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We’ll make this post very simple. What we have here is a growing case for academic and journalistic dishonesty on the part of Dr. John Giduck. He’s the same guy that wants to consult for schools on school shootings like Sandy Hook.  Good luck to anyone that hires a guy like John Giduck.

The lesson here is that, like any lie, many other details stop falling into place when the lie changes. Conversations that supposedly where captured as the siege was ongoing no longer look real. Moreover, details about the school itself don’t take into account the changes in the story.

Let’s look at an example of how John Giduck’s story about Beslan no longer fits the facts.


John Giduck has changed his story several times as to his arrival date. John Giduck’s previous claims ranged from arrival “during the final assault” on 3 Sept to “the morning after the final assault” or 4 Sept 2004.  His original story had him arriving just as the siege was ending.  Here is an example from 2006. No correction was ever issued despite the story being part of a first person interview which John Giduck must have read.

“When Russian Special Forces units stormed the terrorist held school in Beslan on Sept. 3, 2004, John Giduck was landing in Moscow with his Archangel team of tactical consultants, including former Soviet Spetsnaz commandos. Giduck reached Beslan while the school was still smoking from the fires ignited by the Chechen terrorists; bombs and bodies of the more than 344 victims of the siege were still being removed. The experience changed Giduck’s life and led him to become one of the busiest law enforcement speakers and trainers in America.

From an intro for a 2006 interview with John Giduck  (

John Giduck now says that he arrived in Beslan on 5 Sept 2004. Why would John Giduck change his story? This was a change driven by uncomfortable questions about his arrival date after careful scrutiny of what can only be described as an impossible timeline to have arrived by the end of the Beslan siege on 3 September 2004.

Going to Beslan

In his own words, here is a quote given to us by Dr John Giduck about what prompted the trip:

When John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov arrived in Russia late on Sept 4 they were immediately briefed by a couple of ex-spetsnaz people they knew as to what had happened. Vladikavkaz airport had been closed and John Giduck and Yuri Federov were on one of the first flights into the area once the battle was over and the area secured.

John Giduck and Yuri Ferdigalov were in the School at Beslan on Sept 5.

– Taken from a SOCNETLies blog post dated 26 March 2012 with information provided by John Giduck

We don’t believe that the evidence supports that he ever was in Beslan in early September 2004.  John Giduck has never produced a shred of hard evidence demonstrating that he was in Beslan when he claims.

Read more: John Giduck’s Improbable Timeline For Travel To Beslan Russia


John Giduck has a number of “first hand” observations from the school that he published in an error filled book entitled, Terror At Beslan.  Here is an example of some of the first hand that John Giduck wrote about:


– Page 312, Terror At Beslan

So, John Giduck had the following observations

-He saw twisted metal and building material

– He could barely walk through many areas if the school

– There were possibly still booby traps in the rubble

But the first hand observations aren’t limited to just Terror At Beslan.  Here is what John Giduck “recalled” during a 2008 telephone interview captured for a magazine article:

“There’s no way you can walk into a situation like that and not be affected by it,” Giduck said recently in a phone interview from his home in Golden, Colorado…. “And to walk into a school, and you’ve got 384 dead people, mostly women and children, 186 kids, and many of those kids burned to death in that gym, when the ceiling collapsed in on them, and that gym was collapsed in flames. The smell of that alone, all those kids burned to death, is something that you are never going to get out of your head.”

Taken from Beslan’s Lessons For America, Inside Homeland Security Magazine – Fall 2008 (


Evidence has just been found that claims that bulldozers cleared all of the rubble from the Beslan school on 4 Sept 2004. This coincides with other evidence showing that all of the bodies had been removed by 4 Sept as well.   Each of these events would have occurred a full day before John Giduck arrived in Beslan.

Here is the new evidence:

The questions are hard to answer, in part because most hard evidence disappeared when bulldozers hauled away the rubble  and scraped the gymnasium floor clean the day after the siege ended.

BESLAN, Russia, Sept. 4 — The broken bodies of hundreds of children were pulled from the rubble of this bereaved town’s School No. 1 on Saturday…Workers cleared the rubble, using a bulldozer to scoop up the debris. Refrigerated trucks took the bodies away.

BESLAN, Russia, Sept. 5 — Amid all the charred rubble, it was the shoes that somehow stood out…The shoes were practically all that was left in the gymnasium of School No. 1. Shoes and a lone belt, a deflated purple balloon, a bottle of wine, a puffy elastic band for a little girl’s ponytail.

The article from 5 Sept 2004 also has a corroborating photograph from the AP (photo credit is in the image).  I’ve added the red arrow to show that no rubble, rebar, bodies, or twisted metal at the school as John Giduck claims.  They had all been taken away.


So, take a moment to read the “first hand observations” from John Giduck again in the context of the above photo. John Giduck is clearly lying. There was no rubble and no bodies in the Beslan school on 5 September 2004 about which John Giduck could have possibly made such first hand observations such as the ones that he published in his book, Terror At Beslan.  John Giduck also later recalls other first hand observations years later that appear to be equally fabricated.

So, the question remains, how could have John Giduck observed what he claims in his book and also not known that bulldozers had cleared up the wreckage the day before his arrival?  I suspect it is because John Giduck was not present at Beslan when he claims.  If there was no twisted wreckage (and there isn’t as evidenced above), then John Giduck is lying about his arrival date at the school.

The evidence supporting this continues to grow.


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John Giduck’s mouthpiece site posted a copy of his lawsuit on their SOCNET Lies website and made these comments:

Dr John Giduck has maintained from the beginning that he has nothing to hide and that the misinformation, lies and attacks were being perpetrated with deliberate malice and reckless indifference. His filing of this suit and the accompanying scrutiny that a trial by jury will bring is testament to this

It makes disturbing reading and shows the lengths the perpetrators have gone to in their vendetta against Dr John Giduck his family, friends and associates.

Let’s see what the judge had to say about Mr. Giduck’s claims…


Clearly, we have maintained that John Giduck is a liar and he proved that he is still a liar after all. The judge clearly sided with the defendants in his ruling to dismiss.  The opinion reads in part as follows:

There is absolutely no allegation in any of these nine claims for relief that these Defendants did anything wrong, did anything injurious to Plaintiffs, or, for that matter, that these particular Defendants did anything at all.

The first amendment clearly stills holds weight in the US…even if things aren’t done this way in places like Russia…

Applying the settled law set forth above to the facts alleged in the Amended Complaint the Court finds and concludes that the statements attributed to these Defendants are constitutionally privileged statements of opinion protected by the First Amendment.

As noted above, the judgement goes on to read…

Per C.R.S. 1317201, Defendants are awarded their reasonable attorney fees.

This might end up an expensive proposition for John Giduck given the number of defendants that John Giduck named.  I’ll have more comment later…


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The best thing about John Giduck being a public figure is that the bar for criticism about his claimed credentials and the credentials of which he consents for others to claim about him is quite high. Besides the ridicule that the US Supreme Courts says should be directed against those that claim false military credentials,  there is also the problem of unqualified consultants and trainers being paid with our tax dollars. John Giduck is one of those consultants.

The crux of this blog is that John Giduck wants you to see him as someone far more attractive than his experience and credentials actually are. As such, “charlatan” seems appropriate.

A person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.

You see, John Giduck says a lot of things.  In my opinion, some of them true and some of them…well…not so true.  Here is one thing he likes to say that the evidence doesn’t seem to support as  true – actually the statement in John Giduck’s own words, for once

I have never claimed to be more or less than I am: an author, researcher and trainer who has sought to stand in service to my country in our shared fight in the Global War on Terrorism in whatever ways I could.

– John Giduck  (as quoted on his mouthpiece blog dated 14 Feb 2012)

This post seeks to expose the hypocrisy of John Giduck’s statement above. In some ways, the American Public has a fundamental responsibility to openly question the wisdom of  contracting with charlatans. John Giduck has made far more claims and consented to having far more false claims about him in order to co-opt tax dollars from Homeland Security and local law enforcement.

John Giduck As “Russian Special Forces Consultant”

For example, John Giduck apparently forgot to add, “Russian Special Forces Consultant” to the list above among other things.  He even appeared on a TV show episode of “Weaponology – Spetsnaz” with that claim.  (claim is at 1:12 in the video)

The title in the image above reads “John Giduck – Russian Special Forces Consultant”. Do you suppose that the producers of the show simply made up his title?  Likely not.It most assuredly was a title provided by John Giduck.

Let’s look at what appears the sum total of John Giduck’s “experience and credentials” that he believes qualifies him to be called a Russian Special Forces consultant.

– Some hand to hand seminars and bodyguard marketed by John Giduck’s own company on a Russian military base in a summer camp atmosphere that included city tours

– A few one week military style adventure camps in Russia again marketed through John Giduck’s own company that included Russian military uniforms and a VITYAZ anti-terror certificate as souvenirs

– Several friendships and book related interviews with Russian special forces personnel and ongoing personal friendships with high level Russian intelligence officials

That’s it.  seriously. That’s it. You have just read the basis of John Giduck’s claims to be a Russian Special Forces consultant. Is it becoming more clear why John Giduck’s claimed experience and credentials are being scrutinized given that he is often paid with tax dollars?  Here are some other key points to consider when viewing John Giduck in the context of Russian Special Forces consultant:

– John Giduck never was a member of the Russian armed forces

– John Giduck never attended any actual Russian military courses or served with any Russian military unit as part of any official military, law enforcement, or intelligence  exchange program, training role, or advisory position.

– John Giduck has a language barrier as he doesn’t speak Russian very well at all

– John Giduck doesn’t hold any sort of Russian or US military security clearance so, by definition, the amount of secret information that he has about secret Russian special forces units isn’t first hand.

– John Giduck’s evidence consists of seemingly desktop published diplomas with traceable clip art  written in Google translate level Russian, photos easily proven to have been taken at the military adventure camps run by john Giduck himself,  and corroborating statements by the cabal of “usual suspects” that have equally chosen to sell their honor to their respective communities for a few pieces of silver: Archangel Group co-founder John “Judas” “Andy” Anderson and  Archangel Group consultant moonlighting as Chester PA Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail. 

Heck. John Giduck might be the only “Special Forces consultant” in any country in the world that couldn’t complete their own country’s military basic training.  That’s a mighty exclusive group. Those in that group should form a LinkedIn group and name it, “Little Engines That Can’t”.   If John Giduck  couldn’t pass US Army basic training and be part of the 82% or so of recruits that successfully complete basic training each year, are we really supposed to believe that he could complete any Russian special forces selection course?  I guess overcompensation is the answer…big watches, big pickup trucks, big knives, and a romantic legend of being a shadowy consultant to Spetsnaz.  Yeah, right.

The Fundamental Questions About John Giduck’s Russian Credentials And Experience

Does attending a few weeks of  hand to hand courses and a few military style commercial adventure camps sponsored by one’s own company qualify someone to be a “Russian Special Forces consultant”?  John Giduck attended one week civilian summer camps with military adventure style training in Russia. John Giduck wants you to think that these were real Russian Spetsnaz courses and has photos that he shows website visitors as if they were real Russian military training.  but they weren’t real military training even if John Giduck’s own company provided the training and threw in the Russian military uniforms as ‘souvenirs” as part of the $3000 attendance fee.

Apparently, given John Giduck’s logic, everyone that has ever attended one of those Navy SEAL style adventure camps or even one of those fitness “bootcamps” run by former Drill instructors at their local gym is now qualified to claim the title of  “military consultant”. That is exactly the same approach that John Giduck is taking.

John Giduck lack of integrity spills over into his other academic and professional work as well.  Here are some examples:

– John Giduck wasn’t at the Beslan middle school “at the conclusion” of the final assault on the school either. John Giduck wants you to think that he was…but he was actually in the U.S. just like you and I were.

– John Giduck didn’t personally witness any dead bodies inside the Beslan school. John Giduck wants you to think that he did…but they were long gone by the time he arrived (if he actually did arrive in Beslan on 5 Nov 2004 which is doubtful) . That’s two full days in the best case scenario.  Every first hand observation in his book, Terror At Beslan, is now is question as a result.

Of course, John Giduck wants you to believe that he has only presented himself as an author, researcher, and trainer. That’s pure bunk. I wonder who still believes it.

Oh…and, since the bar for criticism is higher for public figures,  I’ll add that John Giduck throws like a girl.


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Poor John Giduck.  the internet continues to belch the unhappy truths about his twisted life. This one provides more detail on how John Giduck’s responds to fear, uncomfortable questions, or perhaps even requests to explain his personal and professional conduct as a lawyer.

Some of us were serving our country in 1993 as either military members or as sworn law enforcement officers.

What was John Giduck doing in 1993?  According to one newspaper, John Giduck was fleeing.

Source:  Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph – Wednesday, December 22, 1993, Colorado Springs, Colorado

On a side note, note that Donna Yaklich’s original stories were not that she was abused…as John Giduck likes to claim. John Giduck was Donna Yaklich’s defense attorney that was, as Giduck claims, “helping her” during what the 1993 article describes as a romantic interlude before the trial.  Note from the same article that Yaklich’s  initial excuses has all of the trademarks of John Giduck’s own defense – deny, be presented with new evidence, transition to a new story, and attack.

But I digress….

The article uses the word, “fled”.  Fled is a strong word.  Fleeing can mean either “evading apprehension” or “running away out of fear”.  Should we really be expending tax dollars on an anti-terrorism “expert” that has done so for either reason?  I guess that John Giduck decided to leave that tidbit out of his presentations and speaker bios.

Not sure what excuse John Giduck will have to try to spin this to law enforcement professionals and conference organizers.  Is there an honorable reason why someone would need to flee?


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Below are nine amazing similarities between John Giduck and Obama. They are a lot more similar than many might believe.

1) Both John Giduck and Obama achieved their current positions with an astonishing lack of prior experience and credentials: prior to 2011 when John received a PhD related to terrorism, the only credentials related to counter-terrorism or anti-terrorism that John Giduck had listed in his bio was a claim to be VITYAZ-certified which seems to have originated from a civilian military style adventure camp promoted by John Giduck’s own companies and a level 5 certificate in Homeland security which apparently can be gained by writing a check.

2) Both John Giduck and Obama have staff and influential supporters that positively spin their accomplishments and negatively spin information critical of them: John Giduck like Obama uses the usual suspects (Bail, Anderson, Grossman, Thor, Hetrick, etc.) who, not surprisingly, all seem to have a hand in the Archangel group till or are involved in the book selling business (writing forewards, selling books at shows, etc.).  Many of these supporters know the truth about John Giduck but choose  or prefer to not mention it to you, their potential clients, in order to sell you something.  Rachael Maddow seems more manly than anyone in John Giduck’s circle though.

3) Both John Giduck and Obama have built their power base by aiming at the lowest common denominator: arming school resource officers with body armor and machine guns? Sending fireman into terrorist held buildings armed only with fire hoses? Empire builders and people without tactical backgrounds seem to eat that kind of ego boosting stuff up even when the tactical rationale is just plain stupid.

4) Both John Giduck and Obama seem to believe in “redistribution”: The only difference is that John Giduck wants to redistribute tax money to Archangel Group to be further redistributed to his circle of friends.
5) Both John Giduck and Obama always look for the easy photo-op to influence you: John Giduck must have been spetsnaz because he has the photos to prove it, right? No matter that they were taken at a summer camp or if they were taken in the Sudan doing what women participating in religious based trips do every day.

6) Both John Giduck and Obama want YOU to be dependent on them and the programs that they create:  John Giduck has proposed “solutions” requiring likely billions of dollars of US Government funding. All John Giduck needs now is the “Giduck phone” that dials back to Russian intelligence agencies.

7) Both John Giduck and Obama have uncomfortable questions always swirling around them about their true allegiances: John Giduck’s problem is that is his activities support many of the concerns about his allegiances (ongoing friendships with senior Russian intelligence officials, blurring out photos and using pseudonyms for Russian intel officials while exposing the personal information of multiple U.S. Special Forces soldiers, etc.)

8) Both John Giduck and Obama maintain strong ties in communities known for high levels of corruption:  Chicago is only a bigger version of Chester PA

9) Both John Giduck and Obama use the military in their own self-interest: John Giduck used the military when it suited him….contracts, allowing false claims of service to create a military legend for him, etc….but where are his donations to charitable military organizations that aren’t run by friends of his? He claims 100 events per year and cant find time to write a check to any of the real charities?  nice….tell me again how much he respects and cares about the military that so unceremoniously gave him the boot after 58 days?

“Spineless”, “indecisive”, “empty suit”, and “poor strategist” seem to all fit as well.  However, my lawyer(s) frowned at my examples to support those so I won’t use them.  If you can think of other similarities, post them as a comment.

Edited to add from a comment that the poster asked not to attribute: “From last night’s debate performance, it looks like Giduck shares the habit of having his minions blame others for his own shortcomings.”

Some ways that they aren’t similar?  Obama doesn’t claim any tactical background or have a big gut.


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Police Commissioner Joseph Bail may be on his way out in Chester, Pennsylvania. It appears that Chester finally wised up to “the Commish” who as of this blog post still has more about John Giduck and Archangel Group on his official bio than anything else.  One can only hope that some of this involves investigations into Commissioner Bail’s odd, seemingly quid pro quo consulting relationships with John Giduck.

I’ll be the first to admit that this didn’t seem like much at first but a local Chester, Pennsylvania blogger posted this within the context of local Chester politics:

“The police chief seems to be on his way out.”

The same blog post also has a long comment about Chester city politics that states in part:

I will say kudos to Council for their decision to try and rid the city of, let me get it right “Commisioner Bail”. He’s more concerned with Terrorism and mass murderers, maybe he would be a better fit as a Profiler, maybe not.

and then I found this:

Chester council vote could lead to police commissioner’s ouster

CHESTER — If a resolution passed by council Wednesday is any indication, Police Commissioner Joseph Bail might be on his way out — just seven months after being hired.

Council approved a series of personnel-related resolutions, including one that allows the all-Democratic council to remove Bail.

One can only hope that someone in the City Council (or a reporter) really is looking into the possible ethics violations and seemingly quid pro quo contracting relationship among Police Commissioner Joseph Bail, Archangel Group, and John Giduck.  See the link below for more specifics on this. Chester SWAT leader and Dive Team leader Ernie Manerchia also appears to have a continuing consulting relationship with John Giduck and Archangel Group.

Joe Bail has had a business relationship with John Giduck for many years.  From a 2005 article, “Chester Police Sergeant Joe Bail, who is supervisor of the Chester Police Department Narcotics Division and heads the city’s SWAT team, has worked with Giduck for several years.”  (  That was in 2005…seven years have passed since.

My opinion is that an ethics investigation around quid pro quo contracting between Joe Bail and John Giduck could go WAYYY deeper than the publicly acknowledged $20,000 zodiac boat that john Giduck and Archangel Group provided to the City of Chester a few years back. Why not start with the following statement on John Giduck’s personal blog “About” page

In January 2012 he [John Giduck] was hired to assist in creating the international intelligence section of the Narcotics & Intelligence Unit of the City of Chester (PA) Police Department and also serves as a training coordinator.

To add to the list of items to be looked into, you can read about one person’s claims that Joseph Bail may have made official phone calls on behalf on John Giduck to intimidate him.  This includes the following:

-The Police Department in Chester, PA, called me, telling me that they and the FBI were conducting a criminal investigation. The Police Commissioner for the Chester, PA Police Department is Dr. Giduck’s friend and business partner (in the consulting firm Archangel Group), Joseph Bail.

That “one person” happens to be a serving US Army Special Forces NCO who was awarded the Silver Star for valor in combat. The funny part about the above statement is that Chester, PA had no jurisdiction to make any such call. This raises serious questions about possible misuse of authority and police powers by Joe Bail…all apparently done in the name of helping his friend, John Giduck.

Joe’s a mess…and not even a hot mess at that. The City of Chester deserves to know what Joe Bail may have done with the city’s tax dollars.


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Poor John Giduck. For months, John Giduck’s horse holders have claimed that U.S. Army Special Forces veterans organizations are “squarely standing behind John Giduck”. Turns out (as with most things John Giduck), this isn’t really as true as it may seem.

First, the Special Operations Association revoked John Giduck’s honorary membership. Now, there is rumor that the Special Forces Association (SFA) has rejected any inferences by John Giduck  in terms of  membership or even a relationship.  More importantly, the SFA seems to be contributing a significant financial donation to help offset the costs of MSG Clouse’s legal defense.  This amount is close to what John Giduck has previously donated to the SFA.

This has got to hurt.  It looks remarkably like a tacit rejection of John Giduck’s inferences (great word that totally fits John Giduck’s M.O.) and previous donations to the SFA.

If true, the SFA is following in the footsteps of the Special Operations Association (SOA) to reject all things John Giduck.   We are posting what appears to be an authentic copy of the message from the current President of the Special Forces Association:


The Special Forces Association has a long established, fraternally inspired, policy of helping distressed members. This policy frequently takes the form of monetary support for specific, identified and confirmed need.

In furtherance of this policy the NBO has considered and voted to recognize Decade and Life Member MSG Jonathan Clouse, a serving member of the Regiment, as a Distressed Member. The NBO has verified that MSG Clouse has suffered and continues to suffer acute financial hardship as a direct result of his efforts in questioning the claims of a non-member who, among other statements and actions, inferred a relationship with our Association.

In this regard, the Board further finds that one John Giduck has had no relationship with the Special Forces Association; furthermore, he has neither any membership status, nor has he ever been extended any other rights or privileges by the Association.

In implementing our decision the Board has agreed to the following initial steps, as conditions warrant, the NBO may consider such other actions as it deems necessary and appropriate:

1. The immediate issuance of a check from our General Account in the amount of $2,000 to MSG Clouse for his legal defense.

2. Encouragement to each Association Chapter to assist in this effort, forwarding any monies directly to MSG Clouse.

3. The immediate outreach to both the Green Beret Foundation and the Special Forces Charitable Trust that they each match, on a dollar for dollar basis, the collective donations of our membership.”

For the Regiment
Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

Jack Tobin
Special Forces Association

Good on them.  Thank you, Jack Tobin.  My faith is somewhat restored in an organization that exists to support US Army Special Forces veterans.  Note the key points about John Giduck:

– “non-member who, among other statements and actions, inferred a relationship with our Association.

“no relationship with the Special Forces Association”

Unlike the Special Operations Association’s ousting of John Giduck, the SFA had couldn’t oust someone with no standing in the organization…so they did the next best thing.  They provided money for MSG Clouse’s legal costs in the same amount as John Giduck’s donations to the SFA. Irony has not been John Giduck’s friend in this case.

One has to wonder why the previous SFA president so strongly defended John Giduck over a serving SF soldier and life member of the Association. There has to be some driving factor and it certainly wasn’t John Giduck’s operational experience. My opinion is that money seems to be a common bond among John Giduck’s ball dusters. I can only hope that these questions will be resolved and answered as part of a separate action.  But I digress…

The amount donated by the SFA to MSG Clouse is significant as well.  Why?  In 2003, John Giduck contributed $500 to the SFA through his “community responsibility center” non-profit (also sending funds illegally to support ITAR violations in the Sudan the same year).  Around 2008, John Giduck also sent donations of approx. $2000  to the SFA.  This means that the Special Forces Association appears to have taken the right step in not only rejecting John Giduck and his donations but also using approximately the same amount of funds to support a lifetime member in his defense against John Giduck.

What’s funny is that, if true, this message from the SFA means that John Giduck, through his own maneuvering, has voluntarily placed himself in a situation where he may indirectly offset some of the costs of MSG Clouse’s potential legal defense.  Hahahaha. As Bugs Bunny would say, “what a maroon!”.

For such a self proclaimed “smart guy”, John Giduck seems to do really stupid things.  He has demonstrated the tactical skills of someone that has never been involved in tactical situations and the strategic skills of a gnat.

If you’d like to help offset the legal costs of the men and women that have been bullied with a lawsuit for expressing their opinions about a public figure and served by John Giduck, you can make a non-tax deductible donation  via paypal to

If you make a donation, keep in mind you are not contributing to a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. This is NOT a charitable donation and NOT tax deductible.  This is a private paypal account of one the individuals who was served on this lawsuit.  This individual will in turn distribute the monies to various legal entities and others as required to cover the legal costs of certain individuals that have arisen due to these actions. Once all legal matters have been resolved and legal costs are covered, if there are any monies left over, the individual will contribute the remaining funds to a military related charity.

Perhaps John Giduck’s next book should be entitled, “Downward Mobility”…


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We are in possession of a communique that appears to have the Special Operations Association as its source.  The source has not yet been fully confirmed but it has been posted in full on Michael Yon’s Facebook page.  Edited to add: It has also been posted on Michael Yon’s main site.  The communique indicates that the Special Operations Association has revoked John Giduck’s honorary membership.

After a restless night of trying to decide whether to blog about this or not, I asked myself a very simple question, “what would Sharri do?” My friend Sharri is of course the wisest person that I know and has grown into a “bestie” over the past few months.  I quickly concluded that she would post this information in a heartbeat.  She’s definitely that kind of  “go for the throat” person. Thanks for the help here, Sharri.  I owe you one. Hugs.

Below is a key section of the letter….though it is not the full letter, the paragraphs are being posted without edits.  The bold font has been added by me.






In my opinion, the reaction by John Giduck appears to be consistent with my personal observations of John Giduck’s behavior. You see, I decided to abandon my connection to John Giduck’s circle as a result of threats some time ago. Now, you know why I invest so much time writing this blog.

Threats seem to be as big a part of John Giduck’s M.O. as his undisclosed business relationships.  Of course, Archangel Group’s customers rarely get to see this side of John Giduck…so here is your chance to read the text of the letter and pay attention now.  I’m not sure that there is any spin that John Giduck could put on this letter….it is straightforward and clear.

The SOA seems to be doing the right thing here. However, there is still the open question of the money that John Giduck appears to have used to try buy influence from our nation’s special operations warriors. There is also the open issue of his 2003 Special Service Award from the Special Operations Association – that should be revoked as well.

Hopefully, the brothers at the Special Forces Association will follow suit as well.  One look at any of John Giduck’s shovel twirling videos on YouTube will immediately clarify which side the SFA should be on.


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John Giduck’s Biggest Problem Seems To Be John Giduck

John Giduck’s friends and mouthpiece site consistently describe John Giduck as a good, honest, patriotic man that would never mislead people or tell lies. It’s such a cute story but is it true?

In my last post, I talked about an online personality named “Joe” who seemed to know a lot about Beslan. He also seems to admire and have knowledge of intimate details of John Giduck.  Here is one of the one of the quotes

Ive been to no less than 5 full day presentations on the subject. I know both of the men who went to Beslan to write this book. I have seen the videos, and the pictures, and the [sic] met some of the men who fought at Beslan. Hell, for a short while if you called the Archangel office, I was the one who you talked to.


Its the only book written by someone who was there. John and Yuri walked through the rubble while bodies still lay outside unidentified and unclaimed. NO OTHER BOOK can compair [sic].

So, “Joe” makes a clear claim that John Giduck walked through the rubble while bodies still lay outside. I discussed the improbability of being able to do this if John Giduck had arrived in Beslan on 5 September 2004 as he claimed.

That said, let’s examine “Joe” a bit more.

Joe goes by the online user name, “Sgathak“.  Here is what “Joe” says that Sgathak means and what it means to him…

“Sgathak” is the traditional scottish spelling of the name “Scothack”. It means “the Shadowed One”. It is the name of a Gaelic Goddess who ran a school for Warriors, and taught the Warrior Cu-Chulain how to fight. Her stories have alwys[sic] fascinated me, and for years now I have felt a deep association with her.

When I started looking, I first came across this 2005 post which interestingly asked Sgathak “from what experience base do you evaluate counter-terror, hostage rescue, and active shooter tactics?”  Hmm..that seems like a familiar question that has been often asked of John Giduck, doesn’t it?

Hmmm….no operational experience but a research background? The answer and information in the profile didn’t seem to fit someone named Joe but seem to fit John Giduck himself.  Let’s see what we have to start with:

– Colorado resident with brief military career

– Research experience but no operational experience

– trained with “best in the world”

– Never been in a situation requiring force on force response

So I started digging deeper. It turns out that “Joe” is formerly from Golden, CO and knows SGM John “Andy” Anderson….just like John Giduck!

also in Jan 2005, “Joe” AKA Sgathak also trained with Spetsnaz.  He clearly states that he has trained with Spetsnaz counter terror teams…..the same as John Giduck!

The spetsnaz training is further confirmed in a 2002 post by “Joe” AKA Sgathak who clarifies even more by saying that the Spetsnaz connections came about as a result of his Russian martial arts….just like John Giduck!

We also know from a 2003 post that “Joe” aka Sgathak also happens to have enlisted in the US Army as a combat engineer, received a medical discharge, and then attended the VITYAZ antiterror school….just like John Giduck!

From the above quote, we know that “Joe” AKA Sgathak went to Russia in September 2002 to attend the VITYAZ course…which was the same course attended by John Giduck.

We have a John Giduck photo from the September 2002 commercial week-long VITYAZ adventure camp with embedded EXIF data that confirms the same September summer camp training date: 9/23/2002

“Joe” AKA Sgathak also claims to be the webmaster of John Giduck’s website..just like John Giduck!

There is almost too much coincidence to be…well…coincidence.

So I think that given the above evidence, unless John Giduck can find a Metro Denver resident named Joe Robbins that is formerly from Golden CO that enlisted as a combat engineer and was medically discharged after brief service in the Army but with only research experience went on to graduate from the VITYAZ antiterror school and knows SGM John “judas” Andy Anderson, it’s safe to say that Sgathak/”Joe Robbins” is John Giduck. The likelihood of there being someone else like this is near zero.

…which brings us back to the original statement…

Here are the underlined quotes:

I do not get money from any endorsements. I do not get a percentage of book sales. I am NOT associated with this group anymore… Full stop.

This is a lie.  It’s John Giduck.  He’s misleading you to make all sorts of money off of dead Russian school children.

Let me be brutally, exceptionally, and unquestionably clear.

what follows this text is a ringing endorsement for John Giduck’s own book written under a fake name.

Its the only book written by someone who was there. John and Yuri walked through the rubble while bodies still lay outside unidentified and unclaimed.”

This claim is being made by the same John Giduck who in 2008 admitted to a visa problem and changed his story in 2012 to not arriving until 5 September 2004…long after the bodies were in the morgue.  This is at best a statement intended to mislead YOU…the reader.

There is a clear connection between Sgathak (AKA “Joe Robbins”) and John Giduck. If John Giduck is the honest, patriotic man that others claim, why would John Giduck feel the need to claim something that he did not do? Why would he pretend to be someone else while doing so? At a minimum, we now have some confirmation that John Giduck has no operational experience as others have been saying for some time.  The truth always sets one free…

Every police department in the US that has trained with John Giduck and conference that has hosted John Giduck should be made aware of this post.


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This is the third article about the inaccuracies in Archangel Group consultant Joseph “Yoda”  “Joe” Bail’s poorly written 2009 article about the Mumbai attacks. All I can think is how if this group consisting of Chester Police Commissioner Joseph “Joe” Bail, POW Network listed military poser John Giduck, and 20+year Chester PA police veteran Ernie Manerchia got any of the basic facts correct during their time spent in Mumbai.

Let’s look at Joe Bail’s analysis at a third site of killings during the Mumbai attacks – the Leopold Cafe.  Here is what Joe Bail published in his June 2009 article in The CounterTerrorist Magazine:

After their landing on the Mumbai shore, one team reportedly made its way by foot to the Leopold Café, an attraction known to be frequented by Americans and Britons. The restaurant is about three-quarters of a block north of a local police district station.

After throwing a hand grenade and firing several shots into the café, killing eight people, the two terrorists ran about 100 yards down a small side street to the rear of the Taj Mahal Hotel, killing two shopkeepers on the way.

Joe Bail is saying that 10 people were killed at the Leopold Cafe. Of course, this number doesn’t quite jive with other accounts.

Let’s look at what an Indian source states:

The duo opened fire at people sitting in Leopold Cafe, killing 11 persons, including two foreigners, and injuring several others,

and then another reconstruction of the Mumbai attacks

Tango 1 departs Leopold Cafe for the Taj Mahal Hotel on foot leaving 11 dead and 28 seriously wounded.

Another source matches the 11 killed number.

These two terrorists then left the taxi near the Leopold Café and walked quietly to Café Leopold to begin their mindless indiscriminate shooting using Ak-47 assault rifles. They also lobbed hand grenades resulting in the death of 11 persons including two foreigners.

So, it appears that there is general agreement on the 11 killed at the Leopold Cafe.  Joe Bail appears to  be the lone exception.

You’ll find a list of other inaccuracies below.  My opinion is that Archangel Group consultant generally provide shoddy work products.  I think that this is backed by the discrepancies I’ve found in Joe Bail’s article, issues many others have found with John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan book (some listed below), and external analysis of their jointly written book, Shooter Down.

Hopefully, Ernie can stick to something that he knows about if he writes a book.  I’d suggest something involving man boobs.


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