following:


“Lires1987” (ironic name, huh?) falsely propagates another common yet erroneous theme about John Giduck in his post.  John Giduck was never a Special Forces officer.

Why would these two distinct posters over different years share very common “misconceptions” about John Giduck if someone wasn’t telling them the details?


John Giduck’s Common Bio Errors All Benefit John Giduck

A Review of John Giduck’s False Special Forces Legend

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John Giduck Lies About Being Present At Beslan Tragedy

John Giduck wants you to believe he is a master of battle tactics with experience in multiple combat zones. He brought his best game to his battle with the Special Forces community and could only win second place (which still is a loser). Yesterday, we took a long, hard look at John Giduck’s tactics in the case. More specifically, Part 1 of this blog post examined how John Giduck failed to properly self-assess his own weaknesses.


As a reminder for the context of this post, Sun Tzu talked about knowing yourself and knowing your enemy.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War, Special Edition

There is no other conclusion from Part 1 of this article that John Giduck didn’t know himself or the myriad weaknesses that he failed to acknowledge.  Now, let’s examine the “knowing the enemy” portion of Sun Tzu’s quote.


Today’s post will take a look at John Giduck’s tactical errors in understanding his “enemy” that he fought in court. John Giduck is the author of the book, The Green Beret in You: Living with Total Commitment to Family, Career, Sports and Life. One might think that, having written such a book, John Giduck might actually have some understanding of the community that he faced when filing a lawsuit against various members of that community. It is becoming clear that John Giduck has little, if any, real understanding of the community about which he wrote.

John Giduck Applied What He Thinks He Knows About The SOF Community: John Giduck isn’t the insider that he believes that he is to the SOF community. Let me begin with an example: visiting a firehouse once a month may give you some insight into firefighters but doesn’t make you one or make firefighters include you as a qualified member of their community. John Giduck seems to have started believing his own marketing materials and began to believe that his training and honorary memberships made him an insider to the SOF community. John Giduck thought himself as a cool guy but he was only “cool by association”. While John Giduck was able to milk these associations for personal profit to those that didn’t know any better, he really only had superficial insights into the community that he claimed to understand.

John Giduck Has Been Blinded By The Axe He Is Grinding:  I think that it fairly easy to say that John Giduck believes himself to be the “smartest guy in the room”.  Just ask him.  Within that context, one can only imagine how John Giduck felt when he could only endure 58 of US Army basic training and joined that elite group of basic training failures. Everything since that fateful day in the late 80s has been a huge overcompensation.  John Giduck couldn’t be US SOF so he  latched onto the legend of Russian Spetsnaz.  If John Giduck couldn’t be US SOF, he could demonstrate his self-perceived superiority by training them.  But in his “heart of hearts”, John Giduck has to be thinking, “how dare they throw ME out!”. John Giduck’s axe blade has been throwing sparks on the grinder of Special Forces for some time now effectively skewing his view of the SF community. Unfortunately, John Giduck brought this misguided air of superiority to the battle he fought. He assumed that he was superior and would “win”.  All that he did was add another failure to what appears to be a lifetime of failed efforts.  I guess John Giduck being voted “Most Temperamental” in his high school class was fairly prophetic.

John Giduck Has No Accurate Yardstick To Measure SF Guys:  John Giduck seems to believe that all SF guys are similar to the SF retiree obedient lapdogs and “yes men” that surround him. I’m referring to the usual suspects like John “Andy” Anderson, Beaver McCan, and MSG Hetrick.  These men seemed to have had no problem selling out the community from whence they came by participating in the “Big Lie” that is John Giduck (John “Andy” Anderson wrote that John Giduck is a military parachutist for instance likely knowing full well that John Giduck wasn’t) .  These guys have known the truth about John Giduck for a long time…and they chose to value the money that John Giduck brings them over brotherhood.  They also serve as active willing participants in providing legitimate credentials to support John Giduck’s attempts to fool the public about his background.

Well, as John Giduck discovered, the majority of SF guys aren’t that way.  They stood up, sent their own money rather taking money, and took risks to stand shoulder to shoulder with brothers that many didn’t even know personally. The Special Operation Association and Special Forces Association eventually took steps to flush John Giduck like the turd that he is out of their organizations.  People took stands online even at the risk of lawsuit threats.

Character shouldn’t be measured when things are easy; it can only be measured when there is something difficult at stake.  One can only hope that there will be an accounting at some point in the future for the actions of those that sold out their brothers and those that ran away and hid when the going got hard.

John Giduck Expected An Engagement On His Own Terms:  There is an expression in boxing, “Never hook with a hooker”. John Giduck not only tried matching wits with a community of career tacticians but also demostrated that he has no understanding or ability to deal with the asymmetric aspects of the battle that he fought…you know…the same ones that John Giduck claims expertise in.  The more that John Giduck fought the nameless, faceless, constantly shifting enemy, the more frustrated that he became and it showed.

I believe that John Giduck only understands two types of of tactics:  the frontal assault and attrition. These seem to be common themes in his academic and “tactical” writings.  They also showed in many facets including his approach in this situation. Both seemed to have worked before – John Giduck would make a legal threat or have one of his ball dusters such as Chester PA’s Police Commissioner write an article dismissing any criticism and the “enemy” would just fade away. If there is any single best indicator that John Giduck was completely out of his element, it was watching John Giduck flail wildly, whine, and cry over the past year while continuing to press forward in a completely self-destructive frontal assault against the entire SOF community.

John Giduck Could Have Easily Avoided All Of This Self Inflicted Damage To His Reputation: John Giduck has a knack for maintaining the low ground. The longer that John Giduck maintained that low ground, the more damaging information came to light about John Giduck’s background.  There were numerous opportunities for John Giduck to have simply acknowledged that he said certain things that weren’t true and apologized or, if he had done what he claimed, he could have taken 5 minutes with a camera phone, posted verifiable evidence on his mouthpiece blog, and allowed people to examine the evidence.  The SF community would have accepted real evidence from verifiable sources in the place of photoshopped “proof” and equally unverifiable endorsements from supporters. That said, John Giduck’s hubris won’t allow him to do either. For instance I believe that John Giduck has a visa stamp in his passport for his trip to Russia in 2004.  The available evidence and John Giduck’s own version of events don’t support a timeline with an arrival in Russia during early September 2004 like he claims. If John Giduck has such a visa approval, was all of this worth it?  Likely not.

Perhaps this two part blog post sheds more light on John Giduck’s lack of tactical capabilities. John Giduck may know the theory and mechanics of tactics but he doesn’t have the operational experience to have applied them successfully.  Yet, organizations continue to pay John Giduck (often with tax dollars) to sell his snake oil.

Perhaps it’s time to make a different set of decisions.  If not you, who?


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