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Arrested! Archangel Group Consultant Ernie Manerchia Charged With Crime

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Giduck Happens: Chester PA’s Joseph Bail Sued For Defamation

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John Giduck’s Ill Considered Lawsuit Dismissed

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9 Similarities Between John Giduck And Obama

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John Giduck & Joe Bail: Timeline Supports $20k+ Honorarium For Consulting Services

John Giduck’s Common Bio Errors All Benefit John Giduck

Joseph Bail Likely Knew John Giduck Did Not Complete Basic Training

What Kind Of Non-Profit Was John Giduck Owned Archangel Group ?

John Giduck Won’t Compromise Secret Russian Soldiers – US Soldiers? No Problem!

John Giduck’s Early 2001 Bio: Low Speed, Uninspiring, and Pedestrian

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Russian Intel Rejoicing? John Giduck To Present With An Acting Asst DHS Secretary

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Real World Consequences When John Giduck Trains Police

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Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: Cama Hospital

John Giduck Claims To Have Met Gorbachev When He Was In Power

Is Dennis Yaklich Speaking From The Grave About John Giduck?

John Giduck Lies To Fontana Police About His Beslan Arrival Timeline

More Evidence Linking John Giduck To A Fake Online Persona

Chester PA’s Joseph “Joe” Bail & Mumbai Inaccuracies: CST Railway Station

Unmasked: Source Of John Giduck’s Beslan “Walking Among Bodies” Claim

Friend Claims John Giduck Walked Among Bodies At Beslan

Did Joseph Bail Cherrypick Flawed Mumbai Details From A Single Source?

On Scene Beslan Photographer Hammers John Giduck

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Why John Giduck, Archangel Group, and Russian Intelligence Make Good Bedfellows

How John Giduck And Chester PA’s Joseph Bail Mislead You: Counter terrorism Credentials

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How John Giduck And Archangel Group Mislead You: Virginia Tech Example

Did John Giduck Photoshop Himself Into His “Terror At Beslan” Photo?

John Giduck Clings To Flawed & Improbable 5 September 2004 Beslan Arrival

Is The Special Operations Association Cutting Ties With John Giduck?

Commissioner Joseph Bail’s Own “Terror At Beslan” Fact Finding Timeline Issues

What Did Joe Bail Contribute During His “Terror At Beslan” Fact Finding Trip?

New Evidence Disproves John Giduck’s Claimed 5 September 2004 Arrival in Beslan

John Giduck: Welcome To The POW Network Wall of Shame

More Evidence Supporting John Giduck Wasn’t In Beslan When He Claims

Are John Giduck And Archangel’s Yuri Ferdigalov Fooling Everyone Again?

Is John Giduck Distancing Himself From Spetsnaz Vet Yuri Ferdigalov?

John Giduck Does (Not) Hold “Our Nation’s Highest Security Clearance”

John Giduck Did (Not) Tell The Hamilton County Police Association He Was An Army Ranger

Proof That John Giduck Likely Funneled Colorado Taxpayer Money To The Sudan

Did John Giduck Get Caught Milking Tax Payers Long Before Beslan?

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John Giduck Did (Not) Provide A 2005 Bio Claiming To Be An Army Ranger

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John Giduck Addresses “Survivor Of 8 Conflicts” Statement And Hilarity Ensues

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John Giduck And Paid Russian Adventure Camps – Part 4

Questions About John Giduck’s Experience And Activities Date From 2005

John Giduck May Have Used Colorado Tax Payer Money To Fund Rebels In the Sudan

John Giduck’s Undisclosed Relationship With A Martial Arts Hall of Fame

John Giduck’s Improbable Timeline For Travel To Beslan Russia

John Giduck – Not Just Beslan School But Also Survivor of 8 Conflicts

John Giduck Within The Context Of Counter-Intelligence Indicators

When John Giduck Talks Terror, Our Own Terror Returns

Some Thoughts About John Giduck’s Terror At Beslan Amazon Reviews

John Giduck Was (Kind Of) Part of Penn State’s National Collegiate Weightlifting Championship Team

When Did John Giduck *Actually* Arrive In Beslan, Russia?

John Giduck Is (Not) A Member Of The Special Operations Association

John Giduck Was (Not) Special Forces To The Eugene Oregon Police

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