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Archangel Group wants your money for consulting work…either your organization’s money or your tax dollars. Sadly, if this error filled article on Mumbai and POW Network listed military poser John Giduck‘s equally error filled book, Terror At Beslan, are representative of  Archangel Group’s work, you should strongly reconsider unless you are hiring Archangel Group to write fiction for your organization.

So, Archangel sent three “consultants” to Mumbai…two of whom also happened to be on the taxpayers’ dime from the City of Chester, PA.  We’ve already looked at various inaccuracies in the article penned by Joseph “Yoda” “Joe” Bail…a public figure currently serving as Commissioner of the Chester PA Police force.  Obviously, Joe Bail’s prime investigative days must be behind him because he seems to have an issue researching how many people at various sites in Mumbai.

Let’s look at the terrorist killings around the Cama Hospital as yet another example of the poor research on the part of the Archangel Group team.  There are almost too many errors to keep track of.

Joe Bail writes that 7 people were killed in or around the Cama Hospital in Mumbai:

The terrorists were eventually engaged with small-arms fire by the railroad police, which forced them to flee on foot over a walkway toward the Cama hospital, where they killed four more people.

Shortly thereafter, a police vehicle from the counter terrorist unit arrived, containing three of Mumbai’s senior counter terror police commanders and a fourth constable. The terrorists killed three of the responding senior police officers

4+3=7. It’s sad that Joe Bail’s article was written MONTHS after the Mumbai and the basic facts simply aren’t correct. It’s as bad as John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan.

and then attacked the nearby Cama Hospital, killing two unarmed guards at the entrance and a policeman in a gunfight on the top floor. Then they raced out of the hospital and opened fire on a police SUV, killing Mumbai’s Anti-Terrorist Squad chief Hemant Karkare and two other officers.

Let’s see: 2+1+3 = 6

These two then attacked the Cama Hospital, killing at least 2 hospital guards and one police officer in the hospital, then surprising and killing several police officers in an SUV between the Cama Hospital and adjacent Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital, including H. Karkare, head of Maharashtra’s Anti-Terrorist Squad.

There is that 6 number again

To be fair to the Archangel group, I also looked for sources that mentioned 7 people being killed.  The only source that I could find dated after 1 Dec 2008 (to account for uncertainties during the actual battle) was this very obviously flawed BBC reference

Seven people were killed inside Cama hospital and nine outside, including several police officers.

None of those numbers are supported elsewhere. As usual, the Archangel Group team of consultants provides no sourcing for their fiction.

Yikes.  These Archangel Group guys suck as analysts.


Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: CST Railway Station

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Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Trident Oberoi


This is the fourth article about the inaccuracies in Archangel Group consultant Joseph “Yoda”  “Joe” Bail’s poorly written 2009 article about the Mumbai attacks.  Perhaps Commissioner Bail thought that I was done with him after three posts but we created a site map specific to Joe Bail and Chester, PA for a reason. There is a lot more to post about him and John Giduck’s relationship to Chester, PA.

So to catch you back up, Archangel Group sent three consultants to Mumbai, India apparently in the Dec 2008 or January 2009 timeframe (as usual, Archangel Group never mention specific dates…but that’s ok as they’ve obviously got so many inaccuracies). These three consultants consisted of POW Network military wall of shame inductee John Giduck, current Chester PA Police Commissioner  Joseph “Joe” Bail, and some guy named Ernie who apparently didn’t do much except look for his Bert.

Joe Bail wrote an June 2009 article in the Counter terrorist Magazine about Mumbai. This blog post examines killings that took place in the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station or CST that Joe Bail still managed to publish incorrectly after supposedly months of research.

The first inaccuracy is minor but important for credibility. Joe Bail misspells the name of the railway station.  The Archangel team claims to have retraced the steps of the Mumbai terrorists. How could they have gotten this wrong?

The teams’ prearranged targets were the crowded Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station  (page 7)

The proper spelling of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus has two “hh”s after the C. You can see this in the wikipedia article about the railway station.

The next error is inaccuracy is far more indicative of the poor research done by the Archangel Group team onsite in Mumbai as well as in the months prior to the article’s publication. Joe Bail gets the number of people killed by terrorists at the CST incorrect.  This seems to be a common issue – the first three blog posts in this series had the same error.  Joseph Bail writes:

Meanwhile, as the Leopold/Taj Mahal attacks were taking place, two more of the terrorists moved by taxi to the CST station (formerly called Victoria Station). Once there, they entered the waiting area near the tracks, where they threw grenades and opened fire on the unsuspecting travelers, killing 55 citizens.    (page 8)

Unfortunately, the correct number was 58 citizens killed. This is confirmed by multiple sources

Kasab and Ismail started firing at random inside the CST building. Ismail also lobbed hand grenades. The attacks started at 9.30 p.m.; in less than an hour, the duo killed 58 people and injured over 100.

even by wikipedia

The attacks began around 21:30 when the two men entered the passenger hall and opened fire, The attackers killed 58 people and injured 104 others,

That said, there is an alternative number of 52 floating around but it seems that this is from early reports and some people initially listed as wounded may have died later.  The only source that I could find that mentions 55 killed as a final number and is not from the days right after the attack is a report by Indian Retired Maj. Gen. Gera. Perhaps this is the source of Archangel Group’s error.

Of course, if Archangel Group consultants actually published references or sources as most organizations that publish are required to, this whole questions could have been easily resolved.

This particular team didn’t seem to have any interest in interrupting their pleasure trip to actually get facts right.


Did Joseph Bail Cherrypick Flawed Mumbai Details From A Single Source?

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Leopold Cafe

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Nariman House

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Trident Oberoi


One of the things that has perplexed me is how could Archangel Group consultant and instructor Joseph “Joe” Bail have gotten such incorrect information  about certain aspects of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.  Joe Bail, who (given crime in his city) seems to moonlight as Chester Pennsylvania’s Commissioner of Police published his article in June 2009…many months after official details and numbers about the Mumbai attacks were made public. So, what’s the possible source of these obvious errors and inaccuracies?

In my three previous posts, I’ve demonstrated that Joe Bail published fundamental inaccuracies in three key areas – Trident Oberoi, Nariman House, and Leopold Cafe. There are others to be published but the first three correspond with a document from which I believe Joseph Bail cherrypicked inaccurate facts.

The document in question from which these inaccuracies may have been cherrypicked is the following PDF that seems to have no discernible source. In fact, it appears to have been scanned as a PDF from a spiral bound notebook.

The document properties show the PDF to have been created in early January 2009.  This means that the document could have been made available  to Joe Bail as a source prior to his June 2009 article.  It may have even provided to the Archangel Group as a takeaway during their visit to Mumbai.

Let’s look at the similarities between what Joseph Bail published and what the Mumbai PDF has.

Similarity #1: Trident Oberoi Hotel Inaccuracy

Joe Bail published that 33 civilians had been slaughtered at the Trident Oberoi hotel complex during the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks.  The actual number was 32.  The Mumbai PDF says the following at the bottom of Page 8.

There is that incorrect 33 number…just as Joe Bail claimed.  A very quick search of google results appears to confirm that the only sources for the claim that 33 people being killed are Joe Bail’s flawed article in The Counterterrorist Magazine and the Mumbai PDF.

Similarity #2: Nariman House Inaccuracy

Joe Bail published that 5 hostages had been killed at the Nariman House during the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks. The actual number was six. The Mumbai PDF says the following as part of paragraph 40 on page 9

There is that incorrect 5 number…just as Joe Bail claimed. Now, to be fair, many other news sources initially claimed 5 hostages had been killed as well. The difference is that these sources were reporting this number as the story was unfolding (28 Nov).  There don’t seem to be any reputable sources that say 5 hostages were killed by the time the Archangel Group team traveled to Mumbai, India a month after the attacks as they claim.

Similarity #3: Leopold Cafe Inaccuracy

Joe Bail published that 10 people were killed at the Leopold Cafe during the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks.  The actual number was 11 (although a 2012 Vanity Fair article now has the number at 12).  The Mumbai PDF says the following as part of paragraph 24 on page 6:

There is that incorrect 10 number…just as Joe Bail claimed.  Like the Nariman house, initial reports place the number at 10. This is also a bit trickier as several wikipedia article have the number at 10 but seem to also use references from 1 December 2008 and earlier as their sources (that’s the beauty of references for source info – something that Archangel Group consultants have not seemed to have mastered yet).

In Closing

I believe that the evidence supports Joe Bail having cherry picked some of his flawed information from this deck. Why?

The strongest evidence is that the 33 number of dead at the Trident Oberoi doesn’t seem to exist in any other reputable source.  Had Joe Bail performed a simple internet search anytime between his trip to Mumbai in December 2008 or January 2009 and his published article in June 2009, he would have seen that his numbers were flawed and inaccurate. The other two inaccuracies are too odd and exact to be coincidental in my opinion.

Also, the source of the Mumbai PDF may be the Indian Ministry of External Affairs. There are powerpoint slide decks starting on page 30 of the PDF that say “Ministry of External Affairs” on them.  It is possible that these slides were simply included by another agency but the agency would have had to have noticed that the numbers were just plain wrong.

The dates for this document are within the window for Archangel Group’s visit to Mumbai. My opinion is that the Archangel Group was likely handed this flawed report and went with those numbers (obviously scanned as one can see through the paper to the following on some of the scans).  We’ll see just how much of the Mumbai PDF ends up appearing in John Giduck’s upcoming book on Mumbai and properly sourced.

Note that I use the term “cherrypicked” rather than “copied” because there are further examples of Joe Bail publishing incorrect information that are actually correct in the Mumbai PDF.  I’ll be posting these additional inaccuracies published by Joe Bail research in the coming days.  I initially suspected that the notebook might be Archangel’s own notes or book draft but the additional inaccuracies preclude such thinking.

Now you know why I stated in the first post in this series that I would be approaching these inaccuracies out of order.  The first three posts were tied to inaccuracies mirrored in this Mumbai PDF. We’ll move onto others from here.

Edited To Add 2pm Pacific 30 April 2012: The source of the document has been found by a sharp eyed reader:

The 69-page dossier of evidence linking Pakistan to the Mumbai terror attacks of Nov 26-28, 2008, was handed to Pakistan by the Indian government Jan 5, 2009. The dossier includes transcripts of phone calls made between terrorists and their alleged handlers in Pakistan during the attacks. According to the dossier, the commanders in Pakistan were following events on television and issuing instructions to gunmen to target certain nationalities and religions, maximize casualties, and not to kill Muslims. The commands included orders to cold-bloodedly murder six Jews at the Nariman Chabad House, an orthodox Jewish outreach center in Mumbai. Senior members of Laskar-e-Taiba (LeT), a Pakistan-based terrorist group, are alleged to be involved in the attacks that claimed more than 170 lives.

The dossier was originally posted on the online edition of The Hindu.

The link contained in the above summary links to a copy of the same Mumbai PDF document.  The mystery of the document source appears to be solved.


What Did Joe Bail Contribute During His “Terror At Beslan” Fact Finding Trip?

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John Giduck And Strange Things Afoot In Chester PA

Commissioner Joseph Bail’s Own “Terror At Beslan” Fact Finding Timeline Issues

This is the third article about the inaccuracies in Archangel Group consultant Joseph “Yoda”  “Joe” Bail’s poorly written 2009 article about the Mumbai attacks. All I can think is how if this group consisting of Chester Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail, POW Network listed military poser John Giduck, and 20+year Chester PA police veteran Ernie Manerchia got any of the basic facts correct during their time spent in Mumbai.

Let’s look at Joe Bail’s analysis at a third site of killings during the Mumbai attacks – the Leopold Cafe.  Here is what Joe Bail published in his June 2009 article in The CounterTerrorist Magazine:

After their landing on the Mumbai shore, one team reportedly made its way by foot to the Leopold Café, an attraction known to be frequented by Americans and Britons. The restaurant is about three-quarters of a block north of a local police district station.

After throwing a hand grenade and firing several shots into the café, killing eight people, the two terrorists ran about 100 yards down a small side street to the rear of the Taj Mahal Hotel, killing two shopkeepers on the way.

Joe Bail is saying that 10 people were killed at the Leopold Cafe. Of course, this number doesn’t quite jive with other accounts.

Let’s look at what an Indian source states:

The duo opened fire at people sitting in Leopold Cafe, killing 11 persons, including two foreigners, and injuring several others,

and then another reconstruction of the Mumbai attacks

Tango 1 departs Leopold Cafe for the Taj Mahal Hotel on foot leaving 11 dead and 28 seriously wounded.

Another source matches the 11 killed number.

These two terrorists then left the taxi near the Leopold Café and walked quietly to Café Leopold to begin their mindless indiscriminate shooting using Ak-47 assault rifles. They also lobbed hand grenades resulting in the death of 11 persons including two foreigners.

So, it appears that there is general agreement on the 11 killed at the Leopold Cafe.  Joe Bail appears to  be the lone exception.

You’ll find a list of other inaccuracies below.  My opinion is that Archangel Group consultant generally provide shoddy work products.  I think that this is backed by the discrepancies I’ve found in Joe Bail’s article, issues many others have found with John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan book (some listed below), and external analysis of their jointly written book, Shooter Down.

Hopefully, Ernie can stick to something that he knows about if he writes a book.  I’d suggest something involving man boobs.


Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Nariman House

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Trident Oberoi

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This is the second post in this series about inaccuracies in an article penned by Joseph “Down Deep I’m Yoda” “Joe” Bail and backed by an Archangel Group research team. This “team” was sent to Mumbai to understand the terror attacks there. I am still baffled how two experienced police officers (and one POW Network listed military poser, John Giduck) could take a trip under the guise of Archangel Group all of the way to Mumbai, India one month after the Mumbai terror attacks on a mission specifically to get an accurate story and end up with a mess of an article with so many inaccuracies.

Yoda disappoints me. Worse yet, Archangel Group teaches a course on the Mumbai attacks.  Here is what the Archangel Group website lists under their “Mumbai, India Attack Presentation” training offering:

One month after this horrific strategic level terrorist attack, Archangel sent three representatives to Mumbai to conduct an investigation and assessment of these attacks. Comprised of John Giduck (author of Terror at Beslan, and co-author of The Green Beret In You), Major Joseph Bail, a 35-plus year police veteran from the City of Chester, Pennsylvania, and long-time SWAT commander, 20-year police veteran, SWAT and dive team leader, Ernie Manerchia, the Archangel team interviewed top level military and special forces officers, including the operations commander, assault team members, police, hotel and restaurant employees, accessed government and military reports and evidence, viewed crime scene photos of the attack sites, and traversed every path of the terrorist attack teams, from their insertion on shore to their division into five units and ultimate attacks.

Sounds impressive….especially the “traversed every path of the terrorist attack teams” part. So, given the extent of the interviews and site visits, you’d think that the results of their research would be spot on.  Well, keep reading…it doesn’t appear that any of the Archangel group brought pens, paper, or recording equipment while doing the interviews and just waited to get back to the hotel to write down the facts as they remembered them. I’d guess that John used his iPad, Joe wrote stuff down with his crayons, and Ernie stuck with his glittery bubble gum lip gloss or some such.  Perhaps the terrorist attack teams really enjoyed donuts too. That what the research results seem like anyway.

Errors In The Number Of People Killed At Nariman House

So, let’s look at what these clowns guys came up with for the Nariman House location. Here is the first part of what Joseph “Joe” Bail wrote in his 2009 article several months after the Mumbai visit:

As the train station, Leopold Café, and Taj Mahal attacks were unfolding, a fourth terrorist team attacked the Chabad/Nariman House. At about 2145 hours, the terrorists entered the facility. They had already hurled grenades at a nearby gas station on the Colaba Causeway. The terrorists entered the house shooting and throwing grenades and moved 13 hostages to the upper floors, ultimately killing five occupants.

Five occupants killed according to Joe Bail.  The problem is that the actual number of people killed at the Nariman House was six.  Following are three of dozens of references that confirm that six people were killed at this particular site of the Mumbai attacks:

The building was attacked and six of its occupants, including Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka, who was five months pregnant, were killed during the November 2008 Mumbai attacks by Pakistani Islamic terrorists.

Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka, were killed along with four other Jews at Nariman House, a five-story building in southern Mumbai. –
Commandos find all 6 hostages, including the rabbi and his wife, tortured and murdered by the terrorists.

What interviews and crime scene photos were the Archangel Group team looking at to determine that five people were killed at Nariman House? This research is supposed to be “authoritative” when basic details still aren’t correct months the trip?   I’d be surprised if these guys “traversed” (or in Ernie’s case, “sashayed”) their way to the Nariman House at all.

Other Factual Errors About Events At Nariman House

The number of people killed wasn’t the only factual error regarding the tragic events at Nariman House. Joe Bail later refers to some sort of a  “panic alarm” being sounded from inside the house. Here is what Joseph Bail writes:

A panic alarm was sounded by someone inside the Nariman House, causing the arrival of Israeli security service personnel from the nearby consulate within 15 minutes,

There was no such panic alarm. One of the residents made a simple phone call to raise the alarm prior to the attack. Perhaps Joe and the others only heard “alarm”…who knows.  Here are the facts:

Gavriel was able to phone the Israeli consulate to raise the alarm before the line went dead.”

His last known phone call was to the Israeli Consulate to report that gunmen were in his house,” the site reported. “In the middle of the conversation, the line went dead.”

Can we hope against hope that these were the only errors?  Unfortunately, no. Joe Bail goes on to make a comment that seems almost…well…fabricated.  He claims that Indian security forces performed a helicopter and fast rope assault on the wrong house.  Joseph Bail writes:

During the Nariman assault, Indian commandos were given misinformation about the building, which resulted in them initially fast-roping from a helicopter (what the Indians call a “slithering operation”) onto the wrong building.

This is an interesting claim.  The problem with it is that the press was at the Nariman as the fast rope assault took place.  There are even photos of the assault taken while it was in progress.

Not one other source that I can find, including the news media and others that were ONSITE at Nariman as the security forces attacked has made the claim that the Indian security forces fast roped onto the wrong house.

Look for yourself. None of the Google search results refer to Indian security forces assaulting the wrong house.  It seems like here-say and rumor…of course, presented as cold, hard fact.

I’m beginning to wonder just how much actual experience Chester PA SWAT team has with real hostage situations.  I can only find this one example from 2009 after about 15 minutes of searching. The “wrong house” comment seems like something that an untrained observer might say.

Perhaps these Archangel Group consultants serving as small town SWAT commanders were simply confused by the tactics used by the security forces

The operation began when 22 NSG Commandoes rappelled out from an Indian Air Force MI-17 chopper on the roof of the building. NSG Commandoes were in position in the adjacent buildings to provide cover fire to the assault team if needed.

This makes me wonder exactly how much SWAT stuff the Chester Police department actually does…or if they just like wearing the cool gear including the SWAT trident cap.  Perhaps the concept of “covering fire” isn’t used by Chester Pennsylvania SWAT team. Who knows….but I don’t see much additional value in having people from a US based LEO SWAT team that frankly doesn’t get called out very often trying to make professional observations about the tactics and responses used by far more highly trained foreign military forces in a terrorist mass hostage scenario spread across more than the approximately 6 square miles that Chester PA occupies.

I’ll dig deeper into the specifics of the professional mismatch of the Archangel Group sent to Mumbai as any sort of analysis experts  in an upcoming post. It seems more like a boondoggle used to add some sort of legitimacy to a flawed research effort.

Perhaps these guys should stick to the dive team and use the $20,000 Zodiac boat provided by Archangel Group to the Chester PA police force. That said, diving does involve counting and none of these Archangel Group guys seem to be very accurate at counting.

Someone help me understand how this three person group of public figures consisting apparently of a King’s College scholar, police commissioner, and lip gloss holder could get the basic details of Nariman House so wrong….


Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Trident Oberoi

John Giduck And Strange Things Afoot In Chester PA

Has Police Commissioner Joe Bail Put John Giduck On Chester, PA’s Payroll?

Commissioner Joseph Bail’s Own “Terror At Beslan” Fact Finding Timeline Issues

When Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail isn’t working as an instructor/consultant with Archangel Group or moonlighting as Chester PA’s police commissioner (look at the crime statistics and seems to be moonlighting anyway), Joe’s  job must be to make John Giduck look smart. Kind of like that “boy band” thing when John Giduck is the smouldering quiet one and Joe Bail is the guy in the van with candy one making the others look smart.

Enough of that satire against public figures…at least until later.

This post is the first in a series about fundamental inaccuracies in Joseph Bail’s published articles about the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai. I’ve already published a whole series of posts about John Giduck’s shoddy research for his book, Terror At Beslan (some of the list is below).  One thing that I can say is that Archangel Group is nothing but consistent in publishing inaccurate, poorly researched, and speculative information as cold, hard fact.

Let’s not start at the beginning this time – you’ll see why by the end of the series of blog posts.

Let’s start with Joseph “Joe” Bail’s body count in the Trident Oberoi hotel complex during the Mumbai attacks.  Here is what Joe Bail writes about the Nov 2008 incident

The assault on these facilities began at about 2235. At that time, both terrorists entered the Trident’s lobby while throwing grenades and firing indiscriminately, immediately killing at least seven people. Moreover, prior to entering the lobby, the terrorist pair placed a bomb near the hotel entrance, which was subsequently defused by a police EOD unit. The terrorists next moved through the Trident’s lobby to an interior door and hallway that led to the Oberoi complex, where they entered the Tiffin restaurant, killing 12 more people. The duo then went into the Kandahar restaurant, killing one more person and taking 12 hostages before moving to the 22nd floor, killing even more people along the way.

At the end of the Trident/Oberoi siege, a total of 33 civilians had been slaughtered

33 civilians is what Joe Bail claimed in the June 2009 article above. Remember that this is not a live report it was written months after the attacks and also after the Joe bail supposedly conducted extensive research into the topic based on the byline for Joe Bail at the end of the same article:

About the Author
Maj. Bail is the SWAT Commander for the City of Chester (Pennsylvania) Police Department. He has served that agency for 36 years and is an instructor and consultant for the Archangel Group. His insight for the above article is based upon direct interview of key personnel and site visits.

So after such extensive interviews and sufficient time passing to get the right number, what do other sources say?  33?  Not at all.

Wikipedia says that 32 people were killed in the Trident Oberoi complex:

On November 26, 2008 the Oberoi Trident was taken over by Islamic terrorist organizations as a part of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. 32 staff and guests were killed during the 3-day siege.[2]

In the attack on Oberoi-Trident hotel, 4 hotel guests, 18 diners, and 10 staffers died, and nine people were injured, including two staffers.[39] –

Wikipedia not a good enough source for you?  How about the Wall Street Journal?  They seem to believe that 32 people died in the Trident Oberoi complex as well.

Twenty-two guests and 10 staff members at the Trident and Oberoi hotels were killed.

This is only the first of a whole set of posts with Mumbai inaccuracies noted. Please withhold comments on other portions of the article until I have a chance to publish them all.  Suffice it to say that the article is so full inaccuracies that my opinion is that John Giduck himself could have written it. If the article is that inaccurate, I don’t personally see any reason to buy the John Giduck and Joe Bail book about Mumbai at all.


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