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This blog has been consistently saying that John Giduck’s M.O. is to have others lie to build up a false legend. These lies by multiple people to essentially sell you products and services based on lies isn’t based on a single event….it appears to be part of a strategy by John Giduck and Archangel Group.

Given the fictional nature of much of John Giduck’s operational background and credentials, it’s fitting then that John Giduck has a fiction writer lying for him as well.  Let’s start out with what fiction writer, Brad Thor, opines on how he should be judged:

As an author, I’m judged by the body of my work. As a man, I hope to be judged by the content of my character. I hope that judgment will include not only how I comport myself and how I treat others, but whom I choose to surround myself with.

Brad Thor in

Let’s judge Brad Thor using his own criteria then.

Here is what Brad Thor stated about John Giduck:

THOR: I know a little bit about it. John Giduck again is the expert.He’s former military, he’s a law enforcement trainer. John actually speaks Russian and he was there very early on with the siege at Beslan. He has trained some of the Russian special forces members. So he’s very intimate with this, and I think this is something again that’s part of this whole package of the things that Americans need to see and know. I’ve seen some, but I don’t know exactly what it is that John’s going to be sharing.

Very beautiful accolades except for the fact that most of Brad thor’s drivel is demonstrably untrue or overstatement.

John Giduck as former military: Overstated. What Brad Thor fails to mention is that John Giduck’s military service consisted of making it only 58 days in the U.S. Army.  Only Brad Thor can answer what John Giduck actually told him about his service.

John Giduck as law enforcement trainer: Overstated. In 2007, when this report aired, most of John Giduck’s training of law enforcement had been in martial arts.  One only needs to read John Giduck’s rather pedestrian 2001 biography to know this. The direct reference can be found here. Note that John Giduck’s bio doesn’t have the law enforcement training reference in the law enforcement section of the biography; he has it in the defensive skills section.

John Giduck as Russian speaker: Overstated. John Giduck claimed in a 2008 podcast that he doesn’t speak Russian very well.  One would think that after a University resident program in Russia that he would speak rather fluently.  That said, in true John Giduck fashion, the program that John Giduck claims to have completed also offers a completely voluntary, self paced Russian language program of whatever length the attendee chooses to attend.  This could be one day ( .  John Giduck has never produced evidence of attending the resident semester based language program.

John Giduck being in Beslan during the siege: Lie.  In 2007, John Giduck wanted people to think that he was actually in Beslan and had text in his book, Terror at Beslan, indicating that the siege was ongoing as he arrived in Russia (Original Story).  This is what this blog refers to as the “big lie”. Brad Thor appears to be a willing participant in building this lie and false legend.  Unfortunately, John Giduck mentioned in a 2008 podcast interview (11:32 into the interview) that he had a visa problem and after this new story (Change #1) started the normal chain of factual and continuity problems that most lies cause when changed.

Host: you’ve written about the incident at Beslan. Were you actually there?

John Giduck: we got…we attempted to get there while the siege was still going on. Due to some problems that we had getting my visa delivered in the time that I was promised. We ended up making it to Moscow on the last day, getting to Beslan the morning after the battle ended with the battle having ending at 11:20 the night before.

After further uncomfortable questions were raised about John Giduck’s timeline, John Giduck further clarified his story (Change #2).  The new story is as follows:

When John Giduck and Yuri Federov [sic] arrived in Russia late on Sept 4 they were immediately briefed by a couple of ex-spetsnaz people they knew as to what had happened. Vladikavkaz airport had been closed and John Giduck and Yuri Federov [sic] were on one of the first flights into the area once the battle was over and the area secured.

John Giduck and Yuri Federov [sic] were in the School at Beslan on Sept 5.

unfortunately this latest change invalidated the stories and first hand observations about the Beslan siege that John Giduck told in his original story and contradicts the 2008 change #1 to his story.  Further evidence shows that there wasn’t even a flight into Beslan on 5 Sept 2004 as John Giduck claims.  John Giduck has yet to produce any evidence that he was at the school within even two weeks of the Beslan siege.

John Giduck as trainer of Russian Special Forces: Other than the obvious question of “what could John Giduck possibly teach tier one units about tactics?”, there is also the not so small issue of the US Government requiring a license to train foreign military forces. There is already evidence that John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson violated federal international arms control laws and ITAR statutes in the Sudan.  Apparently, Brad Thor has further information that John Giduck has done so on other occasions in Russia as well.  Why else would Brad Thor say this?

Another important factor in Brad Thor’s support of John Giduck is that he isn’t an impartial judge of John Giduck.

One of the greatest pleasures of my adulthood has been the friendships I have forged with some of this nation’s greatest patriots and bravest warriors. John Giduck is one of those outstanding men and it is an honor to call him my friend.

Of course, from everything that I have read, Brad Thor fails to mention this friendship during the Glenn Beck interview.  Interestingly, Brad Thor is also mutual friend with Chester PA’s Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail.

In short, Brad Thor asks us to judge him by the people that surround him.  In Brad Thor’s own words, John Giduck is proudly one of those people. John Giduck also happens to have lied about his arrival in Beslan, dated a cop killer while representing her as a defense attorney, had to flee to West Virginia at one point in his life, violated Federal ITAR statutes, sued veterans for telling the truth about him, lied about being a qualified member of the US Army Special Forces and Rangers, and engaged in highly questionable quid pro quo consulting arrangements and honorariums with mutual friend Joe Bail.

My opinion is that there is strong enough evidence to show that Brad Thor is either knowingly lying about his good friend, John Giduck, or has been duped. If duped, Brad Thor should say so. Otherwise, any lawsuit appeal that actually sees the inside of a court room brought should get Brad Thor on the stand and under oath so that he can explain his statements. I don’t believe that Brad Thor’s comments support John Giduck’s false narrative and legend so neatly by sheer coincidence.

In the meantime, you be the judge.


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Dear LTC Grossman

I’m sure that you have some sort of Google alert set up for your name online so I’m confident that you are reading this. I watched you on Fox News this morning as you commented on the Sandy Hook incident. If I recall correctly, the Fox News caption read, “Fmr. West Point Psychology Professor” or something along those lines.

The fact that you taught at West Point made me wonder about your continuing relationship with and support of John Giduck given his years of providing false credentials and making no effort to correct false claims of service as a Special Forces soldier.  Every professor at our nation’s service academies learns about the honor code at some service academies or “honor concept” at others.

Here are some relevant parts taken from the West Point cadet Honor Code that set the stage for the questions that I have for you:

LYING: Cadets violate the Honor Code by lying if they deliberately deceive another by stating an untruth or by any direct form of communication to include the telling of a partial truth and the vague or ambiguous use of information or language with the intent to deceive or mislead.

You may have heard the term, “quibbling” while at West Point.  Quibbling is essentially the part highlighted above in bold.  Can you honestly say that John Giduck has been truthful about his background and credentials?

West Point also has the very famous three rules of thumb which you must have applied in cases while a professor at West Point.  All readers of this post should apply them to the information uncovered about John Giduck.

Three rules of thumb

1. Does this action attempt to deceive anyone or allow anyone to be deceived?

2. Does this action gain or allow the gain of privilege or advantage to which I or someone else would not otherwise be entitled?

3. Would I be dissatisfied by the outcome if I were on the receiving end of this action?

So, my question to you, LTC Grossman, is why do you continue to support John Giduck when at best he’s quibbled and at worst, outright lied about his background and experience.  Worse yet, given that I’ll take you at face value that what you said on Fix is true and that you are indeed this nation’s #1 law enforcement trainer, there are only two options for your support of John Giduck

Option #1: John Giduck has lied to you about his background, experience, and credentials. You are an unwitting participant in his charade.  You also were unaware that John Giduck’s initial timeline for his arrival in Beslan has already been proven to be false and that his current timeline for arrival in Beslan on 5 Sept 2004 is equally improbable.  In this case, you simply to renounce your support of John Giduck, stop selling his books at your events, and move on.

Option #2: You’ve been aware of the truth for at least some parts of John Giduck’s charade as a counter terrorism trainer and that John Giduck had essentially no recognized terrorism credentials at all prior to his 2011 PhD. Perhaps you knew that he failed to complete basic training or that his claimed Russian counter terrorism credentials were actually gained during one week military style adventure camps in Russia. Perhaps you also knew that John Giduck was claiming to be a Ranger in his seminar bios.  If so, do the right thing and come clean and maintain some vestige of integrity if this this is the case.

I can’t think of any other case or option to consider

My point is that I want to believe that you’ve been fooled and that you feel as offended as EVERY OTHER qualified Ranger outside of John Giduck’s group of ball dusters that he’s claimed something that you worked hard to earn.  I also want to believe that you took something away from West Point beyond just a resume bullet to be shown on Fox News.  Your support of a charlatan like John Giduck reflects poorly on you and any continued support makes it appear that you are a party to the fakery.

Here is your chance to do the right thing…


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Why Did John Giduck Flee to West Virginia In 1993?

The evidence is mounting that POW Network listed military poser John Giduck and Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph Bail engaged in some fairly odd and legally questionable behavior in 2007. Why is this important?  The Chester Pennsylvania City Council might find this very interesting as they struggle with Mayor Linder in court as to who can hire and fire the Chester Police Commissioner position currently occupied by Joe Bail. The City Council needs to know this…and take appropriate action.

Before we start this story, we want to send a shout out the guys that do the real work on the Chester PA police force who we’ve heard all read this blog. You guys ROCK!  Too bad that you lions are being led by a lamb who is more interested in using you than leading you.

we told you before that we have a lot of information about Joe Bail’s odd relationships with john Giduck that raise serious questions.  We have quite a few more articles to publish that are even more scathing than this one. Let’s get started.

Here is what this blog post will demonstrate:

– Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail entered into a 2007 contract with John Giduck’s Archangel Group that resulted in a gift to a team commanded by Joe Bail that exceeded the $500 limit provided by PA State law for public employees working with any outside businesses.

– The timeline for Joseph Bail’s consulting activities in 2007 clearly supports a case for the “gift” provided to Chester PA actually being an honorarium for Joe Bail’s participation in a published work while moonlighting as a consultant for Archangel Group.

Let’s walk together through the evidence….

Joe Bail Consults With Archangel Group While A Serving PA Public Official

Joe Bail worked as a consultant with John Giduck’s Archangel Group in 2007 on a project involving the investigation of the Virginia Tech shooting.  The highlights are noted in Archangel Group’s own documents:  (page 5)

So, in 2007, Joe Bail was a currently serving police official in Chester PA, worked on the dive team among myriad other oversight responsibilities, and made every trip to VA Tech/Blacksburg in 2007. The results of Joe Bail’s consulting efforts are contained in a number of publications and studies, including the book, “Shooter Down!” co-authored by John Giduck and Joe Bail.

John Giduck and Archangel Group spelled out how expenses were handled.  (page 7)

So, we’ll give Archangel Group the benefit of the doubt here and assume that a professional state attorney or federal investigator would find that Joe Bail covered his own expenses and worked without compensation solely out of the goodness of his heart.  Awww…..

Timeline Supports That Joe Bail Entered Into An Illegal $20,000+ Contract

Here is the timeline in question:

– 16 April 2007:  Virginia Tech shootings occur.

– 17/18 April 2007: First Archangel trip occurs.  As noted above in Archangel documents, Joe Bail “made every trip” so it is reasonable to assume that he made this trip.

– 8 May 2007: Archangel Group’s Preliminary report about Virginia Tech shootings are released.  Capt Joe Bail, Chester (PA) Police Department participated in the report.

30 August 2007: initial deadline for completion of the final Archangel Group Virginia Tech report

The above details are confirmed in the following Delco Times article:

Bail and his colleagues, Aston native John Giduck, a senior consultant and instructor with the Archangel Group, and Chris Hayes, a SWAT team leader from Orange County, Calif., were on the Blacksburg, Va., campus for about a week. They talked to students, faculty members, state and local law enforcement officers, members of the emergency responding crews and townspeople in an attempt to get an unbiased account of what happened at Virginia Tech.

The group is putting together a report that will be made available to police organizations across the country, such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Fraternal Order of Police.

Certain details of the report, which should be completed by August, will be made public. But for obvious reasons, the tactical details will not.

– 9 October 2007:  John Giduck’s Archangel Group “gifts” a $20,784 Zodiac dive boat to the City of Chester Police Dive Team.  Police Captain Joseph Bail commands the Chester PA Police Dive team. (see Joe Bail bio screen capture posted above).  The below captured documents the gift by the John Giduck owned non-profit doing business as “Archangel Group” as part of their public domain IRS filings as a non-profit.  (page 17)

note that the “Foreign Threat Assessment Center” does business as Archangel Group and, as proof, the  above document was signed by John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson.  (page 9)

The usual suspects participated in this action  – Giduck, Bail, and Anderson. Here you were thinking that Joe Bail was working out of the goodness of his heart. Right? Perhaps our usual suspects thought that no one would notice the connection.  Someone did.

– 18 November 2007:  Delco Times prints an article that attributes the gift of the zodiac boat to Archangel Group due to Joe Bail’s “efforts”:

Now, thanks to the Archangel Group, a nonprofit organization that provides security and anti-terror training, and a number of other key players, Chester police have a new tool in their arsenal  a brand new Zodiac Pro 9 boat, a version of the assault craft used by the Navy Seals. [sic]

Out of all the agencies there around the area I grew up in, Chester is one that I think is one of the most forward-thinking, certainly with regards to SWAT commanders and dive team leaders, said John Giduck, a Sun Valley High School graduate and founder of the Archangel Group.

Giduck, who has trained Chester officers, saw a need in the city and convinced Archangel’s board to deviate from its policy and pick up the tab for the Zodiac.

Part of our goal is to support the law-enforcement agencies we work with, said Giduck, who provides training across the U.S. and throughout the world. Very few departments in the country have tactical waterborne capability. Many have dive teams that are search-and-recovery teams. But through Capt. Bail, Chester is making an effort to develop true waterborne capability.

Note how John Giduck conveniently omits that Joe Bail had just finished working a consulting contract “with no reimbursement” just two months prior to the gift.

The Immoral Actions And Clear Conflicts of Interest on The Part of Police Commissioner Joseph Bail

Let’s look at how the Pennsylvania State Ethics Act looks at the above consulting and resulting $20,000 “gift”.

 “Honorarium.”  Payment made in recognition of published works, appearances, speeches and presentations and which is not intended as consideration for the value of such services which are nonpublic occupational or professional in nature. The term does not include tokens presented or provided which are of de minimis economic impact.

“Contract.”  An agreement or arrangement for the acquisition, use or disposal by the Commonwealth or a political subdivision of consulting or other services or of supplies, materials, equipment, land or other personal or real property. The term shall not mean an agreement or arrangement between the State or political subdivision as one party and a public official or public employee as the other party, concerning his expense, reimbursement, salary, wage, retirement or other benefit, tenure or other matters in consideration of his current public employment with the Commonwealth or a political subdivision.

§ 1103.  Restricted activities

(d)    Honorarium.–No public official or public employee shall accept an honorarium.

(f)    Contract.–No public official or public employee or his spouse or child or any business in which the person or his spouse or child is associated shall enter into any contract valued at $500 or more with the governmental body with which the public official or public employee is associated or any subcontract valued at $500 or more with any person who has been awarded a contract with the governmental body with which the public official or public employee is associated, unless the contract has been awarded through an open and public process, including prior public notice and subsequent public disclosure of all proposals considered and contracts awarded. In such a case, the public official or public employee shall not have any supervisory or overall responsibility for the implementation or administration of the contract. Any contract or subcontract made in violation of this subsection shall be voidable by a court of competent jurisdiction if the suit is commenced within 90 days of the making of the contract or subcontract.

Key Points

– Then-Capt. Bail’s consulting with Archangel Group resulted in the publication of a published work (see “honorarium” definition and restricted activity clause)

– There was clearly an agreement between Joe Bail and Archangel Group for the acquisition and use of the $20,000 Zodiac boat by the City of Chester Dive Team commanded by then Capt. Joseph Bail. If there wasn’t an agreement, how did the $20,000 zodiac boat from Archangel show up on Joe Bail’s dive team?

– Chester PA Police Capt. Joseph Bail entered into a contract valued at more than $500 (actually in the amount of $20,000) with Archangel Group which is a business that Joe Bail was involved with while a public employee.

– This points to a clear violation of ethics rules in place in the State of Pennsylvania and applies to local municipalities such as Chester.

How Can You Help?

Are you in Chester?  You should be on the phone right now to your city council.  Send them here to examine the evidence on their own.

I also believe that these Joseph Bail’s activities warrant further investigation by the Pennsylvania State Attorney’s Office.

How To Contact The State Attorney General

Mailing Address:
Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General
16th Floor, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120


or we can just let Joe Bail get away with what appears to be a clear violation of PA law. The press should jump all over this one.


Joseph Bail Likely Knew John Giduck Did Not Complete Basic Training

Is John Giduck’s Relationship With Joe Bail Creating Problems In Chester PA?

Have John Giduck And Joseph Bail Violated The PA State Ethics Act?

Poor John Giduck.  He must have missed the day in Secret Squirrel poser school when they discussed one of the cardinal rules of posing:  NEVER brag about foreign intelligence connections…especially when they may be real, ongoing, and/or may have been with organizations believed to have bombed a U.S. Embassy.

Russian spymasters must be ecstatic about John Giduck presenting with the Department of Homeland Security’s Acting Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection.  I am writing this out of concern that perhaps DHS hasn’t gotten the memo about John Giduck and his self-proclaimed close, high level Russian intelligence connections and other activities that might make a reasonable person wonder where John Giduck’s patriotic allegiances lie.

You see, among other presentations, John Giduck is slated to appear on stage with William Flynn, Acting Assistant Secretary, NPPD Office of Infrastructure Protection on 19 Oct 2012.  I’m not posting this as ridicule or counter-speech as specified under the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Alvarez (pg 3)  but as part of the responsibility that every clearance holder (if not every US citizen) has to report possible intelligence activities against officials of the US Government. This includes reporting those that have close relationships with known foreign intelligence officials or organizations.

DHS officials might want to ask precisely why John Giduck was forced to flee to the state of West Virginia in 1993.

Why is this appearance a problem?

In case that you haven’t followed, John Giduck has not only befriended senior Russian KGB, FSB, and GRU intelligence officers but also has had them over to his house on personal visits.  Additionally, evidence shows that John Giduck has been actively involved in ITAR violations and use of Child soldiers in various countries.  Lastly, John Giduck associates himself with a group that the Washington Times says blew up a U.S. Embassy.

Is this someone that a senior DHS official wants to share a stage with?

This may be a huge score for Russian intelligence. John Giduck and his Russian friends may get access to the highest level of U.S. Infrastructure Protection.

What can you do?

Contact The Event:

Toll Free / 800.423.9737
Fax / 417.881.1865

Let them know exactly who they have on the agenda and what his background is. Be polite and professional.

Contact DHS IG

I doubt DHS knows about John Giduck’s Russian intelligence contacts (documented in various posts on this blog that include John Giduck’s tendency to have his circle of friends with clearances meet with Russian spymasters). They likely also do not know about his self-association with a group that bombed a U.S. Embassy or the evidence that links him and his company to alleged ITAR violations.

DHS IG Office:

Again, please be polite and professional.

Contact Your U.S. Congressman or Senator

Seriously consider doing this.

John Giduck, Archangel Group Co-Founder John “Andy” Anderson, and another Archangel Group consultant who apparently moonlights as Police Commissioner of Chester, PA have all bragged about the depth of john Giduck’s Russian intelligence contacts.  There is strong evidence that John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson have broken federal ITAR statutes.  This is information that needs to be taken very seriously….and it is all of our responsibilities to communicate these sorts of concerns.


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Did The Special Operations Association Oust John Giduck?

At a time when a reasonable person would be expecting retired U.S. Army Special Forces SGM John “Andy” Anderson to be playing the role of “Jackass Whisperer” to John Giduck, it appears that Andy Anderson is doubling down with an expansion of their business relationship. Money must be a hellava drug to make a Special Forces SGM propagate lies about John Giduck (military parachutist?) to other military members/LEOs and engage in further questionable businesses given what has been exposed to date. The excuse, “I didn’t know”, won’t hold anymore.

Why Is John Giduck Smiling?

To clarify, POW Network listed military poser John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson have more in common than ownership of US Government contracting firm, Archangel Group, odd personal friendships with high level Russian intelligence officials, and evidence of ITAR violations between them.  They’ve recently formed a few new entities to separate you from your money.

On 17 July 2012, long after facts have come to light about John Giduck, Giduck formed another company Troika Life Team LLC. As usual, the prime beneficiaries seem to be John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson.

Here are the public domain articles of incorporation that involve two public figures that have previously absorbed tax dollars which makes this public interest:

Similarities between Archangel Group and Troika

Archangel Group does more things than simply drain public funds from local LEO organizations based on John Giduck’s arguably inaccurate writings, lack of operational experience, and questionable credentials.  They also self publish John Giduck’s books (perhaps because no one else would?)

The new company organized above, Troika Life Team LLC, not only has a website but also will be doing business as Troika Publishing. On 24 July 2012, they filed the following to do business as a publishing company:

Why Is This Important?

I used to have a friend that would say, “things are governed by their nature – birds gotta fly, flowers have to bloom, con men gotta con, and fish gotta swim”.  That said, a reasonable and prudent person has to wonder why John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson would suddenly form new business entities together.

– Are John Giduck and John “Andy” Anderson moving money and/or assets out of Archangel Group?

– The Troika website mentions a camp in Colorado.  This may be the same camp that Archangel Group and John Giduck advertised for and used in conjunction with Russian military arts training.

– Will future error filled John Giduck books be published under the Troika Publishing name instead of Archangel Group and will proceeds from book sales be directed to that new entity?

– As with many things John Giduck, this just looks bad. Would there be something that would make a lawyer like John Giduck be concerned enough to have an exit strategy for his largest money maker? and do so, quietly?

– Perhaps Russian intelligence is just into meditation, yoga, and archery these days and the Giduck/Anderson bro-mance is just there to fill a need…who knows.

On a side note, “Troika” means threesome in Russian….I wonder who the third party might be in that threesome.  Could it be a new video entitled, “E.T.: The Extra Testicle”?  Hopefully, the third is some other new blonde in the long line that, in my opinion,  that look just like Donna Yaklich (right, like I’m the only one that noticed)…

Either way, John “Andy” Anderson seems to be “all in” with John Giduck. One might surmise that a great deal of John Giduck’s high profile military support comes as a result of John Andy Anderson and his lack of integrity about explaining John Giduck’s background and experience.  retired SGM Andy Anderson has done anything but display the integrity and values normally expected from someone that achieved that rank.

While he may not believe himself to be a disgrace to the SF Regiment, no one writes their own legacy.  It’s like having an asterisk in Major League Baseball records.  ITAR violations and blind support for John Giduck will have the same effect on SGM Anderson’s legacy particularly as support for John Giduck continues to crumble.


Evidence Shows John Giduck And John “Andy” Anderson Violated International Arms Trafficking Regulations

How Archangel Group Misleads You: John Giduck’s Credentials Part 1

How Archangel Group Misleads You: John Giduck’s Credentials Part 2

Why John Giduck, Archangel Group, and Russian Intelligence Make Good Bedfellows

This isn’t a snarky post.  It’s a post that questions just on whose side John Giduck might be on.  It also provides evidence of why Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Military organizations might not want to continue placing themselves in a situation where they may have inadvertently become “friends of friends” through John Giduck with an organization that appears to have been involved with a US Embassy bombing.

Would those same organizations train with a person with such ties to a Jihadist organization?  Likely not. So, let’s look at the evidence that links John Giduck and Archangel Group’s claimed ties to a very small and exclusive group that some reputable sources believe bombed a US Embassy.

We’ve talked at length about John Giduck’s relationships with high level Russian intelligence officers backed by his own claims and photos. We’ve also talked about people like SGM John “Andy” Anderson and John Mason who are in John Giduck’s close inner circle who have held high level US Government security clearances.  What I haven’t covered is John Giduck’s close ties to the Russian GRU – a group that the Georgian government and US intelligence believe bombed a US Embassy.

What Is The Russian GRU?

It’s important to understand what the GRU is.  Let’s use John Giduck’s own words. John Giduck explains the GRU on page 89 of his book, Terror At Beslan as follows:

The GRU, or Glavnoye Rasvedivatelnoe Upravleniye, is a military version of the KGB

Wikipedia goes on to add:

Unlike other special forces units, Spetsnaz GRU is known for blending in with regular army units by wearing standard paratrooper uniforms to help disguise their movements and prevent identification even from within the ranks of the Russian military.

In my opinion, this sounds like exactly what John Giduck is doing with law enforcement and Homeland security…blending in.

Now, before linking John Giduck and the GRU, let’s look at the evidence about the US Embassy bombing and the GRU

The Russian GRU and a US Embassy Bombing

In a classified report reported in the Washington Times late last year, US intelligence  believes that Russia’s military intelligence was responsible for a bomb blast that occurred at the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Times reported last week that Shota Utiashvili, director of information and analysis for the Georgian Interior Ministry, said the embassy blast and others in his country were the work of a Russian military intelligence officer named Maj. Yevgeny Borisov.

“It is written without hedges, and it confirms the Georgian account,” said one U.S. official familiar with the U.S. intelligence report.

This official added that it specifically says the Russian military intelligence, or GRU, coordinated the bombings.

  John Giduck’s Ties To The Russian GRU

Why is this all important? John Giduck trains law enforcement officers, homeland security officials, and military units. John Giduck also has deep and extensive ties to the Russian GRU. John Giduck has claimed in podcast interviews to have 18 years of training with Russian Spetsnaz units (“many of which were in Russian uniform”).  As part of that time, John Giduck have trained with members past and present of the GRU, maintains friendships with GRU members, and has visited their facilities.

Here is what John Giduck claims on Page 204 of his book, Terror At Beslan:

John Giduck’s Archangel Group even claims to have a former GRU member on staff.

“Terror at Beslan School:  A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America
Presented by:  John Giduck, MA, JD, former Army Ranger, and president of the Archangel Anti-Terror
Group, is a recognized international terrorism expert and author of Terror at Beslan:  A Russian Tragedy with Lessons for America  & Yuri Ferdigalov, a decorated war veteran of the elite Soviet GRU Spetsnaz.

Need more proof?  Here is a photo from John Giduck’s own website and claims of a GRU member on staff at Archangel Group.

Could this link with the GRU be the reason why John Giduck has been changing Yuri Ferdigalov’s name lately in his blog posts?  Another reasonable question would be why would John Giduck as an American citizen need to hang out with foreign officials that require blurring of their faces in photos? If these were jihadists that had bombed a US Embassy with their faces blurred, would you be so forgiving?

Another Archangel Group co-founder, retired Special Forces SGM John “Andy” Anderson, apparently also has developed such relationships through John Giduck.

Anderson readily admits that through John he has also become friends with everyone from Alpha commandos to commanders from other spetsnaz units.

John Giduck goes so far as to describe members of the GRU as “colleagues” on page 195 of his book, Terror At Beslan.

It is interesting that John Giduck would describe a group that US intelligence believes to have been involved in a US Embassy bombing as “colleagues”.  Is belonging to a group that would be involved in such things be what you would expect from someone claiming to be a “loyal and patriotic American”? My opinion is that loyal and patriotic Americans have no such voluntary and enduring connections. You decide.

While no one is claiming that John Giduck’s friends were involved, the group to which they belonged apparently was. It’s like being friends with a former member of Al Queda even if they weren’t involved in certain AQ direct activities.

Ask yourself if John Giduck and Archangel Group are really who you want to have training you.  At what point will you stop believing John Giduck’s talking points and look at the facts of his background. Can you be 100% sure of what side he’s on?


John Giduck Within The Context Of Counter-Intelligence Indicators

John Giduck’s Biggest Problem Seems To Be John Giduck

Questions About John Giduck’s Experience And Activities Date From 2005

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Connecting the dots between John Giduck, taxpayer funds, and use of those same public funds in the Sudan was not easy.  Unlike most posts on this site, this is a non-snarky, very serious post  because it appears that John Giduck may have at best misused public funds and, at worse, potentially committed acts in violation of Colorado state laws or US Federal laws.

If Mr. Giduck’s statements and IRS filings are true, the links can be proven between Colorado taxpayer grants and payment made to a John Giduck’s non-profit halfway house in 2002 that were subsequently funneled to armed groups in the Sudan in 2003.

To be clear, I don’t know if a crime was committed by John Giduck while funneling money to the Sudan from his Colorado halfway house but I do know that the whole thing involves taxpayer money and just “smells” bad.  Bad enough that authorities should be looking into the connections and evidence. I’ll leave it to others to decide if John Giduck’s activites constitute a state or federal crime.

Let’s put this post about John Giduck in context:

On his blog,, John Giduck has photos of a trip to Sudan in 2003 and the following description:

One of the few groups trying to help these women and villages was Christian Solidarity International. A team from Archangel Group made two trips into rebel controlled southern Sudan in early 2003 to assist in the redemption of slaves, and also to fund and host a peace conference between the two groups

Note that John Giduck clearly states that the Archangel Group made the trips and the donations in 2003.

Let’s follow the money that led to Archangel’s funding of a peace conference in the Sudan.

From our last post, we established the following about the John Giduck’s connections to the Colorado based nonprofit halfway house operating under the name “Community Responsibility Center”

– John Giduck owned the non-profit Community Responsibility Cemter and signed their IRS Form 990s in 2002 and 2003.

– The CRC’s IRS Form 990 shows that the Community Responsibility Center was funded by Colorado state taxpayer money and accrued interest from previous payments of Colorado public funds in 2002. The public funds paid to CRC were in excess of $1.5M in 2002.

– For some reason, the state of Colorado stopped paying the Community Resource Center in 2003 although the Center continued to operate for at least a few months as shown in the CRC 2003 IRS Form 990.

From a previous post about John Giduck’s connections to rebel groups in the Sudan, we also established the following:

– The Archangel Group was founded in 2003 as a non-profit with $20,000

– The seed money for Archangel Group came from a $20,000 donation from the John Giduck owned Community Responsibility Center (shown on CRC’s 2003 IRS Form 990) to establish an anti terrorism non-profit with the name Foreign Threat Assessment Center but doing business under the name of  “Archangel Group” in 2003.

– In 2003, the Community Resource Center also made a $15,000 donation to another non-profit Christian Solidarity International who is a known provider of material support to armed groups in the Sudan (also shown on CRC’s 2003 IRS Form 990)

– Funding anything other than humanitarian supplies was a direct violation of United States sanctions against the Sudan in 2003.

So let’s connect the financial dots here to demonstrate that taxpayer dollars went from Colorado to support inmates housed in John Giduck’s Colorado halfway house to Archangel Group to armed groups in the Sudan.

Archangel Group was clearly established as a non profit with taxpayer money as specifically outlined in the 2003 CRC Form 990. It later became a for-profit entity. Colorado tax payers therefore paid to create a for profit company without receiving any of the subsequent for-profit revenues.

John Giduck led some people to believe that Archangel Group used other revenues to fund activities in the Sudan.

Archangel is a 501(c) (3) organization meaning it is tax-exempt and donations are tax-deductible. Archangel and Giduck’s not tax-exempt concerns co-sponser events.

But, John Giduck doesn’t say that other “concerns” funded the peace conference in the Sudan.  John Giduck specifically states that Archangel funded the peace conference.

Let’s account for the possibility that Archangel used funds other than the $20,000 seed capital from Community Responsibility Center for the funding of the peace conference in the Sudan.  Well, this is where the problem occurs.

The Foreign Threat Assessment Center doing business as Archangel claimed exactly $20,000 in revenues in 2003. This is the same amount as the taxpayer funded Community Responsibility Center donation to seed and found the organization doing business as Archangel Group.

Archangel Group received no other funds in 2003.

Therefore, using John Giduck’s own statements and IRS filings, the Sudan peace conference was either funded through the $15,000 donation to Christian Solidarity International or the $20,000 to fund the non-profit doing business as Archangel using public funds intended for the use of inmates housed in a tax payer funded halfway house in Colorado owned by John Giduck

In either case, there is direct and demonstrable evidence of a money trail linking John Giduck’s Community Responsibility Center to the possibly illegal funneling of Colorado tax payer money to the Sudan.


John Giduck And Strange Things Afoot In Chester PA

John Giduck Omits Key Donna Yaklich Facts

John Giduck And William “Bill” Hillar: Similar Peas In A Posing Pod

What You Should Be Asking Of John Giduck

Ahh, poor John Giduck.  He is such a misunderstood mastermind. I mean here is a Russian agent guy that teaches topics like tactical medicine and extraction without any background in..well…tactical medicine and extraction. John Giduck especially likes to teach seminars on the BattleSling®. Let’s find out why…

The BattleSling® is a …well let’s let the website explain what it is…

The BattleSling® was initially designed to provide U.S. law enforcement and military operators with the capability to cross open ground under heavy fire, while keeping hands free for weapons. In this fashion, resupply can be brought into buildings during assaults or hostage-rescue, and the wounded evacuated. In addition to the unprecedented tactical capability the BattleSling® provides, the large, looping weight-bearing straps allow those wounded in military combat operations to be moved for long distances supported by the large muscles of the backs and legs of the carriers, rather than the fatiguing effect to hands, forearms and shoulders caused by conventional hand-carried stretchers and litters.

Whether for Military, Police, Fire, Search & Rescue or EMS, the BattleSling® a unique, life saving addition to any standard issue equipment.

John Giduck teaches seminars about the BattleSling®…lots of them.  Here is one by John Giduck at the 2009 Special Operations Association reunion. John Giduck likee the Special Operations Association

0900-1000 “Battle Sling” Demonstration-Esplanade Room – John Giduck

and here

John Giduck     

– TacFire / BattleSling demo

The BattleSling® has even been advertised on the Archangel site…if it’s offered with the “if not me, who” mini mag light, it has be good. Right?  RIGHT?!?

Let’s look at the details of the BattleSling®. It is produced by the Starka company

BattleSling® is a Registered Trademark of Starka Inc., BattleSling® was developed and is distributed by Starka Inc., U.S. Patent Numbers D589,848S, D608,253S, Other Patents Pending. Starka Inc. is a privately held U.S. Corporation.

Now, let’s look to see who owns Starka

John Giduck

Starka Inc
Bailey, CO

So, John Giduck owns and is the Principal for Starka, Inc.  (the company that sells the BattleSling®).  But I’m sure that John Giduck has to pay someone for the rights to distribute the product, right?  Nope! John Giduck also holds the patent!

The trademark is owned by John Giduck’s Archangel Group

On Friday, August 10, 2007, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for BATTLE SLING by ARCHANGEL GROUP, LTD., GOLDEN , 804031217 . The USPTO has given the BATTLE SLING trademark serial number of 77252931. The current federal status of this trademark filing is REGISTERED.

I wonder how many seminar attendees realize that the product being pimped is actually wholly owned by the presenter, John Giduck, or that John Giduck has no military or law enforcement tactical medicine experience.

John Giduck certainly knows how to pimp his own junk. Of course, the seminar description never seem to indicate that john Giduck has a financial interest in the flexible stretcher.

*all trademarks and other intellectual property on this site are the property of their respective owners


John Giduck’s Undisclosed Relationship With A Martial Arts Hall of Fame

John Giduck Was (Kind Of) Part of Penn State’s National Collegiate Weightlifting Championship Team

John Giduck Is (Not) A Member Of The Special Operations Association

What You Should Be Asking Of John Giduck

Richard “Dick” Caster is a School Resource Officer out of Ohio and friend of John Giduck. Like John Giduck, he has a doctorate and no operational tactical experience but feels authoritative enough to apparently train tactical people in tactical topics.

In my opinion, Dick Caster also seems to be an unconditional member of what I call the “Cult of John Giduck”.   Let’s look at some of Dr. Caster’s book reviews in support of John Giduck’s work…

This is a textbook on the history and future of terrorist threats we will see worldwide, including in the United States.  Read it with a highlighter in hand.  You will not gain everything from it with only one reading.  Read it, highlight it and then go back and read it again!
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Dick Caster
                        Former Executive Director of the National Association of School Resource Officers
– taken from the Archangel website
and this…
Dick Caster responded:
This book is based upon countless hours of research gleaned from the men and women who so valiantly responded to this massacre. This book is a tribute to them. Read it and get as close to this tragedy as humanly possible
– taken from the John Giduck website
We’ve already demonstrated that many of John Giduck’s Amazon book reviews are from people that have relationships or know John Giduck.  By itself, this is not bad when acknowledged so that a reader can take the relationship into account when considering the objectivity of a given review.
As for objectivity, Dick Caster claims no financial interest with John Giduck when questioned.  On 26 January 2012, Dr. Caster posted this in response to the accusation that he has a financial interest in promoting John Giduck…
 “Richard Caster has a financial interest in promoting John Giduck.” Response: I have never received any compensation from him nor Archangel Group. If I can ever be of service to Archangel Group in the area of school safety and security, I would be proud to do so.
What Dr. Caster omits is that he was already in the service of John Giduck owned Archangel Group at the time of this comment. Rather than be snarky, I’ll simply post that here is how defines a conflict of interest:
Simply put, a conflict of interest occurs when your obligations to a party or the greater public could be influenced or compromised by self-interest, a prior commitment, competing loyalties or an inability to be objective.
Does Dick Caster have a “prior commitment” that a reasonable observer might think is, in this case, an undeclared conflict of interest?  I believe so.
On 18 Jan 2012, prior to Dick Caster saying that he had no interest in john Giduck, the Mid-Ohio Firearms Training Academy posted the following in a blog post:
Dick Caster, MOFTA senior instructor and partner, was named “consultant and instructor” for Archangel Group, Ltd. by Archangel President John Giduck.
The above shows that a formal financial mechanism for remuneration existed between  Richard “Dick” Caster and John Giduck existed at the time of Dr. Caster’s posting. If you have a business relationship you have a financial interest despite Dick Caster’s kabuki dance of protestation to the contrary.
Maybe Dr. Caster’s logic flies among the battle hardened school resource officer community but it doesn’t pass the common sense test.
I think that any reasonable person would agree that this meets the “appearance of a conflict of interest” bar at the very least but is in my opinion is a clear undisclosed conflict of interest within the context of Dr. caster’s statement. Whether Dr. Caster had received his first check or not from Archangel Group is irrelevant in my view.
Like others in John Giduck’s close circle, Dick Caster apparently chose to not disclose such a relationship (even when confronted).  The true reasons may only be known to Dr Caster but I believe it was too create the impression to readers that Dr. Caster is somehow objective in his opinion.   This seems to be fairly common among the Cult of John Giduck.
My opinion is that Dr Caster’s statement appears to be intellectual dishonesty at best. What do you think?
Questions About John Giduck’s Experience And Activities Date From 2005
John Giduck Was (Kind Of) Part of Penn State’s National Collegiate Weightlifting Championship Team
John Giduck on John Giduck’s Photoshopped Photos
What You Should Be Asking Of John Giduck

If you go to the web page that is “all things great about John Giduck” known as his his blog that reads like a balance sheet without a liabilities statement, you will see John Giduck rescuing slaves in the Sudan with an organization by the name of Christian Solidarity International.  That’s a way that a puppy is cute


That said, nowhere on John Giduck’s blog does it say that John Giduck has a financial relationship with this organization using taxpayer or donation funds from a non-profit halfway house owned by John Giduck in Colorado. Halfway house in Colorado to Sudan? is that what taxpayer money went to?  Sudan? Huh?

Let’s start at the beginning.  In 2002, John Giduck became the director of a non-profit by the name of the “Community Responsibility Center”.  It is/was a 154 bed halfway house or community corrections facility in Colorado. We know that John Giduck was President and owner of this non-profit because John Giduck signed the Form 990 for the Community Responsibility Center

All IRS Form 990 screen captures in this post are from

We also can surmise that as a community corrections facility, John Giduck’s non-profit received funding from the state of Colorado. The Colorado Division of Criminal Justice receives funding in the annual Long Bill for community corrections programs. The line items receiving funding are as follows:
• transition programs;
• diversion programs;
• standard nonresidential services;
• specialized services;
• day reporting and monitored 3/4 house programs; and
• substance abuse treatment programs.

Supposedly the justification for revenues provided to  the non-profit Community Responsibility Center was to provide rehabilitation for the “clients”…or transitional  inmates.

So, now, let’s look at exactly where some of the money may have actually been spent…

On his blog,, John Giduck has photos of a trip to Sudan in 2003 and the following description:

One of the few groups trying to help these women and villages was Christian Solidarity International. A team from Archangel Group made two trips into rebel controlled southern Sudan in early 2003 to assist in the redemption of slaves, and also to fund and host a peace conference between the two groups

Where did the Archangel money come from to “fund and host a peace conference”?  Perhaps the clue is in the 2003 IRS Form 990 for the Community Responsibility Center:

So, John Giduck says that Archangel funded a meeting between Christian Solidarity International and Sudanese rebel but the money actually seems to have been funneled from funds allocated to a halfway house in Colorado.

In October 1997, the U.S. imposed comprehensive economic, trade, and financial sanctions against the Sudan. They were in place when John Giduck funded a peace conference in 2003. By admitting to having funded a peace conference in the Sudan, did John  Giduck violate the provisions of US Law 31 CFR 538 – SUDANESE SANCTIONS REGULATIONS?  It certainly isn’t part of the humanitarian exemption for US sanctions…

(b) Humanitarian donations. The prohibitions of this part do not apply to donations by United States persons of articles, such as food, clothing, and medicine, intended to be used to relieve human suffering.

In addition to the donation to CSI, you’ll see a donation to the Foreign Threat Assessment Center.  Despite showing that there is no relationship between the entities, the Foreign Threat Assessment Center is ANOTHER non-profit owned by John Giduck

Giduck has been a trial lawyer, a soldier, business owner, college professor, bull rider, national weightlifting champion, skydiver and scuba diving instructor.  After leaving the Army, he began doing an increasing amount of work in the Soviet Union and at the same time worked as a consulting contractor for the U.S. government, including the FBI, concerning Russian organized crime in this country.  He co-founded Foreign Threat Assessment Center that eventually became Archangel.  “To my knowledge there were no other non-profits out there doing what we could do and we decided to make a contribution,” Giduck said in a telephone interview.”

Actually, the IRS Form 990 describes the new company

The Foreign Threat Assessment center seems to be DBA Archangel.

So, given that John Giduck provided both a $15,000 donation to Christian Solidarity International and provided the $20,000 in seed capital to what was to become Archangel, it’s pretty clear that Colorado taxpayer money supposedly for the benefit of community corrections inmates was funneled to the Sudan. That’s a lot of coin for a 6 day trip.

John Giduck seems to omit that pesky detail in his blog post. It’s another undisclosed business relationship of John Giduck’s that was brought tio light through simple bragging. And before you start thinking that John Giduck was actually working for some three letter intel agency, he wasn’t…I doubt that they’d think he was smart enough or discreet enough…

Which brings us to the point…

Does the state of Colorado aware of how the money paid to the CRC was to be used? Was the transfer of moneys from a halfway house to rebel groups in the Sudan illegal?  I don’t know. Only Colorado and federal officials can say for sure.  I do believe that the whole thing smells bad and is worthy of further investigation.


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